What Are We Doing in This Course?


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What Are We Doing in This Course?

We have so many exciting things for the next three days hope we can all keep the energy wave never done three days of live internet tv, so we're really, really excited and what I love about this three days is that we do a lot of teaching I talked business courses at a community college and we've will tell you our stories, but when you get to actually do it, it makes such a difference than reading a business book or learning it intimate in a business course. So michael, for you guys here is to go home with clarity on your brand and your products and your prices in a sales plan and all these things that air spinning out there, I feel like it's when we get into business, we're like picking up puzzle pieces everywhere, but we don't have that picture on the box, isn't that what we're like? We're like, ok, let's thiss piece looks like it might go here there's some blue and some blue it's put the puzzle pieces in, and what we want to do today or through these three days is to give you guys th...

e picture of the puzzle box and in many pieces of the puzzle so you can go back and you know what it looks like you have a lot of the pieces and you just have to put those pieces into place okay so it will be such a good feeling because I know that's what we're all doing we're getting pieces that conventions and from some great pieces but without having that picture of the box it's really hard so that's our goal for today let me talk a little bit with you guys I have my fancy little clicker I love this set up and I tell you the team here has been amazing building this set we like we like this do there's guys who I don't know my husband it might not be happy with me when I get home I'm like wow they're guys I just say I like this and boom it happened so very feeling worse feeling a little spoiled way want to talk a little bit about who this program is for you guys are stuck with us for three days so if you feel like you're in the wrong place then that's just too bad but we work with photographers every day at the joy of marketing and I've had a small business you'll you'll hear my story again but over ten years in those first couple of years you know you're up you put your kids to bed and then you're up in the middle of the night retouching because it's got to get done and you're you're working all the time so you guys out there watching if you feel like that's you you're going to learn things from us the second thing that we hear so much of it, the joy of marketing is I love the photography aspect of it, but I'm not making enough money at it. I keep attracting these price sensitive clients, all they want to do is nickel and dime me. They don't want to pay what I'm worth and that's what we're going to talk about, especially in this first day, I think way kind of jump ahead and we forget that there's some foundation that you need to build with the business first before you just hang out your shingle and say, I'll do this for money and that's your brand and so that's a big piece of making sure that you can charge enough money for what you do and that's why we're so excited to do this entire makeover, but really focusing heavily on the brand is because it's one of those things that's hard to get your arms around it's like brand in the music biz that I don't know is that my logo? What you know, it's it's a confusing thing, so we're going to try to hopefully clear the water there for all of you guys at home so that you understand it doesn't have to be hard to build a strong brand, and I think people to feel like I left my corporate job or my job with benefits in vacation so I get to do what I love, but because of that I don't get to make money and I don't get to have all those benefits and that's not true afraid to sell the clients come on all of your like yeah busted must did you can you all have a mustache now so you can go ahead with your mustache if you have a wonderful system that is created to serve and thrill your clients, it doesn't have to be this sales a yucky thing and that's what we love about all the things we teach is you should be able to throw your clients and you should get referrals because of it and it doesn't have to feel sales e and yucky but certain things have to happen so that you can get the orders and that you can keep moving on and you're not spending hours and weeks and years chasing clients down. So if that's for if that's where you guys were struggling, you're in the right place so I mentioned it before the attracting the wrong clients, right? So the first thing you hear on the phone call that they you know, your phone rings and you hear how much do you cost way all here that so there's something wrong if that's the first question you're hearing over and over and over again with that phone call that you're getting from perspective clients so if that's what you're hearing, we've got a lot coming up for you guys the next three days on how to fix that and it's not just about your brand it's, about your marketing it's, about your sales process on and there's a lot of things that go into that that, you know, need to happen to make sure that you can stop getting rid of those bottom feeders. Yeah, because in other industries, people compete with cheap, which we know happens in our industry, but inner, so we're competing with free because everybody has a nice camera, everybody has an iphone that's our new camera of choice, so we have