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Worldwide Logo Reviews

So let's just start by saying that we have a handful of locals that were submitted and I'm a believer that when you ask it an opinion from someone who you respect you want them to be honest and were always kind or we try really hard to be kind but remember when I was first starting in photography and I'd ask people for their opinion and they'd say, oh, this is great and it's good it's nice and like that doesn't help me really like tell me because I wanted to help me so we're really we're going to be honest with our feedback here hopefully kind again we don't know all the background of all of these so if we say something and you're like that totally isn't relevant than you know disregarded and keep in mind it's one or two people's opinions it's not we are right and we are wrong we just we love this we love to study it and critique it's and we're also not seeing it in context with your your art exactly ok don cross linds so he's chosen to do the circle which is an element that can be use...

d separately I really like the mustard color with the black I think it's it's fun in contrast e and again we have not looked at any of these web sites so I have no idea photography but I would imagine based on the cleanest in the christmas that he hasn't maybe a little more contemporary style that he likes saturated color. I wish there was a little more contrast between the don cross land in the photography he's gotten contrast with the black and the gray but I think or will the darker and the the lighter black? But I feel like there could almost be a little more contrast, maybe photography smaller. I like them both lower case, but I think that's the only thing I might tweak a little otherwise, I really like this, I think it's strong. I like the d c off centered, I think, a little more space between the dawn in the cross land. They kind of run together a little bit from my eye when I'm seeing it from across the room which is thinking if it's on sign ege if it's you know, you know you're driving by on the highway, it kind of runs together. So I think a little more space between first name and last name would be yeah, that didn't bother me now that I look at it. It's almost a space but it's not really a space so it's a little off if anybody my favorite design book is called the non designers design book it's a little do you guys have that video in the truck? Go hoping their trunk and bring all of our favorite our favorite books but it's just a little paper back and it talks about these different elements that we will talk about it actually kind of a naughty word can I say a naughty word here? Craps? Not really naughty I don't like my kids to say it, but it's contrast repetition alignment in proximity so when we're talking about these, I'm gonna bring these elements up but contrast dark, light, big, small and their whole thing is if you're going to make it different, make it very different will make it the same it's like contrast in twelve point type with fourteen point type it doesn't really do it make it twenty point or making all twelve point okay, so I like that logo I would tweak that little bottom the photography part just a smidge. Okay, now this one this is one person that has two different logos for two different parts of the business. This is glamour booed wall and this is, I believe, the kid's stuff for one, I think there's a lot going on in these so you wouldn't put your phone number and your website as part of the logo so if you're doing that that needs to be separate so the peon crap the proximity you put like objects together so the woe is one thing and then your second chunk of information that should be with it is your phone number your address your website that type of information they can stay together but they're not part of the logo so you want to separate that I think all of the different colors are a little hard to digest a cz well um I think this is a case where I might consider you have two different scripts and I get over here or you're going for more more glamour and pretty and here you're going for a more childlike playful look but I feel like it's an awful lot and I'm not sure how you know now you're branding two totally different looks and feels not that that can't be done successfully but so if you wanted to do that for example I would keep the same photography maybe that is the same font but it doesn't look like it is it it might be I think it's supposed to be and then you've got the dots so you're kind of doing that um I just feel like with the size that of markets that we have you know you're talking a couple hundred clients here in a couple hundred clients here you're you're creating two brands with the same same name but different look so your mom client sees this brand somewhere this identity marking and vice versa I feel like it creates some disconnect no I would agree and I think also as you mentioned with I understand what what's going on with the glamour and boudoir wanting to bring that up and show that look this is different than than my other photography or maybe maybe it's maybe she's presenting us with two different options and which no they told me when we pull this in that show uses but I mean I think I think you'd be fine with just the actually holloway photography on the on the bottom left and you know leave the glamour and boudoir off and you could use that