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Steps to Successful Sales Process

Five steps to a successful sales process where we get the right client, we thrill them the entire way and we closed the sale at the end, okay? And we actually teach this once or twice a year, we're probably not going to be doing it this year, but if you guys hang with us down the road we have, of course, that teaches this in detail and it's I think our flagship best product, best education that we d'oh, but I want you guys to know it and having to be working on it, okay? So pre qualified in the first phone call get the right people, get them excited about talking to so just in those seventies I just gave you should change your life in your business truly knowing how to talk to people building report being excited with them, then number two is we've got to do the in person consultation, you've got to sit down with them build continue to build report, but doing needs analysis people don't come in and say I want a warm tone black and white with an earth colored frame twenty seven by forty...

three they don't know so again I made the assumption or could have made the assumption with this one client who was the doctor and find sometimes tio generalize doctors are they aren't the creative I've met some that are but typically, when I find out there in a medical or a lawyer c p a date, they're looking for a little more traditional att least it gives me a cue to probe mohr what's your home look like it's all earth tones, so I'm having to dig out of them what it is they're looking for. They're sitting under large wall portrait ce we're talking about things for their walls and for their home. And the biggest thing reason for the in person consultation is to acclimatize them. Okay, they come in for that sales appointment and this is the first time you say, well, what about that number one of your child in this size here? Oh, no, we don't do while portrait's, but if you get that to come up in the in person consultation and we say, you know what, no big deal, what I was thinking would be cool, wass you live by the mountains. If we had all of your kids and their in their cool mountain, you know, outdoor gear, we do a panoramic of with the gorgeous mountains and the sun setting, and we hang it over the sofa. That could be really cool. Do you like that idea of the that session you know, to go into the mountains of love it love it love it okay, cool and we'll find the size it's appropriate and then by the time we go there and we've gone to their house and they come back to order, I've had people say, you know what? I didn't think I would like a big but I love that one big one over the sofa I love it so it's like going to a dinner party and you're all dressed up and you go with your spouse or your whoever you're with and you go in and it's freezing cold and you're like, cooled and then you start talking to people and you're having conversations you don't even notice it's so cold, but you've adjusted to it people are used to trading files on facebook and ordering online and having small things. We've got to start the conversation about wall portrait's because we're reframing how they think about things and I got an email the other day from someone who had gone through this selling course this summer and he said I got an objection in the consultation from someone who said, oh, I don't hang things on my walls and he continued to duke overcome the objections that he said, well, what do you hang on their walls? And he just went, I don't know and then it's funny because when you do that people go well I have some ugly posters and a frame I hate I don't have any buddies but I can't find anything for a while so what do you want on your walls more than ah big beautiful portrait you want a big beautiful portrait so it's just that in person consultation is where you lay the plant the seeds where you lay the foundation and I will not do a session without one and I love that you said that too of course you guys are students and you're thriving because of it but every time I break this system something happened it's something goes wrong it absolutely does I had yeah I mean I could tell thirty stories about how I did it without a consultation and something didn't get communicated something went wrong question so that video you just single appointment yes absolutely you guys that don't have a studio in their house absolutely absolutely that's the best place to sell because you can say oh my gosh look at this wall next to the window we have these round frames that would go with your decor and be awesome so for sure thank you for bringing that up because you guys at home can follow this exact same system ok number three shoot to sell okay we don't just shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot and then come in to be like push, push, push, push we have a plan for what we're going to sell to people. We have a plan of images that are going to thrill them, and we know that before we shoot number four, we have to present in person how many of you guys here are doing projection sales one you guys, they're not doing projection sales to have to buy you a projector. Aaron aaron within a, um it's on the list. It's on the list. Best thing you can do to double triple quadruple your sales first, get pro select close look. Does this software that's it's like a light table? You pull the images in and you can easily build the collections. You can easily do things in front. Your client's boom done done easy makes such an easy sales tool. You sit with your clients, you have a slide show, you present it with music, they cry. You want to make sure you don't show too many images to create overwhelmed well. Too many images depends on this session, but for kids family, if you can get fewer than twenty five year rocket twenty is even better because you only have that so much blame power to make that decision and what I love about pro selective you ever used it, we love it. You love it. Ok, but when I when I first started using it their feature where you make your recommendation so we show the images. And then we make our recommendations of what we would buy if it was our order. You do that you're like. Ok, I like this one for the big wall portrait of the family and then of the two kids and then whatever and then it's like ok, what am I going to these other forty images? These are my favorites. This theseventy look like that one that's near it to two or three. These eight look like that one. Let's, let's. Get it. Make it easy for them. So close elect was turning point for me in narrowing down what the heck I was it was I wanted them to purchase and again I'm objective. I look at it is if this were thieves were my