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Editing Menus

This next part it's a bit of a stretch to call it a preset, but I'm going to anyway because it kind of fits in what we're talking about. Technically, I don't think it's really a preset, but you might successfully argue kind of, and that is one of the things that I worry confuses people greatly, especially people new to photo shop is you look under any given menu and there's a thousand options and like I have no idea which one to use or I've been using for a while and all I uses the's too don't use the other seven, so for many years I kept thinking, I wish there was a way where I could customize photo shop and not see all that clutter. And for the last few versions of photo shop there is you have the ability to edit menus to say, don't show me that. So if you have worked for long of info shop that you realize, for example, when you look under the filter menu there's five different ways to sharpen photos but realistically there's only to the other ones are not great. So anyone you talk t...

o the teachers photoshopped will say, don't use these three use one of these two and there's a simple reason any time you see a filter that just has the name of the filter, that means auto I'll just sharpen without any settings you have no control any time you see the name of filter that has the ellipsis on the end dot dot doc that means I will open a dialogue box for you to let you have interaction so with very few exceptions why would you not want tohave the choice of saying let me put my settings and so for me the I've never used these syria I mean literally I have never clicked on them except to say don't ever use this so why were they there cluttering up my photo shop when they're just in the way so the way I deal with that as a goto edit and at the very bottom menus so this is an option unless you go through any menu and photo shop and they there are things here that I just don't use so I'm going to hide them, take them out of the menu and let me quickly say they're hidden not gone so if you ever change your mind say but I want to sharpen maur you still can't even though you shouldn't so all I need to do is go and look and say ok application menus filter and then I scroll all the way down to life eventually see there's all my sharpened options so I go I don't want this I don't want that I don't want that I'm clicking off is the little eyeball decided to say make it visible or not so now I click ok and instantly now if I go back to that menu you see now I only have two options so why wouldn't you want to narrow down your choices when there are things you know you don't use in case like for those people that suddenly panic and go but wait they're gone they're still here just to show all menu items and then they come back again but the point of this is it's making your life easier by saying on ly show me the things that actually use don't show me a bazillion things when that's too much to look through and you can change this on the fly and keep you know changing it whenever you need to you can also hide not just the main menus but if I go in here you see it also as panel menus so there those are the little pop up menus that air on a panel like the layers panel so if there are things in there that you don't want her that you never used the same rule applies so here's an example something where it's technically not a preset but it kind of is in the sense that you're customizing something ahead of time so it's easier when you're working this now when you go to any given menu you're seeing less choices just the ones you want not everything under the sun like our one of our many recurring themes here whenever you change the menus they will stay changed until you change them again so right now if you look at the very top it says photoshopped default it's metal brackets modified meeting I have I am currently viewing my menus based on this change that I made and it will stay that way until I put it back again so if that was a bit of a stretch this is even more of a stretch but I think it still fits because it's still something khun do ahead of time to save yourself time and that is in the world of keyboard shortcuts there are many, many, many, many keyboard shortcuts and photoshopped, but at a certain point adobe had to make decisions. What shortcut do we allocate to what function and the chances are very good that there is a function that you wish there was a keyboard shortcut or had a keyboard shortcut and doesn't so luckily weekend make our own sort of you can try so you go to edit keyboard shortcuts now there's a little bit of a trick to this because the challenges almost every shortcut you could possibly imagine has already spoken for use somewhere. So for example, I one of the things I do constantly is adding a layer mask, so I remember thinking, I wish there was a shortcut for adler mask, which there isn't so I went down and said, ok, we're going toe say, I want to create a layer mask, uh, create a shortcut for my layer mass, so I click in this sort of empty space beside it, and then you enter whatever you would like to use as the keyboard shortcut, and I could said before, the problem is most of them are already taken, so what's likely to happen, as you'll see in a moment, is when you enter whatever shortcut you want it's going to say no that's already in use, what do you want to do? So I'm going to try and come up with a shortcut here and I want to use, and I know the main ones like commanding control l I can't use because that's levels, but I can try command shift l or control shift l and when I do that, it comes up with this message and says, this is already in use and we removed from auto tone. My response is, what the heck is auto tone, which clearly suggests I've never actually used it, nor am I ever likely to so personally, I was perfectly fine was saying, yes, I will accept that because I don't use that for anything else, I don't use auto tone, so why am I wasting that keyboard shortcut on something I never use so and this is what I'm suggesting is this is kind of the thought process you have to go through its look and say, if I want to use the shortcut, what am I taking it away from? And then you decide in the case by case basis is that ok? I'm going to choose in this case, except and click ok, so that means now if I'm working away, I want a layer mascot is go bang is there, I don't have to go clicking on any button, so I've changed the shortcut from the standard one to create something that I wanted to be, and again it will stay that way until I change it again. So once I realised that I realised auto tone was over here, you see how the shortcut is now gone. I started looking under menus and going I never use this, I never use that I started finding keyboard shortcuts that we're currently allocated to something that I realized I'm not going to ever use that shortcut, so that became available to me for something else, so everyone's different, but I mean keyboard shortcuts are a nice bonus toe working more quickly, so why not take advantage of it by making some of your own and not just sticking with ones that adobe said? Here's what we have created or allocated, I wouldn't go changing standard ones because that's going to confuse everyone but look at the lesser use shortcuts that you figure I'm never going to use these and then say, ok, well, that way I can afford to apply that shortcut to something else. Now one thing that changed recently, which I was very happy about, I should take a step back and say as a short cut, one of things that I'm constantly doing is when I'm switching tools, every tool and photo shop has a single letter