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Using Adobe® Bridge with Other Creative Suite Apps

The other thing that I won't talk about now is how you bridge along with other creative suite aps thanks to ruin a pop into in design and let us say that we were building a new indesign document so well this shoes file player file new and will create a new document so here's only blind document. So this is another great way to illustrate how useful bridges so if we were to start importing, some are into this document, we might use file place and then we would navigate toward the artwork lives, write some lines on my desktop and the bridge deep dive and here's our stock art folder again not really helpful if you have not applied meaningful names to images because this place dialog box no matter of theories and annan design or illustrator or photo shop is not going to give you previous so a bit of a mystery as to what you're going to get right, he knows what that picture is so you can use bridge in conjunction with these aps now in design and photo shot. Both have a panel which is called...

the mini bridge panel. Ok, so in in design you open it by choosing window many bridge, and what it does is it allows you to see photos right here in this panel and as you can see up here, the top left a portion of my screen we're still in in design works exactly the same way and photoshopped mullick that next so here's my desktop, the only thing I don't like about the mini bridge panel is that in this content area right here, which is where the thumbnail should be, it will not show you folders. I think it's a bug? I don't know why I won't show you followers, but it won't. So what you have to do is this navigate using this left hand panel, so once I double click a folder than I can see folders inside of it, so then I can keep drilling down and there's my stock art folder. So that's, a panel inside of in design and photo shop so let's say, for example, that we're going to use this photo right here and our layout, we can just drag and drop it right into indesign, ok, same thing and photoshopped, so let's, take a peek at doing that and photo shop, and I do this a lot, especially when I'm teaching soto open the mini bridge panel and photo shop, of course it's in a different spot, right? Because why not so open a bridge in photo shot? We're going to use a window extensions marriage and in cia six opens up at the bottom of your screen in see us foreign cs five it opens as a panel towards the top right area but it's the same kind of situation you can see here on the screen that I'm the desktop is active, but one would think there are no files on the desktop that simply saying there's no individual images, everything's and folders, so if we double click the folder, then once we click on a folder that actually has images root level, then we can see them all the bridge the mini bridge panel in photo shop does not scroll vertically it on ly scrolls horizontally weird but true so you can of course open files this way and once you've got a file open, if you wanted tio, combine another file with it let's say you're going to create a collage, then you could simply drag and drop from the mini bridge panel into the artery open flow shop document and that other photos going appear on its own layer right here so that's just a little bit how you can use bridge with the other creative suite aps now illustrator for reasons known only to the lord that adobe does not have the mini bridge panel, I guess because it does, he thinks that if you're in illustrator, you're really not going to be important that much are you going to creating art from scratch? But if you wanted to use something like many bridge with illustrator what you would do is hide in design so it's out of the way come over here to illustrator let's create a new document file knew that looks good. What you could do is arrange your work space so that you can still see the bridge window and that's easily done. Go back to my little stock art folder it's easily done using this tiny little icon right here. This is called compact mode. If you give that a click, the bridge window is going to resize itself, so it is nearly a small is that many bridge pain also it's kind of like having the mini bridge panel open anyway. Okay, so we'll give that button click once I scroll back out, so this is actually the full program of bridges you can see we're in bridge if you like the top left part of my screen, but I can position it so in compact mode that it is easily assessable when I'm overhearing illustrator so and we'll take bridge out of compact move by clicking the same button again and that set button at the top right corner, so now we're back in full mode. Another little thing on using bridge with other creative suite aps specifically in design, is the ability to preview in design stiff it's now in design snippets are like a saved chunk of a layout er design we talked earlier about the analogy of the yellow pages in a telephone book and all the different ads same thing with newspapers or magazines or anything like that. Any time you create a layout that you'll need to reuse later with different text, different graphics, then you could create an indesign snip it's kind of like library adams, but they're a little bit easier tio to create on the fly so let's, take a look at an end design template, so this is just a newspaper template that used to be buried inside of ensign and I'll close it my many bridge panel, so let's say, for example, if I look at another page of this newspaper template here, I've got this ad right tillman a scroll in so let's say you've designed in his letter what having you've got this thing that you're going to need to use over and over and over again but with different content. What you can do is you could just click and drag it to your desktop and much like a clipping like the mac os would create a clipping. If you were to drag a little piece of highlighted text let's, say out of a web browser and onto your desktop the mac os would create a clipping files was like a little snippet file with that info in it in design will do the same thing so what we can do is position all had bridge real quick so we can see our desktop over here so I could in my indesign layout selects the item or items this is all grouped together in this indesign template that came from adobe, so I'm just going to click and drag it to my desktop and as you can see it created a little snippet file so any time I need tio have that same layout again, I can just click and drive that right into my design file or I can you know, choose to open it but if you do that and in design there are no previews, nothing can show you a preview of sniff it except for bridge so if we come back over to bridge and I look at my desktop there's that indesign snippet so if you've saved a lot of those snippets like that bridge is the only way that you can actually see what those things look like, so that could be a very useful thing just a quick note on in design here and it's templates the templates air really, really useful I'm going to make a new document here real quick and push out because I have a you are able to share with you that's going to be useful, so I'm going to type my little text right here adobe used to include hundreds of really useful templates within design in some reason they took him out of c s foreign cs five or no though they were in sales for it they took him out of c s five and c six they're gone templates folder does not exist anymore for no apparent good reason it's not like they take up a bunch of space right? There wasn't me graphics in him, but they're hundreds really, really useful templates. Well, the good folks at in design secrets have gotten the license from adobe to actually distribute those templates, so if you're in design user, you're just starting out using in design do take advantage of the earl I'm about to share with you is going to put you straight to the design secrets dot com web site where you can download those templates for free, which is a really great thing and there's templates for newspapers or take their simple it's for yard sale flyers there's templates for business carbs I mean so many common practical documents that you would build on in design there's a really nice template for so you may as well start with a template and then edited to suit your own needs so the url for that isthe templates and I'll make that small she can read it so it's lisa dyin slash indesign templates and that will take you groups right too the web site where you can download those courtesy of in design secrets. Dot com and amery concepcion. So, thanks, ann, marie and you guys for providing those for us.

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Get your file structure whipped into shape by learning Adobe® Bridge with Lesa Snider! This Deep Dive takes you into the organizational functions of Adobe® Bridge so you can get your files into order. Filter and rate your images, keyword and rename files, make batch changes, and more! If you have Adobe® Photoshop®, you have Adobe® Bridge, and now you'll know how to use it.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6