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Highlighting Hair, Glamour Glow, Reflections

There's our before and there's our after ok so let's take a look at how to do that technique we're gonna add a new layer set to the blend mode of color dodge so what we're going to dio is add a new layer and changes blame but at the same time with the keyboard shortcuts so shift command in on the mac shift control and on a pc we're going to name this one highlights come down here to the modem in you and we're going to choose a color dodge and click ok now I need to fill that layer with fifty percent gray fifty percent gray is not that modes neutral color that's why I couldn't use that little ad blend modes neutral color check box in the new layer dialog box okay but there is a super easy way to fill a layer of fifty percent gray trying to the edit menu choose phil from the eu's poppet manu fifty percent agree there we go now we've got a really light layer let's add a layer mask, fill it with black now we've hidden that effect now let's go in and with a white brush let's paint some high...

lights on so we've got our brushed tool we know it's a soft edge brush our brush capacity is at one hundred percent you could drop that a little bit if you wanted to be able to build the highlights you know, stroke by stroke you could drop brush capacity painting with white is gonna lighten so let's bring in our brush size a little bit are four grand colored ship is set to white nine is pain on those highlights. Now you do need to make sure you go to the scalp just like a good beauty technician would you noticed I start your highlight way down here? All right? You don't want your highlight, so like they've been growing out for six weeks, so start at the scalp follow the curvature of the hair follicles, meaning that you get to have some fun with painting. We in that fun are like it's the cocaine we are going to edit that out e I can see the guys right there going uh, ok, so anyway, this technique is super easy and it is fun. And if you're thinking about getting highlights by all means, especially if you're a dude, do it in front of shot first because you probably won't like it follow the hair follicles came this is great, you know ifyou're art director wanted you to use a model with highlights after the photo shoot they're like, ah, she needed highlights he used the wrong model fix it now let's run a blur filter on the mask itself because you want these to be real settle caution player was the last filter we ran you might even run in a couple of times to make it real soft. Okay, now let's drop capacity actually for this particular technique I like dropping phil because color dodge is one of those blend moves that when you dropped phil it's a little bit more subtle and if you drop a pass city so let's bring capacity all the way up in this time let's drop phil and I think this gives us a little bit more natural look ok so I'm a little bit there's our before there's are after it's fun like that let's do it again just do it again ok so here's the image we're going to create there's the before bigger difference on this one I put a few more high I've been there okay so new layer highlights blend mode color dodge you can think of that as ok hair highlights obviously lightning so let's go in the light in category and highlights if you go to the beauty shop they will be putting color on those strands of hair I know I just had them so you can say ok latin and I'm highlighting with color color dodge one possible way to think about it say ok fill it with fifty percent grey because gray is gonna drop right out she was dead it fill fifty percent gray is always an option from the eu's poppet menu click ok now you want to add a layer mask, fill it with black brushed tool set to paint with white go down and brush size start from the scalp like a good technician would and pain in your highlights not to take too much time on this one because you all get the idea and he just go hog wild on this stuff s so much fun now what I did try to do on this one is make sure that I'm putting highlights where the highlights coming from the light source actually are. So what do you make sure that you follow the hairs all the way down and try to stay is true to the general direction of said hair follicles and what kind of brushed sized you need to use for this? It depends on what you want your highlights to look like if you want that stripey look that tends to be so popular right now with middle aged women, then you'd use a smaller brush. If you want something a little bit more subtle, then you use a larger brush, okay, that that would be more like just a general lightning technique, not not so much making your model it like she had actual highlight in her hair, and then we're going to run a blur filter just to kind of blur those brush strokes to make it even more subtle. And then we're gonna drop capacity there's our before and there's our after nice huh? Thinking about highlights now yeah, I think I like the way that looks right there. Okay, now what else do we have here? We're ready to move on to another technique called a glamour glow and this is a really pretty one really pretty technique right here it was it is a little involved but it's not too bad and we'll do it a couple of times I've also included a slew more images in the extras files and we're going to have time to get through more images on techniques that we will cover but so that just means there's more practice files for you to play with at home hey so here is the original that is what we're gonna make very soft um completely different look thin here is an old photo to be quite honest but I think it's beautiful and I think they are really gonna let this take me so I'm going to turn off all the other layers with our option click the later you want to remain visible or all click layer trick and the first thing we're going to do here is create a new layer and we're going to set it to the mode of color dodge just like we did a moment ago so let's press shift command in on a mac or shift control in on the pc and we're going to set this to color dodge actually know what I already messed it all right? We're gonna start over forget what I said we're going to duplicate the layer I was still doing the hair highlights in my head okay, we're going to duplicate the original layer proof that you can duplicate a background layer it locks background later did you see that it works this time they really did very strange so we're