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Creating Artboards

Lesson 24 from: Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions in 2015

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

24. Creating Artboards

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Lesson Info

Creating Artboards

Then there are some features that are mainly for designers uh mainly for people that do web design and interface design, like if you're going to create an app for an iphone or something that are new to photo shop, I just want to cover them briefly seeing no first off. What are these things that are in some of the menus that you might find in secondly, if I accidentally click on them, is someone that's, not the designer? How can I get out of them? Because it can create some weird things, so let's, take a look if I go to the file menu and I choose new not only can I create a new normal document, but up here is a pop up. Then you called document type in one of the document types is called a dartboard. What an art board is is it's a document of a specific size? Where if I have more than one of these art boards it's like having multiple documents wrapped into one document let's say you want to create an iphone app and you want to show what would the home screen look when it first launches a...

nd then right next to that you want to show, what would it look like when we go into preferences and right next that you want to show, what would it look like? When we tap on a particular preference to change it and you want to set that up in a nice document, we'll hear if I tell it I want an art board we have a choice of art board size and you'll notice that most of these air set up for devices like iphones or android tablets or even the apple watch or they're set up for web related things I mean you act as if we're creating something for an iphone six because that's my phone and I'm in a click ok when I dio you'll see it says art board and it says it at the top I can double click on that uh in change its size if I pull like this but be careful because then it's no longer the size of an iphone so you got to be careful not to tap on those edges if you ever do by accident and you want to get it back to go to the top of your screen if you're in this tool this tools called dartboard tool and you can choose the size you want again and you can get back us a six plus so it's a little bit bigger and with six and then we can start adding elements to this let's say I come in here and I use the shape tool and I draw a couple shapes that right represent buttons and I grabbed my text tool and I put in my tax, whatever elements I want, if you look in my players panel, you'll see that each layer is organized underneath this thing called art board won it by double clicking on board one up there, I can give it a name, and I'm going to call this home screen, then I want to create another screen. Ah, to show what would it look like when I get into the preference of screen or something else? If I'm in the art board tool, which is this tool right here, then I can just click somewhere else and drag when I got to get it back. It's hidden in here with your, uh moved tool, I can click and drag and create a new art board right next to it, but if you just click and drag what's going to happen is it will be whatever size you draw. You can choose this shape from up here if I wanted the same size as an iphone six, and if I wanted to add a new one without having to click and drag like that, where I'm free form drawing it, I could just have the art board tool active in up here at the top of my screen, there's just a big plus sign of here that could be used also, um, to create more when I end up creating our ports, you'll notice that if I take a layer and I use my move tool and I move that layer, click on the slayer and moving it around. Watch what happens in my layers panel you'll see here that we have a new art board called home screen, another one called art board one and the layers panel you'll see the same thing home screen in art board one you'll see that these particular layers air part of home screen. If I dragged this, though, and put it over here, you see that it automatically moved its and now it's considered part of the other one if I move it so it goes partially off the screen, you noticed that it crops it because it thinks of this is being part of an interface that would only fit within the iphone screen. So there's no such thing as being beyond it. If I want something to be in both of these, I can always hold down the option key alton windows when I've dragged between them, and then I'm dragging a copy. So now I have one on both, so you can always copy a bunch of elements hold on the option key when I dragged between them. But over here you'll find that they're always contained within each, so then I could collapse down. Each one of these aren't bored, so all I see is their names and I don't want to hide her show them I can turn off the eyeballs toe on ly show one at a time, so this is simply a way to have more than one lay out within a single document, and as you drag between those layouts, it will automatically keep your layers organized within one art board or the other. You can have as many of these art boards you want, so you could lay out an app with all the different screens that would be involved, and you can take an existing document and converted into these art boards you with a existing document, you can right click on something in the layers panel and you will find a choice called art board from layers that would create a new one of these that contains just the contents that you have selected. Do you remember earlier when we talked about the choice called export and there was something called quick export? If I choose that and I have art boards in my document, I don't get just one file, I get one for each art board, and therefore you could end up creating ten different screen designs in here. And when you want to supply them to a cost customer, you could just come over here and choose export quick export and if you had ten different art boards, you get ten different files output each file would be named with the name of the art board and so it's something that can be nice and convenient for those that do a lot of design work you can tell here I don't do a lot ta quick my beauteous things a few other things about our boards if I right click ah, I think I can right click on the outer area to change the color that might need to be in the move tool though somehow you can out right click out here to choose how bright or dark this is I don't recall what I need to be in them because right now it's not working right click if you ever accidentally experiment without with art board and you're not somebody that does design work you're not going to be happy with yourself because you'll then type command and to create a new document not thinking about it you just press return you're like oh man, I'm getting those things again well, if you ever do get a dartboard and you don't want it going your layers panel right click on your art board and you're going to find a choice in here usually in home so called somewhere there's one to release your art board and I'm just not seeing it at the moment. Let me know if you see it ungroomed part boards sometimes it's hard to see what's the menu to pick it up, but on group art boards, if you choose that you're back to a normal document, the document never had a white background. The art board is what made the checkerboard look like a white background, but if you ever get stuck in and choose that, and if you ever find when you're creating new documents, you're always getting art boards just go and create new document has changed this back from outboard to photo shop default size or something else, because this is simply sticky. It remembers the last settings you used, so then you're no longer going to be creating art boards all the time, so our birds can be nice for designers, not too many photographers, they're going to necessarily need them unless they create their own websites and maybe you make banner ads that advertise your things and you could have each one of these would to be a different banner ad you're trying to design that's everything. I don't do design work anymore, so to me I just know how they work a little bit, but I don't use them on a day to day basis.

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Got to "know" Ben during Photoshop Week and a few other courses. He has consistently been one of my favorite Photoshop instructors. He is extremely easy to follow, stays on point without being cold or boring, and is immensely knowledgeable on just about everything Photoshop. He does not disappoint in this fantastic in-depth review of some great new features in PhotoShop and Lightroom CC 2015 ... there are some real hidden gems in there for you. Ben polishes them up and serves them to you with extra info, insight, and pertinent examples. He goes the extra mile to answer questions and delve into related subjects without going off the rails. GREAT, GREAT course. Thanks Ben, and Creative Live! -Tim K.

Jose A De Leon

I just purchased this course today and it's wonderful. Ben is one of the best Photoshop instructors I've encountered. I had purchased the complete Mastery course and this one is a welcome addition since it covers new features. Even though Photoshop and Lightroom will continue to evolve, the basic techniques and tools used are basically the same, so I find myself going back to the mastery course if I hit a bump along the way. Ben's knowledge is second to none, but his true gift is the ability to transmit all that knowledge in bite size and understandable portions that are never boring. Someday I will have the privilege to know him personally, in the meantime I will continue to buy his courses as they come out. Such a wealth of information. Thanks Ben and CreativeLive!


Ben is a wealth of knowledge and covers the material beautifully. Highly recommend his workshops to others!

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