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Publish Sevices Continued

Ok, so we're going to talk about the omnipotence publisher now the reason oh you know what we don't know well we gotta go back you have to go back so we were having a slow internet connection and s o is taking a while to publish our photos but it just automatically published them and we were over here in the published service so let me go down to that we were in this published service and we had changed a couple photos and remember back before we cut to break we had extra photos up above published photos there was some that said yet to be published there they needed to be published well, they've been published now and I'm going to show you where they reside so now they're here and if you look at the gallery this is the gallery that was up on smugmug before I published those other event those images but if you look here at this particular image it's now in black and white and as is this one so if I click on this you'll see it in its full glory here and that's now a black and white photo...

graph and it was replaced so it went up and replaced the old one and put in the new one so that's about as easy as it gets and we also published the one image of kevin and I spelled and wrong can you believe that kevin abbott carlos so anyway there they are on dwi only upload one image so you only see one image here in the grid but I could then start adding mohr and it would just keep publishing to this location on dh so this is all on smugmug now and by the way, this is this is my so my clients when they go in this is what they see so that's a pretty nice experience toe look, get your photos don't you think that beautiful is that? Can you set up how how it lays out like you want in a row or three in a row or yeah, you can say well, there's there's like five different options and one of them is like all square image is one of them is this kind of kind of floating grid some oh, and then there's other ones with information under him and stuff like that I like this one causes very beautiful feels a lot like google the white google images looks and very easy tio manipulate and then at the bottom this is I like this one too. So if you come when you come down to the bottom of this there's a little tag cloud there it's looking at all the names in my photos so it's on it's on the bottom of every page and it just floats around and people can see all the different photo tags that are available and then I've got a little you know, this is a little tree element that I've thrown in there so it's very customizable when you consider you know that I took something that's fairly normal and I was able to you know, change the colors and change the logo but I was also toe ableto add background stuff and so it's it feels a lot more like what I wanted to look like um so I'm very happy with it so can you show us a click through on a photo? So if I click on this photo, it comes up like that now this one there's only one photos so we can't click through but let me go up here if I click on this little guy drinking is soda um so there is the guy drinking a soda and then go to the next photo we gotta slow internet and then a little tagging there at the bottom where they can like it or just like it or yeah and then they can like it down here and they khun email it to a friend or they can send it off toe facebook or whatever as well as they can see the information on the photograph you know what was shot, how it was shot things like that so and they can also buy the photograph from there and go into a shopping cart experience and and and when they buy it it's going to then send it off to white house custom color who's going to print it sent to them so I don't have to be involved in that great because when someone orders a four by six print it costs you money is a business if you have to be involved in it right if it's automated than it's great but if it's not automated it's costing you money so for my sixes or killers they're just not worth it not worth dealing with a client over right? So I'd almost rather give my client access to the files than have to print four by six is for them you know it's so anyway s o that is the way that process works so every time you change something inside of a published service it always gives you an indication that you need to update it when you do it then goes in and takes the old stuff puts the new stuff in there so that's the published service is something that you need to get to know you've got to do it and you've got to use it well we were talking at break in you said all I don't use it as much as I ought to and you ought to you because you're really new because you're not you're not getting the full benefit of light room and the service you're using if you're not using the published service and that's the same for everybody out there with facebook, you're not getting the true value out of light room and facebook if you're not using a facebook public's published service, I would go through and show you that too to you now, but I can't go on to facebook here s o you know where it's just not something we're going to do, but just all you do is sign up, log into your facebook and then from then on, out you can choose what you can tell that I want to make a new album on facebook, or I want to use this album or whatever, and you could just start throwing stuff out there. So it's truly a important facebook it's an important way to use facebook and and also you'll notice that there are there are the b hands, so that new deal from from adobe where? It's nine ninety nine a month you get a, um you get photo shops, sisi, you get light room, you get a creative cloud. Membership was what was it? Fifty twenty, twenty