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Troutman Final Logo Reveal

Let's bring the trautman is back over come on claire and daniel go so just so you to know we do have the tallied boat yeah we have the talent that we have a slide for that you have let you know when it is ready and the magic no man mike in the back will pull it so here's what we're going to dio I want to show everybody at home just so they can see contrast where the trotman's have been and then we'll show the six logos that they were presented with yesterday and then you can share with us what this audience at home around the world evidently an overwhelming response so wait here and then we'll show them their identity so I just flipped through here we're not going to spend a ton of time and you saw on their pin board that we have some a lot of different elements going on and you'll just notice there's not as much consistency in your old things, which is becoming more and more clear and that's why you're going to appreciate all the consistency even more. Um we've got a studio credit her...

e is special event pricing a totally different logo using the same font as you're using in the copy and again I know now you're looking at these and you're you're knowing and union tio that pointing it out for everyone at home a lot of things going on there's before different there's the curls yet we're using a lot of different fonts, a lot of different funds happening and, uh, here's the snap from your website, we've got the blue in the black again, it consisted of things consistent with what you've got going on then let's look at you also showed your building here's the front having something you don't get another logo font and, uh, bright colors, which aren't really consistent with what your core and what your love is, not that you couldn't do like a whimsical kids line in bright colors, but the overarching brand is these darker, richer colors and, you know, sometimes people think, well, I just meant to type my studio name it's not really a logo, but it looks like a local right, so we can't even do that, ok? It's got to always be consistent, so let's show everyone just for a refresher of the six logos that the trotman's were presented with. So here is one we liked a lot of things about this, the angle the vintage e feel gave us a lot of warm feelings. We like that the trauma wasn't so perfect, like you have a little whimsy and serve humor and you're in your style, it's not perfect opposed same thing every time it was kind of fun. We like this when a lot can have the gas station look and feel we like the directional ability with the arrow to stay on or off. This was the branding one and decided you didn't love the tpp but it was an interesting one. This is the one for you, matt that I was saying that clean, crisp, contemporary look for you really would work for me this one's cool to I love the shape of it we like that that it had a little of that retro vintage kind of look and feel and then we have this women kind of look like the front of a truck to some of us and had they not perfect edge which we know is like, well, a link to your business yeah so now are you guys ready? Okay. Before we show the new stuff, tell us, tell us what did anyone think that see what? The audience the viewers choice bringing up on the screen here. So again, we have the six brands and remember them like that and put them on facebook. Okay? And look at the screen and again we had an overwhelming number of people it's something like over six hundred people that voted from around the world of and so their top choice of further for the internet wass number three there and then second to that was number six okay and number one had a lot of votes those were the top three yeah and then lowest was that one okay and that was probably so they probably they probably were pretty consistent with those where your three favorites would you say the three that they picked six three and one yeah, but like the number three was really like those lines yeah that we were trying to pull that back into the logo yeah and it looks like number five wasn't a favor it wasn't favorite either and we really liked a lot of things about that as a collective here what's so cool is that people also put comments as to what they like their didn't like so it was just a great exercise in sharing and having getting, you know, getting input from people from all over the world. So thank all of you to who who voted and a special shout out to show money who actually counted up all the booth serious projects and so you can see just by all the comments and there wasn't one clear winner you could see how this process is is very overwhelming and can be very overwhelming and that's what comes back to this is a personal choice these guys need to love it and had they picked number you know five or number two the lower vote getters it would still be an awesome choice for them because they love it and they feel great about it and that's the key to this process and so you guys air troopers for letting us and put it out there because again it's like saying, you know, do you like this shirt of that shirt? I mean, half of the people are going to say this shirt you know, it's a subjective they and in syria that's that's a really good point because I noticed a lot of times in the facebook groups that we that we have photographers in someone will throw up their logo and say, what do you think? And you know, somebody will hate it and say it's the ugliest thing I've ever seen and someone else will be like I love it and you know it can you have to be careful way terri to listen to the negative someone hates it I've gotta redo it and we try to caution people too that you couldn't show some people but I'm glad that you guys you know you had a