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Lesson 15 from: The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners

John Greengo

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15. Next Steps

Lesson Info

Next Steps

thanks a lot for watching the photography starter kit. I hope you like the class if you did, and you're thinking I like more of this stuff I want. I want to get into this further. Trust me. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The next class that I would recommend you take a look at. He is a class called the Fundamentals of Photography. This is a class that I update on a yearly basis, and it is kind of like the photography starter kit on Lee. It's about 10 times bigger and 10 times longer. It's a five day class, about 25 hours of information, which really gives us a lot more time to really dive in. Much deeper into all the subjects that we covered in the photography starter kit and many more subjects, we spend an entire day on composition. We have huge sections on lighting and post production. I get to spend a lot of time talking about some of the detailed nuances of focusing the lens, which has way more going on to it. Then I had a chance to described in the photography starter kit be...

cause we're trying to get things quickly out the door on the starter kit. And so the fundamentals of photography has years of experience. Basically dumped everything I know into that class. Another direction that you can go from the starter kit is learning more about your camera that you are using. I have a lot of classes over 25 classes in different cameras, And so I have a fast start class, probably in the camera that you use, or at least very similar to it. And so this is a five hour class where I go through every button, every dial on the camera, and we go through the menu item menu items line, item by line item, making sure that your camera is set up as best that it can possibly be set up after that. Take a look in the near future for a class on lenses called Mastering the Lands. This is for anyone who really wants to get to know lenses. I love lenses because it really opens up the world of opportunity in the world of photography, and we're gonna be diving in learning about Nikon lenses and canon lenses in two separate classes, and we're gonna look at everything from their widest angle fish, eyes to their super tele photos, how to choose lenses and how to use them to get the best effect out in the real world. I do also have a couple of specialty classes for people who are interested in particular types of photography, like nature and landscape photography. This is a two day class where I spend several hours going through both the technical and the artistic side of composing landscape photographs and for you travelers out there. I have a travel photography class that talks about traveling around the world, going to different locations, photographing people that maybe have a hard time communicating with its a lot of fun because we get to tackle different types of subjects than just our shutter speeds and are apertures. And so there's a lot of directions you can go, the world is open to you, and I hope I have a class that fits your needs. Thanks a lot

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I'm not sure my first review posted. But I LOVE this class! John Greengo is a great, engaging teacher who is really adept at representing the concepts visually and excellent at explaining them verbally. I love how he goes through examples with photographs he has taken. Even though I only have a Nikon Coolpix digital camera, it does have Manual, Shutter priority, and Aperture priority modes. Through his class I've gotten a really good sense of how to balance ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. It's a great overview for me especially since I am new to photography, I can play around with some of these settings, and I have a greater understanding of what I might need in a higher level camera in the future. Money well spend! (For $29, this is an absolute steal). John Greengo is an awesome teacher and I hope to take more of his classes in the future!

Megan Wagner

John is extremely articulate and is a great teacher with lots of visual aids and metaphors to help understand photography. I have been doing photography for a few years now and this class was a tremendous help in boosting my knowledge and refreshing my memory in multiple aspects of photography. The graphics that John uses are helpful and he even goes through images and asks which settings would be best to use and will go through the why. He makes things easy to understand and is very clear about the information he provides. I am so glad I took this course and I would highly recommend it even to an experienced photographer. Thank you John Greengo!

a Creativelive Student

I am a semi retired hair stylist who is finally following her passion of photography. I have taken a class here and there and stumbled on Creative Live and realized the potential of learning is endless. Love love love the way John Greengo teaches. I am finally beginning to understand and retain so much. Thank you John, your the best. I hope one day I can meet you up close and personal. Thank you!

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