kids. This is my session. What would I order? What would I do? And then I present to them. They love it. I help them cut, just like michael said. I mean, we're not afraid to say look, we pull up for let's, pick your favorite and then we say, well, you know what? Now there you see him together I definitely love the top two let's can you sacrifice the bottom two boom cut get through get through if you could cut them in half in the first fifteen minutes you're jamming because then you have time to go back and if they if you showed a serious of nine and they say oh but I don't like that one you have time to swap awesome out get to the end find out that they've picked more than they thought they were going to spend you have time to talk about a payment plan you have to help you have time to help them cut if you're in an hour and fifteen minutes and you have to help them cut it's like they start doing that brain dead you know crazy crazy kind of thing you guys aren't using pro select you are yeah ok and projection selling I mean I say personal but really it's the process that's just a tool the process of projecting and selling to your clients yeah that's next on my step I definitely have the spaceport in my studio and I've got I think if forty two inch screen and it's just not big enough I know I do not a computer a screen you can when you're starting if you have to first year so you make enough money to buy the projector and if anybody wants a projector recommendation email us because we've had we've tracked down a guy, an industry that has really inexpensive ones I can't remember the name would happily share it, but I think that like twelve hundred bucks maybe even a thousand or less back with minds like what it was like six grand that's a really affordable to all um and makes it just such an amazing thing but you could hook up to a tv but I project on awhile I have one really cameroon I shoot on the wall, I project on the wall. I do everything in that room and I go out of town sometime tonight people have never been to my studio and I project in their home and you can project to scale and it's really it's a wonderful tool. So whether you're a studio photographer or location you, if you can projection, sell your consultative you can show different frames. You can have him take a picture of their room. Fact we did them. These guys sent us this room put the images into scale and that's how I knew exactly what to order to make them fit appropriately. This one would look stupid if I ordered three for ten by tens, it would look stupid. Luckily, I've got those donated e if I could just do that for my clients, send in the press like pictures like these but do you see what I'm saying when a client says, I want to get the cannon and I'm gonna put it on this wall may not doesn't look right so it's a tool it's to help them see do not pushy it's not saying, oh, that's gonna look terrible and say, let me show you on then they say that's going to look terrible. Yeah, any other questions about projection selling? Because I know that probably eighty percent of people are at home are not doing it. They're putting them online, thinking they're doing a service to their clients and I'll tell you story. My best friend lives in in utah too far for me to photograph for kids and she went to a photographer is a really good photographer, and she e mailed me and said, hey, here's, our our photos online help me pick and I got in I was like, oh, good, they're awesome that's going be sad if she picked someone that was an awesome but she did. Spokesman awesome. Looking through these are awesome. These are awesome. Next page. Awesome. Next page. Oh, my god. How am I gonna help her pick? I have no idea overwhelmed of going back and forth, not not not doing her any favors. And death our friend our graphic designer we work together and as a gift we decided we'd photograph her wedding for her. We don't do weddings but a small in a park and a bunch of us went and we thought we were doing her a favor by giving her city she's a designer should make this awesome album what does she have? Nothing she didn't have anything on her walls nothing and I did not do her a favor. I didn't do her a favor and so when people say, oh, but my clients like working online I'm sorry that's not doing him a favor. They will like it more when you sit with them and hold their hand and show them options and talk to them about your philosophy about how things should be flavored inappropriate ways they could choose then say now that's way! I don't like that it's not my style that's not what I want no problem, but you can't put make my ten on that wall. Well, if you want that is a pretend let's find a wall in your home where an eight by ten will look right and let's figure out a frame and let's do that but see how? See how I'm serving the client better maybe a question or two from home and really sad that we're coming to an end I know a way we have so many questions okay let me just touch on the last brutal point upsell in the pickup framing appointment you know the sale is an over when they purchase right there given more love when they come to pick up, offer them frames offer them holiday cards tell them that you've built your business by referral and you'd love it if they bring you up in conversations, give them all of your love and give them a reason it reinforces the stale give them that same love that you gave them in the sale so they don't feel like she just wanted my money and then she's tossing me to the side okay now all right we have so many questions it's hard to pick out just a few sure I love to talk about the sales process I really do its it can change your world and it's what it gives you cash flow to buy all the fun things that we buy and that's the important part is to remember the circle that investing in things like the projector which sounds scary is actually going to lead to make money I love tools that can make you money any education is a tool that can make you money but things like a projector pro select they're making you money I mean we're all creators we wanted by the news sofa that's cool shape we wanted by the cool everything but we've got to buy the tools that make us money first tie justify so convenient talk a little bit again about if you don't have a studio but you want to do projection sales how do you suggest doing that so I actually got to chicago which is four hours for me I have a couple clients up there so basically I'm don't have studio there they don't even they've never been to my studio so I take my projector I go to their home first and do the consultation so we walk around and look for spots like what what about this wall in your playroom oh my gosh what if we did a big one of each