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Working with a Designer

We're going to bring out our graphic designer beth, who we hired to come in to used to be our fabulous designer and she's working for corporate now, but, um for me, I would rather take my budget and put a chunk of it toward the design and project production and have less money to produce it and produce it well, then to skip there, okay? Because again you create value in your business through everything you d'oh, how you answer the phone, you know, the printed pieces, everything you're sending out and believe it or not, your design creates value for your photography, so if we go back to what I talked about before you go and you're on your anniversary and you're going to that nice restaurant and you go in and the menu is not, you know, I have trouble spending thirty dollars for a stake if the menu is printed on it something they've run off their copy machine that morning, right? It just that's a disconnect for me? I don't see the value because I don't see where they have invested there j...

ust because you may not. I personally feel that way doesn't mean that your clients feel that way, so what sarah is saying is that every time again they go back to those touch points every time they come into contact with you. They should feel value so whether it be from that price menu that you hand them that business card that you hand them a business card says printed for free of this to print get yours too. What do you think? I mean, do you think that they really want to invest with you if they're not seeing that you're investing in yourself and in your own business? So and typography is so important to me? People think, well, I have fonts and you look at my logo, you khun see sarah pettiford harvey on my packaging back here, it's a clean, simple logo but it's, not just a font typed in the fun has been manipulated, its taller it's narrower. The space between the letters is huge, and you may think that people can't tell the difference between you typing it in and a professional designer, putting it in and manipulating it so slightly. But there is a huge difference, huge difference, and so I get a little on my soapbox here, because if you're not going to invest in anything in your business, you've got to invest in a professional designer to do your logo. Okay, we have a whole the whole pdf of howto find a designer howto work with the designer in the goodies in the resource page at the joint marketing dot com forward slash day one ok there's a whole pdf of how to find them how to interview them some resource is all of that because we want to take time today with hands on stuff. But I want you guys to know there's a designer in every market whose great there are industry resource is you've got places like marathon press. You can trade with a stay at home mom who just had a baby who needs photos? Who's a great designer. Ok, so it's, not necessarily always about them, the almighty dollar and having to go out and write a big check. But you've got to have professional design. Everyone do this. Okay, bring home this good neck neck massage exercise. If I have, I stress that enough. That is my moment to rant. That was the sarah petting rants. I mean, I think that's that's, that's spot on. I mean, if you expect people to spend money with you, then you have to show them that face, that designer that face that identity that you've invested in it. Yeah, when we were creating our book, we had a hard time finding a publisher who would give us that creative control because have you seen some of the cheap paperback books that people just order and they like type in your name? They put a couple of things of ugly clip are I mean, those books or cheaper, right? And then you look at the really high quality books with great design, and they they lure you in, and the fonts are great in the typography is great, and those air, the more expensive books there are better paper, they're thicker. Everything about them is better. So is a photographer your if you again, if you want to not be if a commodity photographer and you want people to invest in you, you're your face people do judge a book by its cover people do we say don't judge a book by its cover, but people do judge a book by its cover, so you have the opportunity to make a beautiful book, make a beautiful book and you guys at home, I know we here, but I don't have a dime to invest in my business or or whatever the financial, you know reasons are well, we've got how many hundreds of people in the chat room right now and thousands all over the world who are basically your competition, and they're hearing us say, go, invest, ask for for christmas, do a of a logo registry for your birthday, I think it's a new idea, maybe graphic designers out there watching could start a logo registry for their small business clients get a part time job working in a bar on a serving alcohol on a friday night after your kids go to bed I mean do cut yards on the weekend to earn the money to invest in this because there's nothing more important I feel like if you are serious at all about having a business you've got to invest here you just do so if you're just doing this for hobby and it doesn't matter you don't it's a totally different thing but back to what you want if you want to create a business where you can charge what you're worth you're not a commodity photographer then make this investment silent pause everyone can really let it sink in let it sink okay you think they have it I think so I made my point ok I do it shaped found cost silent pause yes I'll get a sinus issue fatwas we tried to get a laugh card for you guys so okay well let's bring out our fabulous designer extraordinaire this is beth sonneborn welcome that can you know I'm gonna put you on this side because we're going bring out the trout mint chapman's come on over to set this down here there's no peeking no peeking for the ideas okay so good to see you guys yes they met last night you guys saw video earlier of beth aaron said we've we've tried and tell people who beth was on the video we've kept her hidden away doing her magic things that she loves me up and make sure I'm caffeinated and plugged in everything's charged and you're good you're happy is a little b happy is a little b so I know look at these guys they're like there's christmas presents so go ahead and explain to people big picture what's what's going on here in your process and looking happening so um first I applaud everybody it's like little pinterest right here in the studio s oh, that was fun I got toe was here long enough to be able to see some of that so that was fun to watch which is kind of where we started is talking about you know, everything that they like about their photography and everything like that and it's really, really important um