gigabyte want to get twenty gigs of space and you gotta be hints website. So the beyonce website is a really impressively what it's very customizable it's a lot like smugmug kind of very customizable, but it's it's kind of a facebook ish experience where your you know what I equate it to it's almost like linked in for creative people you know it's almost like your you're making your it's it's your persona put out there it's got a picture of you and it's got your c c v on it and it's got you know all that kind of stuff is there and then your photos is kind of like you're applying for a job it's your resume online you know but nicely done so that's a good thing to have and it connects directly to it and you khun swap out your images on a regular basis and the thing is is how many people have access to a really nice website? They don't swap out their images very much why? Because it can't connect to it not easy it's just yeah they have to go on get on and then that upload and then they have to organize it if you could just literally grab your images and throw him into your website and publish them live from light room now you're talking about a very easy process that people will views yeah so those of you out there who aren't using the published services you need to get to know them and use them because they will save you mountains of time and they're so easy to use is that they will inspire you to actually publish stuff and that's the most important thing is that you feel like I can go publish something without wasting my time on that publication of imagery is how you get known yeah and if you guys out there are interested in a little bit more of a deeper look at the hands just about two weeks ago in our creative cloud week lisa snyder did an amazing morning segment all on be hands how to update it howto modify it so go take a look if you're interested excellent that's great because I love I love creative life community because everything you talk about this probably if we mentioned some there's something out there on creative life that will teach you that like for instance how many how many workshops do we have here with me a time we're well well I've been meaning to actually mention you know and we haven't really talked a lot about this over the last three days but jarod's last class which is light room one o one is a great addition to this class here I mean they really would just go hand in hand aa lot of the stuff the stacking for instance so we went we touched on yesterday you go really deep into that well and and publisher this is where we actually go in and talk a lot about published services on on like everyone a one yeah and then we also have the light room workflow yeah so that one just is everything that surrounds that how do you know how do you organize your image? Is that a name what's the correct folder structure for them all that kind of stuff so yeah I mean there's just so much out there that a person once they've done one course and they and they say oh well that he touched on this but I want more it's it's there so he has amazing it's a wealth of knowledge that stuff easy to get to and it's better than going to college I can tell you that a lot more affordable and a lot more affordable you're absolutely right I constantly tell people that if if I were people say well you know what's your advice to someone who's starting out as a photographer and one it's to go to school and whatever my advice to someone who's wants to be a photographer and young and hasn't been to school yeah is go to business school and then come to creative live that's that's it because you're going to learn the photography at places like creative live or at places like w p p I stuff like that that's where you're gonna learn photography and then go work for a photographer that's where you learn it and then you'll learn business at business school or business that's right? Yeah I mean creative life because our business classes are I mean we're building this program and they're mostly talked down in san francisco and those guys were doing a bang up job right and it's not even just on photography but no there's no yes full business so you know I mean there's so much you can learn online and if you need a piece of paper for some reason is a degree great go get it but I wouldn't get in photography I'd get it business because photography you can learn by doing business you don't get taught that in photography school I can guarantee you that so cool right our next topic is um the omnipotent publisher than so here's here's my issue if I have a b hands website and a facebook web site and a flicker website and a um you know google plus and by the way if you want to publish to google plus there is a plug in by it's called f j picasa web and I believe that this one is jeffrey friedel a cz well that that makes this so just look for f r j f picasa web plug in and it's a public service that will then publish tio google plus even though it's not going directly to google plus it's actually going tio uh picasa and then picasso's because because is run by google it puts it on your google plus so if you want it published a google plus the best way to do that is to do it through this this publish web site are this published service that jeffrey friedel does s o but if I want to publish all of those things and I want to publish one photograph I didn't have to drag it in even though published services air really easy I have to drag it into four different published services and then going publish all four of those different public services and that's really annoying so we're going to show you how to make a published service that will make your published services be able to see one photo and everybody publishes