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Eye Brightening, Teeth Whitening


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Eye Brightening, Teeth Whitening

So here's our before and here's our after pre settle change, but nice, so we're going to do that a couple of times. So let's, go and turn off the layer that I made for you. We're going to use an empty adjustment layer for this technique. He could also use a diplomat layer so let's go down to the half black, half white circle and she's brightness and contrast again, why are we choosing brightness and contrast? First one in the list that doesn't automatically make change to your image? Go ahead, close that up. We're going to set the belene glean mood. I am making up words now, then move to screen bleed is actually I hidden blend but it's like an easter egg in photo shop and it is a combination that I'm just making all this that's terrible. Okay screen. Now what we've got is an over lightened image. Ok, so let's hide all that lightning by filling the layer mask with black and the black that the mask is active right now, so let's try to the edit menu and choose phil and from the eu's poppe...

t menu let's choose black it's always an option, click ok, and now it's, just like we didn't add that other layer. Now what we're going to do is we're going to make sure the brush tool is active and it is in our case, but we're going to go down and brush size quite a bit to roughly, um I sized in brush size now we're going to make sure that we've got a soft brush active and how do we know that we're going to click the little brush preset picker and make sure that one of these soft guys in this first row is active? Doesn't matter which one the only difference between these brushes our size, the roof controlling size with the keyboard shortcut now in the realm of the layer man asked if we want to reveal that extra lightning but on ly in a certain spot let's look at our layer mask and we see that it's filled with black that means we need to paint with white black conceals why it reveals so let's press x to flip flop our color ship so that why it is on top press d to set your chips to the default of black and white if you need to. Okay, so with the mask active soft white brush let's come over here and pain around her eye area now you do want to paint a little bit above in a little bit below her eyes, ok? And then you can drop the opacity but first what we're going to do is we're going to blur this mask because we want this bright ning to be so subtle that you cannot see where it starts or ends okay so with the mask active after you've made your breast strokes to reveal the lightning was tried it to the filter menu and let's choose blur gaussian blurred and depending upon the pixel dimensions of your image if it's a large pixel dimension image then you'll need to increase the radius quite a bit but if it's a rather small pixel dimension image you can get away with lower numbers but what I do want to do is be able to see the area that I'm looking at in this preview so what you can do is just click and drag within the preview and then we can see we're seeing our layer mask okay so what's showing up here is what's here ok because we're not blurring a pixel based image layer what we're doing is blurring that layer mask that we made hey so I just want to make sure that there's a quite a bit of a blur going on here and as you adjust that radius you can see the effects on the mask okay so for this image I'd be tend to do somewhere around seven or eight pixels but again it's up to you click ok now the we've got softer edge is now we can lower the opacity of that effect to something that looks more realistic and subtle to you I might drop it down to somewhere within the sixty ish fifty percent range so here's our before here's our after didn't I just open her eyes right up to well that's another great way to very subtly handled dark circles and really what we're doing it looks like we gave her you know about three four hours more sleep last night when she she may have actually gotten ok and if that feels a little strong to you just keep backing off on the capacity until it looks good let's take a look at it a twenty five percent there's the before there's after very subtle so it can be as strong or a settle of a retention as you want so let's do it again every time I say do it again I hear the beach boys on my head that's did again yes, they're singing and dancing here created life ok, so we're going to do a couple of different things with this image here my turn off the layers that I made so you see the original okay, we'll zoom in quite a bit so we can see really see her eyes in while you're zoomed in you can use the space bar with your mouse to move around within the image ok, so let's create a brightness and contrast adjustment layer ok, so let's click the little half black, half white circle the bottom of the layers panel she's brightness and contrast and close the properties panel now let's, try it out to the blend mode mini and change it to screen, but a shop over lightens the whole thing. The mask is active let's fill it with black choose edit phil pick black from the pop it manu the eu's poppet many other stops is saying, hey, you want me to feel something? What on earth color do you want me to use? That's what that is like, ok, now we've hidden it the whole over lightning situation from the image grabbed the brushed who'll make sure that you've got a soft edge brush active, make sure that you've got white is your foreground color tip because where revealing the lightning from that layers we need to paint with white, black conceals white reveals and you wantto size your brush that it's a little bit bigger than the eyes you're working with brush keyboard shortcut for re sizing is right bracket key to go up in size left bracket katie go down and brush size yes, I fully realize that there are other keyboard combinations for brush size, but I like using the bracket keys so now let's paint a little above and below her eyes brightens and right up we want to soften that brush stroke even more was tried it to the filter menu the last filter