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Class Introduction

Well, thank you all for joining me. We're gonna have so much fun today, but first, if you guys want to connect with me online, feel free to do so it photo lisa dot com be sure to sign that for the newsletter using the littlefield on the right hand side of the web sites stay on top of everything that I've got going on. If you're on twitter, I would love for you to connect with me, they're my handle is at photo lisa, and if you're on facebook, you can find my facebook fan page at facebook dot com slash photo lisa and if you click the like button, you can get some free cheat sheets that you can download if you're on google plus and pinterest, I would love for you to connect with me there, and if you want to stay on top of all of my creative live classes, you can go to my instructor page, which is lisa dot I n slash c l videos. Also, my publisher, o'reilly, has given us a real nice discount to share with you. You can get forty percent off the print version of all my books, as well as fifty...

percent off the e books, which is a really great deal because that photo shot book is about a thousand pages it's around forty dollars. So that's a nice discount there, so you're going to purchase them from o'reilly dot com and then check out you're going to enter the code off d so a u t h d to get that discount, we've also got a really nice contest running on photo lisa dot com if you enter your favorite crow on twitter or enter the before and after contest that we've got going on on instagram, you can win on e book of photo shop cc the missing manual my newest e book, which is the skinny on photoshopped ip as it has over one hundred and fifty fabulous practical tips that are just amazing we'll find these tips in many other places they're really a nice collection. We've also got a one hundred dollars gift certificate from the wonderful folks that lends pro to go dot com a fabulous place to rent your gear and in picks dot com is giving us to twenty five dollars certificates per day to give away in in pictures a great online lab that's where I get my prints from so you can find all the details at photo lisa dot com and when you go to that website, this is where you're going to see so just click on the first story, which is lisa's live quote and before and after contests and that will give you all of the details that you need and if you don't happen to win, then you photoshopped tips book will, you can purchase it yourself. Also on the web site, just click the books and video link and that book's going to set you back a whole two dollars in ninety nine cents. So I highly recommend that you picked that up, so the first thing that we're going to do today is create an animated jif. So that's, what we've got playing right here on this slide, animated gifs are very, very handy for website, as because often in the website ad situation, you've only got a tiny little bit of space to design with so it's difficult to get all the information in that title space that you want to, you still keep it readable. So what we're going to do is use photo shopped to create really a loop, a ble slide show, and you just won't believe how easy it isthe so the the ad we're going to make, I'll just go back, one slides will play again. This is the ad, we're going to make a little fake pet costume way. We've got a nice little fade out fade in pet stains, photography, so its web ads were going away to promote yourself, your business, and so on, so we're going to take a look at how tio create those now what we're going to do next is I wantto try you through a series of videos that I've created in photo shop so now that we're renting our software and we're paying monthly fees for it it's good to get the most bang for your creative cloud buck if you will and certainly learning how to use flood a shot for your video editing needs is a really great thing so I've got several different categories of maybes and I'm going to show you tow hopefully get the creative juices flowing on the types of things you might make you may be sitting there thinking well, I don't edit video I don't shoot video I bet you're going to change your mind by the end of today once you get some ideas so here's the first one so you can think of this as a sports photographers portfolio so we've got some text we've got a still image that we're painting and zooming we fade into a video clip now we fade into another still image we're painting and zooming fade back into a video clip listen has actually been split as well so we're gonna take a look at splitting kind of a nice hero shot there we've got a little background music going on and they got a little branding that fades in at the very end of the maybe so that's one idea for a portfolio peace based on a sports photographer this will be a portfolio piece for perhaps in nature photography and these air actually all my pieces in this one so we've got a little bit of video clip behind the branding and now we're fading in and now also got a little picture within a picture effect going on here this particular shot I applied a blur filter for shallow depth of field in photoshopped onto that clip as video, so hopefully this can give you an idea of some of things that you can create show off your products, your designs so the little product incidents that you're seeing are things that we created with these shots in our holiday photo gifts class, which is on sale this week that we've got a little testimonial, which is great for creating portfolio pieces and then a little branding at the end right there nice fade out six nest this next piece is an idea for a portrait for talk river, so since the cameras