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Making a Label Template and Unlinked Content

There used to be a picture package it was really like a plug in or inaction in photo shop used to be under the file autonomy you can still do it in these kinds of ways you could create a contact sheet which is going tio let you plop in a bunch of different pictures and size them in different ways and so forth but you may not be able to get the size is that you need and smart objects is just another way to do repetitive content ok, so that's we're going to create a template from scratch so that you know how to do it and surely your brains will be a fire with all kinds of other uses for this exact same thing now the temple that we're about to build a cz you can see here is going to be an eight by ten kind of landscape orientation we're going to drag out some guides that show us exactly where to put our images this particular template they were going to make together today is going to make one five by seven and four two by five or two and a half by three and a half inch images hey you can...

do the math on your own to figure out how to make other templates like this but the one we're going to do today is one five by seven and for two and a half by three and a halfs so go ahead and close the picture of the cutest kitten in the world right now and let's create this from scratch together, so we're working in folder number twelve linked smart objects picture package so the first thing we're going to do is create a new document I mean that's where we're gonna build our temple template from we want to make sure that it's the right size for a printer so think about what size template you want to make, so we'll choose or press command in for new document or control in on a pc, and we can actually use the preset poppet menu here in the new document dialog box, so we'll choose photo because we're going to print photos and from the size menu fuck shot populates it with the most frequently use sizes for photos that he might print, so we'll go ahead and we'll choose landscape eight by ten when you do so, photo shops going to go ahead and fill in this other stuff for you, go ahead and click ok if you happen to know that the printer that you're going to be printing on likes smaller pixels and their one you're going to get by entering three hundred pixels per inch in the resolution field that's going to produce really small picture lt's, but if you want to up that resolution measurement, then you can certainly do so here before you press okay to create a new document for example, if you got a fancy shmancy epson are three thousand you might want to go up to four hundred twenty pixels per inch to make those pixels really, really small and the resolution measurement the higher the number the tinier the pixels are when they're printed okay, the lower the number, the bigger they are when they're printed, so we'll go ahead and click ok now our next job is to set guys where we can line up all these images that we're going to put in or one set of images that were going to say this is a template and weaken swap those images out so we're going to set guides so we're going to turn on our rulers by person commander control are for rulers and we could sit here and grab a move tool and try to figure out the exact places for these guys. I don't really have the patience for that I don't know about y'all, so what we're going to do is I'll delete these guides, I'll delete these guides all right, fine dragging me out of the way we're gonna let photo shops that those guides for us we're going to dial in the exact placement that we want those guys to appear, so to do that we're going to chalk up to the view menu and we're in choose new guide the shop opens a dialogue that asked people what kind of god would you like to add lee so would you like to add a vertical guide or a warzone guide and what position exactly would you like that guide to appear in well for this particular template we're going to sit three horrors all guys and we'll set a couple of vertical guides so we'll choose horizontal from the orientation section and down here in the position field we're going to type half inch you have to type in the unit of measurement okay or else photo shop is going to assume whatever your unit of measurement or set tio in the program in our case that's pixels right now so we type point five space I am for inches and will click ok and flu shots it's our first guide you know we'll try back it to the demon you choose and you guide we're going to set another horizontal guide this time at four inches press return go back up to view cheese new guide the last fours on guide is going to go at seven and a half inches there we go now we're going to set our two vertical guides so well cheese view new guide we'll click the vertical radio button five inches and we'll do this again together go back up to the view menu choose new in our last vertical guide is going to be at seven and a half there we go so you can see what we've got going on here so are five by seven is going to fit right in here and in our smaller pictures are going to fit within these blocks so now let's start bringing them in shall we wait can choose file place or you can click and drag from many bridge this's the first image we're going to use here this one happens to be from fa tolia interestingly enough I came in as a grey scale and if your picture isn't perfectly fitting within these guides we can add a layer mask okay to make it fit so go ahead and press return I have a sneaky feeling that we're dealing with a grey scale mode document I'll pick over in the channels pale and indeed we've only got will and channel so let's fix that by coming up here to the image menu choosing mode in rgb color don't rast arise don't flatten thank you there's our color picture I don't know why it ended up being a grayscale documents but never list