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Cloning from Multiple Documents

Now what I want tio is talk a little bit about cloning from multiple documents why would you want to do that? You might ask, well, if you've got let's say we've got a nice image of these birdhouses anyone? It would be a little bit cheeky and sprinkle in cem kittens it might be hungry. So what we've guys we've got a clone source if I want to clone the kittens onto the birdhouses well, they live in a different document if I combined these two images into the same photo shop document, I can do it there, but it gets really confusing rail confusing real fast because this layer you wouldn't be able to see it, it would be underneath the other image layer and it just gets it terribly confusing, so what you can do is set up multiple clones sources you can choose upto five different clone sample sources, so let's, go ahead and click to activate our clone stamp tool and we'll disclose this kitty right here so we'll option are all click to set a sample point. Now if we pop up in our clone source p...

anel, we can see right here that this first little clone stand is darkens that means it's active and if you put your cursor at it than that little yellow tool tip will come up and even tell you what document it's coming from well, what if I want to duplicate more than one kitty? Maybe I want to duplicate this kitty down here as well. Well, I can click to activate one of those other little sample point icons, which just looks like the close tanto like on and then I can click to set that is this have a point and so on and so forth even from different documents so the key to setting several sample or close sources rather is to click these little individual icons before you set the sample. Now I can come over here to my other document even close up my clothes first panel actually I'm gonna need it so I'll leave it open here and we'll make a new empty layer onto which we're going to add a kitty and I can come over here and make my brush cursor large so I can kind of preview the size and maybe I wantto bring that one down in size er just a little bit there we dio and then I can begin to clone from that other document into this document right here and I turned off a line so as I pick my breast cursor up it's going to reset and we're gonna get multiple kitty eyes, which is going to be really, really weird, so we'll undo and turn that back on so cloning for multiple documents can be incredibly handy again calling a little bit more than you need tio especially when you come up to an edge because you just don't want tohave teo you don't want to have to try to match that sample point again so we're just going to feel the kitty on top of a birdhouse you're thinking she is twisted so now if I want tio clone that other cat do I have to go back to that document no all I have to do is click that other clone source that I did some now make my curse a little bit bigger sign kind of position things change the size if I need to and then I'm cloning from that other spot in that other document that I can't even really see they still open again klein a little bit more than you need tio and then we can come back in here in and a mask and I probably would have been done each kitty on separate layers like I told you to do earlier but he and do as I say not as I do painting with white doesn't do anything inside of an empty layer mask and then you can come in here in fine teen the edges to make that a little bit more we're a list a so that's pretty amazing t a lot of folks don't take advantage of that but it's really, really incredibly handy so we'll just run through that one one more time so we'll delete the layer I made, so if you're going to clone from multiple images, go ahead and pop him open let's say we're going to clone from this one so we activate the clone stamp tool opened the clone source panel click at the first clone source is going to be active anyway, so the first one you click on is going to get a signed to that button. Now if we wantto set another sample point in that image or in another open image, then we simply click the second clone source button and we set that sample point we could click the third one and said that as a sample points now we've got three different clone sources loaded up in our constanta ll so now we can come back over here to the original image kitty one make your brush cursor larger seeking kind of position him we're going toe make him smaller maybe about sixty percent but a little bit of his cute little face in the foreground here actually that's a little bit too small so go back eighty here we go get a dvd we can really bernie's says lots of fun to do again great for stock photographers great for just creating your own pieces of unique art that you sell our heavy great for production environment in advertising indeed you can convey all kinds of conceptual images with these types of techniques convey conceptual ideas so now we're going to switch to the other close source make our car sir little bit larger make a new layer put in another kitty we're a cafe we like to say it hawkeye twisted metal injury kitty three click our other clone source the hard part when she started using these multiple clotheshorse icons is remembering what which button holds what? But if you just make your brush cursor larger then I can see oh that's not the one I wanted any click another one know that is the one I want that's what so handy to have that a preview or that overlay hassler shop calls it turned on so you can see that again go down and brush size to clone in smaller pieces and then come back in with layer masks to find teen if you'd like any questions I met pretty quiet up here. Everyone loves that, you know, that clone source panel where