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Best Practices for Creating Videos

Let's, get to the hard stuff, so again, when you purchase this course, you're going to get this psd so that you can go back in and you can see the frame delays in between ing and everything that I did in this file if you wanted tio re created from scratch and you've also got the source images, just try not to save over this file that you get with extras files because I want you to keep that hanging around. All right? So if you're following along at home, the next thing we're going to do is we're going to build thescore ts photographers portfolio, but first, so we're gonna be working in folder number three, but first let's, take a moment and talk about a few considerations before we even get in to photo shop. So the first thing that I want to spend just a moment on is talking about what you can do, and you saw most of this in our example videos at the top of the class, so anything that you can do tio a still image you can do to video and photo shop that means color correcting it. That m...

eans applying filters, tio adjustment layers anything when it comes to stills and text, these are some things that you might want to do in your video piece created fade in and a fade out ok, so we've got a bunch of transitions that we can add I say a bunch there's like five or six in there and I really just stick with the fade ian's in the fade out you don't want to be spinning stuff rotating texts that would be disconcerting, you can you can add motion to things that do not have motion very easily. You won't believe how easy it is to add that pan ins in and rotate if one wanted to rotate, I do not recommend it panting and zooming stills like the qin burns effect is really incredibly easy. You can even control that particular motion you can control what corner point the pain and the seam starts from and where it resolves teo, you can control whether it starts zoomed out and zooms in or vice versus you've got some amazing control with that, you can change the size, anything text, video and of course, stills you can change location so that's how we made the text on the motorcycle maybe the track day maybe looked like it was sliding in. We just changed position and photoshopped remembers position a position be and it looks like it's moving you can change, you can apply warps, so the text tool has a warped feature in the options bar, which makes text look like a flag or like a fish eye uh oh looks like it's waving you can apply that in a text in a video file or actually video layer you can add layer styles we could have dropped shadows all kinds of things like that strokes you know outlines devils and in bosses any the layer styles air all usable when it comes to creating a video now for the video clips themselves, what can we do to them? Well, we can trim them so we can shorten them from the front side or the ending side we can split them and then skied around repositioning have we want we could add transitions like I was saying a moment ago the transitions or a drag and drop situation you can control audio on a video clip you commute it, which I highly recommend. So when you start working with a video clip and it's got audio in it, that audio will only be interesting for about the first three or four times you preview that clip and you're going to be sick of it so it's helpful to mute it uh even even if it's we can meet it temporarily just for the purposes of creating the video or let's say that you've got a video clip you don't want that audio to play at all let's say when you were capturing let's say, for the portrait ce the portrait sitting example when you were capturing the video maybe you captured some of the giggling stuff that was going on from the little girls, and if you put in background music, you might not want that to play, so you can control that right here in front of shop on the video clip. Like I said, you can apply filters, adjustment layers you khun mask your video, you can stack different elements s o that they are on screen at the same time. So that's how we had the text playing atop the video and that's also how we had the video collage, we had several videos playing, and in the nature photography portfolio we even had, uh we had a still image that was painting and sanding, and then we had another still that was smaller, so you can stack as many things as you want. You can also change the lighting on your clips, which is pretty amazing. Now, when it comes to audio, you've got a little bit less control, but the huge thing is as a photo shop cia six I believe we've got the ability to add multiple audio tracks so that's, how we can create a statue audio effect. So if we've got background music and we want a sound effect, then that's how we would get that dumb stack your audio tracks. You can control the volume of audio and that's really great. All the audio that we've used in these projects today is all royalty free downloaded from I stopped photo dot com and you're going to find a wide array of volume levels and I always ratchet it down always you don't want to blast somebody, you know, with your audio usually it's only the person creating the piece that really enjoys the audience, everybody else not so much you can control the length of audio clips, you can fade them up and fade them down and that's about it. I know we're going to get a bunch of questions today. What can you do this to do that? Can you do this? Can you do that? And that's? Fine, I'm happy to answer those, but