to hide the edges of that photo actually weaken distraught the mask within those guides and then with the photo layer active we can click the circle within a square button at the bottom of the layers paneled at that mask now let's duplicate the smart object so it's linked to content so that when we swap out one photo it swaps out in all five positions of our template here so we'll go ahead and duplicate that layer by pressing command jay on the matter control j on a pc press b to grab the move tool scooped her over to the next guide and when you're doing stuff like this it is so helpful to allow foot a shop to snap your layer content to the edges of the guy this hole one of the whole reasons to set the guides in the first place if that is not happening for you at home do you make sure to peak in the view may need and make sure that the snap command is turned on its on it has a little check mark next to it so that's why that snapping behavior is happening for me now we're going toe use free transform to resize are beautiful mermaid here so we're going to summon it by pressing command tea on the mac or control t on a pc will use our keyboard shortcut for fitting the whole document to the screen so we can see those other corner handles and that is commander control zero and now I can come down here to the bottom right handle and while pressing and holding the shift key because we don't want our mermaid to get coffee job right sloppy job mermaids are bad ok and then we can size that photo where it fits perfectly within our little hole that we made for it now the rest of our job is super simple we're just going toe duplicate that content again three more times press vida grand the move tool if it's not already active duplicate the content again so you're filling the boxes of your template and if for whatever reason the snapping to the guides doesn't work properly, you just saw me use my arrow keys to mention the photo into place so that's totally fine to do that teeth and now let's duplicate the photo one more time are moved to was still active so we can just shift drag teo populate that other hole and again pressing and holding shift why you're dragging with the move to will simply constrained your move to whatever direction you started out in so either horizontal or vertical so now to re populate this template with a whole nother set of photos we can simply swap out content. But first we would of course she has filed say that and we're going to throw this template onto the desktop and we're going to cleverly name it we can name a picture package or anything that's meaningful to you and I would definitely include as much information and foul name as you can so it identifies itself because you will likely have several of these hanging around so we can say five by seven space four dash you know two point five by three point five so you can bury lots of information in that final name. I do that a lot, and if you purchase the course and you get the exercise files, you will notice quite a bit of information buried in my file names there clues to me, as well as to you as to what is happening within this file? So I really get the most out of my final names, so we make sure to choose photo shop as the format click safe. So now we've got that template, so let's say now I'm ready to print some more photos becoming here different one so we can choose any of these smart objects control or right click near the layer name and she's replaced contents, and then we can navigate toe wear that other image lists, and we're down here a folder number twelve picture package, and we can come and pop in another mermaid instantly linked smart object content so let's do that again. Yanni that was coming right? So we'll close that baby a first thing we're going to do to create a picture package template for ourselves is making new document the size of the paper that we want to print so command in or control in for new document on the pc. And we could go ahead and put in our file name right here if we would like so we can say picture package five by seven for two and a half by three and a half images from the priest and many wouldn't go ahead choose photo that you don't have to use a preset for this part but if the priest said it's includes the size that you want to print why not right so we've got an eight by ten going in here landscape down here on color mode I don't know why this is sent to gray scale but for the love of thor change it rgb color then we can click ok funny shots going to create the new document here we go now we need tio add our guides so we'll start by going up to the view menu new guide we're going to sit three horizontal guides and the first position this point five inches and you have to type in the unit of measurement ok do it again next guide is gonna be at four inches next guy is going to be at seven and a half inches if you wanted to you could create your own keyboard shortcut for that new guy dialog box instructions on how to do that live in this fabulous book that you might have heard of it's called photo shop cia sixty missing manual but I will tell you that the trick to doing it involves choosing the edit menu and keyboard shortcuts you can go in there and create your own custom keyboard shortcuts for any thing that photoshopped does not have the keyboard shortcut for so you could make that yourself menu items so there's a little tip free ok, so we've gotten our three horizontal guys set now let's set our vertical guides will go back to the view menu choose new god change the radio button to vertical our first vertical guide is going to go at the five inch position our last vertical guide is going to go at seven and a half inches, so now we're all set now we're ready to start bringing in our images mentor my rulers are offer second so we can choose file, place or we could drag and drop from the mini bridge panel or your desktop because we're