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Stacking Audio and Adding Sound Effects

So for this one, this is the one that we're going to stack some audio tracks on so we're going to put in some background audio, but we're also going to bring in cem camera shutter sound so that when we resolve our video to the stills that you captured in your actual portrait sitting then it's going to sound like a snapshot so let's, go ahead and open up this project and take a peek so because I've got several there from pieces of audio I went ahead and made an audio folder for you okay, so for this one our play head is at the very far left so we can see what we've got going on here. We've got two video tracks which is allowing us the stacking of the text on top of something else then I see that we've got to audio tracks down here and so we've got background music, but we've also got these very short little audio clips that's the sound effect of the camera so hopefully our sound is working when I play this back and we're just gonna press the space bar to trigger a place so that we can r...

efreshing our memory what we're about to make and I don't hear any on you very good texas it's magic so listen for the tschetter stand just a little detail sound effect is happening once the still is fully resolved instead of just when it starts to fade in and then I'll go ahead and posit here we've got the branding at the end situated where it looks like it's on that I've had so you can get real clever about this kind of thing you know have your have your model holds something that you know that you're going to put something digital on when you get over here in post so this is what we're going to make this time around so let's go ahead and close this document and we're gonna recreate it so file new she's film and video from the pre set menu from the size we're rolling today with twelve eighty by seven twenty that's just how we are and we're going to click ok now we're going to immediately start bringing in items we could go ahead and add that solid color phil layer if we want to you right now but let's go ahead and create our video timeline there we go then we can add are black and then weaken delete that extra layer hanging out down yonder now let's go ahead and use our little filmstrip icon and shoes at media so now we're in folder number five the portrait sitting video we've already numbered our content in the order in which we wanted to appear so we can click the first item and shift click the last one and photo shops going to bring them all in all on the same video track here we go now let's script through and see if we need to do any re sizing and repositioning case we're going to grab our play head and immediately way we've got a problem houston so let's go ahead and click to activate that layer and then we can bring out free transform so commander control t use the fit to window command fit to screen to see all those re sizing handles commander control zero and then we're going to shift option drag on the mat or shift all drag on a pc inward so that we should resize it now I mentioned at the top of the class this morning that if you're bringing in raw files that you do want to go ahead and re size those is if these aren't raw files these files are actually a little bit smaller than the dimensions so they're not so large that it's going toe hinder my play back or make the video take a million years to render so that's why I'm ok with re sizing them here so let's go ahead and scrub to the next item now this is a video can you resize video absolutely so click to activate it and then we're going to summon free transform again photo shop is going to say hey now wait a minute for me to resize this video I need to put a protective wrapper around it I'm going to say anything else about protective rappers, but go ahead and say convert and then you can use your shift option or shift ault trick to resize that now, obviously when you're doing this at home, then your videos will be the right size, but for this stock footage, you know, in the land of stock, since I wanted to be able to build a video like this, you should have seen me. I had one heck of a time trying to find stock, video and stock stills from a siri's, so I was limited and so the only ones I could find weren't quite set a twelve eighty by seven twenty they were smaller that's why we're having resize this video, but she probably won't have to do that on your own, and you could just use the move tool to reposition stuff on the screen, and then we're just going to scrub through to the next item given a click to activate it summoned free, transformed commander control zero to fit on screen shift option drag inward on a mac or shift all to drag inward on a pc scrubbed to the next one fit to screen free transform don't forget to activate the correct clip you know to make these dialogue boxes go wait us click that don't show me again now we're gonna shift option or shift ault and our move tool is already active so we can discuss that video on screen. I'm not so worried about the edges of the civil girl's head being possibly in that you may be cropped section, but I would be worried about this section of her face, so while I don't feel compelled to really make it big enough where I can fit it more over to this area, what I don't want to have happen is have one of her eyes, you know, outside of that center guide there. So as long as this part of the face is in the safe area that I'm happy with that stan let's keep scrubbing through come over to the next image give a clip a click free transformed commander control t commander control zero fit to screen shift option or shift all drag inward press return skip to the next one, activate the darn thing and then skidded into place and you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge to nudge items around within those guides who don't forget about those they're very helpful and then I think we're down to our last one click to activate