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Ok, so let's let's talk about that now because one of the biggest slowdowns that you have in working on files is the the actual ability to adjust the images like access to it because you have to go over here and work on you know you're clicking on presets and then you're going over here and finding different things, and then you're going into the detail and sliding things up and down there and then back to the basic and sliding stuff here and you're getting carpal tunnel in the in the process do you get that? You get super tight here and man it's just it's rough, and so you have a lot of things at your that they're available to you, tio, to do these things for you and I have with me right now have five actually things that can do this for you and I'm going to go through him and show each of them to you and kind of the pluses and minuses, and then at that point, you can kind of go do some research on your own. I'll give you my honest opinion as to what I think is best and what I think d...

oes really well and which ones I actually will use, but this is where they are this where they all are, and and I've actually purchased many of these things just to test them so part of my research and development in doing classes like this is some people will send me stuff so that I can show it to you and southern people don't care, and so I had to buy it, and then I had to show to you, so so don't don't think of me is I'm not showing stuff because someone gave it to me most of the things that I'm showing you had to purchase to show it to you, even the stuff that I don't like, I had to purchase. So all right, so the very first thing and most of you may already have this is simply a walking tablet. If you have a lockem tablet, that is the first place you could go without spending a dime to be able toe work on your photos and do things with your photos. So you just go into the system preferences into the walk in tablet, and you have the ability to set up function keys right here, and these function keys can operate in a lot of different ways. For instance, this one you the top when you always want to keep as a touch on and touch off, because when you turn on the touch, you can use your walking tablet as a track pad, so I'm using it as a track pad right now. So I always want that on and off right at the top button, but then these other buttons you can turn into a keystroke and this is where it becomes really valuable to light room, so if you go again up, if you go to the applications themselves so you go to function and then you go down to the application you're going to use and hit plus and add photo shop five is the application you're going to use it in so that way it knows whenever it's in photo light room it's going to operate this way whenever it's in photo shop it's going to operate that way. So then you go to your key stroke and you say, I want this to be a key stroke and I want that key stroke to be the peaky, so if that's the peaky and I type in picks so I know what it is and hit ok, now when I go back to light room, if I'm in light room and I click on an image and let's say that it wasn't picked, if I hit that button, it picks it so I can anything that I have a key stroke for inside of light room I can control right here inside of my welcome tablet and because I have so many options when it comes to what the walk him khun d'oh so I can I can have all these buttons do something, but then I can also work on this ring. So the ring here allows me to do for different things with the ring so I can toggle it simply by pushing that middle button right here. And I don't. Maybe we can go to this camera over here just so that you can see that button so here's the button right here and that button will toggle between the different quadrants and that each quadrant has a light on it. So there's a light there's a light here like here like here, so you can tell where the where it's actually going so that there's three buttons on top, three buttons on bottom, a circle and then a button to toggle whatthe circles going to do, and then you can assign the circle. You're going to sign that circles, you know each side of the circle what it's going to do on each side here so you could have it increase or decrease the size of your brush. You could have an increase or decrease the star rating. So like if I wanted to increase or decrease star ratings, I would just key stroke it, and so going reverse would be the negative bracket thing and going positively the positive bracket thing, and I could say star rating it will be interesting I just came up with this um and then I would I would go slow with it and now let's see what it does so then if I'm here and I'm selecting images I could just go oh, I want to increase the star rating on that or I want to decrease the star rating on that image and say you could just, you know, choose your star rating based on, you know, sliding your finger on a on a little ray that radio dial so there's a lot of stuff you can do, but they're two downsides on the walk in tablet number one and I learned this early on because I thought, oh, I could I could make these and then give them to people or sell them to people as presets but you can't share these very easily it takes a lot of doing and it's not very accurate and any of the pen buttons that you push don't transfer from penn depend because each pen is considered its own unique device. So it's kind of problematic they haven't made sharing these settings very easy, so I don't push them or promote them or give or sell any presets for these because I can't reliably get them to you there's just no way and so you couldn't reliably use like, for instance, I have a big walk in tablet home in the little one for the road I have to then program the little one