dealing with raster images or pixel based images now and as a photo shop see us five and later those will automatically come in as a sworn object, so we'll navigate to our first image that we're going to use in our template and we're going to place her press and hold the shift key to resize if we need tio and you may not need tio I'm gonna use my arrow keys to scare her over a little bit, maybe skater up and then if you need to add a layer mask to make the picture perfectly fit the space so a press in to grab the rectangular marquis will click just outside of our document edge dragged agnelli downward we have snapping turned on the view menu so my marquee it's snapping to the guides so once I have a good selection of the area I want to include in my mask it looks like I needed nudge it down just a hair you could nudge selections around as well with your arrow keys so long is that selection tool is still active so now it's add a layer mass by clicking the circle within a square icon at the bottom of the layers panel now we're ready to start duplicating are linked far object content so let's press commander control jay press vida grabbing move tool I'm holding the shift key down while I'm dragging her because she's perfectly lined up with that top guys so I don't want to deviate from that what some and free transform again with commander control t press and hold shift key star main mermaid doesn't get squished and weaken resize her so that she fit it's perfectly within those guides now the rest for a job is super easy we don't have to anymore re sizing we just have to keep duplicating and moving content and again used the move tools if you need to you so there we go yes is there any disadvantage to using the option drag method to copy, uh, it'll copy that layer and and also moving at the same time, you should do that team, you absolutely kids, so you could use option drag. She will delete that last layer that we did. So we're on this layer right here so we could come over to our content press and hold the option key on a mac or halt on a pc, and I would also add the shift key so that we don't go vertical with it, and you can just drag that way, and that will dip. Locate your layer content as well as allow you to move it at the same time. Thank you, damien. So now we will choose file save so that we save our template. We already gave it a name, so we don't have to do save as okay. So file save he'll ask you where you want to put it. We're just going to throw it out onto the desktop click save theirs are template, so now we're ready to print new photos with this template, we pick any one of these smart objects. Controller right click near the layer name and from the resulting mid need she's replaced, contents navigate to wear. The new content lists were in day three smart objects folder twelve and then we can go down to image see, which is our keyhole mermaid, and if you needed to reposition the photos inside the masks that you made that's totally fine, too, you would just unlinked the layer content from the mask and then used to move tool tio may be skewed the's, former maze down this a little bit when we did what we did when we swapped out content, are we rip placing the image with another smart object? Not really. We've got one smart object that we've made here, and all we're doing is swapping out content of that particular container. Okay, it was about like having a file folder and put in a new piece of paper in the same file holder, so you're not really you're not creating a new smart object, you're simply swapping out content of the existing one. Um, okay, plum gecko has a question? She asked. Is there a way to make a nine up of three by three inch images with different engines? Images like a contact sheet with space of the bottom for text? Sure, absolutely. You could have a go at that either enbridge, which gets installed right alongside photoshopped or any of the creative suite applications. Bridge has a theodore b output module. The ao in is great for creating contact sheets like that and it's a little bit easier to do it that way instead of manually because you can just click on the photo and you can swap out different pieces of it so you could certainly do it that way or you could try doing it here in photo shop in cia six contact sheet plugin was put back into the program because boy howdy did the photo shop realm at large scream bloody murder when adobe ripped this out of cs four hey, so patri package also used to be in here, but that one hasn't come back out if it will come back or not but contact sheet was gone and see us foreign cia's five back and see a six as is pdf presentation so those to plug ins used to be in the program disappeared another back so you could definitely do what she's asking or that person is asking via contact sheets. Each is filed automate contact. She lets you choose the size template that you want to make and then you can choose what to populate with. So if we could just clarify again for net ingenuity who's a regular here it is asking, is this right? If you want to shift the person of the new photo and the photo package unlinked from the mask and move it to a new position and relinking dish you've got a met ingenuity exactly, and we can do that right here. So let's say that I want these former maids to scoot down a little bit within that mass, so I don't want to reposition the picture and we're reposition the photo inside the mask so we would need tio unlinked all these guys, the little ends, and then we could activate all those layers by commander control clicking. We've got the move till active already and then with our arrow keys, we could nudge the photo down within the mask see how the photo is moving, but the mask is not moving, so you may need to do a little bit of fine tainting like that as you swap content into templates like this but it's still a heck of a lot faster and having rebuild the whole dad