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Q&A: Workspace

J b q and a couple other people had asked us, actually is j b how do you zoom in and out like you're doing what you pressing to do that? Oh, well, I'm actually using on the mac, there is a control power system preferences paying called universal access, and I'm using a zoom control inside of universal access that I set up with a keyboard shortcut to be a certain key in my case, it's tough, too, because I said it that way to zoom in, zoom out so that's in the system preferences of a macintosh under universal access. Cool a question from deep pickles can you delete a change from the middle of the history? Stack? Well, let's, just look so let's open our history panel again, let's say we want to keep the spot healing brush tough, but want to take out levels so it's click and drag it down to the trash. It didn't change here. I honestly don't think you can oh, there we go, so it didn't like me dragging into the trash can open it deleted all of them? Yeah, yes, I don't obviously don't think y...

ou can delete a step from the middle like that I'm no engineer and he would like to know if you can rename the labels of the snapshots yes, you can like most things and photo shop like the layers panel that we're going to get into, all you have to do is double click that name quickly, and then you can name it anything you want, so you could cleverly named this one mountain gone and then this press return or enter on your keyboard so let's get a shot, you know that you're finished with the remaining yes boxes on there and how they function. No way have a question from sam cox on our facebook page, which is another place you can ask questions, which is? Is there a reset feature in the option bar to set all options to default? Yes, that's a really great question going back, saying the program had been misbehaving and you don't know what the heck you've changed up yonder you can, okay, so we've got the spot hailing rush active right now? Well, does change a few things, ok, I'll turn it on proximity match, and I'll say sample all layers actually open on create texture because I really use that one and we'll change the mode to something else. So each tool that you have active will show up at the very far left of the options bar. Okay and it's got a little triangle pointing down we're letting you know that there's more stuff hidden in that mean so if you give it a click this is where you could save presets for settings for the tool hey, I know a lot of people who used to shop in their fine art and so they might set up a whole slew of brush options okay for specific brushes that they like to use so even if you don't have any priests it's what you can do is come over here to this little menu that's on the far right case a little right we're pointing triangle and I'll zoom back out so you can actually see the darn thing if you give that menu a click in this menu is the same no matter what till you have active it doesn't matter which one it is if you cruise on down here you gotta reset tool option okay, so if you watch options bar you'll see all those options snapped back when I click that so now sample all layers is off again and the mode is back to normal so that's how you were set the tool if you want to reset all the tools in one fell swoop then you can click that menu again and again I got there by clicking the little damn we're pointing triangle next to the tools icon at the top left of the options bar give that a click come over here in the resulting little poppet menu. Give the top right triangle another click and you could say reset all tools if you wanted to do that. Great question. Have a question from eras who would like to know what's? The reason for having multiple workspaces, what's the reason for having multiple workspaces? Great question, let's. Just take a peek at a few of the built in work spaces that adobe has given this. Okay, so what you want to be watching out for is on the right hand side. Watch how these panels are going to change. Okay, so you know that there's a slew of panels because I showed you in the window and you all those ones that don't have a check mark, those aren't open. So can you imagine having all those things open at one time? You wouldn't be able to see your image so let's. Just click on the design work space and these air single click buttons up here. Okay, see how my swatches panel open over here because if I'm designing, I'm I might have a set of colors in there that I'm going to use for my project over here instead of the adjustments panel, which we're going to get into using for image. Lighting and color correction we've got the character in paragraph panel open which gives you all of your text options because if you're doing graphic design you're probably going to be missing with text solves a mac out so now let's compare that with the photography work space and I really do encourage you to try some of these work spaces when you're doing the different tasks because it can be quite helpful they might give you ideas for setting at the gorge space that you wouldn't normally have so if you click photography now look what happened we've got a history graham over here we're going to learn what a history graham is in this class and again our adjustments panel popped open so they just they open and close panels according to the task that you're doing that question from night photo can you show us how to quickly change the size of the brush again? Oh sure so all this press beat activate my brush tool and how do I know that b is the keyboard shortcut for the brush tool? Well, one because that's the easiest one to remember be for brush they're not all like that. So come over here to the tells panel and if I click and hold down my mouse button on any of the tools, you'll see that another little poppet many open is showing you all the other tools that are in that tool set in the keyboard shortcut is listed to the right. Ok, now the keyboard shortcut is b for all these tools how do you differentiate? Which tool? Okay, so all come over here so you can see that you hold the shift key down. So if I wanted one of those other brush tools I would press and hold shift and press be repeatedly and it cycles through the tools. Ok, so that was a long, drawn out way. Tio, activate the brush tool to tell you how the heck to change the size. My favorite way to change the sizes with keyboard shortcut that is, I believe the most efficient way to do it, and this is a real good one to memorize it's really easy. Okay, so on your keyboards, everybody locate the peas and paul keep ease and paul mccartney and you're going to see to bracket keys on the right side of that. So if he pressed the right bracket key repeatedly, see how the brush cursor is getting larger. Likewise, the left bracket key makes the brush cursor smaller. Ok, so that's a really handy one and you don't have to tap tap tap tap tap like I'm doing, you can simply hold down on the key and it will shrink and in large now and c s fine, we got some more keyboard shortcuts for brushes but they are so complicated that I've never committed them to memory and they involve fingers and toes and elbows because there's like five of them so that's why I still hold t to the old ways of the left bracket key to go down and brush size the right bracket key to go up and that does work on any tool that uses a brush cursor the clone stamp tool of the healing brushes any of those guys so any time you've got something round on your screen you can use those bracket keys now let me tell you one more thing about the brush cursed because I don't want anybody to freak out watch how my brush cursor changes has anybody ever had that happen to you and you have no clue why happened that's the caps lock he accidentally being turned on the caps lock key toggles the brush cursor mode into precise this is a precise brush cursor and I've always thought is precisely useless