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Applying Filters to Video

Ok so we're gonna go ahead and pop open that were in folder number five filters dash video image a this is what happens when you move footage or perhaps rename a video file or change the folder name that it lives in or trotted over to another computer since photoshopped does not in bed video into its documents ever because they would be too big to deal with at all then finish up saying hey I know they're supposed to be video in here but I can't find it so I had to do is click the choose button and then navigates aware that clip lives or you know where you've renamed it so this one lives on our desktops we're gonna go ahead and she's day three smart objects and filters video and here's my original clip and photoshopped tells you the clip name that it's looking for so you confront it down so now when I click open it gives me a little check mark and says, hey, I'm going to get a deal so we just re linked the file okay so here we've got our timeline which automatically opens when you are d...

ealing with a video layer so I'm in a click the double zeros in my ruler my timeline ruler and we're going to let this video play in I'll go ahead and collapse that and expand it so you can see it a little bit better so we've got a neat oil paint or if we look over here in our layers panel, we can see it's, a water color filter applied to the video clip and we can see that we've got a smart object here. Somebody go ahead and press the space bar to let that play it's running a little slowly, but you can see that things were moving and all those things have that filter applied to them. Okay, those air realized fish in there, so I'll press space bar to temporarily pause that I'm going to turn off the visibility I of the water color filter that I ranks, and I want to show you another one called film grain so here's our original video, it really is fish. Okay now, let's, turn on film grain, so that gives you another look and because we created a smart object out of the video clip, the filter is being applied to every frame within that clip. If you on ly apply the filter to a regular video layer, it would apply to the first frame of the first frame on lee, and you would screen quite loudly so let's. Take a look at another one that's kind of fun uh, filter is posture poster edges that's where you can get that look of that movie, a scanner darkly senile to scrub through that by clicking and dragging the play head I hope your minds or just on fire with the creative possibility with all this especially photographers you know since you're shooting could shoot with your dslr now jessica you have a question as long as you save these files really show up in premiere with those filters on them is it that is a dangle question I do not know the answer that I would think that the filters would apply but I don't know I'm not used premier so I'm honestly not sure that's a good question though so let's take a look at how toe create this okay so going close this document and we'll open up our original clip I'm gonna go ahead and just go hunt it down over here on my desktop well I can use many bridge there it is ok so here's our clip we're going to double quick open that and when you just double click to open a video clip and photo shot it gives you like I said earlier opens a timeline panel and it puts that clip on its own video track unfortunately for reasons known only to the lord that adobe you cannot place a video clip in an existing document and have it come in as a smart object it's the weirdest thing it's very strange so in other words we can't choose file place and have that video come in as a smart option so we have tio click to activate the layer and convert it control flicker right click and converted to a smart object case a file place won't do the trick it's very strange so now we're free to run all the filters that wants we contracted to the filter menu there's a lot of them in the artistic and uh distort categories that will work I want to take just a small second here to get up on a soapbox and rant about c s six and it's nearly organized field germany because what we want to do is we want to get to the filter gallery because the filter gallery is fabulous I'll just show you the filter gallery it gives you all these different categories of filters artistic like I said, you can click the little flippy triangle and you can come in here and you can just click on the different ones and you get a lovely large preview of what that filter would look like should you choose to apply. The only problem with this is if you choose a filter triggered from the filter gallery and you click ok what filter did I run? Yeah this is the most unhelpful thing in the world the on ly fix for it is to go in finnish references can you even believe this go into funny shots preferences and there is an option and trying extremely hard to remember its implants photo shot preferences plug ins on the mac edit preferences plug ins on a pc for the love of thor turned this deck an option back on so you can get to those filter categories. And even though those filter categories in the filter menu will trigger the filter gallery they will be named appropriately when you run them in your layers panel I cannot believe it. Toby did that they're going to reorganize the filter menu will you disabled functionality that's not cool so this is the fix. So photo shop preferences plug ins on a mac or edit preferences plug ins on a pc in turn on show all felt filter gallery groups and names otherwise you will never remember what the heck filters you ran in order to be able to reproduce the fact so on and so forth. So now let's throw that filter gallery filter away now when we come back up to the filter man, you look here, there's all my categories back. So don't be really was trying to help us and shortening the mini by reducing duplicate so they took out all the categories that can be triggered from the filter gallery. So now when we come out here to artistic and we choose any of these guys will go from film grain it's still triggers the filter gallery, which is great, but when we come back tire layers panel if we choose paint jobs it says paint jobs and layers