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Alpha Channel with Content Aware Scale

So if you're following along, we're now in folder number seven, so let's say you've got this typical image here, but you need them to be closer together or farther away from each other. We got kind of a matrix matrix effect here with throwing the leave these missing them such a cold, maybe ok, so what we're going to do first is we're just gonna have a go with the tool and see what areas we need to protect so then go ahead and make a copy of it by person commander control j and then we'll come into the edit mini will choose content or scale make sure that protect people icon is on and then we can see how far we can get, which is not very far restore we start creating toothpick legs on our deed on the left over here so that's clearly not going to work for us. So how can we make an alfa channel and what the heck is and elsa town and alfa channel really is only a same selection that's it that's all it is, so if we can create a selection of the areas that we don't want photoshopped to resiz...

e, then it will leave those areas alone so that's what we're going to do, what I like to do is start out with typically the quick selection tool because that will just get my selection it's far as I can get automatically and then I'll find tune in and quick mask mode and then we'll create the alfa channel from there so it's kind of the work flow that we're going to follow so let's grab the quick selection tool and come over here to our image and we're going to quickly make a rest selection of the things that we don't want photoshopped to miss with when we do the re sizing and I just got my left hand on the brac keys to change breast size and now it's popping a quick mask mode and see what we've got here we go. Well, I need to find him the edges of my selection just a touch I want to make him a hair bigger just like we did earlier with content where phil command I want to make my selection a bit larger than the thing I'm trying to protect here, so we're going to grab our brush tool press b to grab the brush tool and we're going to go up and brush size and just because I've done it a couple of times today, I know that why it is going to add in my selection and black is going subtract for my selection, so impressing the ex kate of flip flop my color chips so that I'm painting with the color that I want and I'm going to quickly outline paint rather around the edges of the thing that I don't want photoshopped scale we'll call that good enough and then come over here into the same thing on this guy I can't stress the usefulness of quick mask mode enough for fine teaming selections like this it's just so fast and you know so many of us that use photo shop are so visual creative in visual so this is the easy way least in my humble opinion to find tina selection very quickly visually so you get the selection set up right pop back out of quick maska mode now we're going to open the channels panel now if you're using one offender shots built in work spaces like essentials at panel's going to already be open but if you don't see it on your screen for some reason just choose a window in channels and all pop open so we're going to click channels right here and then I've already got one in this file for you we're going to create another one how just by clicking the new channel icon down here the bottom and that did not do what I expected that this one it's that one click the circle within a square icon to do as I say, not as I do so and this is what an alfa channel looks like right here and this is another tip for you that is possibly worth the price of today's workshop alone so pay attention see how my channels panel icons are microscopic and I really can't see them there's an easy fix for that works in the layers penalty click the channel's pain will fly out menus the siri's of lines with the downward pointing trying with the top right of the panel choose panel options and turn on that large some nail awasthi some nails when I do that now you can actually see the darn things which is handy so do be sure and do that on your layers panel in your channels panel it's very, very helpful. So now this is an alfa channel okay, so we can get rid of our selection we don't need it anymore, so we compress commander control d now let's throw the other one I made a way for you. There we go. This is what you'll see in your document no need to do anything, teo, you don't have to click it, you don't need to turn it on just the fact that it is there is all we need and as you can see it's just a save selection ok that's how photoshopped marxist selection is with black and white and shades of gray it's just a saved selection that's it so now we're going to come back to the layers panel now we're ready to choose our content or scale command this time from the protect menu was given a click number how when I clicked it earlier there wasn't any other options in there look within their now that's our alfa channel so and you can name those things anything you want if you had several, you might want to be a little bit more particular with your naming but let's, go ahead and choose alfa channel and now watch what happens when I start dragging that handle to the left remember how I couldn't get very far earlier before we gave our duty it's like these little pencil legs now I am if I go all the way over here, obviously we're going to get cem squishes going on, but you can see the difference of how far I can go now versus without creating the alfa channel, okay, so since that's little bit involved let's let's have another go with