the clip free transformed fit on screen this is fun right here another great opportunity for a frosty beverage that's right last one going give it a clicked activate it free transform fit on screen and resize it and reposition there you go so now if we come back to the beginning scrubbed through we should be able to see everything cute all right now the next thing we're going to do is we really don't need to trim any of these clips but we could go ahead and add some motion if we did need to do any splitting of clips you could certainly do that now let's go ahead and add some motion to our stills so here's our first still click to activate the clip I can't see the controller so I've got to zoom now for this one you need to think about where you're branding is going to be is the branding going to be on the solid color black film layer is it going to be a top the image whenever I think for this particular one I had it appear atop the image so if I was going to do that then I probably wouldn't add an emotion to it you certainly could you know, painting and seeming but that's up tv I am gonna go ahead scoot that image down a little bit so we get those keep cold feet in the picture and again it's this is close to kids because I ever wanna be ok so let's scrub to this one that looks good scrubbed of that one was at a pansy scheme on that guy panizzi come over here maybe will be different and justice soon and keep on scrolling scrolling carlin this one we might want to trim ok, so here we've got these girls and the minute that she starts to look off screen I'd be tempted to trim it to that point, so position your play head at that point and then when you click and drag the end of the cliff that pops right to that point in time in the clip just makes it easier there we go so now we can add well, that is a monster that one too and call it done then we could add our branding, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, but what I want to do now is talk more about those audio sound effects, so what you want to do is position the play head at the point at which you want the sound effect to come in so I'm gonna go ahead and add a cross fade because I know that's going to change my time line a little bit here so at my cross fade and the second let's see, I need to add another one here we're going to scrub through until this cross fade from the motion clip fully resolves to the still which he could just position your play head at the end of that transition point now let's bring in our sound effect so in coming out here to the audio track and say add audio and we're going to navigate toward that lives were in folder number five in the audio folder and I should have named he's a little bit better well I named it background music so pick the one that's not background music that's the sound effect you can also look at be size so that you can see oh well the back room that one must be background music because it's really long this one is small and file size so maybe it's the sound if it go ahead and click open in this particular sound effect that I downloaded from either I guess this one came to my stock photo it's got several different sounds and it will only want one so the challenge is to preview it and find that sound effect in that audio clip and then trim that audio clip down so that it only plays that one little piece so that will be a little bit of a trick but not too bad so we can go ahead and scooted over to where our play head lives photoshopped let us skewed it over to where our play had lives please or not okay so it's preview and see where that sound effect is so I think in a minute so I can like that one so that's about word in so I'm gonna go ahead and skip that in and then bring the left part of the clip over in there I'm gonna make my timeline larger ok so let's try to position is it about where that sound effect starts? We can do it like that and it really should let us move it over I don't know why that was not letting us do it maybe that track wants to be the default background audio track we'll try that waste will go and delete that and we'll bring in our audio first or a background audio first if at first you don't succeed try try again now let's add another new audio track and see if it behaves a little bit better that way there's our sound effect so I know it's somewhere over in here it really does let you reposition that my promise proof because we've got that other photos shot file all right there you see oh ok now it's let me move it so now what we want tio make our timelines seem a little bit smaller so we can see more clips now finally we're going to position our play head where that first still resolves from the video which is about right there. So now I can this position I told you you would use this soon slider a lot because depending upon where you click it depending upon how large it is different things will happen so now we can click and drag it over so now if we play it so we've got a little sound effect now on that sound effect of course we've got the same exact audio options that we had that we looked at earlier so unfortunately the duplicate audio clip icon is great out so unbelievably you must bring that sound effect in again and again and again ad on you navigate to the sound effect do it again a little bit time consuming so now we're going to get down to where our next sound effects should go, which is about right there we can add a cross fade and so we want our sound effect to play about right there so they can position that second clip that we brought into the same audio track and bring it down really small and now let's back up a little bit and scrubbed through and see what we get time consuming yes fulfilling absolutely so that's how you can manipulate the audio tracks and create more audio tracks and control the length of the audio that you've got going on. And the cool thing is that while purchasing stock footage either video or audio is not an inexpensive adventure by any means