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Refine Edges Part 2

All right, so let's take another crack at our disco dancing girl here using the refined edge dialog box which is yet another way to get really hard selections of wispy things like hair and for so again you want to start out with a rough selection of the thing that you want to isolate so we're going to have another go at this with the quick selection tool I could use any selection tool you wanted your goal is just to give the refine and dialogue a place to start, which you can then feinting so I'm gonna go ahead and use my quick selection tool here to get a fast ref selection of are dancing chika and I'm going to put the tool in subtract mode by pressing down the option key or ault on the pc to get rid of this little black area that is selected and included in my selection right here that I didn't want it to include something is going to keep looking until I get that area out of my selection and that looks pretty good. I'm gonna come down here with a smaller brush and create a selection...

of her arm, their radio so now we wantto click the refined edge button at the top of your screen in options barn again you're not going to see that button unless you have an active selection on your screen and you have a selection tool activated give that but in a single click and if your view mode is not already in overlay then you want to click that down we're pointing triangle and put it in overlay and if you don't see overlay then you're probably run and see us for I think overlay was a new feature we were discussing with the in studio guest in ceo in c s five so if you don't see that giving its used to upgrade next thing we want to do is we want to tell photoshopped to please take a closer look around the edges of our rough selection and you can do that by turning on the smart radius and this is in c s five only when she turned on that button then you need to tell photoshopped how far out from your original selection do you want it to take a closer look at this is pure experimentation right here you're on the bleeding edge of technology this dialog box is only really two versions old okay it was new and sales for second version of it since the s five it will keep getting better and better and better but it is really new technology so we're going to go ahead and pump up our radius and I'm just going to guess here to somewhere around fifteen again try your own numbers on your own images the next thing I'm gonna do is activate the rate the refined radius tool basically it's going to give you a brush cursor in which you can use to paint across the areas that are not yet included in your selection that you want to include in your selection which is all the wispy parts remember your zoom commands do work while the style log boxes open simon oppressed command or control plus on a pc and then use my space bar trick to move around within the image column zoomed in they're now your goal is to paint across the areas you want focus ought to take a closer look at so I am even painting down into her hair in the hopes that photo shop will see that there's some black in there and it will exclude that from my selection and I do want to reiterate this is all trial and error okay I myself get different results on this image every dad gum time I do this and that and I've done it one hundred times and I get different results every single time so you will too. So go ahead and paint around all the wispy parts for hair and I'm gonna paint a little bit inside this area and that's not helping me at all because now photo shop has added that whole area to my selection I don't want that so this is a good excuse to switch to that erase refinements tool so now I can come back into this area and hopefully photo shop will now delete the area I'm painting across from the selection. He did a decent job. So again, lots of experimentation with these kinds of things. Now I could have used a perfect image for this technique, but I kind of want you to see what's going to happen in the real world to you. All right? We'll call that good enough. And I'll keep painting over the other wispy parts of her hair to get those in my selection as well. And now let's. See how good of a job so shop is done. That's looking pretty good. We've got a little bit of a problem right here in the crook of her arm. But we can fix that in the layer mass that we add after we get out of this dialogue box. Casey, you may not be able to get it perfect on every part of your subject within this dialogue, but you can get it way closer than you could with any other tool. Okay, so now I'm gonna come down here and turn on the decontaminate colors in the hopes of trying to get photoshopped to eliminate any lord goring, black pixels that air still hanging around the edges. I'm gonna go ahead and pump up the amount to around seventy five or so. You see, if that helps us see me with a little bit of that left over black that we had in the last term that we did it once I turned that on, I can click this. Ah, little poppet mini into telephoto shot what to do with a new selection. So I'm gonna tell it to send it to a new layer with a layer mask. She did you click that think like, ok, we got a better, better selection this time. I'm not seeing black in her hair, so that was good. So pump enough that decontaminate pixels amount, decontaminate color rather helped us in this instance. Now all we have to do is fine. Tune this area right here. And if you look, if you take a closer look at the document here remember when I was painting in deeply into her hair on this area in the refining dialogue, it didn't really look like it was having much effect with the red overlay it's kind of hard to tell why you're in that dialogue, but back here in the document against transparent pixels, I can see that photo shot really did delete some areas. That were between her strands of hair from our original selection because it was all selected this whole chunk was selected with the quick selection too, when I went into the refining dialogue. So what a difference that makes painting into that hair to make photoshopped take a closer look at it so now to fix this whole area right here I could simply go into my layer mask so I've clicked it to activate it now, just like we've been doing for the last two days with the regular paintbrush tool set to paint with black conceals white reveals so I've got