separately from the big one they don't want so I can't just transfer it over because the big one is a different device than the small one and so the big ones settings won't transfer the small one at all no matter how much trickery I use and so that's they really should work on that so but if you have one and you want some buttons and you want him to do stuff they're totally program programmable so knock yourself out and make it useful to you cool so that's number one number one number two is the visco visual supply company has come up with a really interesting way toe work on your images and it's through a little program right here at the top uh where are you visco this school this go hold on I think I have to turn it on and there are people asking about how you set yours up online yeah you know I don't use it all that much right so I think maybe we would have covered that in the previous kami did actually remember you out of the previous class and in that class ice told people I would share my settings with them and I couldn't yeah it was just almost impossible to do it so I had made some keys and tried to make some of it but they're just that they only shared to the one small tablet across the and it just so's of no value right? So it's unfortunate that the settings but typically my settings are simply brush settings, you know increase or decrease the brush that kind of stuff it's more useful and photo shop so but in light room you can I know people who set this up to do all of their selection process and all of their adjusting process here in this but it's limited it's just a couple, you know, so you can have him flag and pick and star and it's about, you know, so ok, so this visco key app that's what we're lighting up when we turn on the visco key app, we can then activate it and you can see that I've created different settings up here. Um, so if I hit my visco preset keys and activated, then when I'm working here, aiken simply hit the option key because now the visco keys are activated no okay that's interesting. Well, they're really snooty and wouldn't talk to me anyway, so, um that's, right? So let me show you though the concept because I have gotten it toe work, I just for some reason it's not working now and I don't know why that is, but if you go to the visco and you say I want to create my settings you click on it and it opens up this, which is a really interesting way toe work on your keys you click on create and when you click on create, it opens up the key editor so it brings you to a log in page and then once you, once you've logged in and for some reason loggins not sending me to the right place, but that is really interesting sorry about this. I just have the log in so that we can no problem show you all right, and we just want to confirm your using the into us, yeah, it's the end to owes five into us five gram I would love to use the ones that have the the video screen on them. Yeah, those expensive yeah, they're very, very pricey and and and I would have to buy one so that's really expensive, okay, so when you're in the account and you click on the keys, you go to create a layout on dh so I can go to any here's the layouts that I have been playing with and I haven't, you know, settled on anything yet because I've just been in, you know, looking at how you would use these, but basically you click on a oh, I know why won't burke, because it's light room five apparently it doesn't work in like five, but I got it to work on light room five ones, so I'm not sure what the how I tricked it, but somehow I tricked it toe work in, like, five at home there's not working now, so I don't know. Okay, so here's the platte this go set that I have played with so far and I am, uh, gonna edit this and you can see that I can create a set of whatever I want to do here, so if you click on it, you can see that my cue is the temperature down and the w is the temperature up, and but you just hold the option key down, so basically what they've done is they've they found they found a way to completely remap the keyboard, and if you go somewhere where there's already some other function that light room already has, they'll warn you and they'll say, hey, this already does this, but if you roll down the option key, almost everything on there keyboard is open to you and so you can just if you just hold down the option key, you could just play all day long on this keyboard, and so I just went through and mapped out everything, so I put the temperature on the tent right over here on the e in the archies so that your temperature intent was right up on the top there and then I put your exposure right here because that's the next thing usually deal through temperature and your exposure pretty simultaneously so those air up and down there and then you've got you know, your blacks down here and over to the right of them you've got your shadows over the right of your exposure you have a contrast you know, I tried toe again remember our manifesto says that when you're in a particular location you take the things that you need, right? So when you're in rome, you don't need your snorkel, your snorkel and so we put all of the things that we would need in rome when we're in rome right here and all the snorkels go over here, you know? So we wave separate them out based on how useful they are in any given place, so because I will use my exposure in my contrast together I put them close together once you do this, then you simply download this you just save it and then download it and then you apply it you plug it into here and then you're off to the races so once once you download it, you just grab it and drag it into this little plus folder and it applies it into the visco settings and then you can just choose the viscose setting that you want to use and start working so it's a it's