a lot of the audio clips will have several sound effects like that in them so you get a little bit more bang for your for your audio book that way we have any questions on the audio tracks and the stuff that we did in this particular portrait sitting video kenny audio tracks be cross faded that's a really good question can you add transitions to audio effects? I don't believe that you can you might be able to do some of that by controlling the fade in and fade out of each one and certainly if you've got audio in separate tracks then you can overlap them yeah and then use the fade in the fadeout controls which again so you're not seeing them right now because the same level of those clips is so small all but when I zoom out now we get to the audio controller so I can give that it click and that's where you've got your fade in and your fade out so to do that just separate audio tracks and stack him stockman cool can you option drag click on audio clip toe sort of copy it and duplicate it I wish that you could but cool that was crossing my fingers too okay, so a d e z says I want to note can you slow down or speed up video or sounds in photo shop? So for sounds all you have for audio this is all the control you've got this is it volume faded out mute called in in length you can't expand past the audio's original link that you can shorten like we did here now on video you do have other options so let's just go find a clip okay so we can there's ah, we'll go back to the family. There we go. So with the zoom slider set to the point where you can see that little triangular controller give that a click and that's a video that's because it should be showing me the stand by houston standing by, there is no one. So that is a video clip. And if I click that it wants to give me motion, there is a reason for this. So if we look over here in our layers panel, we will see this little special badge on all of these images right here. That denotes that these guys are smart objects. And when you're when a video clip is a smart object, flu shot did this automatically when it brought it in. Ok, when we did film strip at media, it brought it all in and protectively wrapped each one with the special rapper of a smart object. In doing so, you lose the ability from right here to get to the speed controls for video. So what we can do? How do you pop open? How do you open up any smart object? You double click it's layer from nail in the layers panel ok, so right now I'm just going to remove this transition just because it's kind of keeping us from seeing that controller I don't want you guys get confused. So right now, even though this is a video clip, I know it's a video clip because my play head is on it in it moving, if I click to open those controllers, I get the same controls that you would get on a still image that's because it's a smart object to get back to the real video controls doubleclick a smart objects, some nail in the layers panel photo shops going to give you a scary message saying, oh my gosh, I'm going to open all this stuff in the smart, optioning in another document when you make changes over there, please don't move it just choose file saved so it stays in the same place and then if you do that, then I'll update your changes back over here in the original document that's what this scary dialog box says, so we'll say don't show again okay, now a temporary document opens up and over here in the layers panel we see oh, we're back to a video clip some now, right? This little guy right there's not a smart object, I'm they'll anymore, and if we come down here to the timeline panel and click that controller on that vehicle clip we get a completely different set of options, which is where your speed control is I know that was a long and convoluted answer but that's what you're going to encounter here home when you start doing this stuff so with a really video clip that has not yet been protected by the coding of a smart object, then you get these two little icons so I can control the duration of the clip which you can do despite clicking and dragging the ends of it and you can control the speed. So if we do something insane like speed this up two apparently a maximum of four hundred theun if we choose file save not say that save and we close this document will may go back to the other document are changes, they're going to be updated, so all we have to do is find that clip which right here and I think is the one that we were working on and now we'll make like play it sped up and because we sped up the duration, look what we've got now big old gap in between that clip and the next clip simply because as you increase the speed of a clip than you shortness duration because the video clips can't be you can't make me longer than they were so just to reiterate because that is a little bit confusing what we did all this back up what happened is that when we added all of our clips through this ad media, but in that manner, we really placed the miss smart objects, which is a great thing to do, but you lose a little bit of the special controls that you have otherwise, so all you have to do to get back at them again. So if this happens to you at home and you're like dad gum that's, a video clip where are my a freaking options for video photo shop? Don't panic double click that smart odjick thumbnail it will pop open in a new in temporary document mouse over to your timeline panel, click the controller there and that's where you're going to have those options. This is also how you can get back to audio options for the video clip itself, so if you wanted to meet the audio on just that clip, you could do it here and any audio that that film clip contains you can also control the volume of and set a fade in and fade out point. So, again, this is for audio that was captured by your video camera that's embedded in the video clip, which is different than bringing in a separate piece of audio.

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