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Creating Symbolic Link

So now we have these two folders open we have the light room folder where light room exists are where light rooms settings exist and then we have our sync software box inside of our dropbox those there are two folders that were principally concerned with now what we need to do is we need to make this light room folder into a symbolic link when I do that you know I can I can right click this and I can tell it to make it an alias and it just sets the alias right next to it but an alias is not a symbolic link they're different somehow in the code of what they are they're just different and so it doesn't work I've tried it with an alias bef four and the synchronization doesn't happen because it's not a two way street it's because it just doesn't work for some reason so don't try and make an alias you have to make it a symbolic link so if you right click it instead services and you can make a symbolic link and it does the same thing notice it looks exactly the same as a that it looks exactl...

y the same as a alias or shortcut but it says similarly gone it that's symbolic link the reason it puts similarly gone there is because it can't just put light room because then it would have to override itself because it's the same name but once you've made that symbolic link, then you can take that symbolic link and put it on your drop box inside of that software sink box and now look, see this? These two are exactly the same the information inside of your light room folder see how has those folders in it is the same as inside of your sink your sink box there that you've created on dropbox? If you go into their there's another one that says light room sin link on it now I'll have to do is click on that icon rename this a cz much as I like because it doesn't matter what the name is so now light room is the name of this link light room is the name of this folder let's pretend then that this traveling drive is my home computer and we'll make a sin link to this drop box and it will roughly approximate what we're seeing on the other end on the drop box. So if I were to take this here this light room and I were to right click it and I were to make another symbolic link see that I've made another symbol it just makes symbolic links looked so there's another symbolic link and if I were to then remember once I put this dropbox this file in my dropbox what happened to it it's in the drop box at my home right so my home computer already has pulled down this light room sim link that I made it's already there. So now if when I'm at home on the home computer, I make the light room sin link and then I go to the the folder where light room's supposed to be, you know? So I'm just going to make this here so let's pretend that this is the home computer and inside the home computer is the er application support, right? I mean, this is the pathway that you're following its in the application support and then there's a folder in there called light room, right? So this is what it looks like at home, so you're in application support and there's light room so what you do is you go to ok, I follow I really want to make sure everybody gets this, so you're inside of white room on your laptop this is where we are and we made a symbolic link and we put it on our drop box and that's where that so now it's in the drop box so it's up here it's on the drop box and it got thrown up into the cloud by now, it's already at home the dropbox saw that there was something new and sent it down to my drop box at home, right so now if you were to go home to my home computer and look you would see a folder that looks exactly like this this is light room in the drop box and it would have everything that was in here on there which is also in the cloud it's got transferred so then let's pretend now we're taking off our we're no longer a creative life were now in my home studio and I've opened up my drop box on the home studio which is exactly the same as the drop box we're looking at here and I right click that and make another symbolic link I take that and I dragged into the application support folder at home right and that home dragging into there and now you'll see that I've got a light room folder and I've got a light room sim link folder now I can just take this and delete the light room folder that the original one that was there turn off light room and right click it are not right click it we just seen double click it there and get rid of assembling because light room was only gonna pay attention to of this is white room no similar and now watch what happens when I'm at home okay I'm still a home I haven't come back to creative live yet I'm at home and I decided you know what I need to change all my presets so I go to remember I made that duplicate copy. Okay, so let's pretend this is although I want to change all my presets so I go in here and I highlight all my presets and I override every pre set in here like that and replace everything. Look what just happened up on my dropbox see that and look now, okay, now we came back to creative live and look, all of those have now changed and now watch when I goto light room it's not there yet because you have to restart light room but every time I restart light room, wait for it and boom there's all see there's all my presets again they're all there and if I were to change something, watch what happens if I do this? I'm gonna add a folder and I'm going to call it so I'm gonna add a preset folder so we call it if you if you want to make a pre set and you want to put it in a folder, you can always go up to the top of this list and hit add new folder and I'm going to call this ah zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero so that's the folder and if I hit create see how it just created a folder in my presets called zero zero zero zero zero now watch if I go now I'm going home again if I go back to my home and look at the light room folder that I had that I that I'm looking at home, which is which one was it this one? No. Yeah, this one. So if I go back to home and I look at my developed presets, look at that folder zero zero zero zero zero is already a home. So if if I were to send someone to my house right now and they opened up light room, that folder zero zero zero zero zero would be sitting inside of that area on light room at home and I wouldn't have to do a thing about it. I wouldn't have to change anything. I wouldn't have toe import. I wouldn't have synchronized nothing if I add a preset to this so let's say, I want to change this whole thing to black and white my schematic and I and I had a preset and I add a black and white treatment to the preset and nothing else, and I saved that into my zero zero zero folder, and I call it black and white and I hit create I now have a black and white preset, and I also have a black and white preset at home and if someone open light room at home it would open and it would be there ok two questions yes that's fantastic that's not a question that's a statement of fact yes I'm prefacing by two questions with a statement of fact that is awesome um I I often use the thermostat analogy like how does it know whether there's hot water or cold water on the inside you that the holds the temperature how does it does it does it doesn't know right? It just automatically knows like if you have a file like if you were havea inside this the light room folder if you had a photo let's