favorite tell everybody how you pick don't tell which one to tell him you just you kind of both agreed when you went back to new day the one that we went with really kind of resonated with both of us and that was the key I had a different favorite if I would have been the face of the business then if daniel is the favorite place the business and that and that I mean we weigh that because we we both deal of clients but when it comes down to it daniels the artist yeah and so it mean he needs to be what people expect people walking a door on so that definitely waited my choice yeah that's a very good point because sometimes we just like something but if it's not it's just not us you know and we just we can't use it so ok let's show everyone what the trotman's have selected are we ready? All right, here it is just felt really great about the directional usage of the arrow who's they felt it was consistent with their business the gas palm the old building just everything about it was was strong from the very first time they saw him so it's kinda like with our clients where there did guide and direct them but they know when they see those images which ones they love and it's not always what you think okay, so now what we're going to show you are a couple of ideas that are fabulous designer look down it two a m probably five cam someone's time right as everybody got people all over the world somewhere it looks a little trooper she's not on a long flight home but we wanted to just give you an idea of how this would look in different places different you know elements throughout your your brand because your logo isn't everything it's it's an element that that is part of the face of your business so first I want to show you guys you can see here tio the front of your building so again you can take elements from it or you you can like part or not part but she just really loved the screen back of this logo so you see it on the pump how fun is that and then you've got it you know screened back kind of painted on the wall and instead of all of the little things in the window because remember your building is like a billboard people were driving by they have three seconds to catch something you can get the artwork to hang in the window that you can see through so we felt like that could be really fun to put those images in the window big and filling flower boss baskets potentially got little grass and ivy growing up kind of giving it a little bit of work because right now it just everything is green so I think that would work it up let it climb on up there and loved a whites like the light we're we've been talking about doing lights like that some cool lights you could do an awning don't have to do an awning I mean when you start looking at costs and saying ok what this is phase one is his face radio degree door could even be something you know an element that goes on the door I mean I love the arrow so that caroline as your as your throughout your building taking that middle where says trump man that could be directional strike restroom you know, so kind of that that's a flavor of changing dressing room different fund things like that okay, next packaging like your little fun is this the bag tag the next this is the bag tag because it was like I don't even talk to better before she left early a m so going with those warm tones so color palette you can start to see a color palette emerge which is you know, the black with the copper and the browns and the rusty yummy colors so kind of cool okay then we've got a business card which is fun so a little unexpected shave little viet the bottom and if you know that almost an era it is it's exactly exactly that same young fathers as shape so that shape will become an element that is used throughout and if you notice in sometimes things as simple as a business card people have the most trouble with I see people putting have you ever seen business cover the phone numbers in one corner? The website that's the p member we talked yesterday about the c r a p p being proximity things that go together information should stay together so we want all of that information together graphic designers do this naturally, but when we are in a professional designer I see people making business card so much harder remember, the purpose of the business card is that people can get you so let's talk about the consistency in the name in hell you are so you're you earl is trotman photo dot com right now and the business day ms trotman photography and I know that sarah has a pretty strong feelings about staying consistent we talked throughout these a little bit yesterday but I'm glad I think you were out at that without so I was just so funny because I'm noticing it on their own but that's out there you are oh, so yeah yeah so way feel about that after we talked about it yesterday are you maybe I mean if you're feeling torn well they the issue is that I I like ceo on I know what we're gonna lose when we change over and it's so many drinks while you do redirects and you know and we can do so we are going to lose something but I think the sooner we change it, the better we're going to be, which is a really good point so this is a case where looking long term we did something similar when we we created a facebook page you know, we're all still learning a lot of these lessons together, but we set it up quickly for cafe joy, I think or the joy of marketing or something somebody set it up in we don't really talk about it all said we had all these people and we realized ok that's it's not consistent, it should be the joy of marketing or cafe it was at that cafe joy really it was a trademark thing, it said it it's I think cafe join t m I think or something along the way we did the same thing, we teach it, but yet it's one little thing