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Publish Services

Let us talk about the ultimate collection which is called a published service yes so published services are the same thing is a collection except they have the ability to publish themselves out so they can send themselves out to a given location based on the criteria that you set so you can create published services and a hard drive which a good published purpose for public service and hard drive is let's say you have a, um apple tv in your studio and there's a folder of images that it's cycling through as like a screen saver for your portfolio well, make a published service that directs all your images to that specific folders somewhere on your system and then all you have to do is drag images in that you want and then you can look at images that are currently in there and pull them out and then hit published and it will regenerate that folder taking away the images that you don't want in there putting the images in that you do and you have a constantly updated portfolio in that folde...

r based on working in light room on dso any of these things can operate this way for instance, you can set up your facebook account so that you can add images all you have to do is grab an image and dragon into your fee facebook published service and it will post it on facebook and then if people comment on that photo than the comments will come back to light room and you can read the comments down at the bottom here of your metadata area in the comments field right here. So if someone comments on your photo, it will then show up right here every time you publish. So the idea is that you can stay in light room to do all these publications came all right, it does have it all. So now the question then is, how do you work with a published service? And I'm only going to go over one specific published service because that's all we have time for but it's the smugmug published service and this is like the mack daddy of all published services photo shelter also has a published service which photo, shelter and smugmug are very similar in there. In what they do, you upload a full size photo. They create a web site out of it and also a client proofing experience out of it, and then they can connect to your printer and they can connect to your client. Your client can download images if if you allow them to or they can print to your your printer service on day can also view images online, and you can create portfolios sites as well from those images. And so it's it's kind of an all inclusive publishing service for clients to see your images and for people see your portfolio all in one place I'm using smugmug as my client proofing circumstance so that's where my clients will go that's where they'll see their images when they when they print it will go toe white house white house will print and send it directly to them when they if they've purchased the right to use the images like purchases a dvd they can download directly from smugmug bacon download digital files on dh then also I could create a portfolio site directly from there as well but I currently use like live books is my portfolio so that's a whole separate thing now that being said, I want you to see the power off a really good published service now if you see smug mugs published service and you love it, don't go somewhere else thinking you're going to get the same experience because I have not found anybody that hasn't published service that this that is this good. The first thing to know about this is when you go to to your smugmug publisher was you have to set it up and if you right click it after you set it up you can edit the settings and you'll see there's a lot of options as to how you're going to publish your services and you'll notice that I'm already authorized I've already authorized the account as myself so it knows what area it's going to to get to the account below that are the smugmug settings you can show an advanced gallery dialogue that tells you the events calorie dialogue lets you tell light from light room tell smugmug how you want the images published so for instance I can say all these air going to a client that has purchased a disk so then that would be different permission sets to the client then a client who has not and so I can choose different client permissions straight from light room and it publishes them to smugmug with those permissions involvement in mind if I look at here I can also this little this this little bit here is awesome I can synchronize the hierarchy so if I am working on my desktop home which is where I do all my made major publishing and stuff like that to smugmug if I'm working there and I've already set up a whole bunch of different client folders then when I set up the same catalog another catalog on another computer but I want to also be able to publish stuff to smugmug there I can synchronize the hierarchy so it goes to smugmug sees what folders exist and pulls them down which is why if you go here you can see right here in my smugmug you can see that even though there's zero images in these folders these air weddings that air on smugmug, it pulled him down from there to show me what folders exist. I can also if I want, if I have the same images in both catalogs, I can also pull the photos down from online, so it says, hey, this wedding has five hundred images in it, and they're all named one through five hundred, and when it goes to your catalog, it'll say look for those images and put them into that published service and mark them as having been published. I just don't have all the same images on this catalog that I do there, so I'm not going to synchronize those photos. But if you synchronize the photos between two different computers, they have all the same images available to him. It will literally look online, see what it has there and find what you have that matches and put it in there. It's pretty cool, that suit and super powerful yeah, I mean soup so it's cross talking it's, not just it's, not just taking stuff that you have and publishing it up it's taking stuff that you have there and publishing it down right? And for people that are doing really a ton of high volume work, that's, something like that is really going to make a difference, correct a t end of the day at the end of the day, it's this is the most pleasant publishing experience I've ever had for delivering files to a client, and I've only been with smugmug for a month now where I've actually been I just barely changed because they just they just updated their side they did yes, and it looks beautiful and the experience is nice, but man using this thing blew me away and I was so excited about I just I was I was giddy for days he's I'm blown away, I would have thought you were with him for years because, you know, I just started we're working with him and I love it because the publishing and funny because the publishing services what sold me yeah, and there's a lesson for I'm going to talk to the internet here for a