a pretty ingenious system and I like the way it worked out but it's obviously not available for five it's only light room three and four right now and somehow I was able to trick it at one point but now apparently I can't so I don't know so if you're still living in the past in light room for this go keys is a totally appropriate thing for you to be able to use so that is number two now number three is a very interesting animal on guy really I kind of dig it on dh that is called the touch that's the name of the program it's called the touch and it's ah so just search light room that touch ok and is actually an ipad based situation so I just simply turn on my ipad and this is the this is the program self and I have to be on the same wifi network and I click on once I'm on the same white fi network I choose the computer that's running light room in the touch and so once I've done that it connects to my computer and I slide this so this is the settings and once I got the setting said I just slide that over and I'm activated now when I go in delight room noticed the heads up display here on the on the screen tells me what to do and it doesn't really get in the way I like the fact that it's there doesn't get in the way but if you look on the ipad as well it tells you what to do here but notice the screen is almost completely black and the reason it's almost completely black is that it can last for days because it's not doing a lot of energy related things I mean it's it's sending signals to the computer and that's pretty much it so now I can sit here and I can use my finger strokes to adjust images so I can just kind of if I want those blacks to come down I just one finger and I just dragged the blacks down and it literally finds the black knob and drags it down drags it up and then if I want to work on, say, the exposure I do three fingers and grabbed the exposure and just start, you know, dragging up ok, did you see all that activity that was all a result of some kind of like a delay in the in the system? And we have a lot of software going on over there too? Yeah, so anyway, but I didn't say it was perfect I just think it's cool so there we go, so now we're grabbing the exposure and dragging it down dragging it up one of the downsides that I think that they didn't accomplish right is that they made it too sensitive so little tiny movements like this give you quite a swing they should have required me to go a long way for a swing and then it's just there's not enough requirements and they don't there's on the board itself there's only you know several settings brightness current display ma current mode display an application and that's pretty much it was real simple there's not a lot of settings eso they should allow you to change the settings like you would on a medals you know how fast does it move and so they should require more of me but if I that this only gives me black shadow exposure highlight in white but then if I triple click it so with three fingers I'd click it twice then it gives me temperature contrast clarity vibrant saturation and then if I do for it gives me you know clarity and uh away all them it gives me so anyway if I use fall four fingers it gives me things like um sharpness and size of the radius and things like that now the interesting thing about that is you can also turn this off and if you're on an airplane and you on ly have your laptop your trackpad can also utilize the same touch features so I could be in my trackpad doing the same I just did all that so I could be in my trackpad doing everything as well on the touch, and it shows you what to do here in the little drop down tuchman you at the very top, but basically you have to hold down your control and command key. Is that what it is? You hold down some key stroke and start playing with your with your you do the same finger strokes, and I think its control and command or something like that. But for some reason and to send a regular ipad or an ipad mini this and I've had many, but it work on ipad on raiders yeah, it wouldn't matter in fact, it probably working on iphone to I just don't know, yeah, so but you the want you if you buy the the program for the computer that this is just a free app that you download onto this and then you can use it on any of your devices. Okay, so now, as you as we've noted, it doesn't seem like it's one hundred percent reliable but it's an interesting idea, and it doesn't cost very much it's, fairly inexpensive, as are the visco keys, but it just seems like sometimes you get what you pay for two and so something inexpensive may not be as reliable because as we've seen it hiccups and I think that's probably the wireless issue right? So is there an app that you know, is there an app that mimics the key functionality of those other two devices kind on the ipad? Yeah there's there is I'm not all that impressed with it and I'll tell you why I'm not impressed with it not because it's not cool yeah they're held on them you find it's called it's called light room pad lr pad and light room pad allows you to and I don't think it's going to let me with without setting it up I don't think it lets me into the keys themselves but basically it's you can set up a lot of keys whatever keys you want and you can have it you know increase or decrease the exposure so l r pat will do that for you. The problem is that you stood you're looking at your photo here but there's no, you can't feel the key, so now you have to go so you have to look down and go ok and there's the and then increase decrease and then as soon as you want, I mean I can do this aiken decrease increase decrease increase like this, but then as soon as I want to do something else at the looked down and figure out where that is because you can't feel it, yeah so that's, one of the biggest problems