to facebook, so you think, oh, it's not a big deal, but it is a big deal and we have like a thousand people this is really right when we created we thought, you know what, in the long term it's better toe have it right? So we have we get killed us to we didn't wantto we didn't want to lose people have tomato makers trying everything to go to the different place. Questions about twitter because twitter you know it's better have the shorter twitter handle, but you know what do you do with well and if you have a more common name half of the time it's taken when you go there, so what we decided to do because the joy of marketing was too long were at sarah petty and at aaron burr back I think it's more acceptable in twitter tohave a little a cuter type of nickname or handle and also just I mean we'll get into this tomorrow more when we're talking about the different tools used to market your business but for us in the type of business that sarah's photography studio is twitter we don't use twitter to market the business we use twitter as a way to connect with our clients learn to see what other people are doing business clients you connect with photographers I look at it especially for photographers to is an industry resource following industry leaders following your vendors so you can communicate with people that you're learning from inventors who you're working with I reach state home moms I don't communicate to them via twitter at all I'm sure maybe randomly someone's following me but for me my very boutique business I'm high touch I'm talking to them I'm writing personal notes I'm engaging a little bit on facebook but I want to be in their life like a friend so for me twit that's sort of my view on twitter but sometimes there are places we we've worked with people who were in that that stuck place because they got everything they wanted but they couldn't get their youtube channel so they're trying to rename everything so that they could get every channel and if you can, you're probably one of the lucky ones right now, so the way I look at those people aren't necessarily in youtube looking for sarah petty photography I'm probably sending them they're more than likely there we all know that if if you need a business you go to their website first, then they can see what we're doing on facebook on twitter, on youtube, on video, on pinterest I mean there's going to be hundreds of them were not going tohave our full name for all of them, but we want to make those rules and get them on your graphic standard she so you can see what they are so you don't start getting crazy so if you have a twitter handle and you can get your name for you to make that your youtube channel so you have two things that are everywhere or three things but you don't have a seventeen things so simple and consistent, so I'm glad that you're considering that because sierra and brought it up to you noticed it too brand police problem so it is kind of ah thing and I also talked about how photo is like abbreviating christmas to xmas it's just something that it cheapens it and it takes away the specialness of it, so I'm sure you talked about changing your your email addresses and all of that too we did yes yes to that domain name and you know you redirect your website, you forward your old email and then you guys are set for years and years years that's your name you don't have to ever think again about changing it because you've got it instead of having that being on the fence of we shouldn't should we shouldn't we just cut cut go let it go okay? And then last we have the envelope that goes with and this is fun because you can see how the logo can be used in a screen back kind of a watermark sort of way and especially with the earth tones that you're looking at, I think that's an element that can be in a lot of cool paint places you start thinking creatively, you know, so you create a silk screen and you get the kraft paper and you do it is a project with your kids you have three kids and you create it you could buy the stuff it all the craft stores where you create the screen and then you drag it across and you've got all these big craft papers and that's how you wrap your big photo so it's sloppy got fingerprints on it like I think that's cute you're not going for crisp, clean, perfect like matt is matt would never screamed something happened where it's a little messy and and different? I mean, do you are you guys seeing how what works for one doesn't work for another, um tags, bag tags, just screening it on over and over and over on the canvas and ripping and t dying it some of the things we've done for our seniors making those charms all very consistent with you guys and what you're doing now, and I have one fund where we didn't print it, but we talked about yesterday a little bit about how in my brand I would never wear like a logo polo shirt in my staff like we position ourselves is what fun, creative, bright colors we might get an anthropology shirt and screen our name like we might do something like that, so we were kind of talking with you guys. What would your look? Me or your shirt? B and we kind of thought this could be fun, but they kind of low resident in a bowling shirt or even the gas station attendant shirt like you could literally get those riel shirts from a shirt place and have your logo screen or a patch made just for a fun or like when you do events, it could be environments like you're the it's, a homecoming dance and way totally talked about this and that that was the style shirt that I was, I was going that's making you really could. You really could. You could give you could you know the teenagers? They start getting some thinking that's so cool, like the cute little girls could you see them with be adorable filic couto, a modeling program