so yeah, that was a big crippling. So anyway, back to the happiness of filters. Now look at this isn't that beautiful paint ops not pretty, it just cannot be easier to apply filters to video. Ok, so let's, take a look at a couple more that are exceptional in my opinion, so filter now let's, come over here, tio, that, uh, posture edges and we get that scanner darkly look, and you can control all kinds of wonderful things over here in the filter gallery to customize the way that looks click ok, now we've got paint jobs and posture edges poster engines running at the same time, but you could just temporarily toggle the visibility eyeball off of the individual filters to see which one you like best for the artistic creation that you're making so here's water color another one that works quite well, and again, you can customize these, however you'd like there's, our water color it's a pretty thing. Just think of the opportunities when you're shooting weddings or sporting events or anything like that, and your clips don't even have to be that long to be impactful when you mix them in with stills. In video editing, we lifted a little bit of the panting and seeming that can be applied to stills via the motion panel and photoshopped and it's quite easy I spent a whole day on photo shop cia six video in the c s sixty features class so I would highly recommend that to you so let's, go ahead and close this video clip and we'll take a look at another one go back too many bridge here here again I've moved or renamed these files actually they've gone from my computer to another computer so photoshopped has lost its ability to locate the clip so we're going to click choose and we'll come over here and tell it where the click lives and it will be all happy again and we'll click okay so over here I've applied the same three filters again so here's what the watercolor effect looks like on our blushing bride just a pretty thing people will think he spent hours on this stuff and of course he won't and there's film grain pasta edges that's a pretty one male notice that there's not a whole lot of the posture edge is being applied here. Why is that let's take a look at that filters blending options doubleclick actually, I thought I had lower capacity, but I did that to show you that you could lower the opacity of just the filter fix, so if you find a filter that you like on the video clip but it's a bit too overdone a little bit too strong if you've applied it to a smart object, you have opacity control as well as all the blend moods to do all kinds of wonderful things click ok, so you might like that if it it's not quite a strong will but more subtle so just to repeat that well, go ahead and pop open our original clip these clips came from my stock photo and we need to convert our video clip to a smart object so we can controller right click to the right of the layer named cheese convert to smart object now we are free to tool about in the filter menu when you're in the filter gallery, you've got a tiny little zoom buttons lurking at the very bottom left of that filter gallery so you might have to reduce the zoom level to see the full video clip so at all kinds of wonderful things here we can go into the brush stroke category and again, what a great way expend ah friday or saturday night on your own with your favorite frosty beverage diffused clothes nice it gives the clip and ethereal feel okay but it's overdone do we care? No click ok double click the icon to the right of the fields her name drop that opacity play with blend modes click ok now let's script through and see what we've got oh didn't get like fifty percent more romantic she's gonna talk through here in a minute? This is going to giggle lab so all kinds of fun things that you can do it smart objects and video do we have any questions on applying filters? A video that part super super straightforward isn't it mr member to converted into smart ob gyn and remember that for who knows why you cannot use file place to add a video clip and have it come into the smart object? Maybe a c a c s seven will get that under new any questions from the internet on filters and video or the oil paint and things that were running filmed a multilayer documents we'll give them a second tio get the questions coming through at marion from bucharest, romania and just to clarify, if you cover this already, can you use the mask for the filters applied to video? Absolutely so let's just do that show okay, so let's click on the included smart filter mask that came along with it. We have to add layer mask will press be the ground? The brush, too will go up and brush size with our bracket key check to make sure that we're painting with black and if we wanted to hide uh, the ethereal bit from let's say her face, I lowered my brush opacity earlier, so we'll come back at two hundred now I've hidden it from her face. The only problem with that is when she moves the mass, I won't move a place I don't think it did or did it. It is a little like it did so that's. The only problem with with the mask part. Yes, jessica, um recently I saw that if you have, like, a a still video that's just capturing movement, you can set a time rate for the mask to move from one place to the other, and it will just move across your image. However it goes. But like it was the running water and like of ah, waterfall and you could move it across and watch the water moving at, like different parts of it. That's a really good point, that's, really a point. So what jessica is saying is that photo shop will let you animate that mask. Okay, that is beyond the scope of today's class. But just to give you a hint, you can expand any video track to show its properties, and you can animate all these properties and that's how you can do that. So great point.

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Learn what Smart Objects are, how best to use them, and creative uses for Smart Objects. Create Smart Object templates that will let you easily replicate your work on other pictures. Join Adobe® Photoshop® Missing Manual author Lesa Snider for a Deep Dive into Smart Objects! If there's a use for Smart Objects, this course will cover it!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6