Tip 4: Shoot the Story


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Tip 4: Shoot the Story

All right, take number four is shoot the story um a lot of times when we're trying to take pictures especially like family pictures we get really caught up in I don't know fads and like trends and just trying to be I mean my own mother okay? I just feel bad but the other day like I need to do family pictures for my family right? Because I'm a photographer we should have family pictures for like my parents and my siblings everybody and so I told my mom the other day I was like, mom, we are going to do picture this this year because it's been a long time so october when the leaves are good like we're going to do it and and I kind of got moxie and I'm like and we're gonna do it my way we're going to have good lighting we're going like I'm going to you know run the show every mom was like, I want everyone wearing jeans and white sure and she had this whole like nineties era plan and I was like no, no, we're not doing we're not doing it that way, mom, so we kind of get caught up in that lik...

e even my mom gets caught up in that and it doesn't have to be the case and I don't think it makes the best photos so when I'm shooting when I used to shoot family portrait um I really tried to shoot the story so in this case when I showed up to photograph this little girl and her family like yeah, we did some of the family stuff because that's what the clients think they want and I use those more like icebreakers like ok, yeah, everyone like pose and he and I'm like there we got it then I'm going to shoot the really exciting stuff and so I was there to capture the story of a little girl and her playing and whatever going on on dh the story can be whatever you wanted to be so for example in this image it looks like a story of her playing in the rain is really garden, you know, that's our story and we grabbed it how we want to so she had this q adorable raincoat I actually rated for club and I found this raincoat and I was like, oh perfect, we're going to shoot with this so she put on the ring co and I was all here's the hose and she doesn't play like she doesn't know that she's like playing in a garden hose she's loved playing in the water and so with the story of her just playing and having fun and it doesn't really matter which way it's just having a good time this is a new image from a wedding that I documented where the mother of the bride just had a really emotional moment where it sort of dawn on her this was her baby that was getting married, her surprise baby and the youngest one of the family, and they were going to be done after this just kind of hitter and I was there and I captured that moment, and I I love that image. It is just bursting at the seams with emotion and that's the story here is a picture of kids devouring a plate of spaghetti and I love this image. I love the soft on his cheek. I mean, if I was a photo silence, I don't know if I could have even orchestrated this to be what it is, but a lot of trains, you know, our kids are just trained to really pose and just be, like, so aware of the camera, even my little one already mean, he sees my phone, right? Let's be honest, what shooting a lot with me, they have my phone out and he already he'll be doing the most to thing and I'll get the phone out and he totally stops and then he's like phone so it could be hard tio break that a little bit and just try to keep people in their elements, you can get the story and the story often is going to include a lot of details. So maybe that's, your kids and their super muddy feet because they loved a splash in the puddles, are they just really loved to get get dirty and have a good time with whatever they're doing. Maybe you're also taking some scene setting shots. So, you know, you have details, like the feats, and then on the other end of the spectrum, you've got the scene setting shot. So, you know, your house or your yard or the the fare that your ad or whatever, so it could just be a lot of fun. It's a lot, there's. A lot of opportunity there that goes far beyond just the shots that you think of first, that are kind of the default ones, but I think they're ok because they help you push through, but you have. Teo, you have to keep pushing.

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She simply makes sense. I like learning tips from Khara.


I think her ideas were simple to follow and to consider before going out to shoot. No ah-ha moments for me....nice that the ideas are short and to the point. thanks