kid that would be awesome I just sold it now all I gotta do is go shoot it and I might say when we come back I'll put up the projector right here and I'll project and you can see exactly what it's going to look like I don't need to go home and measure I don't need to think about it I see it I love it I want it okay so definitely just take a little good cute little bag paul in your projector it's not hard to set up projector to of all computer to the law project into the computer go to town at least that a couple others are wondering if you could touch a little bit more on the payment plan okay how to approach that? Yeah. Payment plan is awesome again. We've spent years working out things with the payment plan but with our payment plan way have a document where people can we basically signed them up for the payment plan. We get two credit cards because if one fails or I mean they all expire whatever we have a suck it one and we run and this is the secret okay? I'm god this is we're getting to the end because like I love when little nuggets come out we charge everybody on the first of the month when I first started we had one payment plan going on the ninth and the seventeenth and we miss one and they were like oh, we got a bill in two months if you put them all on the first of the month the first day of the month what do you have that's what gets us through january february march are those those fourth corner payment plans. I could not work a lot of years those first three quarters those first two quarters of the year because of all those yummy playing it plans in summer little but even a couple of hundred dollar ones couple five hundred and put it all together and it's boom it pays your rent it pays a lot of things for me I know that people are thinking this to saw through him with my clients, by the time they've come in and john framing it's done, they've made several payments. So when the artworks ready, they get to take it. Some studios that are higher volume, they wait. Tell all of the payments are done before you get the artwork and not something you have to decide. I have not ever been burned. Knock on wood. I'm sure one day I will, but I've saved so many big orders that I mean it's okay, not gonna be happy about it, but it's okay, so, you know, figure out how that works for you, but for sure payment plans help. So many people like when you first take credit cards for you guys that aren't taking credit cards people can buy so much more if they can take your credit card. Now you can get the little square that goes on your ipad crazy to not do that crazy did not do that. Yes, please. The band aid question. Do we raise their prices a little bit of a time? Or are we thinking about changing everything? Okay, thank you for keeping me on that band in question. When you're raising prices, you do it all at once, or do you yank the band aid off? Or do you yank it off slowly, or do you rip it off? So you know it, it's a one of those? It depends, but let me give you information to be able to make that decision. If you're way under price, and you're realizing we have an eighty five percent cost of sale, you might have to rip it off, because if you spend a year transition, you're going to be in debt for the next year, and you've got to make it, and I was I had to do that. It was very hard, and the reason I said wait to today is because that happens in that first phone call, okay? When those old clothes, if you have to pull that off and you've had a quadruple, your prices restructure, you bring that up in the first phone call when sue smith, who loves you, calls and says, I'm reading a book, you have to say, sue, I'm so excited, I'm so excited that I want to tell you, I've been studying, and we're really daniel and I are focusing on making our business profit, also being with our kids, and we realize we were not profitable in a bunch of things, so we've had to restructure so many things in our business, and a lot of our things have changed, so unfortunately is driven up some prices but we have some really cool new things that's where you do you bring if we have this cool new metal thing and we have the school fund shaped frames we have this funky frame and you tell him all the cool things and you you let them off the hook you say let me send you our new pricing and we're looking about two weeks out just give me a call and let's get it booked the fear when you raise your prices even if you inch them and someone notices the fear is you're sitting in the sales presentation there looking at beautiful images and then they look down at the price menu and they're horrified so create your system so that that never happens okay and you don't need to go put on facebook or alert the world just when they call let them know hey a lot of changes have happened and I had two ways mind so much I even had to say look I you know I had to make a hard choice I wasn't gonna be able to stay in business and I know I'm gonna lose some really good clients and some of my favorite clients but it's just a hard choice I had to make in it if you go somewhere else it's not going to hurt my feelings if I see what in public I'm still going to give you a hug and and I'm always gonna love you as one of my first clients, but I that's a business business decision I had to make. And how can you be a jerk about that? I mean, really, I mean, I wanted to be my kid. Yeah, I know, I know, I know. So that was a good one to kind of wrap upon feel like we could can we keep going toe? Look, you know, if you didn't have to get on a plane, perhaps I do have a plane, I will be regretting it as I'm running through the airport slowly, slowly, they're we have so many, so many questions, and I'm wondering what the best way is for people tio follow up with you and erin and to keep a conversation sure way love that we weren't able to get to that. Yeah, we have a page. Facebook slashed the joy of marketing eso not I so don't ever look at how I get there. I just click the button, but the joy of marketing I have a sarah petty page that's that's full, but you can follow their teo and we're on twitter, but, you know, join our community at the joy of marketing is the best way to find we were constantly creating education and courses, we have a say an advance selling course. You know, in all of the courses we've talked about, our whole thing is to elevate the industry and to really keep conversations going. So have him. Hop on facebook, and maybe some of our awesome past clients can hop into and get some conversations going. And I know you know, if people are looking to meet other people to work together, our facebook page, you know, fun, fun place to meet other people, tio.

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