for either either of your businesses that doesn't turn me off for either this one up on the upper that one it just my initial feeling that I get from it and maybe it's the colors or the funds that are used but I do feel like you're going after a little bit less sophisticated of an audience potentially and maybe you are which is fine that would speak to me if if that's if that's who you were trying to explore like mall studio in the fact that it's a bright colors and that kind of feeling that's what it evokes from us and I agree I would I like this logo down here for everything I like the the parentheses quotes as a design element I wouldn't put them in the logo so that could be a repetitive design element in both I think that age, you know then it's a whole another thing you're going to brand this age over here and then your name here, I just think I think pick one and then developed the pieces that go to each audience separately. So get one face and then we'll create different outfits over the next two days. That would be my recommendation. I mean, I would pick that one, I think it's nice. I like the contrast between the thieves script and a sand saref big and small and the dots are a nice little element that can be used in both. So fun that's adorable glow photography and I wonder if it's his initials maybe potentially giovanni yeah g yellow glow I think that's adorable it's fun, it's playful I would guess it's kids photography more whimsical style it's got a contemporary flavor to it the colors are primary so it's not like school photography like the orange and the mustard and the blue I think it brings a fund flavor. I like it a lot. Anyone? You guys feel free to jump in if you have a question or a comment, I like it here in thoughts I do have one initial thought it is very clean and very simple I would expect that your style to be very clean and simple therefore so I wouldn't expect high fashion lot of lighting I love yeah I wouldn't expect any of that so there could be a disconnect there that's not the style of your photography because I'm expecting clean white walls I'm ex male simple yeah I really comparing scene what I mean white space simple typography that's what we would yeah little lightning bug that's adult adorable fun fund um definitely has to be kids I definitely kids and it's sweet I think it's adorable I think there's good contrast between so it's the same font but different trees mean it's not like look at the a so there's similarity so I think the fonts work nicely together because that bottom fun could create problems if you didn't use it correctly I mean that's it's like cheesecake you gotta you gotta use it sparingly or going to be sick and I think that this was done well I'm sure that was done by a professional designer because you look you've got alignment things line up visually you've got nice facing the fireflies air adorable a design element repetition is the r and the rape so repetition you know using those all over and I wouldn't use either of those bonds anywhere else if this was my logo because it takes away from the specialness but because they both are rich, richer fonts very stylized I would go with a very simple font for copy website everything else because that is so um you know, unique it's like our joy of marketing logo it's it's got a lot going on so you can't put it with a lot going on you have to stay simple with it and same with this but I love it I think it's adorable I think it's really fun if you want to come out with a line of a newborn you know the relationship soft sweet maybe you could do that in earth tones instead of the red you know the more primary colors and treated differently and this is our maternity or whatever so that you know you can kind of change it a little but it's still true to who definitely whimsical yeah yeah so I see a lot of these funds flames and kid's room are things like that so product mix wise your products this person should be picking products that are considered like fun and playful and whimsical and bright and colorful just like that the brain's yeah yeah we have our vendor lists to of all our vendors we're going to showing some really cool products over the next couple days on that the job market dot com forward slash day one so you can check out all the fun stuff that we're showing cause I think the couple of you guys that were locals were seeing are going to like some of the cool things we show. Brendel berry custom pet photography. Now, I think this is adorable for several reasons the berry, when I first glance, did it, I just saw that import them. So most of these I haven't seen, but this one caught my attention because I saw barry. And then I saw the berries, I thought, but that looks like a paw print. And then I see custom pet photography, so it just works for me. Um, for me, the two graphic elements, maybe a little much money withy organic symbol. I know why she used the leaf, like the all natural and the paul print both feels like, did the paul print step on a tree or what? I mean, I'm just in my mind, it's, a little much I would go. I would probably I think the leafs a little overdone right now think we're seeing it a lot, and not necessarily just for photographers, but but in general, I think it's a little overdone, but I love the the pop print well, in one hundred percent all natural assumed that's, not part of the logo, but I can see are you seeing now how this don't