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Stitching Panoramas

Lesson 8 from: Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions in 2015

Ben Willmore

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8. Stitching Panoramas

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Lesson Info

Stitching Panoramas

Now there's another thing that we can also do in like room that's new and that is stitching panoramas in you might not think that sounds like a big deal because you bail the stitch panorama as in other software like photo shop for a long time but it really is a big deal because the end result you get when you sit your panorama and light room is a raw file and what that means is with raw file you can change white balance without degrading quality. If there's any part of your image that looks to be solid white, you could move the highlights slider down and suddenly where you used to have solid white some detail will start showing up if in your shadows it looks like they're solid black, you can move up the shadows slider and suddenly we're used to have solid black you'll start seeing details showing up because there's more detail of the camera captured than what it was showing you in the image. If on the other hand you stitch the panorama using other software not light room something else...

and you didn't adjust your image ahead of time the end result would not be raw file it would be a tiff ajay peg or whatever file format you save it in and if there was an area that looks solid white there would be no way to get the detail back in there because you'd be stuck with whatever it looked like in that file, sure, you khun dark in that sky, but it'll just turn gray. You won't suddenly magically see detail coming back, but in a raw file, you could get more detail on the highlights, more detail out of the shadows and if you end up changing white balance, it doesn't degrade the quality at all. Where is it it's? No longer a raw file that's not the case. If you try to shift the colors around in the image, the quality degrades as you do it. So let's, take a look first, I'm going to take these images and I'm going to make sure they're not adjusted already because I just want you to see them what they would look like without being adjusted, and I'm gonna go to the photo menu, choose photo merge and we have panorama just likely emerge hdr. The dialogue blocs looks similar. We have to wait for this preview to finish before this button over here called merge will become available, which and now we have a few choices here. Auto select projection when that's turned on it's just going to choose between these three choices on its own, whichever one it thinks is best. And oftentimes what happens is when it's stitching a panorama, it has to distort these images to get them to fit together, because if you think about a panorama, if I were to shoot one from where I'm sitting right now and I swing my camera towards my left for its my left is something very close to me, which is a tv screen, and if I'm going to shoot that it's gonna look really big on the viewfinder could cost to me and as I swing over this way, other things that are farther away, we're going to look smaller and smaller. But when the panorama gets stitched, if it's supposed to look like a continuous view, it will probably have to scale this down to make it look like it's similar in size to you guys same thing can happen here when it comes to a landscape. If there's anything close to the year cameron's gonna look larger anything farther away it's gonna look smaller in in order, stitch it together. It'll have to bend things given to fit these three choices over here determine how it's gonna bend our images the choices are going toe the one called spirit kal is goingto act as if it's bending them to conform to the inside of a big ball, like a beach ball or a globe. Or bends the images to conform to that cylindrical is going to act as if it's putting them on the inside of a soup can word only bends it one direction compared to two in perspective is going to keep the image in the middle straight and just kind of adjust the corners of the other images to try to get them to a line and you just find there's a slight difference when you switch between these two it'll have to regenerate the preview that's here and then you'll usually see it on some images you'll find perspective won't work and on this invention not sure why it's not letting me switch usually swished by clicking, but you'll just see if it ever doesn't look good you can switch between these uh no that you could also press the number keys and your keyboard to switch between them one two three would choose the various choices that air here there's a check box at the bottom called auto crap if I turn it off, you'd be able to see that it's an oddly shaped and result in auto crops simply crops your image to create the largest rectangle continuous rectangle it could and so I usually have auto crop turned on in I glance at the image to see did it crop too much? If it does, I'll turn auto crop off because there are methods for filling these empty areas you can go into photo shop and there's a choice called content to where, phil, that could kind of fill those in for you. Well, the cylinder work without without a drop off? No, I think the reason why is in the lower right, and it needs to know a little bit about the image, how it was how was captured, like what lenses used in right now, it can't find a lens profile for this, and I think that might be limiting how it could merge the image, but I'm going to click merge and it's going to start combining those images together, you'll see a progress bar on the upper left is it does that, and so we don't have to wait for that. We can come down here and work on a different set that have already emerged. Yes, your images we put into panorama so you don't do any adjustments at all. You don't need to, because you can do the adjustments afterwards, because the quality is the same, regardless of you did it before after, because the end result is a raw file, and so you don't need to do adjustments ahead of time. In fact, most of the adjustments you'd apply would be ignored, even elin's correction, some of those leads corrections will be applied automatically because it helps it and it ends up stitching the panorama so to the best of my knowledge lynch corrections are already applied well, you don't need to go manually turn them on okay? So this might be what it looks like when you're done if you had the auto crop checkbox turned off, you'd have these white areas if you had auto crap turned on, it would have already cropped in here for you and then you can adjust this image like any other that you've ever had but unlike a normal panorama, this is a raw file which means sliders like the shadows slider will be much more effective and the highlights slaughter will be much more effective because you have the advantages of a raw file which means if there's any highlight detail that your camera captured but wasn't showing up in the image yet you can get it by adjusting highlights and shadows and you're just going to just this image like any other you've ever worked with but you'll notice the quality is much higher than you get if you had not pre adjusted the images with old software where didn't deliver rafa on that this is uh uh my brains blanking out horseshoe bend near page arizona yeah familiar yeah it's a cool of area remember that tip I gave you with hdr where there's a keyboard charcot and how if you type the keyboard truck that had sent into that dialog box and if he added shift it bypassed it in its started stitching in the background combining them the same thing works of panoramas so if I have a bunch of panorama is that I need to stitch I select one sarees I manually do it by going up here in choosing panorama just to establish a settings I want to use like should auto crop he turned on and the other settings that are in there but then afterwards do you see this keyboard shortcut this listener right here control em well I'm just going to have the shift key to that shift control them and if I do that then I can suddenly start stitching a bunch of panoramas in the background I'm not going to do that here because we're going to take a lot of time and these are already have been stitched but doing the shift control em then select the next siri's that need to be stitch shift control em like the next series and just keep doing that you can have eight of these things stitching in the background even while it's stitching you can go and start adjusting other pictures and doing other things and therefore it can save you a lot of time if you usually you pan to right but for some reason you panned you know the way does it know or do you have to first move them around in the grid and then do that off to the best of my knowledge, it knows it, and so it's stitching it based on what the images looked like, not necessarily the order. But I haven't tested that a lot, because I almost always stitch shoot from left to right, and the main reason I do that is just so the images are in order. In this view, it just helps me to recognize that as the panorama. But at least with photoshopped version of panorama stitching, it doesn't matter what order you stitch it, are you. Shoot it in, it can combine it. I haven't tested light rooms, though, to double check that it's the same here.

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