gun template, you know, and then when you're finished, when you get it, just try, I would go back through in re link the layer content to the mask, you know have to just keep she from accidentally bumping one if you happen to have the nudge still active and your cat jumps on your keyboard or your you know your disk and things move that's happened to me, so I would like to lengthen back together I do have another example for you with linked content that might help with them some of the questions that we're getting here, so now we're gonna work with folder number thirteen, and I'm going to show you what we're going to make, and of course we're going to make it together. This is an actual project that I got paid to dio holy moly. So what we've got here is a an avery label template that I downloaded from the internet, and I designed here's what the template looked like. Originally, it was just a bunch of guides on white, her outlines that's what the template would like, ok, so I deleted the white background because if I'm going to print on white paper don't need quite background, so I deleted that, and then what I did was I created a label one I'll double click to expand the smart object, and you can see the label that I made says for, um, one of the local restaurant owners in boulder, colorado, he makes limoncello, so I made this label for him. I took all for these layers that comprise the label, stuffed them into a single smart object, brought one smart object we closed that brought one smart object into this template and duplicated it to create all those other labels. And then and see a six you can duplicate multiple layers at one time first time we've ever been able to do that, so I simply selected or activated rather all the labels on the right pressed commander control j grabbed the move tool scooted him over and now I've got an awesome label template that we can just run out however many guillermo needs now the beauty of this is tenfold because what if I accidentally make a typo? What if he changes some of the texas down here? Do I have to redo every one of those instances? Absolutely not holy moley that be awful I simply have to edit one of these guys and the update ok? So let's say for example, guillermo changes the kind of vodka he's using maybe it's not grain based anymore maybe it's a potato based lock in all of baseball, directs there's a whole lot of bacchus nothing I knew anything about vodka at all my favorite thing in the world now it really is whatever, right? Ok, so now we've changed the kind of vodka or maybe we're using, you know, some other kind of spring water? What have you ingredients change? We're working with the temporary document that shows my expanded smart object and if you're ever in doubt which document you're looking at, just glance up here at the tabs for the document tattle bar and you'll see that psb that let you know hey this is that expanded this is a temporary document so now I can press file save close it every one of those labels has been updated with that new text powerful powerful stuff here all right so let's create that let's just do it ok, so here is my original photoshopped document where did I get the size for this document? I got the size from the avery template that I was gonna buy okay, so I knew how big those labels were and therefore I made my document that size these labels happened to be two by four I want to send long and skinny because limoncello bottles were tall and skinny right? Typically so we've got three hundred resolution that was fine for the printer that was going to print on so this information you would have to get from the label that you're going toe print on that's where that came from so I did all my text I won't make you all sit through that so what I'm ill will make you sit through is placing the photo of the limits as a smart object because what if guillermo decides to make passion cello one of these days going along with our bt theme so let's go ahead and place that is a smart object with juice file, place or click and drag from the mini bridge panel navigate toward this lives were now in folder number thirteen and we're going to come over here to our limon's and will click place it is human a little bit skipped this guy up and I'll show you a fun trick with free transform and I use this all the time I'm gonna control or right click within the bounding box and I'm going to flip that photo horizontally oftentimes when I'm dealing with stock imagery and I placed them in a design or making composition I can improve I flow of the peace oftentimes by flip flop in that photo horizontally ok, so that's what I want came with that last leaf pointing down so we can position it using our move tools and all that kind of gets tough press return doing it in this way also gives me the ability to experiment with other photos of limon's if say, the client doesn't like that particular one oh, you know I don't know why we have to have two limits why can't we just have one or you know who I'd like three or four lemons stuff like that? So you brought that in as a smart object it's super easy to swap out the content for something else without having to mess with any of the rest of your composition, so now we've got this all set let's turn this into a smart object so we're going toe click the top most layer and then shift click too activate all the other layers and I am going to include that white background just because with that particular label template it's easier to position all the labels if there is a little bit of white background but I don't want a big old white background I just want the white background to be attached to the actual label design, so we'll control or right click near the layer name she's convert a smart object now we've got one file that we're working with come back over here too many bridge they go ahead and open up my label template and we're gonna delete everything