was that in my life? Ten years? Yeah it's really, really incredible. I'll go ahead and show you guys the keyboard shortcut things since we've got a couple of extra minutes here so to get really fast at this you can set up a keyboard shortcuts for these buttons how on earth would you do that? I mean, really what you can do is a little bit of programming and then you can tell all your friends that hey, I've programmed photoshopped to my specific needs and wants and desires, so you're going to choose the edit menu and you're going to come down teo keyboard shortcuts all at the bottom when you do this fabulously useful dialog box is going to have here and you've got two different things in photo shop or two different categories of things rather that you can customize you can customize keyboard shortcuts and you can also customize your menus so if their commands that you never ever, ever, ever used in these menus you khun temporarily hide them by clicking the menus tab and then choosing which menu you want right here so this pop it that many lets you specify what men you are we talking application and news which would be the things that the top or we talking panel menus which would be like the panel fly out menus that we get these guys over here so just telephoto shot which one you want to do from this poppet menu and then come down here, put the little flippy triangles and you can determine if you want those many commands on or off so if you never ever use bridge could turn that off and then that's going to disappear from your menus until you come back in and turn it back on ok so but for this we're going to look at customizing keyboard shortcuts that do pay attention which tad is active and you can even set up set up sets of keyboard shortcuts so right now this is saying hey, you're gonna be modifying the default so if you re said anything to the default than these changes that you've made will stay but you can create your own sets and to do that you would just click these little buttons right here to add a new uh preset of your own so your own customized keyboard shortcuts separately from the default so what we're talking about right now is setting up keyboard shortcuts for those multiple clones sources in the clone stamp tools clone source panel so we're on earth do you go to get something like that? Well use this pop it in and you hear shortcuts for what? Give it a clique are we talking a panel men you know are we talking a tool? Maybe so let's try that so it's quick tools and there we see all the different tools that are in front of shop and their keyboard shortcuts so if we scroll down to close stand tool which is right here what option do I have? This is when you see ok so this is talking about the key more shortcut to activate the tool that's not what we want so let's come back up to this menu well, panel menus let's see how how far that gets us so we choose pain on the news and now we're going to come down here we can see clone source right here if you don't see got this little scroll bar if we click it still a flippy triangle that's where those honor so you can set up a keyboard shortcut for anything in the panel so there's all your different sources, so to sit at the keyboard shortcut he would just click it and then he would enter on your keyboard whatever key he wanted to use to access source merlin source to source three source for source five so that's, how you can get really, really fast when you're using multiple clones horses that way and if we just scroll down, you can see all the different things that you can set a keyboard shortcut for in the clone source panel alone, so that reset button that we saw you can set up the keyboard shortcut for that that show our relay you can sit at the keyboard shortcuts said that toggle it often on, so this is how you can get really, really fast at using the program and kill again. All we chose is edit keyboard shortcuts and specifically for assigning a keyboard shortcut to the clone sources from the shortcuts for menu you're going to choose panel because those buttons air in a panel so she's panel and then click the little flippy triangle for clone source. And then click. Which what button do you want to sign the keyboard shortcut for? And then just typing in right there. And then when you click, okay, you're going tohave those keyboard shortcuts until you, um, take him out.

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Ready to take your Photoshop skills to the next level? Join author of the best-selling Photoshop: Missing Manual book series, Lesa Snider, for a full-day immersion into Photoshop’s Content-Aware technology. Lesa will cover everything you need to know about Content-Aware technology, in which Photoshop intelligently analyzes your images for optimum results when resizing, removing, or moving objects around. You'll learn concrete and practical uses for all of these tools including Content-Aware Fill, Content-Aware Move, and Content-Aware Patch, plus you'll learn how to use alpha channels to get the absolute most out of resizing your images for specific output sizes with Content-Aware Scale. And when these tools don't do a perfect job? That's when the Clone Stamp tool comes in! By the end of this deep dive, you'll have mastered the art of using all these tools non-destructively for maximum flexibility when editing your images.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.1



This is a great course. I work for a clothing company retouching and post processing photos of the models. Being able to remove wrinkles from clothing and make it look natural is critical. Lesa does a great job of teaching the various methods of repairing everything from wrinkles, to color and texture. I go back to it often when I feel I'm missing something.