if it ain't on this list, it cannot be done in a photo shop. This is it it's, not a video editing program. We just have video editing capability in the program. So tip number one before you get started, thou shouts, prepare and organize your files. This is the biggest tip and it will save you the most time. You know, just like a graphic designer, a good graphic designer never ever, ever sits right down it photo shopped, do they jessica, when they are creating a logo no, we storyboard when a pencil and a piece of paper first, this is the same thing a storyboarding prepare and organize your files and if you want, you could even storyboards your video if you'd like, you know, just try a little chicken scratched some nails on a piece of paper just to kind of get an idea of what you want to create. So in preparing and organizing your files, think about what you want to be shown. If you're creating a portfolio piece or you're creating a promotional piece let's say your company makes gadgets, you know, who's, it's or whatever. Then you want the still images of those gadge is toe look really, really nice, so you might need to do a little still a little photo shoot like this. So this is a photo shoot that the wonderful kate haley did when we did our holiday photo gifts class, and we ordered on all these products using my photography, and then she beautifully displayed the products into the photo shoot those air the pictures that we're going to incorporate into our video. So you want to make sure that you put your best foot forward and that the images really like professional so you might want to do a little photo shoot first to showcase your things, then what you can do is resize your images so that they're going to fit with, say, for example, all of those hawaiian flower images that are shot, those air raw files? Am I going to bring in twenty raw files into the document? But I'm making for the video? No, they're talking big and photoshopped has enough trouble playing back the motion anyway, if you've got a really fast computer and a whole lot of memory and a really fast, hard drive, then it will do a better job, but if you are lacking in any of those departments, then you want to help put a shop is much as you can, so what I would do is I would convert those images from raw to j pigs before I even brought him in teo and re size them down before I even bring them into my video document, and you can do that in mass by using the image processor here, I'm triggering it from adobe bridge, which is a separate install in the creative cloud realm. So if you're running photos shot, cc may not have bridge, cc and stall in that case, just go to your creative cloud app and download it and install it in previous versions, it's always just installed automatically, but that hasn't happened anymore in bridges, a fabulous organizational, uh, filtering rating sorting browsing tool so here we are in bridge and I've made a collection of my images and I just activated the ones there in the bridge content preview pain that I want to resize and including my video and from there you can just choose tools photoshopped image processor when you do you're going to find this dialog box is summoned and you can also trigger it from directly within photo shop, so if you haven't installed bridge, we don't use bridge don't worry about it deaconess choose file scripts image processor this has been in the program for a million years, and it is a fabulous way to resize images in mass. Another great thing about this particular dialog box is until conditional actions came along and photoshopped cc this was the only way that you could bat process a slew of files until photoshopped a maximum whipped or haif dimension, so you'll see right here that I've got uh the re size to fit checkbox turned on and in the width and the height fields, I've entered the same number that's a maximum this is the only dialogue box that you can do that in, so when conditional actions came along, you could actually create an action for landscape portrait sort landscape images and korean action for the portrait orientated images, and then you could recorded a conditional to pick between the two when photoshopping counters one or the other, but with this style of boxing, as a matter, it will just take the maximum dimension, and it will make it twelve eighty, which is really handy, so I would use image processor to resize my files, especially if they're huge raw files. Hey, before you start bringing them into that video document and it's, not that it's a video document, but it is a document that we're going to use for the purposes of building our video in light room, you can do the same thing you can toos your files in the grid view, and then choose the file menu and she's export, and you get similar options in this dialog boxes well, again, in the image sizing section, the re size to fit those air maximum dimensions so it's going to work out ok, we're not going to create square images so that's, how you could re size in mass that way. Also, you want a number your files in the order in which you want them to play in the video? I'm telling you, once you get this stuff in the photo shop, this time I'm panel is little it's on lee, a little bit bigger than the frame animation panel that we looked at us, that going to go, you do not want to be seriously reorganizing stuff in that eighty beauty panel not if you value your eyesight where you going to do is you're going to think about the order in which you want the elements to play you're going to