except for the guides okay, so now we're working with a template exactly as I downloaded it for free from the internet from avery dot com, by the way, so now let's position our first shot documents so we can see them both open at the same time so well she's window arrange uh to a vertical is fine or we could have saved and closed this label and used file place to place the whole daguin photoshopped document into this other document. But we've gotten both open so it's easy enough just to drag from one to the other so we'll activate the label document click and drag over to our label template temporarily closed that guy and now all we have to do is rotated I'm holding down the shift key, so I'm rotating in increments. I could easily get to a ninety degree increments. I don't need to resize it because it is it's the right size where's, my mouth. There it is. So now you have to do this position. Those labels will start over here on the left. I'm in a position my labels underneath the guide that I can make sure that they're lying properly. And now, it's, just a matter of duplicating the lanes, smart object content. So we'll do that a couple of times get the's place east correctly, and we're only going to do one side because newman photoshopped cia six I can duplicate all of those layers at one time. So now I've got the top, most label layer activated. Scroll down to the bottom label layer. Commander control jay moved to always active let's. Get him over. Line him up if you need tio, print those bad boys now let's say that guillermo comes to me and says, lisa, lisa, bela, we're gonna make passion teller now, can you make me some labels? I hope it won't be too much trouble. Absolutely. You pop open this one document right here, you double click any of those smart objects to open up a temporary object, you come down to the layer where you wisely place those limits as a smart opted to begin with maybe just to experiment with size of the lemons or swapping out for other limits like we said earlier. Now let's control or right click to the right of the limon layer in let's replace the contents with passionfruit resize it will be if you need to remember upsizing just a little bit like I'm doing here is not going to totally destroy your image now we're done with that was him in a little bit last thing we need to do is change lemon to passion is the tips I might want to space that p over just a little bit there we go and if you need to change this ingredients and so on and so forth now we're working with that temporary smart object we're going to press command s to save it her control ass on a pc close it come back over charred document in every single instance of that sucker has updated itself talk about working smarter instead of harder this is big, big, big stuff the only thing I might have done a little bit differently if I was doing this for home it riel for riel is before I changed the label to the passion for it, I probably would have come over here and I'll show you my folder structure, I probably would have come over here, and I would have duplicated that first label design just to have a duplicate of that in its original state. Um, because I might need a separate document of that passion fruit label for something else, okay, so I probably would have duplicated that, but you can see how incredibly easy it isthe to update multiple instances of the same thing, and I didn't invite you to think creatively about this. Any time you've got anything that's repeated in your designs or anything thin, you can use this technique to slop out that content very easily. I've got one more example for you, but we can take some questions on linked smart objects before we get into. I've got a little example for unlinked content for using my actual twitter background that you can see if you got a twitter dot com slash photo lisa so I sized all my little book covers and pin them up on a fake court board, and then I just swapped out the content, but it has to be unlinked smart objects, because then you've got for the same books instead of four different books, just with the identical treatment, so are there any questions on linked smart objects where we goto unlinked, uh okay finn b one wants to know once these factors are completed e eight by ten five by seven with wallets and have been done camby's b then there can weise then be transferred to a photo lab sure he could send that eight by ten that we made to a federal lab they'll probably have you turned into you know high quality jape agger what have you and you could send it off to them and they could print them in mass if you wanted and oftentimes it really is easier to send stuff to an online print we have our use your local camera store you know as a print lab rather than fighting with your own inkjet printer trying to get the colors that you see on your screen match the colors that come out of your printer so try not to b t mean to yourself in that way you utilize the's resource is that we have such a slim picks great ok and a question from light vision how have you rounded the corners on this label was in a mask they're not around it uh the labels themselves are rounded on the template so if I put this actual sheet of labels in the printer where those labels are perforated or cut the labels themselves around it so if I zoom in here you can see that my my corners aren't around it all uh yeah and before I printed this you would turn off those guides. Ok, so those guys are just there for you to line up the label. Yeah, but it's the label themselves that has the rounded corners. But if I did need to create the rounded corners, you know how to do that right? With a rounded, rectangle shaped tool in a layer mask let's look at creating unlinked smart object content. So here's, my old twitter page. So what I did was I brought in one book cover, okay, and I sized it, and I added a little drop shadow and all that to it, and