so here's what you do it's a little bit of a work around but I think it's worth while discussing because I think everybody has this issue so the first thing is and I'm not going to go through the process of setting up every single one of these published services but the first thing you do is set up all your publisher nurses and since we have one published service already established on smugmug, we're going to use that as the example so inside of the published service you're going toe right, click it and create a gallery somewhere in that published service and instead of a regular gallery you're going to create a smart gallery and that's smart gallery is going to be looking for another collection where you're putting stuff so the first thing that we have to do that is go up and create a collection that's going to be where we put something that wants to be published everything so we're going to hit plus on the collection and create a collection and we're going to name that collection the omnipotent publisher have you trademarked back that I have not about that someone get on that and enjoy that name because that's kind of cool, huh? So theon impotent publisher and we're going to just leave it out in the open there and we're not going to including the selective folders we're just making it a collection and hit create if I want to I can tell it to set it is the target collection, which means that any time I hit the bee key it will just add it to that collection so let's do that create and now I am going to go down so after I've done that, I'm going to go back down to all of our published services and I'm going to go to smugmug, right click clients and create a smart gallery. The smart gallery is goingto have we're going to call this? It doesn't matter what we call it way could say new images so we want new images that that images and you could have this same folder new images in every single publish service that you have, so it could just be like hey these air new images or new images from the road or whatever you're going to create these in every single public service that you want to be affected by the un impotent publisher and then you're going to set the criteria. The criteria for this smart publishing are this smart cat. This mark publishing folder is that it has to have been added to the omnipotent publishing collection, so I'm going to say this is in so location are not location holding source files source there we go is in a collection so it's in the source collection and that collection is contains all so we wanted to be exact and we're going to call this omnipotence publish? Sure, so it has to be exactly the same, and we're going to tell it uh, custom u r l new dash images by jared platt, and then the description would be new photo aaa graffiti by and then here's, where ceo gets kind of any time you have the opportunity to tell people via the web ceo what you do and where you do it is a good opportunities so new for photography by arizona wedding photographer comma jared platt. So you just had an opportunity to tell people until google that you're a wedding photographer in arizona, so you might as well do it and then key words just say photography comma jared platt comma on that, you know, if you're just adding new images and they're not specific then you kind of want to keep that fairly limited it's got to be global in nature and then of course we can set up all the other things here so are going to do the quick setting as gallery and hit create so now we have a smart collection here but notice that there's nothing in it that's because there's nothing in our omnipresent publisher so now I'm going to go back up to any files that it doesn't matter what files so squirrel, we're going to go to our squirrel photo here and we're gonna add the squirrel to the omnipotent publisher so I'm going to hit the bee key and I want you to pay attention to this this little plus right here means that if I hit the bee key it's going to go into this because this is the target collection so I'm gonna hit the bee key and now there's one photo in the an omnipresent publisher and if I go down to our published services, you'll see that the new images smart collection and you can tell it's a smart collection because it's got that little gear on it now has one photo in it as well, so it just got added to that one published service because the public service is watching the omnipotent publisher collection and any time I put something in on omnipotent publisher collection it then adds it to the new images which is a smart collection inside of the smugmug publishing service if you repeat that same process you only need one you can have as many collections as you want and each each time you want like you could have a collection for new images on the road images lecturing images, squirrel images whatever you know if you have all the different set of stuff that you make different collections for each of those and then going to all your publishing services and make smart collections and you can repeat the smart collection over and over and over again one and facebook one on picasa one on smugmug one and be hands and you just repeat the same smart collection that you just made in your smugmug you make another one in your picasso won and you make another one in facebook and all of them are looking to that one folder inside of the omnipresent public it's looking to that one collection anytime I add something that collection it's automatically added toe all five or ten or whatever published services that I have and all of them are ready to publish then you simply go to the collection or to the published service and you can click on it and you can publish that hole that whole siri's just go go to the