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Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions in 2015

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Creating a Slideshow in Lightroom

Ben Willmore

Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions in 2015

Ben Willmore

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11. Creating a Slideshow in Lightroom

Lesson Info

Creating a Slideshow in Lightroom

They've changed the set up for slide shows quite a bit in light room and added quite a bit a bit of new features that are rather nice so here I have a serious of images I'd like to show is the slide show this is a recent serious I started with my wife karen she does yoga that's one of her passions and we travel quite a bit and so we decided what we're seeing all these unique locations but a lot of people are taking pictures of these same places. What can we do to make something a little bit more unique of these locations? So when we came to san francisco well we find this building what? She's seen a lot of pictures of san francisco. Well, what can we do with it to make it our own? And so this is ahh siri's I want to do a slide show those images so I'll go to the top of my screen over here to the slide show module let's just look at a few of the things that they have changed within the slideshow module. We're not going to go over everything that's here because there's quite a bit of opt...

ions that are here that have not changed but I want to look at a few of the choices on the right down here near the bottom now under playback we have the choice of automatic or manual what that means is automatic means it will automatically advance the slide show every few seconds and it can play music, whereas manual means it's not going to automatically advance, you'd have to use the arrow keys and your keyboard to tell it win to advance its assuming you might want to talk about the slides and then advance them as it's useful. I'm gonna have this on automatic and let's look at some of the new things that they've added well, first, when I put it on automatic appear above is a choice called music, and it used to be that I could have music, but I think I could only have one song or I remember it wasn't it was limited. Now, if I click the plus sign here, I can come and I usually just goto all my files because it will search all my files for compatible images. They're not images song and I can come in here in select up, I think it's up to ten songs, and now I can have them in this list. You can change the order of the songs by this dragging and dropping, and if you want to add more songs, you can hit the plus sign. Or to reduce one heard get rid of one hit minus here it tells you the total duration so I'd have a twenty minute slideshow that's pretty long so I'll get rid of one of these let's get it down to a three minute slideshow. Well, now that we have music, there's a couple new features down here that can help us out first there's a button called fit to music what's it to music's going to dio is just look at the length of however many songs I have specified. It'll count the number of slides that I have and just divide to say how many seconds would I need to show each slide to make it so? My slideshow perfectly ends as the music ends, so when I choose fit to music, all it's doing is it's calculating how long the slides would be visible in order to have the slide show and at the same length of the video. Now the cross fate is in here, which determines how long it takes for it to transition from one slide to the next. And I changed that I should hit fit to the music again because we're changing how long those slides her on the screen there's also check box here called sync slides to music and if I turn that on, this will be great out because now, instead of advancing the slides on at the exact same amount of time in between them it's going to analyze the music, the beat of the music, the rhythm of the music and try to on ly change the slides when there is an interesting transition in the music or going with the beat and that could be an interesting setting to use you can use videos in your slide shows in this setting here called audio balance means if there's any audio attached to your video files how should that interact with the music? Should the music be prominent? Or should the audio from the attached to your video be prominent? If I move this all the way this way, the music would turn off when the video plays moved this way he wouldn't hear any of the audio that's attached to that video you hear only the music or you can tell it to go somewhere in between be nice if you could do that for each video where you might be different on each one one of them has no important audio and one has more important audio but this is for the whole thing we also the choice now of pan and zoom and if you use that choice it will zoom and in pian and your photograph it's what's known as the ken burns effect if you happen to be familiar with it unfortunately you cannot control where it zooms to so that it could decide to zoom into the tip of this tower and suddenly cut off my wife's head in this it's not not the best if you have critical cropping there is a slider here for low or high that just means how much should it zoom and pan on your image should just do it subtly or should do it more dramatically so we have all that that is new two using slide ships if I go down to the bottom there's a trust called quality in this can generate previews ahead of time so that your slide shows ready to play all the time pretty much once I set up a slide show the way I like it over on the left side you can use templates so that I can very quickly get to a certain look for my slideshow if I want my name in the corner or a black background or something else once you get it dialed in the way you like you can hit the plus sign here to do your template then at the very top of your screen is a choice here called create saved slideshow if I click that I could give us a name and I can put it inside of one of these other collections or put it on the base folder and hit create and then I can easily get to it in the future later on it will be in my collections see right here, yoga syria and if later on I run into an image like I should shoot a new yoga image. I mean, the library module and not the sideshow module, and I just dragged that newly created image on top of this, it would add it to the slide show s o that anytime we went into the slide show marginal play it, that would be included. Oh, and finally, the lower right we could play our slideshow you see it's doing the zooming and going through it's not playing the music side my music needed, but you get the idea so it's nice that they've added the additional controls. I really like having the saved slide ships over here, so I often have some of my portfolio of images, and I set it up for any kind of slide show. I just dragged new images onto it as I finish them, and then I'm always ready to show. The slide shows that a moment's notice there are few other changes that air in the slideshow area, but you'll have to explore those on your own because, you know I want to spend so much time. Any questions or comments about the new slide show changes here's a quick question that seven from best shot they want to know if you can export the slide show to a website easily you can export them, and I will take me a moment to look at where, because I'm not used. Tio. Ok, down the lower left there's, a choice down here of two different ways. Tio. Export your slide, show one. It would be as a pdf, but here you can export as a video, and then you could, you know, upload the video to your website, that's, how you go about doing it.

Class Description

Technology is always evolving - make sure you keep pace with it. Join Ben Willmore for Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions and get up to speed on 2015 updates from Adobe.

In this comprehensive class, you’ll learn about all of the changes Adobe made in 2015 and how to integrate them into your daily workflow. You’ll learn about:

  • Raw high dynamic range
  • HDR + raw panoramas
  • Dehaze Adjustments
  • Retouching tool changes
  • Face Detection and Recognition
  • Blur Gallery changes
  • Rendering trees and flames
  • Local adjustment additions
  • Radial and gradient brushes
  • Hidden and hard to find additions

If you’ve watched any of Ben’s previous courses, this will be a great way to update your knowledge and ensure you know about all the latest features.

2015 has been a big year of updates from Adobe for the Creative Cloud, so get up-to-date on those changes in Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions with Ben Willmore.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.1

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Got to "know" Ben during Photoshop Week and a few other courses. He has consistently been one of my favorite Photoshop instructors. He is extremely easy to follow, stays on point without being cold or boring, and is immensely knowledgeable on just about everything Photoshop. He does not disappoint in this fantastic in-depth review of some great new features in PhotoShop and Lightroom CC 2015 ... there are some real hidden gems in there for you. Ben polishes them up and serves them to you with extra info, insight, and pertinent examples. He goes the extra mile to answer questions and delve into related subjects without going off the rails. GREAT, GREAT course. Thanks Ben, and Creative Live! -Tim K.

Jose A De Leon

I just purchased this course today and it's wonderful. Ben is one of the best Photoshop instructors I've encountered. I had purchased the complete Mastery course and this one is a welcome addition since it covers new features. Even though Photoshop and Lightroom will continue to evolve, the basic techniques and tools used are basically the same, so I find myself going back to the mastery course if I hit a bump along the way. Ben's knowledge is second to none, but his true gift is the ability to transmit all that knowledge in bite size and understandable portions that are never boring. Someday I will have the privilege to know him personally, in the meantime I will continue to buy his courses as they come out. Such a wealth of information. Thanks Ben and CreativeLive!


Ben is a wealth of knowledge and covers the material beautifully. Highly recommend his workshops to others!