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Lightroom 6 vs the Creative Cloud

Lesson 4 from: Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions in 2015

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

4. Lightroom 6 vs the Creative Cloud

Lesson Info

Lightroom 6 vs the Creative Cloud

Now that you mentioned with light room c c there's a difference between boston say there's two versions of light room right now that our current there is light room six and there's light room c, c and it's one of describe a little bit about the differences between those two because there is starting to be a difference. When those two versions were released light room six and light room c c they had the same features in it and light room six was through those people that chose not to subscribe to the monthly fee where you get updates over time. Instead, they wanted to be the kind of old school way that it used to be where maybe it takes eighteen months or two years for them to come up with a new version of light room and then you would get all the new features together and you'd buy that new version an upgrade to the new version that would be bite room six his mindset would like from sisi it's different it's a monthly subscription and therefore adobe comes out with a new feature. They'l...

l release it as they're ready and so you get many updates over time instead of getting the mall is one chunk now in doing that having two versions you have to realize that light room six, which had the same features a slight room c c when they were originally released well now start to deviate a bit and that is because if you have light room six you're in kind of the old school way of thinking and that means you're not going to get any new features intel light room seven would come out just like it used to be and the thing about it though is when you update your light room when they're for there's a new version just a small update it's actually the same program light room ccn light room six itjust has disabled the new features but they're actually hidden in the code so that means sometimes you can cheat you know that new slaughter called the hayes you're only going to find that light room cc you won't find it light room six you'd have to wait until light room seven is released before the added any new features but it's hidden in the code it's just not showing you the slider the code is in there to use it so we can cheat if you happen to have light room six and you happen to get this class I'm in include with the class cem presets in those pre sets I made in light room see see where the d hey sliders visible and I just made him I'll show you over here here my presets d hayes I consented to zero or aiken ramp it up ten twenty you khun dio d hayes in a negative amount as well that will make an image look more hazy if you wanted to local foggy kind of stuff and here's positive settings and even if you have light room six if you have these presets, you'll be able to use a feature that's hidden in your version that you can't usually get to the d a slider just isn't there but it does work with presets so if you get this class and you have light room six you'll get these presets you can install him and therefore you can have a feature that usually would have to wait for like room seven a half and so that's kind of interesting little hidden tidbit so just know that if you have light room six you won't get new features until late room seven comes out I have asked adobe about it and if you want to change over to the six subscription plan, there is a way you can do that if you call customer service and adobe you can have them switch you over and they will give you some sort of a credit for your uh your purchase of light room six they'll give you the equivalent in the subscription so in the end it costs about the same s o if it's something you wanted to switch over to be able to get those new features talk to adobe customer service have been told that there's the plan tio make that transition

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Got to "know" Ben during Photoshop Week and a few other courses. He has consistently been one of my favorite Photoshop instructors. He is extremely easy to follow, stays on point without being cold or boring, and is immensely knowledgeable on just about everything Photoshop. He does not disappoint in this fantastic in-depth review of some great new features in PhotoShop and Lightroom CC 2015 ... there are some real hidden gems in there for you. Ben polishes them up and serves them to you with extra info, insight, and pertinent examples. He goes the extra mile to answer questions and delve into related subjects without going off the rails. GREAT, GREAT course. Thanks Ben, and Creative Live! -Tim K.

Jose A De Leon

I just purchased this course today and it's wonderful. Ben is one of the best Photoshop instructors I've encountered. I had purchased the complete Mastery course and this one is a welcome addition since it covers new features. Even though Photoshop and Lightroom will continue to evolve, the basic techniques and tools used are basically the same, so I find myself going back to the mastery course if I hit a bump along the way. Ben's knowledge is second to none, but his true gift is the ability to transmit all that knowledge in bite size and understandable portions that are never boring. Someday I will have the privilege to know him personally, in the meantime I will continue to buy his courses as they come out. Such a wealth of information. Thanks Ben and CreativeLive!


Ben is a wealth of knowledge and covers the material beautifully. Highly recommend his workshops to others!

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