just to make sure that you know it's your logo is about you and it is about your studio and your photography and you know, so many people just kind of say, oh, I like that well, you know, I like sarah petty and then they want to do everything that sarah petty does or another tire for but it does but it's not your style until then and ends up not working and so the exercises that you guys are doing is really is really, really important and really like that everybody kind of, you know I brought something they're not shy there's jumping in and give me your sure giving up you know and I came and I don't know what but I don't know forgive me if this has already been said but you know, thinking tactile things too if there's any different surfaces you like you know you can always take pictures of them, scan inman and shown to designer I always say you know kind of greeting cards are good places to pull from just because they greeting cards nowadays have you know well, things tag down to them and and trinkets and one really everyone should have ah design inspiration been you buy blue jeans and you get the coolest tags that think cool texture, vellum and and things like that and magazines I'm a magazine junkie I love printed you know I know there are going to online, but I still want to get him and I rip out pages I see font combinations I like I see color combinations stick those on your board, stick those on your board so I digress. So what? We're going to talk about his lucas. So first I thought we were kind of talk about the designers process and what a designer goes through when working on a local and when working with the client and the things that are important because before we show you the logo's it's important to know you know the things you have to think about when choosing a logo so first and foremost, it is incredibly important that you design that your logo is designed for the lowest common denominator I know that doesn't sound so sexy, but it's, you know, you have got to have your logo be able to be represented with integrity intact at one inch, so think of a postage stamp and a lots of logos, you know, you get all the flourishes going, you've got little syrups going down the sides and then lo and behold, you can't read half of it when it is printed on an envelope or or, you know, some sponsor flyer that that you're working with, so you have to think about that you also have to think about color, it has to be be able to be represented in black and white, just black and white, I know mean, shades of gray, just black and white and again, you know, it's going to be used that way, especially for photographers, you're putting it on your images and so it's got to be able to be just printed in one color, and then you need to think about promotional items t shirts, the last thing you want to have happen is you're working on this really big event for the weekend you're cramming because we all know we're less minute people you're cramming to get the t shirt artwork off to the vendor they have to have it in twenty minutes or the world's going to end and they call you back and say this doesn't work for screen printing now what are we going to do? So then you're modifying your logo at the last minute for some big important event so you have to think about what you're going to use your logo for if it's if it's going to be on apparel items if it's going to be on promotional items those air different printing processes than then we're normally used to with print and so are online purposes you know so you kind of have to think about every place it's going to be you have to think about your sign you have to think about your printed pieces you're online components you have to think about all of those how you're going to use it um you know and then make sure that your logo you know sarah's is a good example of just text obviously and it's not competing and but you know you don't have to again I'm not saying that everybody needs toe have sarah's logo obviously we want everybody to be unique but the important thing is that it doesn't compete with what is the star of the show which is your photography so it needs to coordinate with but not compete with um and also your your logo doesn't have to say everything you do. Oh, like mine didn't have to be in the curls font to say my artwork is wins a club talking about the curls that's logo number one you were presented with like that. Luckily, I know you better than that. You two is the virus ever use either of those two funds because we've already we should maybe make a doubt, motive, fonts to delete. We should make note to self download. Maybe later, but that's another point is a trendy font. Truth. What happens when you, you know you could be the first one. In fact, I think back in our ad agency days, I believe we did a font in curls because no one had seen it. It was we didn't know we did. And we in the client web that we thought were the greatest thing. And look where we are. Ten well, price fifteen now, years later, it's like and I know that script, tina, that really beautiful calligraphy one, um that came out and then pottery barn took it. Restoration hardware, you're seeing it everywhere. So again, I talked about the decorative fun being great for a promotional piece or something that's going to be around six months or a year same thing with really trendy, so you're the first one to have it on a promotional piece that makes you look hip and forward, but if you use it for your logo in five years down the road here than in a bad place because you look dated true and there's one other thing kind of along those lines that I want to mention, this is a little bit contradictory to that, but there's a reason, so because of course, rules are made to be broken, but I think that they're the exception to that rule is if there it happens to be on trend, but for some reason it works for you and I mean that you've made your own you didn't use that trendy fund, but you've made your own, and it works within your style that is something really super unique. So for example, the business that I used to own had, um, I used to two different fonts that were actually totally not in style, and it will they weren't I think I may have used I can't remember the one on the bottom that may have been cartoon, I don't know, I mean, it was it was not a trendy fun, but the the reason that I used those was because I was going for a really, really, really super retro look so to me, it didn't matter if it was in style now, where it was in style twenty years ago or whatever. That was the look that I wanted. And I use that that front sparingly. I didn't use it in any of my other materials. It was just in one portion of my logo, and then the other fund that I used was a really trendy funt a from a long time ago.

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