that we ran appears at the top of the filter menu so no need to simply go all the way down to the blur menu in all the way down the gauzy blur just choose it from the top of the filter menu or press command f on a mac or control f for filter on a pc there we go so now we've blurred that brush stroke a little bit more to make it even more subtle now all we have to do is drop a pass ity until the effect looks good to us and for this one let's try something around again twenty five percent I like to air on the subtle side a little more than the strong side so we can take a look at our before in after by clicking the little visibility icon to the left of the layer thumbnail there's our before there's are after you might want to bring up the a passage just a little bit more there's a before there's an after big difference a really big difference ok let's see what else I have for you my going close that image and let's do another one actually gonna take a pig I've got a faux dodging burn I've got several of the same techniques in different spots here for you but that's because they work so well together okay, so now I'm back in the folder that I started in. Okay, now, let's, take a look at this image. Okay? So what we have going on in my layers panel here. Ok, I've got a brightness and contrast. Adjustment layer will turn that off and back on so we can see what it's doing that they'll zoom in just a little bit more there's the before there's the after the exact same technique, but also revealed on the teeth for a little bit of teeth. Frightening sands. Any kind of selection, I might say hey, so let's, go ahead and turn off that layer. Let's, do it again. Brightness and contrast adjustment layer change the blame mode screen. Fill the layer mass with black this time I'm gonna give you a keyboard shortcut for doing that. Ok, so you need to set your foreground colored ship to black so I can see that black is my background color chip right now. So I'm gonna press the ex key to flip flop. Even now it's, phil that mask or entire layer if we wanted with the keyboard shortcut and it is option delete on a mat or ault back space on a pc that's just another way to fill with black. If you had a selection active you can use that keyboard shortcut to fill a selection with whatever you're foreground color is if you had no selection active and you were just on a regular layer it would feel the whole layer with color were in a mask so it filled the mask with color so option delete on the matter all back space on the pc simply a keyboard shortcut to fill whatever the currently active bain is our case a mask so now we've hidden it all so we need to activate the brush tool we need to change our foreground color cipto white I can see that why is my background color ship someone oppressed x so I'm painting with white we're gonna make sure you've got a soft edge brush we do now you're going to come over to the image make your brush is a little bit larger than the eye pain over that dark area and I'm coming down enough so that I catch that crevice ok, now we're going to come over to the other ladies eyes now we're going to come down to the teeth and I'm just gonna brush right across those pearl ease if I miss that do I have to start over heck no press x to flip flop your color ships so that you're painting with black and conceal that area that you did not mean to reveal in the first place effect needs to be softened now, so let's run a filter on the mask filter blur or if gaza where was the last filter iran does pressed command after control if here we go now were blurred now, let's drop capacity to maybe something around the thirty percent range so here's the before here's an after very subtle, you know, these aren't you don't want to make alien white teeth. People will notice it won't look right. So this is another way, teo lighten teeth in the eyes, brighten them up in a very, very subtle, subtle manner and you could continue to do this on anything. So we've got some shadows under here, which is where that double chin look is coming from, right? There is nothing in the world that would keep you from going up in brush size, making sure you've got the mask active, ok and it's coming in here and while painting with why I've got black is my four grand colored ships all this press x to flip flop it while painting with what you come in here and lighten up a little bit of those shadow areas so that the double chin business isn't as noticeable, so I'm just altering breast size here so very subtly we can a fetch those areas I can even come in here and light in a little bit along here so that it's not quite so noticeable if I was doing this for really I would soon in and I would make sure that my brush was exactly the width of the area that I'm trying to lighten. So this is just going to reduce the amount that you notice so here's the before there's an ever and I mean, really can you think have an easier way to do a little selective lightning and just think about it? What if we needed to selectively darken? Okay, what if we needed to get rid of that shiny spot? One method would be to make another brightness and contrast adjustment layer said the blame onto what? Something in the dark and category, right? If you want a dark in an area, go for something in the dark in category so we can try multiply right now, let's feel that layer mass with black brush set to paint with white come over here to the area that needs to be dark and I'll zoom in and let's dark and a little spot on your nose we're going to fix that in a minute don't have a cow, okay? Oh my god, it looks awful, blur the mask, drop capacity, ok, so let's, take a look at the before and after of our selective darkening before after settle effective, easy

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Master Adobe® Photoshop® Blend Modes! Lesa Snider is taking a Deep Dive into the various Blend Modes, and will show you everything you need to know about this versatile tool. Overlay, Darken, Color Burn... Lesa will show you the difference between each mode and which mode is most useful for your creative needs.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6