second hoping that there are people out there who are involved in various photo industry people. The lesson is that if you connect toe light room and to the place where people are working and you give them a very easy and streamline experience tio get their images to you, they will choose your service, you don't even have to have the best services I mean smuggling has great services don't get me wrong, but you don't have to have every service or the best service is what you have tohave is a connection point if you have the right connection point to ease the pain of the photographer then you will get their business because this is so simple to publish that I was able to just get there so let's let's let's show you how this works then I know I don't want this just to end up being like commercial or something so we have sink hierarchy and then you also have on the ability to synchronize the gallery before settings before you edit it here is the default settings notice that I have wedding with download and then I have gallery those air two different permission sets that are up on smugmug but I can choose them from here now I'm going to tell it to go with default unless I otherwise tell it to do something different and then it's going to ask me how I want to republish and again all of the settings that we're using here are available in other types of of public services like st facebook the facebook published service has ability to republish the photo if you change it and so those types of settings are here in this reply published area so it's not like we're just going over smugmug thing now I want you to think globally these things are available in a lot of different plug ins some have more than others available in them but for facebook you can definitely have it republished your photo if you like it detained it to black and white. It will then re published the photo in black and white. So so anyway, you, if you change the file name or the metadata it will republish or any of these will trigger republish is well titled gps information. All of that stuff will republish now you can rename it so you could say reading the file name too file name and that this might be a good idea. You might say file night name dash jared are dash platt photography. So that way, all of your image is always have platt photography on them. I like clean file names, so I don't rename the file. I just make sure that my metadata says copyright jared plot in it so that someone could find that, um and then if you go down the bottom, you get to choose the j peg setting. So ninety quality j peg is a good quality j peg to send up and the size. I don't resize it. Just keep it at three hundred d p I and whatever filed goes up there. Great. Thank you. Have a question from earlier and you also add an email address or any other type of contact information. I'm a little area the email idea because I just don't know what kind of bots out there you go to a j peg and take the information and then start reliving the spam yeah bro, but I do put my website so so in the area where they might be looking for me instead of my email I would put my website so www dot platt photography dot com ok, so they can find me and when they get there they can send me a message sent me an email, whatever, but I don't want to bought to finally email from a j peg brilliant thank you. Um all right, so anyway that's setting it up and then we hit safe, so once we've done that now, we can start publishing and you can see that I've already published something I published this last night for us so that we wouldn't have to be waiting for it, but I'm going to show you the process of creating a new job. So I have some images here from I went to the grand canyon with some friends of mine on dh some of you may if you follow me on twitter or you follow me on facebook, you'll know that I went I went teo I went to the grand canyon with my friend kevin and also my friend carlos and and my friend kevin who is a musician in a really interesting character got struck by lightning while we were up there and so we were out on on the point where I usually shoot a lot of weddings and we were taking pictures and at the time were taking pictures. I was just kind of standing there and my friend is standing right next to kevin is standing right next to me and he got struck by lightning and I hear this, you know, and and he goes, guys, I was just I was just struck by lightning and we turned around and I had seen a flash of lightning here like I'd seen like this, but I thought it was lightning that was way, way that way, you know, because it was out of my peripheral vision and it turns out the lightning had gone in his head and out his hand he says he was just standing there and lightning just came out of his hand and apparently was it was a splinter of a splinter of a splinter that had gotten him I was just right next to him and he's fine, you know, he was finding a little shaken up by it, but he is fine and so I ended up doing this photo in honor of there it is there it is, so in honor of that, I, uh face this was all done in light room so this this all right here is all light room there's no photo shop involved I just I just use light room tio is the brush tool in light room and increase the exposure to an incredible amount and just made so anyway that was an honor of kevin being struck by lightning I did this photograph but just a funny little you know thing but if I wanted to make a gallery of my trip up tio the grand canyon and I wanted to make this I would then right click this client's folder here which and you can see is you go in into this area you can see I have a client's folder that has different client work but then here's some other galleries that air here is, well, so here's an artwork gallery here's a live photo review remember there the life photo review that we're doing right now the contest that's the gallery right there and if I were to synchronize this, it would it would, right? Yeah, we're not gonna put him in here because we we haven't gotten a signed rights to look at him creative life but that's the gallery and I could post my own photos to it right now I wanted to I could post this photo to that live gallery review and people would start looking at it okay, then you could choose yourself as a winner and that's, right? I could win my own stuff that's a good idea. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to right click the client's folder, and I'm gonna create a gallery. I can also create a smart gallery smart galleries will constantly look for a criteria and pull things in as it finds him. And then, as you published its just a constantly published set of images based on criteria, so every day it would be adding new stuff to it so you could make a smart gallery based on five star images, so every time you start something is five star, it would put it in that gallery, and every time you have published, it would just keep republishing your favorite stuff so you can make galleries for your for your portfolio or whatever for your clients that are smart and just watching what you're doing and publishing based on what you're doing, but we're going to create a normal gallery, and when we create that gallery were going to call that gallery, kevin and carlos at the g c, there we go. Okay, so I'm putting it in the client's gallery and then here's some of my choices as to why I mean include the selected photo, and I'm going to make a description, so this is where your u r l and your description those are things that are going to help you with ceo so if you especially if you're using this not as a client folder but if you're using it as a if you're using it as a, uh a website or portfolio, then you'd want to make these really good so you could say photography of grand canyon and then you could say of photography by jared platt of the grand canyon and then you can also put some key words in there so grand canyon comma photography comma jared platt and then we talked about those default settings so this one is going to be called a gallery because I'm fine with other people seeing it if it was a wedding I would you choose something like wedding with download because I don't it's it's password protected so we're going to go with gallery if I want a password, I would put the password right here so this is all stuff that you would be doing on your website but now you're doing it in light room where it's a much nicer experience and then you just leave it and forget it and it's it's up there and so here's all the choices that you khun choose so you can make it webb searchable you can allow people to download it or not on their social media shopping appearance all sorts of different options and you just go through those and set those the way you want them and once you're done hit create and now you have this, this one published service and I'm only publishing one photos so that we can see this happen really quickly, but I'm going to hit published right now and when I hit publish what's going to happen is it goes and it makes a j peg the appropriate size and ftp is it up to the to the service? And then it tells me that this photo has been published it's in the process right now so it's in the process of publishing this photo once it gets there, it will report to me that it has been published and instead of it saying right here, instead of saying new photos to published, it will say published photos they've been published, is that how it communicates to you that's how it communicates to you? Great! So now while we're waiting for that to publish, I'm going to go to my salty picnic photos of love and I love this photo shoot, so and I'm going to look at, say, this image right here and all of these if you look at these, all of these images have been published, so if you look here, see how they say published photos, so all of these are currently on smugmug they're they're so now if I wanted to go in and look at this photo and let's say I wanted to make it a black and white photo, so I've just changed it to black and white well, now let's go up to the and by the way, you can do this while you're inside of your published service or you could do this while you're on the images themselves. So if I go to that same set of images here, see how it's black and white here is well, because a published services just a collection it's not a copy of the images it's a collection of the same images, so anything I do to these images so I go to this image and decide that oh, this one would be really cool if I, you know, turned into black and white and I used say, one of my presets let's say, wanted to use my outsource pack, which, by the way they outsource pack is what people who are entering in the photo contest get for free eso we'll be sending this out sort pack outsource pack, but I'm going to do kind of a silver toned image so there's the style I want on it now if I go to my library and go back to my published service of this shoot, you'll see that now there are here's below this line are the published photos these are the ones that have been modified and need to be republished and what happens then is when I hit publish then those images are also being sent to smugmug and replacing the ones on smugmug with themselves so imagine this workflow imagine that you are finished with a wedding pretty much and it's it's down to the wire and your client is like itching to see those photos you can publish the photos almost completed and say yeah go look at those and they'll start looking at him and they're starting from number one and you could be feverishly working on number fifty and number number three hundred or whatever and then as soon as you're done it republished and before they've gotten the chance to get down to number three hundred you've by hitting republished it's it's it's republished out to you that's pretty impressive sam and I've been doing it a lot lately so I've been publishing stuff that is pretty much complete but then as I go through and start to make my block post I get there and I start to adjust it again because I'm like oh, that could be a little bit better if I'm going to put on my block gotta put it you know it ought to be better and so I'll tweak it a little bit but usually in the past I would be like oh, I tweaked it and now the old the old copy is what the client gets access to into print, and it was it was a challenge to get over there and get it replaced. Now, it's, just a matter of it's been changed, hit the published button and now it's, because they're connected, so there is absolutely no pain point in getting the image over to your client and you can, and if your client called you up and said, hey, I need you to change this black and white back to color, fine, open up light room, change it to color and hit publish and now its color not that I would do that of client sees something in black and white we talk today in black, we've talked about, but if for some reason you need to do something, you could publish that instantaneously back to the client while they were talking to you. Yeah, although you wouldn't want them to think it was that easy exactly right? But but it can be this easy to publish things. Now. I know we're talking about smugmug here and publishing to smugmug, but you also have the ability to do a lot of this info to shelter, so if you're a photo show your client, you can do the same stuff here and published from light room it's just there they're published. Service is not quite as slick as smug mugs at this point, but I know from talking to him. That photo photo shelter is also developing these kind of technologies, and they plan on having similar in their faces, a cz well, so it will get better in there. And two so between smugmug and photo shelter. Both have plug ins that will allow you to interface with the client experience. So you and I don't have to do anything more. Yeah, so you see how that one just popped out, and that means it's been made and it's been sent, and it got there.

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