that, in fact was to start completely over for this particular technique and I'll even go into my channels panel and throw away the alfa channel. Now you'll notice that I'm not pressing the delete key because for some unknown reason the lords of adobe I think it's funny that we have to drag that down to the trash can they did not give us the ability to delete channels with the delete key uh anyway okay, so starting from square one duplicate your image layer have a go with content where scale see what areas are being affected to see what you need to protect there's no need to go through the hassle of protecting everything if it's not going to be affected so do run through it first that roughly the size that you need to get the image and see what's being squished or stretched and then go in and protect those areas so now we know we're going to need to protect these guys so let's go ahead and create a rough selection because it's faster that way yes she could do the whole thing and click massimo but that's not time efficient so let's choose toe activate the quick selection tool come over to the image click and drag or single click to get a decent enough selection of the areas that need to be protected and then we're going to go in and fine tune it using quick mask load so we're ready to do that now so let's press cue to pop into quick mask mode now let's finding the edges of that selection by using the brush tool suppressed b two grand the brush tool take a peek at your color chip white is going to add to your selection black is going to subtract from your selection so right now I want to add so I'm gonna leave it set to white and then I'm just going toe paint around the edges of the selection and get his hand in there because I didn't get his hand and there were the quick selection tool, but it did make my job ah, little be easier because I don't have as much to find tune since I started out with the quick selection tool, I hope all of y'all will start taken advantage of quick mass mode if you're not already it's so wonderful, you can even change the color of the red overlay let's say the areas that you were trying to create, a selection of had a lot of red in them and that read, I really does not need going to be very much good at all, so you can just double click the quick mask modi calling at the very, very bottom of your tools panel, and you can click that little color swatch there and we'll open the color picker she can change over light anything you want, okay, so looks like our selections pretty good press cue to pop back out of quick mask mood now, let's, come over to our channels panel if you do not see it on your screen, tried up to the window menu and choose channels, and then all we're going to do is click the circle within a square icon at the bottom of the channel's panel. And that gets us our alfa mask don't have to click it don't have to turn its visibility eye on nothin for alsa channel rather now let's, get rid of our selection by pressing commander control d we'll go back to the layers panel now we're ready to use content where scale said she's edit content aware scale and then why is it not doing what we think it's going to do? Because I forgot to tell it to protect the alfa channel? C I do all these things just to trouble shoot you well, it's serious, you know, I don't mind messing up when I'm doing these things for you guys because I know you're going to mess up to you and hopefully makes me look a lot more human. So let's say this is the science that we need press return in the world in and you don't even have to go in delete that alfa channel it's perfectly fine to leave it hanging around it's not going to add that much file size to your document, so feel free to leave that hanging around in case you need to come back in here and continue tweaking it in some some fashion so let's try that on another image this for fun this is a funnel because I used to use this in my continent where classes but I wanted to use in the images so if I turn off the visibility of the so long harry layer, you'll see that there used to be another another band member everybody breaks up even the beatles black sabbath broke up I mean, it can happen ok? So now go ahead and delete that extra layer that I make will leave harry well, we've hearing in the band so let's go ahead and duplicate our layer, turn off the original and have a go with content where scale to see actually let's make our canvas size larger first let's say we know exactly how much larger we want this image to be. I was a little bit what she's image canvas size and we're going to say, oh it's, try about thirteen by nine something like that we're going to go ahead and leave our anchor point the center so that our images left in the center here we go so let's say that's the size I need for this promo shot but for whatever reason I want my guys to say the same size, so now we can come into the edit menu cheese content we're scale this time let's click and drag a corner handle while holding down the option case that's going toe expand from the center outward and let's just see how far we can get without going through the steps of making the alfa channel, so you're gonna option drag or ault I clicked that shortcut again all to drag on a pc since high press it we'll grab this corner handle ok option or ald and as I make the picture bigger, I immediately start messing up my people so that's not going to work so well press escape to get out of it now let's go make our alfa channel so we'll grab the quick selection tool and we're going to create a rough selection of the bits we want to protect and then we'll fine