ambassador program, right? And you have an event for the seniors in your facility, which I think would be awesome. And you have all these little teenage girls in those shirts and their cute little jeans, and you would not be fun and adorable versus just the typical t shirt that we all do, which, again, you could do a cool t shirt, earthy and what's the name of the cool catalog. American apparently kind apparel, I think, is the name of it that has that would be a cool t shirt company for you guys to it's kind of just they're like they look a little distressed and we've done it with some senior campaigns and things, so I kind of I love that worth you guys are thinking on the perfect right way, of course is perfect as it agrees with us. I love to see the clarity happening that you see, even with our audience, how their looks are going to be totally different. What works for you is all comes from your style and what makes you different. And that's different for everybody and what's what I think people get hung up on, and then maybe can we can take some questions from our live audience, but what gets me is people start to look at their photography and their their competitors, you kind of look at stuff and sometimes it's like, oh, well, we we do some things that are all kind of the same, don't we? I mean, maybe there we go way all shoot outside, we we do is we see some similarities so it's in our marketing and our position, our promotion, or does our design and are everything we do that has to clearly communicate? Why are we different? Were little we have that humor in that quirky, so we have these shirts that are totally different than what anyone else would d'oh. And so what we're doing is we're taking what we know is different about you sometimes it's, an intangible, how you work with those kids and what you say and how you get them to be like, you know it, z you said there's humor in his work, but to the person who's out there quickly shopping all of the different people, they can't see it immediately, but they've met you, they've been they met you at the problem they came to and or whatever not prom but whatever it is it enough to prompt on and then they came to an event at your studio and they everything it's like I want to be with them they are so cool versus I'm just going to go on the web site and look at everyone's prices that's so that's what we want to get them to that's how we get them to fall in love with our brand okay girls what what are people saying? Do they have questions? Maybe for the trout mins or comments or what? People are just so excited and t see this happen in a lot of people were surprised as I was to see all the different elements of the brain identity not just the logo and there were some oohs and ahhs shirt and the storefront so so again kudos to to beth yeah, you are doing all that work so yeah one question and now talking about the graphic identity and what we just talked about one question from simply dash she is if it's a matter of having a two lengthy your l or not would you still prefer www dot trotman photography dot com over just trotman dot com granted that both you girls are available so what's the priority there? Yeah, I did that with my website I'm sarah petty dot com because I had to make that decision do I feel like photography is so long? And I would prefer you go with trout men over traveling photo but I still part of me feels just that trial men photography it says who you are says what you do it's not going to stop someone from getting to you because if they can spell charm and they can say trotman photography you know, if they misspell it, they'll go and typing back in again so you know, I could go if it's a long name or some reason you want to leave that off or you're it's photo portrait design you know, for something really long you might shorten it just to that name, but the abbreviation thing is the part of the there's that created conflict in the consistency of who they were and amazing things that they want to do for their clients. And daniel likes being right because he wanted it to be photographer thinking he likes to be right he didn't pay such a right. I was just saying that because I can I get out my camera back there uh deal in air it is wondering I get the feeling that most of what's being discussed is for the consumer market I try to focus on the corporate market how does this change how you would think about your brand yeah, I mean, we have worked in have agency, so we worked with every kind of business and it's all the same it's about figuring out what makes you different and who is the target audience that you're reaching out to. I mean, you're selling in the corporate world to ad agencies to business owners, they don't want warm, fuzzy, and I just I feel like actually it's even more important, just coming from the corporate world and choosing vendors like photographers, like designers, and I mean, when I see something that is put together and it shows me that they get branding, I automatically have that trust in them, so I'm not sure exactly, you know what he's talking about in terms of all the different elements that we that we showed and why these, you know, are important for the chapmans, but, you know, in terms of you coming in and meeting with a corporate client or your letterhead, everything that you send to a corporate client needs to reflect that professionalism in that consistent see, just as what we're showing the trotman's teo and the same with your website, it all needs to be consistent, because then they have that level of trust with you and representing yourself is a professional on dh as a corporate, you know, entity making those decisions. Your job really is to make that person look good that's hiring you it's not really to show up and take great