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Using Adjustment Layers in Video

So what I'm gonna do is open the document that I've already made for you, and you can kind of see what I've done here. I don't want to see that from a shot, thank you. We're not going to spend a ton of time on learning how to de video because I did that I've got another wonderful workshop that you guys might be interested in is called a post op c a six new features, and we spent three solid days on all the new features in c s six really getting into them and learning how to use them. We did a solid day on video, ok, so but I'm going to show you a little bit of it overview here, but I want to point out how useful, solid color or fill layers or even grady and phil layers can be in video editing. You can see over here in my layers panel that I've got a solid black layer at the bottom, and then I've got another solid black layer at the top that is what's leading me fade my video in from black or up from black and then faded back down to black when I'm finished, so I'll scrub through the vi...

deo so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about, so I'm just dragging the little play head, see how the rose is faded up from black that's a solid color, phil earlier so our text phase in and out and then we've got some video coming in and then we do a cross fade to a still image and then we cross fade back over to another clip and then she get the ring awe and then we do a cross fade to another still image back to you, another video clip and then at the end, I want to brand this for my photography studio, you're the guy that actually shot it, so I'm gonna fade to black, right? And then we fade his logo app for his studio named muriel, and then we fade out so solid color adjustment layers are very useful in video tio if we have some clips that were split, we could have put another solid color adjustment layer in between those clips, perhaps gave us room for text, so we'll go ahead and close this and I'll show you an example of that. This one already rendered out is a maybe oldest kind of script through it real quick. So this is an example of splitting clips going to a solid feel layer with text I don't have any idea what's coming to you, we'll fake max mass store. Okay, so that's, just a couple of ideas on how to use phil layers in video, so let's, go ahead and build that wedding video real fast just to kind of give you an idea. I want you to see that it is possible, okay? And then it's approachable for you. The great thing about doing video and photo shop is that you use all the same tools that you're used. Teo, you don't really have to learn how to operate a whole another programs, everything works pretty much like you would expect it, tio so we're gonna come back over here to photo shop first thing we're going to do is create a new document for video, so we're going to let photoshopped do the heavy lifting of filling in all these fields by using a preset. So we'll choose film and video from the pre set list and then put a shot populates the size poppet menu with commonly used video formats. How do you know what format to use? You got to figure out what device you're going to play this thing back on. Okay, so I'm gonna choose hd tv, which is going to give me a nice twelve, eighty by seven twenty kind of a wide aspect ratio video, and now may I just say, ok? So photo shop opens the document the great thing about using a priest especially for video is that if you turn on your guides by person command or control semi colon that's fun the blanket you know been photoshopped gives you guides and let you know which areas are safe for video and which ones they're safe for text. Okay, so basically you want to keep all the important bits in this inside area right here, ok, so say for titles, text this column in row right here it's safer video it's this outside edge right here foot shop is saying, well, you know, that might drop off depending upon the device you're playing it back if you set this to go to a tv that's an over scan area and it might get lopped off, you don't have any control over that, so now let's, go ahead and create our video timeline, so we're going to click this little button that appears in our timeline pain. Well, it opened automatically when we chose the video presets we're going to go ahead and click that and photoshopped gives us this wonderful little timeline down here, okay, we've got one layer in our document because it put a shot document can't have zero layers, so we've got one layer and that layer appears on this video track that photo shop added for us ok, so we're going to add in a bunch of little video clips and some still images, so we're going to go ahead and click the little film strip icon that lives to the right of that layer name and you can see layer zero matches up with layers here of you hear so what's in your layers panel is reflected over here in your timeline, so we'll go ahead and click that little filmstrip icon and we're going to say add media and that's gonna let us bring in several things at one time so this doesn't take forever, so we'll come over here to where our videos live we're working with folder number three phil layers in video and I'm going to click the first item I want to import happens to be the still of the cake that we shot here and then I'm gonna command or control click all the other elements I want to add to my video and photo shops going to bring them all in, plot them on separate layers and adding to our timeline and then we can rearrange the layers according to the order in which we want the clips and stills to play and then we can add transitions and motion and all kinds of fun things the thing you don't want to add in this manner is audio you want to add audio completely separately because in photo shop see a six not only did we get the ability to edit video in the standard edition of the program, we've had video editing in the extended edition of fetish offer some time now but a new thing and see a six where video is concerned is that photo shop I can handle audio a little bit differently so it puts audio on it ah whole another track or you can think layer and that way you have abilities to alter the audio you can alter the speed of the audio the volume of the audio if the audio fades in or out at certain points, you can handle that so that's why you want to bring in the audio separately in its own little audio happy space? Okay, so where does bringing in still images and actual video files? So go ahead and click open and photoshopped plops everything into our layers panel and plops everything into our timeline. The order in which your layers panel eclipse and stills appear in your layers panel is the order in which they're going to play in your video what's at the bottom of the stack place first what's at