tune it using quick mask quick selection tool came along and see yes for I believe and boy howdy! Is it useful? So now I'm putting the tool and subtract mode by pressing holding the option. Chiana mac are also on the pc and now let's go find him it with quick mask so oppress cue to pop in the quick mask mood press be the grand the brush tool we know that painting with why it is going to add in my selection so let's just go ahead and fine tuning our selection right here. It's another great use for a welcome graphics tablet at home I use and into us five I just don't travel with it I've got so many other things packed in my my laptop bag that I just have not created the habit of actually traveling with it someone switched the painting with black here because I want to leave as much background as I possibly can for photo shop to use to increase the size of this image so I don't want to include all that grass in my selection down there I want to shop have that available to use so it is going to get around the edges of the guitar here a little bit and by all means when you're doing this at home I find that having a frosty beverage or your favorite glass of wine does make photoshopped to you a little bit better of a job with this kind of stuff and of course if you're short on time photo shop can smell fear some none of this will work if your boss is watching your whatever forget about it okay let's pop back out a quick mask minutes we've got a decent of selection of the areas that we want to protect sin alice grab our channels panel come down to the circle within a square icon at the bottom of the channel's panel there's our alfa channel we could get rid of our selection my pressing commander control d now let's go back to the layers panel we'll zoom out so we can see the edges of our image now we're ready to choose at it content where scale and we're going to remember this time to choose our alfa channel from the protect menu and now if I press and hold option on a mac are also on the pc and I start making this image larger than it does a little bit of a better job, I still have a few problem areas, so as you can see with some images, it'll work better than others. So in this situation, I would probably switch from holding down that modifier key and then trying to just perhaps drag one side at a time so you get a little bit of different results depending upon the area of the image that you're that you're dry acting so trial and error my friend's trial and error any questions on using content or scale? Let me take a peek at our all our questions, dawn me asked earlier, wanting to know how to choose an exact ratio to change the photo to is there a way to do that? When you're cropping, you could use the crop to a preset, so if I press see to grab the crop so you'll find an aspect ratio poppet menu at the far left of the options bar so you can use beacon dial in one of these presets right here and then when you use the crops hole for the shop will restricted to that specific aspect the issue okay? And then j b asks, why does lisa turn off the background layer when using content aware scale just for the purposes of demonstration so that you can appreciate the size change that we're making because otherwise you'd still see part of the image back there, and it would be hard for you to see visually how much we were changing and so it's just for demonstration purposes only. Perfect, thank you and rogers global, melissa asks, could you? And would you use content or scale to find tune fixture, modify the edges of an image from a wide angle lens from allied england? You could, but they're better tools, such as the and for the shop c s six and higher. You can use the adaptive wide angle filter to fix that, and if that didn't work, he could use the lynns correction filter for that particular problem. I would go with the adaptive wide angle, but if you've got an earlier version of photo shop that doesn't have that filter the naked thailand's correction and if you've got a really early version, the photo shop, the limbs correction filter used to be nested in the distort category, so if you don't see it root level right here, then just take a peek in the distort category and you can find it down there.

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Ready to take your Photoshop skills to the next level? Join author of the best-selling Photoshop: Missing Manual book series, Lesa Snider, for a full-day immersion into Photoshop’s Content-Aware technology. Lesa will cover everything you need to know about Content-Aware technology, in which Photoshop intelligently analyzes your images for optimum results when resizing, removing, or moving objects around. You'll learn concrete and practical uses for all of these tools including Content-Aware Fill, Content-Aware Move, and Content-Aware Patch, plus you'll learn how to use alpha channels to get the absolute most out of resizing your images for specific output sizes with Content-Aware Scale. And when these tools don't do a perfect job? That's when the Clone Stamp tool comes in! By the end of this deep dive, you'll have mastered the art of using all these tools non-destructively for maximum flexibility when editing your images.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.1



This is a great course. I work for a clothing company retouching and post processing photos of the models. Being able to remove wrinkles from clothing and make it look natural is critical. Lesa does a great job of teaching the various methods of repairing everything from wrinkles, to color and texture. I go back to it often when I feel I'm missing something.