a little bit of a problem area right here on her arm hey see how it's a little pixelated a little bit transparent, transparent skin is usually bad, so we want to reveal that skin so I want to paint with white black conceals white reveals so I'm gonna press x to flip flop my color ships that I'm painting with why come back over the arm area and make that solid because arms want to be solid now gonna flip flop my colored ships again my pressing eggs so now I'm in conceal mode or hide mode and placing my masking tape on the parts I want to hide I can come in here and I can fix the area that I could not perfect in the dialog box and they were fine edge dialog box and with just a few breast strokes, I can fix that area now if I happen to mess up and hide some of her arm no reason panic press x to flip flop your color chips and simply bring that part back in so infinitely flexible okay, we're gonna call that good now we have to do is bring in their new background so I've already got my disco floor open I'm going again go up to the application bar and choose theory range documents I can choose the two up previous so I can see both when those at the same time I'm gonna go ahead and click and drag the layer with the layer mask of my dancing girl click and drag that onto my disco floor and it looks like I need to resize her just a bit, so I'm gonna close that document say don't save and I can just actually drag her down with the move tool pretty dead game amazing isn't it listens take a look around all these edges so we can appreciate all the hard, hard work of those programmers at adobe that gave us this amazing new technology that will just keep getting better with every subsequent version of the program it really is quite amazing, but again you're gonna have to experiment with those settings and just like you saw it happen to us live here created wives the first time I did this, the selection wasn't is good, so little bit of trial on air have a little take a big old swig of patients before he tackled project like this and just don't let it get the best of you keep working at it, but look at this look at those beautiful twists of blond hair isn't that just incredible? Just amazing! All right, let's do it again different image this time this is a real fun one we're going to create don't entidad supergirl so again, I'm gonna grab my move tool and move my layers around so you can see we've got lots of wisps of hair going on ok, so we're gonna have a go at this again with the refine inch dialogue so go ahead and close this open up the two images that I started with I stopped bridge and I stopped supergirl so here we go again start out with the refs election I'm gonna start with the quick selection tool in this area I can afford to make my brush pretty bridge pretty big because I want to grab a big chunk of her, but then when I get down into the smaller bits, I need a smaller brush, ok? And I'm gonna try to put the brush and subtract mood to get rid of a little bit of the blue in that area okay so now we're ready to open our refining dialogue it's going to go ahead and click that button and the options bar and I've already got my red over life set you want to turn on smart radius till photo shot pal far out from the image you want it to analyze now as I drag this slider around that museum and so you can see what's happening as I dragged this slider you can see the red overlay adjusting so keep an eye on it and that can help you determine how far you need to drag this slider but we're going to go ahead and stop about fifteen and just see what that gives us okay we're going to go ahead and add our her grab I refined radius tools are paintbrush mass over to the document and we're going to paint across the wisps of hair that we want to add in our selection and it's just incredible how this toll can work now you may not be able to get every single whisper but you'll get enough wisps to make it look good I'm gonna come over here to the left side and paint around her face a little bit and move around in the image and it looks pretty good to me okay so now I'm going to turn on decontaminate colors when a pump that up to about seventy or so again that is pure diy experimentation going on right there and now you need to tell photo shop what you want to do with your new and improved selection so again, we're going to choose to output to a new layer with a mask that way we're protecting our original in case we need to find tune that mask for any reason if we can't get our selection perfect in here, so go ahead and click ok, and we've got another amazing selection going on here, so now we're going toe click our arrange documents icon so that we can combine these two images choose the two up display we're going to drag supergirl on to the golden gate bridge now gonna go back to single document display and grab my move tool I've got supergirl layer active and aiken scoop her into place with all of her fabulous wisps of hair really, really amazing stuff any questions on using their refined edge dialogue to extract some money from their background? We're fixing the use it again, but we're going to use it in a completely different way to give our photo really creative edges. So if you've got any questions on what we've done so far, I'm happy teo teo answer those or maybe everybody is so completely ever with a question from the chat room lewis they would like to know if you have a shadow and you want to keep it, how do you do that? That's a tough one if you have a shadow and you want to keep it, how do you do that? Well, you want to make sure I mean, if you're in there in the refining dialog box, if you happen to get that shadow in your selection than you can use the erase refinements tool to try to get it out or not included in your selection to begin with, the question is, if you want to keep it, if you want to keep the shadow, well, it you're not throwing anything away. So if you I don't want to select the shadow, you know you just wouldn't be included in your original selection. Ok, got it completely. Um, carly rocks had asked, what do the other output options do? The other output options include sending the selection to another layer without the mass, you're just sending the selection to another way, or you can send ah layer with a mask to another document. Are you concerned this election to another document? So those are the other options? So mask are not new document or not.