to do so many things differently if we want to survive is, as a professional photographer overwhelmed and making marketing mistakes, we worked at an ad agency, and every single client that came in came in and said, I've tried radio and it doesn't work, I've tried tv and it doesn't work, I've tried newspaper that doesn't work, I've tried direct mail and doesn't work, they have tried everything, and it doesn't work. So all again, all of these puzzle pieces that you're playing with start with a great brand, ok, and that's, what we're really digging into today, you can't build a strong foundation for a strong business with that foundation and that bread is like building a house and having sand, you're not laying this cement, and you're you just start to build that house, what may be a pretty house, and it may looks strong, but it's not ok, so those marketing mistakes and all that money that you guys have invested and I know every single one of you has tried something that didn't work. So what we're going to talk about, mostly tomorrow we have good stuff this whole time, but we get heavy into marketing and promotion tomorrow and friday, but things that you can do that are super expensive that build your brand because we're small businesses, every dollar that we invest in our business has to get us there return we can't just buy big ads and tv, and we can show you guys all how to make money and build your business that way, but we don't have the budgets to do that kind of stuff, so we want to give you the tools after you've built a brand and you get all the parts of your business in line to be ableto have marketing that works good feeling, yes, everyone awesome and then overwhelm, yeah. So again like sarah said if you're up all night retouching you know I hear it so much I don't even have time to get to that marketing stuff because I can't even service the clients I've got right now but the clients I have right now aren't paying me enough and I just know where do I start where I started this you know tailspin right so overwhelmed because you don't know where to start you don't know where to dig in so you know hopefully what happens for you guys over the course of these next three days is you know we want to calm you down and light the way for you for a path that you can follow that's like ok this doesn't have to be so overwhelming and it doesn't have to be so hard ever feel like fred flintstone you know how his feet are running but he's not going anywhere I know we've all been there I've been there I for sure been there and it's like I'm so busy why and we're not making more money so this is everybody's centering moment to just slow it down yes we have a massage therapist we started to get that tenth again but the good news is you're in the right place you guys at home you're in the right place we have our fabulous chat teams so we were excited to take questions from everyone at home because what we find is building a business and marketing a business is not something you do in a vacuum that's what we love teaching this way because we learned from each other I learned doing this I run a studio and I always get ideas every single time I teach off things that I need to be doing better in my business so let's go through the agenda because I know I like to know where we're going I like to have that road math the gps we have our gps con you girls the gps so you could say turn left in that is awesome no one has a recalled is that the gps girls? I want you to speak in a british accent that you don't think you want I don't think you really want that way have british jackson friends on the chat just way could do that with my nine year old has been talking with a scottish accent a week like this ice and I'm introducing her these are my three kids this is my scottish child I don't know how I got a scottish child just one just one okay, so here's how we are going through we call the formula that we're teaching you guys bump ok so the first day of bumped the first step of bump is branding and really you talk about brandy because you're you guys are going to be in love with erin by probably already are, but by the end of these three days, because she is the branding guru, I brought her from brand and we both have a strong band branding background, but we know if you don't have a strong brand, you're not you're not going to succeed. Your marketing is not gonna work, your clients are you're not going to get the right clients, it all goes back to brand right? So what happens is especially a small business owners. We have a smaller budget, right? So, you know, if you're coca cola or you're a big name business, you can if you can afford to have a few missteps in there, right? You can have some things go wrong because you could do throw some more money at it, it'll go away and people eventually forget, right, but a small business owners, we have a such a smaller budget that we can't afford to make those big mistakes with our brand, so we've got to get it right out of the gun, and we also have to be consistent with it because we don't have the money to afford to constantly be putting impressions in front of of our clients, we just don't we don't have twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars budgets or more. To afford a television campaign that will get you results within the amount of repetition that you have to do to get results from that ok, we don't have the money for a super bowl spot none of us do right not the way we do you can be the right thing, but we don't