actual folder and published so see that little published now right there I just go on hit published now when I published now it's going to publish this image so if I right click this and hit published now it is now publishing the squirrel up to my smugmug so all I have to do is publish all of my published services but I don't have to worry about dragging stuff in each one of them because whatever is in that omnipotence publisher is going to be published in these and if I go in and and I go to the omb nifty publisher like this if I click on the on neptune publisher and I see that there's one image in there and I no longer want it there if I remove it from that if I hit the lead and when you're in a collection and you hit delete doesn't delete it from your hard disk it just delete from that one collection so if I went and deleted this from that one collection it would go in and reach into every published service lau and pull it from all the published services and then all of them would be ready to read be republished so it allows you tow on ly have to put your images in one place and yet they can all spread out everywhere now here is a re if you've watched my there's probably a lot of people out there who have watched my ultimate light room workflow work shop here on creative life and if you watch that you've you I found that I advocate that you use a working catalog instead of using one catalog per job you use one big catalog where all of your jobs get worked on if you use a working catalog the advantage beyond some of the work full advantages that we talk about in that workshop one of the advantages is that once you set up all these published services you don't have to keep setting them up every catalog they're already set up your jobs come into the catalog you khun start sharing them and when you remove the job from that catalog because you've archived it then the images go away but you can set up all your published services so that when the images get deleted the images stay online it doesn't affect them and it just removes him so you can instant soon as you're done with the job, you can share it to your smugmug where you're posting your images or to your photo shelter where you're posting images and you can throw some cool ones on facebook really quickly and picasa through the omnipresent publisher hit published and then when you're done and you archive the whole job and remove it from the working catalog the images they're still staying up there on the web and being shared and light room just kind of forgets about those images and you could but you khun the next job that comes through and published those and it's just so at that point it becomes a throw out we're throwing stuff out there and then you're just kind of disconnecting it after that because you want it to stay there indefinitely if on the other hand and then you also have so I advocate a working catalog and a portfolio catalog those were the two catalogs that you work with and so if you work with the so you immediately publish stuff from your from your working catalog but then your favorite stuff goes to your portfolio. All you have to do now is you have two places where you've set up all your published services. So now if you're you know it's on a monday morning and that's when you kind of look through your portfolio or whatever, you open up your portfolio catalog and play around and you find something from, you know, nineteen, ninety five that you shot that's really into nothing that you'd scanned it on film and you want to? Then you publish that from your portfolio you like hey here's a blast from the past boom and then publish it. So when you're running out of something to show on your facebook for the day or whatever and you want to publish something, just open up your portfolio counted dragging into the independent publisher that you've set up in your, um, in your portfolio catalog and hit publish so there you go. Pretty sweet publisher quick question about file size it is delivering the same exact size file as it gets published. Correct and I will not to everyone okay, because each the it's delivering the exact same file to the omnipotent publisher because there's only one instance of publication there, right? But then the each published service is delivering whatever file size you told it to. Okay, great. So so the one that's going to smugmug would deliver the full file the one that's going to facebook would deliver, you know, a two thousand pixel at the most and maybe, you know, a thousand pixel file, right? The one that's going tio be hance might deliver a full size file again or the one that you know so you can set up each public service toe have its own criteria, okay? And each one could be different, but yet they're all pulling from that one collection, which is the publisher that we set off that one original. Okay, so so you don't have to think about that. You only have to think about what size to send when you first create the published service after that it's always going to send the same file? Yeah, the same file type to that service and then a different into a different service brilliant, thank you. Okay, so now since we're talking about published services, there is another way you can use published services, and I'm going to show you that now, which is more of a localized thing. So if I want to set up a location on my hard drive published service, if I click on that and we talked about this when we're talking about the sink box, we talked about the ability to set up a published service to drop box as a way to deliver files clients, which is fantastic. You could literally have your drop box as a public service and its publishing to the world or two people that you've decided out there in