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Photography Tips for Everybody

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Tip 1: Quit Blaming the Camera

Khara Plicanic

Photography Tips for Everybody

Khara Plicanic

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1. Tip 1: Quit Blaming the Camera
These simple tips will help you take better photos. No special tools required!

Lesson Info

Tip 1: Quit Blaming the Camera

We're going to be talking about ten photography tips for everybody andi they're going to apply no matter what what can a camera you have? They don't involve any photo shop so we can just go ahead and get started all right? So tip number one is quit blaming the camera right? Anybody guilty of that? None of you guys of course nobody ever blames the camera but I'm sure that we all know someone who but camera because their neighbors best friend's cousin body camera and they got pretty good pictures so I don't know I guess I'll get that camera right or when you're starting out a lot of times that's how it works you're like well, what do you see it with? I'll just get that kind of camera but it turns out it's really not about the camera and here is a really great slide if you guys have ever seen what the duck is a comic strip they are super genius and one of my favorites is this one right here so they're little ducks that our photographers all these little duck characters so this on has the ...

super fancy camera and it's got gps, an mp three player and infrared scope and doppler radar all kinds of things y five video speed heat seeking thermal sensors and even a coffee maker so then he's like ready to go and he says ok, say cheese and then turns out his subjects behind him so we have a huge fancy keira and he doesn't he can't even get a successful photos that because hey still doesn't really know what he's doing essentially so I feel like that speaks volumes a lot of times, especially in today's digital marketing world like we can make any camera looking really good and it could be on sail and it can't just have all the right buzzwords and we think it's going to make our pictures better but it turns out it really just doesn't because it's not about the cameras so we have to quit blaming the camera and we have to start taking responsibility for the images that we're making because it turns out but you can actually take pretty great picture there with an oatmeal box if you know what you're doing has have anyone ever done that you guys made a camera out of a no meal box when I was in high school in my photography class us one of the very first things we did was we you actually just taken oatmeal box and you cut a little slit in it a little door which becomes your shutter and you put photo paper on the inside you put something here that you prick a little hole in which becomes your aperture and you actually can take a photo with an oatmeal box there's no batteries the only moving part is this little door like a flap that opens and closes? It's? Actually, amazing. So if you like to be, I why, I would say, give this a try. If you've got kids, this is a fantastic project to try with kids, and you can find instructions as well as a gallery of all kinds of images that have been captured this way at pinhole dot ord. Or, if you just don't believe me, if you think I'm making this up, because how could that possibly be there's proof and pin hold our. So this is called a pinhole camera. Um, and you really I need that oatmeal container. So give that a world it's pretty incredible. And I think you learn a lot when you're forced to work with something like an oatmeal box.

Class Description

Who knew that dramatically improving your photos could be this easy? (Or this much fun!?) With Khara’s help, you’ll learn how making small changes with a touch of mindfulness can push beyond the typical snapshot, taking your images from drab to fab—no matter which camera you have.  

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Short, very basic, very general and non-technical. Can't say anything presented helped or impressed me, but new comers might find it interesting.


She simply makes sense. I like learning tips from Khara.


I think her ideas were simple to follow and to consider before going out to shoot. No ah-ha moments for me....nice that the ideas are short and to the point. thanks