you can't because it look I'm changing brush size and you can't see anything happening okay? So if that ever happens to you, look down at your keyboard and smile smuggling when you see the caps lock light on and he turned it right back off and then you get your brush cursor again yeah doesn't um shift in the rockies uh change your feathering shift in the bragging he's changer feathering for your brush I'm honestly not sure the larger keyboard shortcut that I was telling me about I think it's actually shift option command and then you can no that's not it see that's why I don't use it because I don't remember it's too many there is a keyboard shortcut and I confined it during the break that allows you to do drag in one direction to change brush softness and in the other direction to change brush size thank you wonder how many people are going to be remembering pius reply mccartney palmer the recipe loved way teach you in a goodwill office prank is that caps lock key thing? Seriously when your co workers are out to lunch, just put the caps lock key and wait for the screen when they got to go to use the brush tool and they can't figure out why the cursor is gone we'll just take it around more questions if that's okay said um I have a couple questions here one from ps one thirty nine photography who would like to know if you can undo more than twenty steps? And then andre photo had asked, can you set more levels of undoing how great so what we're gonna do is we're going to change the levels of andy that photo shop will remember I will caution you though if you put this up too far, you'll make the program uh run a little bit more slowly because it has to remember all that stuff okay, so it will be cashing that information so we're going to do is open photoshopped preferences now this is the one thing that's a little bit different on a mac than a pc ok on a mac open, the preference is you're going to get her the photo shop menu and she's preferences on a pc you're going to go to the edit menu into his preferences he's just in a different menu so then we're going to come over here teo let's just go ahead and click general which is going to open up all of these different tabs anyway you could choose them individually, but we'll just go ahead and she's general here we go so here is the hawk and big preferences dialogue so it's fun to take a spin through here because you've got all kinds or in full controls that help you to customize how the program works you can even turn on your image zoom toe work with a scroll will if you have a mouth like this one has a little scroll pee on it you've got a a scroll will on your mouse you can actually control image zooming not full screens zooming like you've been seeing me do so far just image zooming in and out you can turn that on here so our history states are there we go it's on your performance case law museum in so you can see that so I opened up the preferences and I just clicked general and then you want to click performance over here on the left hand side hoops and the history states lives right here and it was twenty okay, so you can highlight that number and type in something else or you can click little downward pointing triangle and use the slider can you even imagine remembering a thousand states? I do not encourage that, but if you want to bump that up toe thirty it's really not gonna make that much of a difference so when she changed that number does click ok and that's it until state change until you change it back thank you going back teo the beginning a question from deep pickles and axe man how does one re dock the panel after liberating it? I'm so happy he brought that up. Okay, so let's take the adjustments panel it's liberated okay, so it's hanging out there let's say shoot, I want I want to set that back over there, but you don't really want to revert to the original work space because maybe you've set up some other things that you really like so painless can always be read oft after they've been freed this time you're going to click the dark gray bar up here at the top okay so you're gonna double click in this area to collapse or expand the panels to move the panels around including re docking them you're going to grab this dark gray bar okay so when she grabbed that then you can click and dry this sucker around now you're going to move it back over to the right hands however screen and you're gonna watch for a thin blue line to appear in the docking area ok you've got a few hot spots that you conduct these suckers in okay so I can drag it over here see how I get a little blue line ok if I really sit right there it's going to go into this little panel docking area okay so let me liberated again ok some now let's get it back over in this area somebody click and drag the dark gray bar to see how that blue line is appearing beneath the tabs so the blue line is telling you where you're fixing to dock this panel my texas is coming out where you're fixing to adopt this panel ok so now let's undocked the options panel let's say we've got it done here at the bottom when we side shoot we want it back there at the top so this time just like he grabbed the dark gray bar of the liberated panel you're going to grab the dark gray bar of the liberated options panel ok so click and drag that back toward the top and watch for that blue line so I still have my mouse button pressed down see the little blue line that shows you where you're about to dock this thing okay same thing with the tools panel if I click and drag toe liberate it this time to re dock it you want to grab actually on this one you could grab this area or that little grabber part a little texture part right there and just wait for the blue line and then release your mouse button it'll radack all right please I just want to jump in I think I think we're done with the q and a we get started again but I want to share a little bit of feedback where a nine ten after you got started the creative life lips that got hammered with more visitors I think than we've ever had for workshop e I think you're the first instructor this crash the creative live web site this's rock eyes so I think way have ramped up a whole bunch of extra servers I believe that everything should be working fine now those of you that you know those of you online experiencing problems police is doing little happiness get the happy dance get the happy dance there we go do the happy dance again anyway eso folks thank you for your patients creative life dot com should be back up and running those of you that didn't refresh your screen just were able to continue watching. But those of you that had some issues I think we are, we're smooth sailing again. So I just wanted to give everyone an update and then turn it back over to you, lisa, and let you continue on. All right, thanks a lot. Well, that's, most tragic and happy news. Ok, well, now that we've kind of discovered how your world, you know how, you can customize it here in photo shop, and I didn't want you to do that may seem like a little bitty thing, but it is helpful. Make it your own. You can totally do that.

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In this special photoshop tutorial, you'll dig into Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 with Lesa Snider, author of Photoshop® CS5: The Missing Manual. There is so much to cover in Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 that we need almost a week to cover everything. In this special 4-day workshop you'll dig into Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 with Lesa Snider, internationally acclaimed instructor and author. Lesa is informative yet entertaining with a unique way of explaining difficult concepts so you understand the "why" behind the "how". Get ready to spend a fun, high-energy week digging into the power of Photoshop.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1


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