going to duplicate the layer and we're going to immediately turn it into a smart object why are we going to turn it into a smart object because we're going to run in gaza and blur on it and we want that blurring filter to run non destructively okay, so what you can do is try it to the filter mini and say convert for smart filters filter stops going to say blah blah blah blah blah tio edit smart filters this selected layer will be converted into a smart object yes, thank you for shop that's what we want ok, now we are free to run filters non destructively on this layer so let's hop up teo the filter menu and we're going to choose kasey and blur now we need to do a tiny bit of math ok, because this technique is a little bit specific and you need to blur this a duplicate smart object layer at about six tents percent of the biggest pixel dimension in your image are like I'm any the calculator so it was canceled out of filter in the mac operating system we have a lovely calculator I'm sure in windows explorer and other a pc operating systems you have the same thing so we've got our calculator up I need to see how big this images ok something go back to put a shot for a second choose the image menu image size okay so my biggest pixel dimension is about forty one hundred doesn't have to be exact don't worry about the ive pixels ok forty one hundred let's call it that click cancel now let's grab our calculator again so we've got a forty one hundred pixel image we're looking for the largest pixel to mention whether that's with their height doesn't matter forty one hundred type forty one hundred into your calculator times turned the page easy way to remember the multiplier for six tenths of a percent what's the most popular movie that came out oh last friday double oh seven decimal zero zero seven equals we're going to add a blur of twenty eight point seven that's not too bad right skate is you remember james bond right double oh seven that's your most choir we're going to use that multiplier again and again and again and again because a lot of the techniques were gonna use for the rest of the day need about a six attempts of a percent calculation for one of the filters that we're going to run so easy to remember times the biggest pencil mentioned times point double oh seven so we need to run a blur of about twenty eight twenty eight points in okay now it's come back over here to our photo shopped document she's filter blur gaussian blur what do we have a right here twenty eight point seven I am a little bit smug about that I thought was kind of like ok, now we've got that blurring going on now what we need to do is set this blurred smart object that we've got going on here too one of two different blend modes in the latin category they're actually the contrast category so we're going to click the blend mode mini and don't worry we're gonna do this a couple times if you want a stronger glamour glue set the blame motive overlay hey if you want a softer glamour glue which I like better said it too soft light okay either one over late or soft light works uh works well tube now what we're going to do is we're going to add a huge saturation adjustment layer that we're going to attach to this blurry layer that we've got going on right here so we're going to come down to the half black half white circle at the bottom of the layers panel and choose hugh saturation we're gonna attach it teo are blurred layer because we don't want it to affect anything else okay? We only wanted to effect this layer right here, so we're going to click this little icon right there, which is the equivalent of holding down the option or all key on a pc and clicking the dividing line between the two layers ok, so we're going to clip it now what we're going to do is turn on colorize now you're going to adjust the hugh slider until you like the way the photo looks and this is just a personal preference you're just going to drag that hugh slider around until you like the colors that you see in the image. My own personal opinion is that this particular glamour glow effect looks good when you change the hue to somewhere in the science range of colors, but that may not look good to you there's no right or wrong with this it's a glamour load all that this u saturation adjustment layers is doing is giving it a little bit of a color ten okay, so I'm gonna stop somewhere in the in the blue range over here, ok? Now we're going to close that little panel back up now we're going to come back to the smart object or the blurry layer and we're going to lower the opacity until we like the look of the effect okay, so you could make it a strong or settle as you want. You don't want to go all the way down to zero that makes zeros at all that worth etess did so there's one hundred percent you might like the way the effect looks at you know eighty percent or what have you okay so again here's our before there's are after ok so that's a pretty big difference now if the irises of your eyes when you're doing this glamour galore effect if they get really dark what you could do is use the make the layer mass that automatically came with using smart filters to hide all that gaussian blur and soft light blin mode from just the eye so if we wanted to do that we could click that layer mask come over here to the image paint with black to conceal white to reveal and we could just paint over the irish is of her eyes that way nothing is happening to them. Okay, so there's no blurry glowy effect that's happening to just the eyes. Okay, so before after I think it's quite pretty let's do it again so I have a gun aiming these files we've got brad glue. This one is business glow way got prom glow in teen globe down here okay, so check out this effect before after not gonna do this on every portrait but I think it's something you can sell I really do ok so let's really all these layers that I made so we're starting from scratch now let's do it again first thing we're going to do is duplicate the layer on were at that time duplicate the layer and now we're going to convert it for smart filters filter convert for smart filters now what we're going to do iss we're gonna do a little math we're going to see how bigger images image image size our biggest pixel to mention a seven thousand in this case a big old honkin image so bringing her calculator clear it out from the last calculation seven thousand times point double oh seven so what's our blur gonna be let's call it fifty filter kasey ambler fifty look