gather up all the assets into a single folder on your hard drive and using the file names remember them so here on this screen shot you can see for our nature photography portfolio piece we've got a logo is the first thing I'm going to bring in that doesn't mean that I'm not going to stack it on top of something else but obviously branding hello comes first so logo and then number them according to how you want those pieces to play so even if you don't want a storyboard it out on a piece of paper then you could use a tool like bridge like this to number your files and in reorganizing so you can kind of get a visual of how that ordering is going to play so I've got my testimonial image in there I've got all of my product shots and et cetera so number them with the file names he's either using alphabetical numbering system or numeric what have you another big thing about gathering up your files like this and putting them in a folder is photoshopped doesn't in bed video clips imbeds still images but it does not embed video clips so let's say you've got a video hanging off in this other folder over here and you create your video document and you take it to another machine when you open and on the other machine is going to say hey missing video can't find linked file so that's why uh gathering them all up into a folder before you get started is important because that way you don't have to worry about your links breaking and if they do that it's easy to navigate back to that folder and once photo shop re links one file that might be in your video it aziz oh the rest of them are in here too so that it knows where everything is tip number t we touched briefly on this adding audio first of all for the love of thor and all that is holy in asgard don't steal on you you cannot take your favorite song from ozzy osborne crazy train and put in your video portfolio as much as I would like to do that it's illegal you cannot snatch music you cannot use music in these videos that you did not create unless you go find royalty free video or audio that you can download okay so are the audio police going to show up on your doorstep depends on where the heck you post that video if you put that second youtube if I put a video on youtube using ozzy osbourne's crazy train I would hear about it pretty quickly I would suspect cities don't do that there are places to get audio and the good folks at photo leah and I stock photo both have given us a lovely discount okay, so you can go to lisa dyin slash fa tolia offer two downloads and some good images. I think they also give you a little bit of a discount on image purchases. They also sell audio and video clips so some of the portrait sitting videos that we saw came from fa tolia. And for those of you who watch the my how to make money shooting micro stock class that happens to be on sale this week selling some video in addition to your stills is a great way to make money on that because if you remember in that portrait sitting idea that was the same photographer there's were stock shots, so he shot a little video uploaded it for stock shot a few stills uploaded it for stop because he knows people like me are going to want both from the same siri's another great way to make money in this realm of stock. So both of these guys except videos you can get a nice stop deal by trying on over to lisa that I am slash I started feeling that one dozens expired the fa tolia deal is only good for new customers this week well, I'm teaching but that I stop one is good all the time so these guys are where I got all of my video clips and my audio and it's all royalty free, so I don't have to worry about paying for each usage of the of those assets their mind to use and promotional purposes for us long and as many times as I want to use them, so royalty free stuff is great if you want to download another video background let's say, you know to use as, ah, texture, element or just a background element. You know how we did that video collage you could have, like clouds floating by, get some stock video footage of that to incorporate into your own a rose petals fall and your lease following when there's a million ideas, but stocks a great resource tap in your back pocket and by all means turned the dead gun volume of the audio down. If you're attempted to add it, because this is what it feels like, it may sound really great to you, and you may really love that guitar piece, but that doesn't mean that everybody else is going to love it, and that reflects upon, you know, if you're making a portfolio piece, you don't want people to feel like this when they're watching your portfolio piece, not the best way to get another gig, so do you ratchet down the volume of that audio? Tip number three is to request testimonials this is a good practice no matter what you're doing if you're making a portfolio piece to get more business as a designer auras a photographer or if you're making a corporate promotional piece about a product get testimonials because that helps other potential customers. I didn't five with your product even more and they're happy to give them, for example, when I published my first but might my good friend and mentor scott kelby who started the now national association of photoshopped professionals in photo shot world gave me this quote, I sent him my book he looked through it and this is what he said this was huge for me, especially in two thousand nine when the very first edition of this book came out. That was massive credibility right there because that