photos you're just supposed to make that person look good that's hired you in the first place and taking the photos is part of that you and the whole branding it's like showing up being prepared when they see that everything goes together maybe you don't choose to do a certain element you don't have any packaging, but you know your business card your letter had your envelope every piece is consistent and it goes with who you are that's the key so people know you've got it together because sometimes think about it they're getting several choices ones put together in one's disheveled but they're both equal equally good photographers who you going to go if you need things worth morgan he thinks better the person he trust you and you trust the person who's bringing and is reflecting that right? So I think we talked about this a little bit yesterday, but I've seen several questions on it again today at vocal clarity as how do you bring your business if you have a variety of specialties and demographic based on the specialties event portrait wedding photo booth and keep it looking like one studio and other folks had asked again about an arch brand perhaps that what I look at is if your target markets are shared I feel like it should be under one brand so if you're doing weddings or you're doing kids, you're doing seniors mean they all can refer you they all it's it's good it's a good thing they can look differently like we've talked and we're going to show even as the course progresses but for someone who we worked with someone a couple weeks ago who was ah food stylist and she had a consumer target market and she had a commercial target market well the commercial people it's almost like if they think you're a wedding photographer it's not really going to help you so they need to be handled separately in which case it could be separate branding separate names probably should be getting these they're sort of generalizations without knowing all the details because there are always exceptions to every rule but if they're sharing a target market you can treat them differently and still have the same overarching logo and sort of umbrella I mean and especially look at something as simple as sarah's logo and you know that's something that she could easily parlay into weddings if she decided she wanted to shoot weddings like if she fell and got hit in the head or something and decided that when they start happening at three in the afternoon on wednesday I will show you yeah she uses the same logo for pets for children for end and for our seniors yeah divine digital media is wondering, why do you call your business? A boutique opposed to a studio is because you want to stay away from the idea of the studio like sears or typical mall studio. How did they question? So I do call my business a studio it's, a photography studio boutique, is the business model that we're referring to. So we talked a little bit about this yesterday to where you've got all these different business models out there in every type of industry, you've got a lower and higher volume where the their price driven said like a walmart, they're advertising price people come in, you don't have as many choices, it's pretty simplified the product mix, and then on the other end, we've got boutique and the boutique business model is what we wrote our book about shameless plug that the boutique business model is one where it's high touch, where everything's custom, where we know our clients by name, and we spend a lot of time with them. So I don't really use the word boutique in my marketing or talking to my client, sikora boutique it's, the way we it's the filter through which we make decisions, and the way we look at everything we do in the business as a boutique business, so I still call myself a photography studio. Thank you for clarifying that because I know it it most people hear the word boutique and they think of a gift shop and that's why we didn't use the word boutique in the name of our book because we thought no one no one will get that it's for them because they'll say, well, I don't know in a gift shop but boutique is not just a gift shop it's a business model and then you think about any any industry like restaurants you've got subway lower price quality is it's still consistent but it's not the highest quality, you know you you know what we all know when you go there what you're getting ok ben mcdonald same thing you're getting the same thing low price quick mass there's your board you pick it happy meal and then you're gone versus the locally owned deli where the owners in there and they're baking the bread fresh in the morning and there got the freshest, most delicious mouthwatering needs in twelve cheeses and lettuce that's not brown and tomatoes that are brown, you know, just fresh tomatoes that they grew in their backyard. Now you know you're going to pay eight, ten, twelve bucks for that sandwich but it's going to be delayed delicious so that is a boutique business model, so what I was saying earlier and we're gonna be talking about price and different things what there isn't a right or wrong. You have to, as a business owner, decide and my boutique, am I going to be high touch, and I'm gonna have to be higher price if I'm boutique, I can't compete on price, or if I want to be high volume, and I would say high volume is like a school photographer, the dance photographer, event photographer. Sometimes where you have a different product mix, you have different pricing, everything differs for you. What I think the problem comes in is when you're in between, you don't know what you are, you don't know how your price, you don't know what makes you different, those air where I think you struggle a lot of times.

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