Class Description

In this special photoshop tutorial, you'll dig into Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 with Lesa Snider, author of Photoshop® CS5: The Missing Manual. There is so much to cover in Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 that we need almost a week to cover everything. In this special 4-day workshop you'll dig into Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 with Lesa Snider, internationally acclaimed instructor and author. Lesa is informative yet entertaining with a unique way of explaining difficult concepts so you understand the "why" behind the "how". Get ready to spend a fun, high-energy week digging into the power of Photoshop.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1


1Introduction: Nitty Gritty Basics + Layers
2Workspace Overview
3Q&A: Workspace
4The Truth About Resolution and File Formats
5Changing Resolution Without Changing Quality
6Q&A: Resolution and File Formats
7Resizing with the Crop Tool
8Cropping with the Ruler Tool
9Resizing with Content-Aware Scale
10Resizing for Print/Web
11Layers and Layer Types
12Duplicating, Moving, and and Aligning Layers
13Q&A: Layers
14Creating Reflections
15Layer Alignment Tools
16Simple Slimming Technique (Resizing Layers)
17Colorizing a Black and White Image
18Creating a Solid Color Fade with Fill Layers
19Layer Masks: Hand Painted Image Collage
20Layer Masks: Gradient Mask Collage
21Layer Blend Mode Collage (Include Load Images as Stack)
1Using Selections Part 1
2Using Selections Part 2
3Q&A: Selection Tools
4Color Selections: Fixing Animal White Eyes
5Tightening Up Layer Masks
6Painting Selections with QuickMasks
7Using Vector Drawing Tools
8Vector Shapes: Creating an Oval Vignette
9Vector Shapes: Rounded Edges to Photo
10Use Channels to Create Selections
11Tough Selections Around Hair & Fur
12Refine Edges Part 1
13Refine Edges Part 2
14Creative Edges on Photos
15Embellishing with Vector Art
16Creative Vector Photo Frames
17Editing Smart Objects
18Smart Objects Template: Creating Dark Edge Vignette
1Smart Objects: Selective Blurring
2Smart Objects: Selective Sharpening
3Sharpening with the High Pass Filter
4Q&A: Sharpening
5Auto Color Adjustments
6Shadows and Highlights
7Using Levels
8When to Use Smart Objects
9Using Curves
10Lightening and Darkening with Blend Modes
11Enhancing Eyes and Teeth
12Changing Colors with Hue/Saturation
13Changing Colors by Hand Painting
14Faux Dodge/Burn: Reduce Wrinkle
15Color to Black and White
1Healing Brush
2Content Aware Fill
3Using Text in Photoshop
4Designing with Baseline Shift
5OpenType Fonts
6Placing Text Behind an Object
7Barely There Text: Faded and Hollow Text
8Pushing Photos Through Text
9Adding Texture to Your Text
10Convert Text to Paths
11Combine Images using Advanced Blending
12Realistic Photo Aging
13Faking HDR
14Wrapping Texture Around an Object