have that money, so we have to make sure that every time we're out there marketing our business that we are consistent and that's where brand comes into play and so with sarah and I are experiencing working with very huge brands is they had manuals that were so thick of the things that you could do and you could not do when it came to that brand. I mean, you guys have probably all heard even the horror stories of, you know, if you work at for procter and gamble and with with some of their characters like tony the tiger and, you know, these these different characters, the things that these these characters can do, what the pillsbury doughboy can and can't do, I mean, it's crazy, we're lucky we don't have to go that far in our businesses, but I mean, you know, can you imagine having to worry about what tony the tiger does all days when you can say and we could be seen with and where you can, you know, you just can't I exactly know, because I actually worked at general mills and worked on the pillsbury brand, I know that, you know, boy cannot cannot it's crazy it's crazy, but when you think about it, you know, then you have to go ok from a high level, these air what the most successful brands in the world are doing, and they have this much control as small businesses owners, we need to have some control, and we need to pay attention, and so we're going to walk you through what goes into a graphic standards, and you know how you build that so that you don't have to stop and think, and I know claire, you chaired with us, but sure was there about how they were in a state of paralysis, of that opportunities were coming to you, and you couldn't even take advantage of them because you weren't solid and where your brand was. And so you weren't sure which logo send or what to do here? Because you're almost in a state of paralysis if you can play this foundation from from the get go and that's where sarah nyse experiences in, you know, early on in our careers, of having the strong foundation so that it's easy. To make those decisions because you have a rule book and you create that rule book through this twenty one days of branding product, and through your time with us here, you're going to create this rule book, this playbook, and then those those decisions aren't hard anymore and that's what this is about, shouldn't these are the kinds of decisions that shouldn't be hard at sabre when I was there there, there was never a hard decision, really, when it came to branding, because we have rules to follow. So what we're doing over the next mostly today and a little bit in the morning, that is one of my favorite parts of this process is we are going to be presenting the trout mints with a new brand in a new identity and graphic elements and all of these different things. So we're gonna have reveals about twice a day we're going to be presented them with a really cool stuff, and what I love about that is you'll get to hear the why, so we have our designer right now, natalie, designing a way for you guys and she's going to present you with options and talk about the strength of each design and so for you guys at home, seriously tune into the reveals because you will learn so much about how these decisions are made it's not my my cousins in graphic design school and he's got some fonts he's going to create me a logo it's not it can't be that okay their strategy and thoughtful and you guys are the perfect clients for us to do this makeover for because you've been trying different things and you're like we know what we don't want we just don't know what we want so first step for all of you guys at home is branding second step which is day two will wrap up the brand presents um you know, new website and all the look and feel so you know what your company is going to look like but then before we go on promote and bring about your clients in we need you guys to understand numbers because that's how we make decisions photographers at should I get a studio should I hire employees how do you know what about pricing we're going to make that really really simple okay so I want you guys to understand numbers and believe me I know we're all creatives and ever is like ok tomorrow morning I can go to the spot I didn't take off tomorrow morning if you are not here we will come I find you way won't know if you're here or not but we want to help clarify that so that you at least understand the importance of those numbers and the worst feeling is you're taking in all this money from clients, you're busy, you're paying out all this money and at the end where did it go? Where did it go? Okay, so we're going to clarify some of that and then in afternoon talk about marketing? Yeah, so again, one of the biggest questions we hear a lot of times and I know you guys are struggling with this at home too is what products do I sell? Right? Because we're creatives and we see something cool over you're like, oh my gosh, I have to sell that I don't know who I'm going to sell it to. I don't know how much I should charge for it. I don't know if I should put it on my price, man, you are not watching my price menu look like, right? All this stuff starts going way. We're all because it's what's makes this greatest creatives, but on the business side, it's also what I think sometimes makes our business overwhelming and it's overwhelming to our clients it's overwhelming tio to ourselves, you know our staff or or for doing it alone. So when people go out and they put up the shingle and they're like I'm gonna be a