you see the bigger picture all natural stamped on the rap on the frame and on all of the products it's this organic you know I could see it wrapped in linen or ganz you know the fabric that's just all linen cotton natural everything maybe a recycled bag with that logo on it all natural I feel like that's. Ah, brand identity. I can see it all happening. How do you feel about the photography not lining up with very on the right? Well, you've got alignment on the left and because of the way the why comes down, it works for me it's almost aligned with the top of the r but it visually I think it works for me. I think the purpose with the belief is that it looks like it's a berry tree berries grown on a bush shirt not treat mary tree I don't see it, but I'm not as usual. I'd like the contrast in brindle and very same font a dark and the light so I think it's not clearly been done by a professional designer. I like it, I think it's nice and then you've got those little elements like the little paw print to put all over your bag tied could be shape that way, so they become yours really cute, really cute okay on this I'd rather see photography in a sand sara font I feel like the ornate nous of the name conflicts a little bit with with the sarah on photography sarah's being the little notches at the end of the letters I also feel like photography comes it's a little dark I might it's light not a little although I am kind close tio we're looking at these giants um I when I see this I think probably glamour boudoir that's very much the feeling I get from seeing this so I'm not sure what type of photography rachel does but that's the feeling it evokes in me is done is that that's the type of photography's going to get so if you're appealing to if you want to appeal tio two kids and unfussy or are you know, even wedding I think it could you could work for but if yeah if it's cans I would I would say it doesn't give me that feeling yeah injury of farmer photography personal opinion just simply personal and anyone else can totally disagree with me the fun at the top I don't love that that there are other hand drawn that look like handwriting funds that I do like better with this one I just I feel like it's I don't know that it's overused but I just it's amateurish yeah that's more although yes I think so if you're specializing in kids and that's your approach maybe it's a different fund here and you use that on your web site or in some of your copy as a headline very again very sparingly I'm not a fan of the handwriting fun either because again we want people to see us as being above and more professional and we don't like things in my hand when we're professional as much nothing it can't work the camera is very obvious a ce father is a graphic element it's like the tripod and um I'd rather see it we have one coming up that I saw that that's integrated into the name that's kind of cool so what it's just stuck there I feel like it's six with you first I'd rather see it more integrated into the design as opposed to just being stuck there being a photographer it's acute style I mean that the camera is so then what stylized I've got I do kind of like it it doesn't look like it's just clip art um you know so in that regard but you have to be careful when you're bringing graphic elements into a logo that it doesn't look like it's clip art right so it does look like it's been hand drawn or stylized in some way but I think that that I would make some changes here my first thing when I see this is I'm trying to pronounces it m cool milk them cool m l k kale so maybe I'm not sure the name of it mlk elsewhere do you answer the phone mlk l photography or mickel mill? It could be their initials but I think it could create conflict what does it mean? Does it stands and how do you always say how do you answer the phone when it's something like when prince changes name to a symbol like ok, how do you pronounce that? So you say the artist formerly known as prince? Yeah, I like the contrast between the script and the light airy sand saref that looks like a future medium, which is my favorite font light good contrast I don't know that you always need the circle it could be something where you use the circle some and don't use the circle. I think in this case it's not as much integrated into the design but it's simple and it works I'm a fan of simple my only concern is the name and can people say it is it like is it your two kids or your four kids? Initials but how do you say the name of the business so that can create conflict here's a fun win helmer and him seuin I totally think that this looks like a bar logo so I get this like this is going to be like a rousing good time like when I come here the one thing I would caution, there's. Nothing says photography here, so this could go on a bottle of beer. This could go on the world, you know, there's nothing that says, yeah, there's nothing that says photography here. So you have to think about the context again. I know you guys talked about the last segment, the context of how your logo is going to be seen. Yeah. And is it pet photography? And is this a mascot? You know, we haven't really had we didn't talk mascots at all. But is this your mascot mean it's adorable it's well done. I like the fonz I like I don't think it's dated, but you just yeah again. We don't get a bit and it's got your stash is so of course we like it. Yeah, I think with them there's