you impress toe activate the tool so sort of clicking on the tool I compress b for brush and see for crop, and most of them are fairly logical, so you can switch between tools quite quickly, but one of the ones that was still unfortunate to me is and I'm gonna use the color picker I still have to move my mouse over and click on it to choose a color, so I want to be able to do that myself with a shortcut. So instead, instead of always moving on clicking, I thought I'd like to add a letter, a shortcut and up until recently you couldn't do that, but now I can, so I'm going to go to my keyboard shortcuts in this case, I go to tools and I scroll all the way down towards the bottom, where eventually I will see foreground color picker. Now here is even harder because you only have single letters to work with, so I had to make a decision. I'm not let me quickly say, I'm not advocating people should do this, I'm saying this is the thought process you should use because to me I thought what could be used for foreign on color picker? How about p for picker when I did it, said that's, amused by the pen tool I was like, now I have to make a decision, so my thought process was how many times on average day do I use the color picker two hundred ninety five ish? How many times an average data is dependable, minus thirty? I mean, I can't remember the last time I actually used the pen tool for me personally, so I was ok with hitting except now some people are big time uses the pen tool, so don't do that, but the advantage of it now is I'm working away in my mouth is way over here instead of moving all the way down, I just press p and my color picker pops right up, so for me, that made sense because I use the color picker constantly, and I use the pen tool rarely. And that's kind of the thought process that you have to kind of go through is to say how can I make this work for me personally so when you're looking at keyboards short custom things like that menus I can't sit here and say change this change this it's up to you but as long as you know how to do it then you can implement it and as we'll see later on you could actually make it part of this thing called a work space so you can easily switch all your shortcuts and menus on the fly redhead seventeen from liverpool ass so is there a way of saving your altered shortcuts and if you upgrade to the next version will your altered shortcuts migrate yes to both when you're in either the menus or the keyboard shortcuts there's a little tiny symbol in here which means safe so you can save a set off shortcuts and or menus and then if you have say those then when you do that export import migrate it will recognize keyboard shortcuts as one of your presets that it will attempt to move to your new version thank you and we had a couple of questions talking about how you would advise the organization of all these different presets and actions do you have any methodology like tio I do and one and this is a personal preference and I'll tell you what I used to do is every time I created brushes I just kept a pending them in a pending them so that meant at a certain point I go to look for a brush and this brushes panel would scroll for like eleven minutes because I had so many brushes and there I was like, I know it's in here somewhere, so now I don't use that his approach as much as I create a series of brushes save them as a set and then I delete them out of my main brushes so I've saved all these little sets of like water rushes, smoke, brushes, texture, brushes, whatever and then as I need to work, then I come in and I choose replace brushes now lot people freak out about this because when I say this so wait till I finish the whole thing before nichols because when she was replaced brushes that means replace the ones that are in there with something else and I'm hitting don't say eve and they were like, wait, but what I'm really doing is saying I've already saved my set of my custom brushes I'm going to replace the built in one's temporarily with my brushes and then once I'm finished, reset it back to normal instead of constantly adding this enormously long list, I'm saying load this set of six brushes work with those now reset back to normal now load this set of twelve brushes and that's a personal preference that worked for me because I found I had at one point had so many brushes that no kidding it just took forever to look through them all and some of them looked so similar so for me that worked better but on lee because I took the time first in the precept magical say this little set now say this little set under some logical name and I load and reset on the fly with actions old different because everything's already in a set so it's a little more organized so you can collapse in large the folders so I would say with actions it's more just use the built in structure of the actions panel but for presets that's a personal preference that's just the way I found works well for me is to on li lo demas I need him. Thank you that's that's very helpful. Thank you. Oh about go ahead. I'm back to saving presets. Is there a way you're working on a psd file? You decide that you need to take a break go get some ice or something you close your file you lose all of your history when he reopened that file is there a way of saving the history so that when you reopen that follow you can pick up from where you left off sort of but unfortunately it's not that's one thing that that there is an option where you can save like a text file that's kind of what you did but it's only a cz many steps as you have in your history so without sounding facetious my answer that is my layers panel is my history so I save a document such a flexible nondestructive way that that in a sense assumes I reopened I see all those layers not giving me the option of going well the I remember that point I was at this stage and do whatever I want so if it's long and we'll talk more about this later on as long as you're saving things in that nondestructive method honestly I could I could say I haven't looked at my history panel in a long time because my layers panel in a sense is the history that I need great thank you dave maybe a couple questions that go further with regard to organization me shaq says can you get rid of all the default styles and then secondly vision photography is says can you change the order of say, the blending options in that left a window pane toe what you used most often unfortunately you can't blend things like blending options are stuck but what you could do is in the precept manager one of the other options because the preset man's determines the order on which things display I could say I love this bar so much I'm going to make it first great, so you can reorganize in that way and you could just go through and go delete, delete, delete, delete eventually. If you go under this menu and choose reset, that means reset to what adobe feels is the default collection of brushes, so they're they're never going to be completely gone. At least you can create your own collection of what you want to use every day thank you cool and along those same lines and that ingenuity and ingenuity and austin, texas asks if you have different fonts styles for different projects, would you or could you group your presets by project you could I mean it's, I guess it all comes down to the precept managers of I went to tool presets. Id can be able to find, say I had fifteen tool type tool presense it's. Okay, these three belong in this second. These four belong on that, said so that's maura way of how you organize when you export them as a set, how you do that.

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