ok now change the blend mode of the blurry layer tio soft light if you want it to be really settle overlay if you wanted to be a little bit more pronounced I like settle so soft light now what we're going to do is add a huge saturation adjustment layer we're going to clip it to the layer below by clicking this little folder with a downward pointing arrow turn on the cul arise checkbox and I'm gonna move my properties panel over so we can actually still see her pretty face now we're going to adjust the huge slider until the the color looks good to you in the image in my opinion, somewhere in the blue range usually looks better but you may find another range that you like better than that so I'm a stop within the blues here close my re dock my properties panel that I liberated a moment ago and now what we're going to do is we're going toe click back on this blurry layer and we're just going to alert the opacity until we like the look of the effect so here's what it looks like it about sixty percent there's the before there's the after I think it's nice it's really nice actually okay, so just so you can see what that technique looks like on a couple of more images here's another one this of course will be prom glow there's the before there's the after it's a very subtle glamour blow teen glow before after now what we're gonna do is we're going to do that photo dodge and burn one more time don't say go away, go away and then we're going to move on to even more found techniques okay, so now I'm working in folder number fourteen saw flight photo jim byrne see how I've tried to name these layered files for you fifty percent gray so new layer filled with fifty percent gray saw flight capacity seven five percent yeah you can see all those settings are there but I thought that might be helpful there's our before there's our after just brighten up a little bit that we didn't remove any wrinkles at all. Okay, so shift command should control in new layer changes blend mode to soft light because fifty percent gray is soft lights neutral photo shop is happy to phillip for us right here in the new layer dialogue. Now we need to grab the brush tool, change brush capacity to fifteen percent paint with white when you wanna lighten paint with black when he won a darkened okay, so just real quickly with white is my foreground color chip. I can come in here and just lighten up her eyes and again, you can paint multiple brush strokes over the same area for a build affect so it's a great way to selectively light and dark and now I need to do a little bit of darkening right here make my brush a little bit larger press my ex, he to flip flops I'm painting with black and let's just dark in the area touch go up in size quite a bit and let's dark and her skin over here on the right side just to kind of even out that tone come down here dark in the chin area, little bit, switch back to painting with why and if I needed teo, I could really come in here and zoom in incredibly far and if I wanted tio lift those wrinkles just a little bit, I would make my brush no bigger than the wrinkle itself. And I would just really be careful to paint within that shadow area and that's how you can lighten wrinkles very subtly. Ok, so let's, get over to the other eye and do a little bit of that and completely not destructive because we're doing all this on a whole other layer that we can continue to tweak anytime we want. We'll call that good enough position or document where you can see everything that we changed there's the before there's the after and if it's a little too overdone drop capacity of that faux dodge and burn layer. Okay, I have given you another file and here to play with so here's the before there's the after there is nothing you can do to take years off of a senior that works better thin, brightening the whites of eyes because as we age, they they get they changing color. They're not his bright white as they used to be. We get some feigns going on in there, and then also what I would do to senior portrait is I would darken the room of the iris a little bit because our eyes fade as we age, so to bring, uh take about five, ten years off of a senior you're gonna lighten the white and you're going to darken that iris rim a little bit very subtly and will make a huge difference so you can play with that file on your own so now let's use one of the soft light blin mode again for a metal reflection and why would you want to do a metal reflection him? I asked, well, if you're a graphic designer, you can defund stuff like this so in polly anna got her a promotion she became her art director then of course she would be jumping up and down with joy when she sees her name on that plaque on her door. Right? Well, how the heck did we do that? It is not rocket science. All we did is I brought in a photo ok here's the original this time I did mask the white ok because I couldn't use my blend mode trick execute rid of why? Because I needed my blend mon menu of that layer in order to make her look like she was reflecting into the metal so I had no choice but to mask the white background and all I did was used the quick selection tool because that tool selects by color and I just selected a couple areas of white and I taught it to the select menu and chose similar about it being better boom now if I add a layer mass to this layer right now for the shops going toe mass the opposite of what I want so you can either choose select inverse or you can flip flop the mask when she created so then we can just add a layer mask that was it come back back over here to the other file pretend that we just brought that in tried to the blend mode menu change it too soft light and you're done and she looks like she's reflecting in the middle so that's a fun one here's another one thiss one I didn't do anything to, you know, masking know anything, okay, so you've got kind of a sad kitty looking here and we've got a king in the food combine both images into the same document, change the blend, motive one of them too soft light and call it in when this being gray in a pet food ad, would it just be perfect? Same thing here you spend so much time playing your guitar that you don't play with your dog anymore. There's the image I used had a little bit of a layer mass to hide the white because I needed to get out that blend with many for the reflection not to hide the white change into soft light and you've got a reflection in a metal surface

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