got to be a cool story that we don't know like what are those? What his name is mean helmer helmer and him seuin well, I'm actually looking them up online right now and they have loved lovely stashes. Lots of mustache is but I think that they are actually a let's say funding classy photo booths. So does booth perfect. I get I get the word photo booth in there, yeah. It needs to say photo sony totally I told you I get the circus feel with the font ihsan it's perfect for a photo booth thank you for looking that up because out of context it rains a different thing than in context that's if we can't get a couple more in bruce they're all photography so this makes me think of an older studio classic studio portrait's that are timeless possibly more traditional posed like beautiful well lit traditional photography is what I get from that I agree I have issue with photography being read die down I'd like to look at the other way the other way around I agree more since for me to see but yeah again if that's the feeling that you want to evoke or those timeless classic portrait ce maybe you're in the south and where that's you know still very, very popular and other places of the country to but then this would absolutely appeal to your audience yeah this is the one with the camera camera integrated and I find it interesting is at first I was like is it tang or tong and then it is tong because you see this is the uh oh s o I think it's one of those things in your local market people are going to know tiffany tom tiffany togo tiffany tongue and it becomes something that you read it naturally because you know her name at first I wasn't sure if it was an aaron oh I also feel like photography bothers me a little I love the contrast with tiffany lower case in the last name upper case with but I feel like there's an alignment issue happening over here because you see that extra space to the right of the g I don't like the connection between the wind the why in the jeep that again could just be a personal personal thing yeah I don't see a reason for that either I actually didn't even notice it because I was on the camera huh huh huh so photography I might do that all lower spread it way out so the letters air far apart I don't know I'm not a designer I try I see things visually and then I tell the designers and they make it beautiful but I feel like that all calf something alignment wise to maybe that if you're going to do some stylized make the g wider seems like that marshal peterson so is that a light ball that's interesting in a camera see the camera sideways lightbulb oh I thought it was his face what isthe ok I think it's his face he has a moustache and thinking yeah which we were like and right on by like the font of marshall I think it's fun it reminds me of a private eye like a detective or some again what's the punch machine that you spin and that's those are the letters from the punch machine did you have one of those when you were a kid? You know you spin it and click the em with the tape oh yeah oh yeah the original label makers the table even making originally homemakers my only thing here is that looking at it you start putting images with it and it's going to look a little busy so I like the marshall letters on their own um I see this little that the drawing and the camera almost is a design element like in your newsletter or things like that for me I feel like it would be too much and I don't know that people would want the little light vault like the face on the brand of the photos but I love like I see a lot of things you could do it that punching in bossing d bossing you could get a little stamper that your notecards I'll get in bost with that and um it reminds me of the you know, in the murder movies where they cut out the letters the ransom notes so your marketing campaign could be kind of that fun that's all kind of retro letters and it could I mean it's just my mind is going different places with that but um this is another one where I could see it being like photo booth type thing um well, if it's supposed to be kind of a light bulb, it's someone that creative, I think, is what this person is trying to say. Creative with the camera. Um, I don't know. Yeah, it's interesting. I still think it's a little bit busy, but I like different elements are a lot of it. I'm hoping that's marshall that what he looks like, which is cool. Um, it's not maybe it's. His mascot he's like bold mask. I I don't know. Like ready killing. What? Yeah, I don't know. But find a lot of fun logos from you guys at home. Maybe if we have time later I don't know, dear. Tomorrow we could stick if you were. And I could do that all day long. Like, oh, what? Its word time. How did that go by so fast? So hopefully, that was was helpful for you guys. I know it's a little challenging, being out of context, but sometimes just looking at it without knowing anything is good, because if it's making us all feel like, oh, this surely person does boudoir and they're saying, oh no, you know, I specialize in pets or babies. It may be is giving other people that same impression because, remember, we have three seconds to catch our client's attention. They're driving by, they see your sign, that's, your billboard. They see it somewhere they're making perceptions from from that one second, they have to look at it. So, that's, why it's? Super important.

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