then I duplicated it via layer smart objects new smart object, view a coffee, and then I simply swapped out the content so you can think about this for all kinds of graphic design opportunities or even photo template opportunities. Let's say, you're making an ad for a concert and you've got a big photo of the concert, and then you've got maybe that particular artists different cd covers that they released down at the bottom of the ad, advertise all the albums they've currently got out on the market. We do all the treatment to one of those albums you duplicated via unlinked smart object command, and then you're going to swap out the album cover. And you don't have to miss with re sizing, adding drop shadows or any of the other attributes that you apply to that one original thing, so format it once and then to swap out the content, save yourself a lot of work so we can look at this over here in my layers. Hell, I've got my, um but covers down here, okay, so we'll go ahead and find the cyst six the missing manual and weaken delete that, okay? And my push pins are on different layers is evidently I didn't draw those pushkin's I downloaded those for my stock photo. Yeah, way more efficient for me to spend seven bucks on vector push pins and try to create them myself an illustrator. Ok, so now let's say we can delete that one as well, and we'll just end up with one one but cover. Ok, so let's, say that's what we're starting out with if we just do a straight duplicate of that smart object, when we swap out the content, we're gonna have all the same, but curse, which is going to be bad, and I did that the first time, so now let's create unlinked smart object content, so activate the layer trotted to the layer menu too smart objects new smart object via copy and again there is no indication in your layers panel or anywhere whether it's linked her unlinked you're only going to know when she tried to swap and everything else updates so now let's control or right click and replace contents navigate to the book covers that air in foul number fourteen that I have given you and we'll bring in the c s five cover now you'll notice what am I bringing in here whole photoshopped documents because believe it or not that's how o'reilly sends me these book covers they send me a transparent humongous high resolution whatever I don't care pop the whole thing into smart object right click place now the content didn't swap is just on top of the other content so I could grab the move tool and skip that at position it wherever I'd like it used free transform on it using free transform isn't going to change my other linked for my other smart object even if they were linked that wouldn't change case now I can do it again creating mother uh smart object player smart objects new smart object be a coffee so now I've got a neverland I can go ahead and scooted over plop it down here control or right click near the layer name she's replaced contents and let's shove the eye photo book down there again I'm bringing in a whole photoshopped document as a smart object ok rotate that if we'd like now we can do it one more time doesn't really matter which one of these smart objects we duplicate it just matters that we have to use layer smart objects new, smart rajavi a copy skated up, we'll rotate this one a little bit to make it a little bit different and now control or right click near the layer name replaced contents and we'll plot the c s six book there and evidently that one it was, um a lot smaller than the other ones, so I'm gonna go ahead and cheat and he's free transform and just make it bigger you will run into that sometimes I probably should have paid more attention made sure that all my book covers were exactly the same document sizes and then we wouldn't have had that, but you can see how for manning an item once let's she re populate it with different content really saves you a lot of times you're only having a format the darn thing once and on that note pills or all the examples I have free, so I'm happy to take questions from the internet or the audience to finish out our day here on smaller objects all right fantastic will, folks, this is your opportunity to get some of your final questions in early says so we'll just hold while those come in and any final questions here in our studio audience what are you doing that so we can watch and when you come back to seattle oh, wait in this well, believe it or not, looks like I'm gonna be back here in november and december classes to be determined right here that several more deep dives definitely a deep dive on text taste, love, typography, text on a kind of good stuff so listened a full day on text at least, and I'd love to get input from not only our studio audience but the rest of the creative live audience on other photoshopped topics they would like to see more deep dives on possibly deep back on channels might be in order maybe a deep dive on brush tools or painting in photoshopped, but I'd really like to get your input on the types of things that you would like to see and then I also believe in december we're going to create a brand new class called graphic design for photographers. Yeah, we'll be creating business cards, photographic announcements, all the kinds of things that photographers need to create but may not have the money to pay an actual designer for. So we'll take a look at how to do some of those things and the crowd goes wild e I'm glad you said that lisa about asking the audience for suggestions because we always want to hear from you for not just, uh topic suggestions like this but instructor suggestions as well and we have a dropping the links and the chat rooms right now, but if you go to our facebook page there's a suggests an instructor form that you can fill out and pass it along to us. But for lisa I'd say how about we go to facebook and to the little thank you car that we have for lisa? Go over