the top of the stack plays last okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to use my layers panel to change the stacking order of the play order of my timeline you could do it down here but it's a little unwieldy so we're going to start appear, so I'm gonna click and drag the roses down to the bottom of my video. I'm going to go ahead and add a solid color phil layer, right? Because I want my video to start with black faded from black, so I'm going to go ahead and click the half black, half white circle to solid color and we're just going to use black great if I want black to play first, where does it need to be the bottom of my layers panel and get rid of the slightly or now so we've got solid fill air. The next thing that's going to play is a still image of the roses. Then we can rearrange our other clips and see how, as I dragging my layers panel, they're changing in the timeline. Okay, so now we're gonna have a shot of the rain come next and as I let go of my mouse button, watched the timeline and you'll see that that clip change. Ok, now we're gonna have the video of her receiving her big fat diamond after the still of the rain, and then we're going to go to a still of the wedding cake, and there we'll go, teo, a film clip of them dancing. Okay, amazing opportunities for you to make a lot of extra money and your photography business if you start shooting specifically for video and you don't even have to go buy another camera because most dslr is now will capture video so all you have to do is plan for it a little bit take a few candid video shots you know interspersed them with some stills like we're going to do here and you've got a beautiful beautiful product toe offer to your client's eat sporting events to not just weddings okay, so now we're going to take our little scrappy bar here it's called a play head this guy right here and we're just gonna click and drag while holding on the mouse button and we're going to see what we've got okay, so we start with black that's from our phil layer we go to our roses where we could add the couple's name like I did earlier we go to a film clip she smells or flowers that's a little bit long so when I'm going to do is go ahead and trim that clip downs what's not quite so long so I position my play head at about the part of the video where I want it to end trimming video clips is is easy and phone shop as it is and I photo if you're using a mac can't believe how simple it is all you have to do is click the clip that you want to effect point your cursor tio either this the ending point or the starting point depending which part you want to trim off and you'll notice that as I do that she her like her sir turns into the double sided arrow but I've also got a bracket next to that bracket because I've got two clips next each other is pointing to the clip that will be affected should I go ahead and depress my mouse button and drag so I'm trimming that clip because I position my play head where I wanted the clip to stop it's just like when you're using guides my that other end of that clip snapped to the play head that's a really easy way to get your trends right if I decide later on that I want that clip longer all I have to do is point my cursor at it make sure the bracket is pointing to the cliff I want to effect and I could drag it back out okay so losing back out now we'll keep scrubbing through she smells of flowers oh my god and getting a ring oh my god here it comes let's trim this clip down to that point so I put my play head where I want the clip to stop click and drag the ending point and all the other clips on that timeline skewed over now let's scrub through about a nice still that cake and then we have a little dancing hee haw and last but not least we'll add another phil layer since we've already got a feel layer at the beginning of our video all we have to do is click to activate that layer and duplicated by pressing commander control jay and now we can drag it up to the top of our timeline and now if we scrubbed through our video fades to black ok so that's a great way to use phil layers in your video and again in this particular class is it meant to be a video editing extravaganza but I just wanted to show you a little bit about it to hopefully get you excited and we do have a full day of video in the c s six new features workshop that I did back in gene which was awesome it was awesome wasn't it? I don't even know that you could do video and british up so that was kind of mind blowing for me yeah it's a lot of fun and just real quickly transitions are as easy as clicking the sole button right here and you just drag and drop them onto the clips that absolutely it I mean it is simple, simple simple yes is there a quick way to animate the stills to make them yes say that real quick so fast so I'm gonna go ahead and uh at a fade to black on our rose and then margaret and across stayed here and across the here in across speed here sinus adding cross fades in between these clips and then we'll add a fade to black on that one should now you'll notice that let me change my view just a little bit I want to use a zoom bar at the bottom of a timeline just so you can see all the little icons that are on the little videos and the stills see these little right facing triangles to the knicks to the top right of each little clip icon those give you special powers ok, so this right here is our shot of the ring it's a c still so if you click that little right facing triangle you get a motion panel and the pop up menu in there what she'd do cool things like pans in you can even set the angle at which you want the pan to begin and you can tell foot a shot whether you wanted to zoom in jersey mt so we'll come over here to our other still image which is the shot of the cake and we'll add a pan and same on that so now when I scroll back out and I'm going to go all the way to the end of our time line and if we scrubbed through the video so we fade up those from our transition then we have a cross fade now look at the motion that's being applied to that ring and that's. All we did was click that little right facing triangle to the to the right of that clip. There we go. Look at that nice pan it's, beautiful in this, and then we have our little dip, and then we fade to our solid color or phil earlier, prime for branding, picture studio logo. What have you, tex, whatever you'd like, right there.

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Learn how to use adjustment layers for exposure and color correction, changing color, how to apply various color effects, and more.... they're one of the most versatile tools in Adobe® Photoshop®, and in this 1-day Deep Dive, Adobe® Photoshop® Missing Manual author Lesa Snider will teach you all about Adjustment Layers!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6