photographer, come to me if you know if you want super clear on what you're selling that you're priced profitably what is going to the final product is going to look like they're bringing in more people doesn't help you and I think that's you know, most the time we hear if I just had more clients everything would be fine I just need more clients right? And a lot of times that's really not the case you haven't of clients you're just not servicing the way that you need tio you're not offering them the products that they want, you're not priced in a way to make it profitable that's what marketing is guys marketing is not I'm going to throw an ad in the newspaper I'm not going to run you know a group on special marketing is having your product mix down having your pricing down and understanding what to do from a promotional perspective and then we'll get into that on day three monday three so day three we're gonna have a lot of those foundational decisions made and we've got some vendors given away some some templates for you guys in some things some tools cool tools along the way that will help everybody at home get a start on this okay, so friday we're going to get into the promotional plan that's the element of the marketing mix where we go out and we attract clients so we're going to teach you guys how to take your budget how to know what your budget is first and take that in go out and make sure that every single dollar works for you no more of this throwing it out there and hoping that this magazine ad does something for you, okay, really feed on the ground tactical, okay, exciting, exciting, but what do you have to know is that if you start there, if you aren't here with us these first two days, you're going to be the one in here saying I tried that and it didn't work that's why marketing doesn't work because you're not doing what it takes first I was a volleyball player and we were all succeed, tall or taller and all we wanted to spike the ball, you know, spike ball and a coach made us learn to serve into pass and to do all the things because we were going to get hit ball if we didn't learn all of the other skills. So sorry, photographers out there listening, you gotta learn the hard stuff to get to do what you love, which was spiking of all of all in which is holding a camera and creating amazing images. So stay with us these first two days, and if you can't invest in this because way have twenty years plus of combined experience of working with small business owners and we're putting everything out here and I think this is the kind of thing you can go through once a year because you're realizing ok, I need to up my brand and then next year going back okay, I need to work more on these things so we're going to go through promotion in the morning and then ended the day friday we're going to talk about that four letter word that everyone doesn't want to say so right heaven forbid we have to sell our work we're artists they should see our beautiful photography and say I love that online a picture that's two by two I wanted forty inches okay we're going to take this scary out of cell and we're going to teach you how to create a system that thrills your clients so we're not teaching high pressure smarmy sales e pushy none of us like that we don't want to be pushed into something we don't want that you've got to remember that people come to us because they want photography right? So if we don't get them what they came to us for and they're going to think about it or they're going toe ponder over online images for years then we're not serving our clients so we love the selling part and we want to take the fear out of that well I think a good point is you know you just said and and I have to I have to get this in here people come to you guys because they want photography they don't come to you because they want their images on a cd they come to you because they want those images themselves right? They want the photography piece so you don't have to just give them that those images on his cd I see I see you guys going toe there like that to convince me so how do how do we overcome that right? How do we overcome that and that's what we'll talk about on day three it's how you overcome those that person that comes in and says I just want everything on cd you know, just give me that why don't you do that? We'll talk about that yeah yeah it's gonna be fun yes everybody's excited I love our audience our live audience picked well we picked well so I can tell you guys are all excited and we have activities for you guys to do and for you guys at home that we will watch the progress case studies not just the trotman's everyone else will be working through these exercises and I think when you get to see it happen like we can tell you guys how to go home and do this but when you get to see someone else do it it light bulbs go off getting clarity on who you are and where you want to go again. We're creating that puzzle box.

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Learn branding from Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck! Attract the right clients to your business by creating your own unique brand, new distinguishing products, a more profitable price menu, the right marketing and a new sales process!

If your marketing isn't working and you're not attracting enough of the right clients, Sarah and Erin will go step-by-step, showing you how to address each part of your business's brand to make sure it reflects you and brings in clients you'll love.