can take video these days too, so while you're setting up your folks and you're sitting, you can record a little video, maybe you've got a second camera that's recording a little video while you're setting up the shot and then we we kind of resolve the video into the shot and these are sellable pieces you have a photography business, you can absolutely sell these when we get into making this particular video you'll hear we've got little special sound effects so when the video resolves to still we've got the sound of the camera shutter in there and then at the end we had our model hold an ipad and that made a perfect frame for our branding so as you begin tio get ideas for shooting your own videos or incorporating it into your photography business then you're going to come up with more ideas like that and you're gonna have people you could have them hold a chalkboard you could have them hold anything and know that you know that would be a nice spot for the branding at the end of the peace because as these as you sell these pieces in your business your photography business then as the client shows them trust them room then you want your name to be in front of those people at the very interesting thing you know I'm going to call them to do my family's portrait so this next one is an idea for a wedding when harry met sally s so nice so romantic background music going on fade to a still so as you're running around shooting the wedding you can capture some extra shots you'll be planning for creating a video like this in your mind and the great thing about using photo shot for these types of things is you already know or at least theoretically know how to use the program so it's just learning a little bit about the timeline panel, which is where all of the magic happens and then you're good to go you can color cracked your videos and photos shop the same way you would a still image and I made at the's uriel so don't go trying to type them in they won't work. This is an idea of how you can mask video and apply creative color effects, so this was all done and photoshopped you know people buy this stuff and here's another idea for creative effect this is a video collage, so yes, you can do picture within a picture effects video within video effects and photo shop is so easy, so we'll bring all those clips into a single document and well deceives the free transform tool to resize them the move told to place them around on our document easy peasy this is an idea, an idea for corporate promotion so we've got text fading in and out I love this one she's got some pretty good heels on it. She has really leaping into the air there that's a good job right there he's awesome and you can run filters on videos too so we can add a nice, dark and edge vigna with the limbs correction filter hee hee I made all this stuff up, you know and bringing in geographic fading it in fading in the text fading out two solid color saleh color film layer that's what that is and of course we can also move things around in photo shop so at the end of this one you're going to see some text comes sliding into the screen you're going to see a logo go from really really tiny actually so tiny you can't see it and then we'll free transform it so that it's normal size and it'll look like it's animated but really all we're doing is telling photo shop hey remember the size that which I brought this thing in and then we change the size and it looks like it animated so the text came in now see how the logo's getting larger and then you put the text on top of it so that's just a few ideas of the things that you can do in for the shop pretty exciting and it is fun the more you play around with the features and more ideas you'll get so really anything you can do to a still image you khun dio tio video clip in photos shot without having to learn how to use a completely different piece of soft where now if you do have a subscription to the creative cloud and you find out that you really enjoy these videos or you're making a ton of money off of them feel free to send me a buck or tea on that. But then you can download another program that specifically for video editing, such as adobe premier pro, which is a lot more complicated than father's shop. Which is a little bit scary to say, because photo shop is pretty complicated. But I think you're really going to enjoy what we're gonna do today.

Class Description

Are you ready to add a video component to your photography or design business? Join author of the best-selling Adobe® Photoshop®: Missing Manual book series, Lesa Snider, for a deep dive into the video editing capabilities of Adobe® Photoshop®—a whole new way to use and maximize your favorite image-editing software.

In this intensive, full-day class you'll learn how to edit video easily and efficiently in Adobe® Photoshop®. You'll learn how to import, trim, and split video clips as well as how to apply adjustment layers for color correction or creative color effects. Get the scoop on animating still images and adding transitions, as well as displaying multiple elements at once including text, images, and even other videos! Lesa will help you master using Solid Color Fill layers to fade intros and outros into your piece, as well how to animate the size and location of text, masks, and graphics to create incredibly compelling motion. You'll also learn how to import and control multiple audio tracks, in addition to creating surprisingly useful animated GIFs for web ads.

By the end of this deep dive, you'll be able to grow and diversify your business and online presence by through video portfolios, promotional pieces, and more!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.1