I've had the ipad was a great opportunity to connect to light room, but because there's no feel it becomes not a great way what what someone should do is someone should come up with a way of repeating the photograph onto this and then touch it and just do this then you then you would be completely right, right? Because then you're looking at the place you're touching yeah, something like that cool so if anyone out there that knows how to do that kind of stuff, do it and then I will tell everybody how cool you are. So so that's three now right? Three, three, five, three out of five now the next two I'm going to say are the ones that I use these are the ones that I absolutely I cannot live without, so we're going to start with the more of the basic. So the shuttle pro too is a video editing keystroke replicators, so it does bring this camera in on it and it has a siri's of buttons and a scroll wheel and a little jog dial and each one of these buttons khun b controlled based on the software driver that allows it to command keystrokes and that's all it is is keystroke replicator it just does keystrokes and mac rose that you khun do anywhere that's it very simple. It doesn't require much it's, right, it's rugged enough to just throw in your backpack on dh but the really the beauty of this thing is that's ergonomically correct. So fits in your hand. So what? I am selecting images I am using that keystroke replicator to select my images. So I go up and I turn on the appropriate type of activities. So if I'm in the library module, if you go up to the top wherever the shuttle pro driver information is located, and so I think on pcs it's always at the bottom. But if you go to the top of the mac, you can choose whether in library, the develop module, you click on library, and then once you're in the library, you can then start activating the keys. And so I've got a macro that will if I hit the tab and I'm just selecting images if I click one key, it gives me six images up in the survey mode to look at and then I can go through and choose and say, ok, like this one. So I'm going to give it a three star and all of this is happening right here on this key stroke replicator one, two, three stars I've got a pick, I got unpick. I've got this one is the button over here where my thumb would hit is the one that gives me the next six so if I if I have done with this six and I click that button, it chooses the next six and throws them up for me so that's based on a macro and those of you there's a lot of people out there jim, that have my shuttle pro two settings there's new ones and I'm about to release those ahs well, so if you have a shuttle pro too, I have changed it up for light room five because there's I've got some cooler controls and so if you use the shuttle pro too, I've got settings for you on def you bottom from me, they will be updated and you will get an email at the same time that we update all the other light room presets, so if you have them, just wait and you'll get the new ones because the new ones are based in a new program they've got a new driver called the version three it looks very different it looks like this so it looks a lot different than your other ones but this new keystrokes I've changed the layout on it a little bit and I added some functionality that's better than it was before, so just watch for that to come in your email if you have the shuttle pro tour want the shuttle pro to its best to get it on amazon for, like eighty seven bucks and then once you have that you can get at my online story, you can get the settings that I have for five bucks, so and if you buy him today, you'll have him for two dollars and fifty cents because everything's fifty percent off. So, um anyway, that's a fantastic tool I love it, it's so economically correct that I prefer my hands sitting on it toe on my table, so I'd rather have my hand on it, even when I'm not using at my hand right on it because it's, just much more comfortable than putting my hand on my table so it's a really good tool and it's also good in the developed module, so when you're in the developed module, you can go to the developed module, so if all you had was the shuttle pro to you could do a lot of work with it it's an absolutely great tool, it doesn't have as much ability as I would like it to have, because it can't reach in and touch my presets it can't like click on him, but but if you were to actually you could make it do it if you bought this, go keys and told visco keys too create a certain pre like cause visco keys can actually choose a preset so you could tell visco cheap keys to make a keystroke too to click your pre set and then you could tell this to click the visco keep preset now and then so if you work two together, you could actually make it happen, but that's a lot of work when considering that you could also just get the rpg keys and they would do everything for you because the most powerful key said I've ever found is the rpgs ok, so let's finish with the shuttle program will go the rpg, so the we go to the basic module and if I'm hovering over, say the exposure knob, then I can just dial up and down the exposure I don't have to click and drag it, I just simply turn the wheel here, so if I'm just using the shuttle pro, I'll just hover over whatever it is I want to work on and just kind of use my thumb to drag that down or up so that's a useful tool as well, so just just just so you know that. All right? So it has oh, and I also use this the synchronization keys a lot, so when I'm in the developed module, if I if I'm working on an image and I like the way it looks and I want to synchronize it to something else like let's say I love this I could shift click over to here that's weird so I could shift, click over and then I can just synchronize the entire event and it will synchronize over what I chose to synchronize so I just have all of the keys strokes replicated here. All right, so that is the shuttle pro two it's about eighty bucks on amazon it's fantastic tool and it it solves a lot of the problems get you through a lot of speed issues just a quick question cause they don't really turn on time round two that were kind of pc pc or mac great. And by the way, my keystrokes on ly work on a mac right now, but on the update I will have pc and mac for both. Perfect. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Now last one the rpg and I saved it for the last because it's the absolute most powerful one it does everything that all these other ones did and it's completely infinitely programmable. So I love that kind of functionality. So if I were to let's just go to an image and let's go up tio not up tio I've had to hide this and go in and find so the rpg is this that's what runs the rpg right there this little program and each one of these keys is represented here so if you focus in on this you'll see that I've got and this I actually created my own key set for this and so if you go toe rpg keys you can order my keys and so they're printed the same way I have them and I think they're the absolute most logical best versions what I've done is I used both of these simultaneously so I use the shuttle pro for all my selections and then I use the rpgs for all my developing so I used both they've they literally sit like this on my desk because this one is super super economic and easy to do selection but this is super easy to apply presets and so what happens is I go into light room and I work on an image so I have the image and it's pretty much where I want it to be but if I want to just expose it down or up a little bit I choose the thing I want to explain like say, I want to deal with the exposure that's this button right here so I choose the exposure it lights up the exposure and then I just go up or down, up or down on exposure and if I want to go way up or down like I'm like oh I means go away down our way up then I just hit this this key up here and it goes way up or way down so large large or small amounts of change right and then if I like ok now I need to change the temperature a little bit then I just bring that temperature down a little bit and if I need to change the highlights a little bit then I changed that see how easy that is I don't have to touch that mean and then if I'm like ok, I'm done with that image let's go to the next image I still haven't touched my key border my mouse you can see that I've got my hand all right and then if I like oh you know what? I really like this image but it should be a black and white oh hold on this is an interesting so when you're using your rpg keys you have to have the presets that it's trying to access you have to have them open and these presets the's think there's like twenty some maybe thirty presets that come with it they're my presets I have given them tow rpg keys and they provide them with the keys so if you order my tease they will send you the priest sets that go with him so that's kind of nice so the idea is that then I can go ok I want this to be a black and white image and I wanted to have say kind of ah medium contrast curve to it let's make it see pia oh you know what I think I would rather have it in color that's nice like that but let's do a kind of ah muted color so I click on that and so I can change everything but and then if I want to access my if I want to change like insanity to burn it then I can click on the grady in't tools simply by this button here and now my grading it tools available and I could just start burning in wherever it needs to be burned so there's a lot of power in using a set of keys because now you don't have to you know there's no hunting and pecking over here everything that I need to use is right here on this I can literally accomplished almost I would say well over eighty percent of a wedding can be completely done by simply first send it off to shoot not at it because they do all of like the normalizing and when it comes back from them I just kind of scan through it and look through all of the images and all I'll collect you know, a set of images that air you know similar to each other so like this damage to that image and then I'll say ok, all of these should have, you know, a uh I don't know a muted color effect on it or whatever and apply that effect and then I like, oh, they all need a little bit of clarity, so I'm going to add some clarity to him and they all need a little bit of extra sharpness to him or let's say all of them should have, like a nineteen twenties black and white effect to him, you know, whatever it is that I'm interested in doing and now see how that cpi ana okay, what if I don't want the see pia I can remove it from here too. So, like, everything can be everything I really need to dio could be done here, including my then yet and and even finding white balance, so if I'm on an image and I need white balance, simply click on my white balance tool and I confined the white balance so really thought of, like the absolute most important things and put it onto the keys. Now does that mean you have to buy my keys? Now? You could just buy this and set up your own keys, too, but I mean, if you're buying it, you might as well buy mine and then you can tweak it and that again remember that stradivarius okay, the stradivarius in the manifesto says that we need to tweak it in order for it to be our own, this is your strategy, various and it's. Time to tweak. So you click on one of the keys, and now you just search what I wanted to do. Rpg function. Do I want it to, uh, email? Yes, I wanted tio email a photo to a friend, and I can. I can tell it to do that.

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