the world, so it's little ftp service kind of thing. So we talked about that already, but we can also put that anywhere on our hard drive, so I'm going to set up what I like to call a published service for album production, so we're going to make album production as a public service, so we're going to make a hard drive published service that means is going on to my computer, and we're going to call this album production, and we're going to specify a location the best location for a general album production folder is going to be in your pictures folder right off of that just album production create, so now you have a folder called album production. You choose now you've got a publication that's going to go to album production and then you can put this in a sub folder if you like, but we're going to leave it empty and then we're going toe the sub folder is going to be created by each individual folder that we make inside of the published service on day we're going to choose not to put any video files in there j peg at a you can choose srg b or nineteen ninety eight depending on where you're sending it, so if you generally send your images teo like graphics studio you can send them nineteen, ninety eight images and they'll accept them and then they'll do the conversion if you're sending them to kiss albums kiss kiss books, it's kissed on us you can you can send in the s rgb images and that's what they're going to use, so but if we're building something let's, just do a j peg srg b one hundred quality and keep in mind we're not going to be editing these images. These air print on ly documents that we're sending out for album design and then we're going to go and make them three hundred d p I images we're not going to resize them and we're going tio that's that's everything we need to know about those images and we had saved once we do that we now have a album, hard drive and a production album production area on our hard drive and inside of that, if I right, click it and create a published folder now I'm creating a job, and so I go in and say, ok, this is going to be the child and see just call this the salt flats book, we're going to create a full a book for the salt flats, and we're going to hit create now it's created a folder inside of that folder that we just created, and as we go to our salt flats pictures and we choose our very favorite images, so there's our favorite images and this what we're going to make our book out of, we simply grab those images and drag them into the salt flats book, and now these are the images that are going to be published out when we had published light room is creating the because these are all d ngs I can't do anything album design wise with the dmg unless I'm building it inside of light room in the book publisher, which what we talked about at a at it was it was it photo shopped week here on creative life, I talked, I think I talked about all creation, if now I talked about it in light room. One one as well so if you want to build books inside of light room, you can do that send him directly to blurb, but if we want to use other places to make our albums, we can't do it blurb yet because blurb army, we can't do it in light room yet, because even though it'll send out j pegs and p and pds, they only fit blur book sizes, so they're they're a real weird size, you know, it's not eight by ten it's, you know, eight point three five by ten point one two or and then so then if you send it somewhere else that won't work, it'll they'll crop stuff off for whatever, so until they fix that and allow us to have independent book sizes, you can't really create your book inside here. I can't wait till the day they do, and I've been I've been pushing him hard, hard t do that well, what is really nice, though, is that with the creative cloud, if you subscribe to all the software, you do have access to other software, like in design and stuff, where is right, which makes a nice, you know, that's, right? And so what we're doing right now is this is my indesign workflow, great. But it will also work with other things, so if you use graph e studios, you can use their graphics software if you use photo junction, you can use photo junction for this work flow if you use I mean any any album design maker of any sort this this will work to some degree or another depending on what you're doing and so you have the ability to what what were here's the basic workflow you send your images through published service to your production area those get put into the into your album once they're in the album you shift them around and make him look the way you want to and then once you've looked at him, you decide oh well, some of these need to be retouched, so now you send those to retouching so your assistant comes in or maybe let's say you send him off toe you know, some outsourcing place where you're going to have the retouching like I could send him to shoot got at it and have them do the retouching for me. So if I send them off to be retouched, they get retouched, they get sent back to me. Well, now I have brand new images, but I designed this whole album well, I was designing the album while they were re touching the images so I'm actually double dipping I'm getting it done faster, right and so then they send the re touches back to me. All I have to do is replace the re touches here, because they're coming back in the light room anyway, and I just republish it's, going to overwrite the images that aaron, that published service waiting, that air being used for the album design. And then when I opened up in design again, I sink those. And now I can send the design out to the to the printer that's, the basic workflow.

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