there and when you're feeling that out, tell her what you would like her to come back on credit live and do more deep dives on that would be a great place to collect that feedback. So do we have any final questions? Says looks like sony's might be not just this last segment that all right let's totally find anything we've done today is that programs how's how's the studio army is feeling about smart rob this now that it's nearly four and useful much smarter about smart objects could get good yeah, so anything that we went over today's totally find asked about okay um fashion from teeth fashion tv from singapore would like to know so you showed us lots of uses usages on radiant tools, radiant maps these few days would you encourage us to start with a sixteen bit images all the time to avoid fanning issues with such tools? No wait fifteen reasoning because using a sixteen image for simply means that there's contains more colors than an eight bit image can I won't bore you with the math on that how many millions of colors of sixteen that image has versus and ate the image but so many of photo shops, filters and other tools won't work on sixteen images mainly the filters so that's why I work with a bit now that said, if you are stitching together multiple exposures then certainly keeping your images at sixteen bit where you're dealing with maximum color information would be useful but there's a slew of filters and other tools that won't work on sixteen images so that's why I usually work with with eight bit so a question from johanna sophia can you make can you take premade template, convert the typical placeholder color boxes to smart objects and then place new content as needed? Sure yeah, absolutely okay um the case would like to know slopping out unlinked smart object would work this argus was saying would swapping out the inland smart object work the same way on the five by seven template? Sure, yeah smart job smart object is a smart object is a smart object no matter what documents eyes that you're working right go back lisa teo the very beginning of the day open when we're talking about opening and placing dragging smart objects yeah and a question from a p one u k had been is there a way to open a deeply nested smart object without opening all the levels wrapping it I do not believe him because by the very nature of being message you can think of it like russian dolls right that missed inside of each other if you've got ten dollars message inside of each other there is no way to get to the teeny tiny doll in the center without opening all of them so it's the same thing with smart objects saying that's a good analogy he came tio is a good one right? Yeah so I don't get it you know I russian dolls are on my mind this is really odd thing so in december when I was in prague got to get a progress in december russian dolls were everywhere in the souvenir shops why would russian dolls being the czech republic? Because the soviet union used to have control of the czech republic and the chuckle slovakians do not like those russian dolls everywhere so they had made a poster in this poster was everywhere we went anywhere there was a public space toe hang posters there was this big poster of a russian doll but they had taken it and you know professionally like an illustrator had put these jagged teeth on it and made it like in this evil hornet creature with this gaping ma it was hysterical they don't think it's funny I think that's a rationalization green awesome story lisa so a question from rar, who earlier asked, how do you make a rainbow? But, you know, how do you make a rainbow? How do you think it's a question run rain and clouds, but a serious question is, can you use, or how can you use hdr effects in smart objects? I don't really I mean, when you, if you used a shot to merge the high dynamic range image, it kind of does it all on one layer or not, I can't really remember if it that if it merges them down into a smaller object or not, but I'm yeah, I'm not really sure that I get that got a question is a she are emerging multiple exposures of the same image to create, you know, a perfect exposure or a very artistic interpretation of the exposure photo shop has a emerging tool, but I do believe you really do you end up with one layer, even though you're starting out with many, so to put all those hdr images into a single layer yourself would just be something that you don't ever have to be, you know, not photoshopped, okay, but I guess he could any final questions in the audience and any final words from you, lisa, this is about an incredible three days. Well, just thank everybody for joining me so much is a lot of fun to come here and do this. This is the most fun thing that I get to dean. It really is. I love the feel good aspect of it that the folks who by the workshops power creative lives so that this kind of training can be brought tio people in other countries, you know, people here in the u s he would never have access to it in any other way. You know, conferences usually hit the big conference cities, you know, the big one. San francisco, dallas and las vegas and orlando and all that. But if you live in, you know, pota commands full texas, which isn't quite so put on anymore, as it was when I grew up there, you're just never going to have access to to this kind of thing. So I love the feel good aspect of bringing this kind of training everywhere all around the world. So really love coming up here and thank you guys for having me.

Class Description

Learn what Smart Objects are, how best to use them, and creative uses for Smart Objects. Create Smart Object templates that will let you easily replicate your work on other pictures. Join Adobe® Photoshop® Missing Manual author Lesa Snider for a Deep Dive into Smart Objects! If there's a use for Smart Objects, this course will cover it!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6