see let's say you had a document that you change that document right? And it exists in that folder that would also does it just automatically won something changes inside that shelter so if I needed changes that's right if I change the document and you're like right now it says this was created at ten fifteen a m all right, so now I go back to this and I say I'm going to make it color I'm gonna right click this and I'm going to update the current settings right? And I'm going to say treatment color and hit update I just changed that and if you look here now this same preset was updated at eleven fifty one so it just knows right and you know something changed on this and as soon as it gets saved then drop box says this is new something's different. And so we need to throw it up on and instantly and moves it from your laptop comedians into the cloud and then immediate moves it from the cloud down to your home computer. Correct. Now, here's the thing. Oh, all right, you who was it that said you could do this to anything that was me but there's someone online, that's german for jim in virginia and virginia. Okay, okay, we're going to blow your mind. This also will work with quick books. So I I do most of my accounting on my home computer on the computer at the office, right? But my file is in dropbox, and so I can then work on it because it will come through drop box to my computer here. So at any point, if I want to open up my computer and work on counting here, aiken do that even though my main a county file is at home, that the key with that, those when you're working with something like that, which is tricky software it's not quite a simple a slight room, you want to pause the synchronization so you go up to if you're gonna work on something and you know you're going to be changing stuff and someone might open something at home and do something over there you got it you got to make sure that people like for instance you wouldn't want tio have two people doing accounting at the same time on the same file because it would mess things up but you can go up to your drop box and the little there's a little gear box right here and you can synchronize or pause the synchronized so if you hit pause on the synchronization then you could do a whole bunch of work here and it wouldn't change anything until you unp ause the synchronization so if you're working on something that might possibly mess was something on the other end you pause the synchronization do what you're going to do and then a npas it and then it could go but with light room you can just go now the key is don't if you have a studio and you're thinking you're going to do this dropbox circumstance for everything just make sure that people understand that if they're going to be working heavily on presets they they let people know I'm working on presets you guys can use your presets but don't be changing him because I'm working on setting up presets you know? I mean and the great thing though is presets or individual files I mean if you look at a preset look at all these presets you know you would have to be really, really timed right for both like jim you would have to be working on auto you'd have toe at the exact same time that I was saving my pre set of auto tone with black and white number one you would have to be working on the same exact pre set at the same exact time to get a conflict because they're each individual files which means dropbox can be sending you know if I'm working on one priest that you're working on another they could literally go to each other's computer at the same time and you wouldn't have to know about the only time you would see the news the new preset as if you re started late okay because light room looks the presets every time opens up right okay thank you I do have another question but I'm going to ask you to show us again on the screen so I make sure the guys get it how you pause oh yeah you go up to the drop box dropped down and at the very bottom on the right hand side there's a little gear and then you just click on spaz sink so you pause that sinking and then when you want to start it back up you just go back in click the gear presumes sinking and any time I'm working on my quikbook files I paused the sink so that it's not trying to synchronize at the same time that it's changing because that could possibly do weird things, right? So but on on a program like with little presets like this every time you save it saving out a little file and it just start synchronizing it can you can you can work I have light room on two different computers open and if I'm working on one and say that it's just it's over there and it's fine, I can do the other way and I'm like and they'll just cross talk and but the only problem is if you have two people work on the same pre set, then it's going over right over right over right over right? So you just my rule is this and I only work with one I'm I'm a studio of one and so I ca n't tell myself what to do and not to do and I will always obey myself, right? But I think in a studio of more than one and I used to work in a commercial studio and the rule wass that there's one person who sets the style and standard everybody else follows this style and standard so the person who sets the preset is not the thief assistant the assistant does not make presets the assistant may make a little, you know, like maybe set up of a folder full of presets that they're playing with but they don't get used until approved by the photographer the photographer sets the style and standard, and then those presets get used based on the the photographer's permission to use those presets because a preset is a standard and you must follow the standard and that's I think that's one of the most valuable things about a preset besides the fact that it speeds things up is that it sets a standard and so no matter who's doing your work, they if they click on this thing, it will always do the same thing, and so you'll always get the same effect. You'll always get the same feel, and so it always look it's like you because you set the standard if you have people all over your studio setting their own standards, and then you've got you've got a studio that's completely running itself. The, uh what is that? The the, um, the inmates are running the asylum. Yeah, exactly. You know, you can't have that know for sure. So I think that's one of the most critically cool things that you can know about at least presets and even in plug ins. Yeah, you really can synchronize your world so that both your home computer and your laptop in your assistance computer everybody's computer could be on the same process and and that's fantastic, because actually, that was one of my questions that we and I know you're going to answer yes to this question. Is that it's, not just a two way street? Correct. You can also put a sibling kind of third computer on a fourth computer, as sure as you want to go. Yeah, I mean, you could keep seeing sim linking that and infinitely, as long as you knew that everybody's going to be trying to, like, do the same thing, same time, perhaps, but because in use, the siblings won't do a thing right. It's on lee in creation and changing. And so if you have one person that, like, call it a style manager style manager. If they're the only ones really creating stuff, then everybody else can use, and he could just be creating while he's going, right, you know.

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