was my first book that I published testimonials or fuse, so don't be afraid to ask for them somebody sends you a kind email what you might do just to take the pressure off of them and say thank you so much for this email. Would you mind if I used this? If I used the following as a testimonial in my promotional pieces and what you can do is you can kind of edit it down for them and then all they have to do is say yes that way you're not asking them to do any work you know would you rewrite that is a testimonial but if they send you a nice note massage it a little bit send it back to them get their approval and then you're good to go and when you're adding your testimonials remember that there's all kinds of visual treatments were all creatives here so it's good to show off your creativity all right? So to put this extremely fake testimonial obviously it's fake because karl command way bought lisa condo for family and feeling great yeah, so what I did was instead of just like putting this on a white box or you know somehow in photo shop trying to make it legend will what I did was I went tio it was either for totally or I stopped photo and I did a search for envelope with blank note or something similar and I found it als and gobs of art that was this prime for making it look like carl command may had actually mailed me a letter you know, seeing it clever with that kind of stuff too and I even made a fake logo malley board of tourism that's all thank you so get clever with the way you display your testimonials to remember for by all means include your contact information which ever method of contact you prefer whether it's email or phone what have you then make that visible and not hard to find in your video when it comes to email I see so many uh sole proprietors or small businesses really missed the boat on the email thing so when we're adding contact information obviously your name or your company name whatever is appropriate the girl in the video because unlike the animated jif they're not clicking to visit your website so you want to include your you are ill on there you also want to include your email but I swear nothing makes you look more unprofessional than a well dot com gmail dot com yahoo dot com hotmail dot com maybe the worst offender you want your email to also have your you earl in it so that is what you want to do because it makes you look unprofessional it makes people think that oh my gosh they just started this company do they really know what they're doing so you don't want all that crazy psychology going on in the background you just wanted to hire you you don't have to put a phone number on here if you have a brick and mortar place of business and you actually want to get phone calls and by all means do but don't feel like you have tio all you need to do is is display how you want to be contacted if I put my phone number on a video portfolio and not my email address that's letting you know hey don't email me call me and vice versa remember five for posting your video uh once you make it where the heck are you going to put it? You know these things are not small and file size and if you're paying for hosting on your own side and your video get really really popular you're gonna have some pretty large monthly bills for band with so instead putting on youtube that's a fabulous place to post your video it's free and it's super easy to link it from your own website or your company's website so let's say you're building a corporate promotional piece you build it, he posted on youtube and I've got this screen with the little green circle showing you how you upload it so you create an account on youtube be your company name my countess photo lisa we click the upload button and then you can click and drag the finished video piece onto that kind of large area in the center teo upload it and you can even set privacy on it you can have it be private or public depending upon what you're doing then once it's uploaded, you're going to see the screen on the right and you need to click the share button that's little green circle down there's kind of red bar underneath it in a synergy click that youtube gives you the girl you take that you are ill pasted into your web site and the movie will play on your website so what? What happens is the first frame of the movie becomes the poster image you need to see a little play button on top of it, so easy peasy you can also post your videos on linked in now linked in changes their site design fairly often so as of right now, october fifteenth, two thousand thirteen this is how you post the video on linked in so you would sign into your linkedin account and from the profile link towards the top you're going to choose at it profile and then you're going to see all the different categories of your profile appear on the page and that's what you're seeing down here so that background section the section that says background that's john a category within my profile and within each category you can upload a video and the way you do that is you scroll down to the category that you want and you look for the microscopic blue square with a plus sign at its bottom, right? I've got it circle down here when she quick that you've got two options at a link or upload a file, so if you've posted it on youtube, you could say at a link or you could just upload it straight to linked in so that's how you can kind of get your video out there when she went through all the trouble of creating it

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