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Creating Prints and Books in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements

From this image I can use my create menu, which is another great thing with photo shop elements this's all through adobe, by the way, so if I go and they create, I can go in and I can create a photo book of my image or go in and actually do a photo print a lot of people like to print it off on their printer I could do a cd jacket or a slide show where a photo collage if I go in and dio a photo book, go ahead and click ok and the photo book will allow me to go in and I can go right to shutterfly and create a whole series of books here based on all my images that I want to put in here so this isn't directly through adobe, but adobe has set this up so that when you click here you have a direct link to shutterfly and all the different sizes that they have a swell and choose whatever setting that you'd like and the number of pages here and I can click ok and I can then go in and take all of my open images that I have and it's going to go in and put this all into a book so it's organizing ev...

erything together here so I'm not stuck with just taking an image here and photo shop elements and taking that image and being able to just printed off or see it or save it, and then email it to people are posted. I can actually go through and create any type of printed asset than I'd like and that's all going to be done under the create menu was going through and it's gathering all the content together for my book. So once I've gone ahead and done the book feature, it went through the entire process of adding all of my open assets that I had. And now what I have here is I have all of my open assets, and I am now in my book editing feature, and with this I can now go in and I can go to my specific pages here, and I can, through my photo been down the bottom here begin to drop in ad images into each and every one of my pages as I click from my side bar. So if I'd like to go in and put a whole lot several other open images in here, all I have to do is go under my file menu and choose open and it's going to add a whole bunch of files to my photo been right here so I can get some cool shots of carlsbad caverns here and I'd like to add that one in and it brings it into the image here and then I can go back under my photo book so once I have my photo book, I can go ahead, and I can drag any of my assets that I want from my photo bin into my book, and I can either click here to add a photo or drag a photo here from so I could drag right to that from my assets that air here and I can put that in, and I can also go in, and I can adjust the size of my image based on where I have those set. Now, once I have that and I've adjusted it, I have to make sure that I commit that right there and then I can go in and I can double click or if I could go back to my photo, ben and I have all of my assets here, I can go in and I can drag right from my photo been onto here or double click right there and it's going to open it up and allow many select images so they can drop in any other image that I'd like into that and it's going to put it right into my specific image. Now, what's nice with this photo book when I'm using this, not only can I go in and then just double click and add photos on the fly here makes it nice and easy. But I can also go in and I can edit the location of my images in the book here as well was going in and changing the size and the rotation and the placement of each and every one of my images here in the book, so if I don't like the specific layout that they have not a problem I can go through here and I can edit that and I can begin to overlap the images put things in front or behind remembering to commit every time that I've gone in and I put my content in here in macon doubleclick move my images scale them however I'd like to have done now I can go in and click on the actual pages here or the title I can also go in to my layouts and I can totally change the layouts here and I can add pages so I can grab my layout I can throw it in and will go through and revamp all of my images. However I want to just double click on any one of my layouts here I can go ahead and click on the graphics section and I can now go in and I can add backgrounds to my images or my book and I can news all different sorts of frames as well and it's a simple is clicking and dragging on here to change that I can add frames to my images well, lots of cool things for my books and features so aiken scroll through and had graphics in here and go ahead and had changed my layout I go ahead and I can add more pages as well just click on the page is here and with that I work with my pages right there when I get everything together after I've added all of my assets in here double click on any place where I want my titles on go ahead and choose whatever type face I'd like whatever size and just simply click on any one of these areas where the type is and allow me to edit it at it and I can also move this around as well change the size of my type make sure I commit afterwards and once I've got all of my book together here I could go in and I can save this entire book now when I save this book it's going to be saved as a photo project so I was a photoshopped elements file and it's going to allow me to go ahead and save everything so it's fully editable so I can open this up but I don't have to complete the entire project here right as I do it so if I want to come back later and I want to change the images I certainly can and I can say this as a photoshopped elements project and I can add this and I can't edit these things later at any point, I feel like I want to add some more pictures or I don't have everything that I want, I can always come back and add this as well and save that as I go, so it doesn't have to be done all at once if we jump over to advance mode here, this is going to allow you to get into the expert mode of going through and putting this all together in the expert mode of editing. Now, when we do this, you'll have all of your available type tools here is well, and with that I can go in and I can actually edit my images if I'd like to do that. But I can always go back to basic mode at any time by clicking on basic mode and that's going to give me a very simplified version here. If you don't want to go in and have all of the expert editing tools, we can switch between advanced mode and basic mode, keeping it nice and simple. Once you're done, you can go through and you can save and close your entire document here. If I save the whole thing, I can also print this out as well from this particular book, so if I close out of this save the whole thing it's going to save us a photo shop elements workbook, which will then allow me to go back in at any point and get my book now once I've got my book, I can go in and I can do so many things with this book if I'm done with my book right here, I've had all my photos this is where I can go in and I can now order my book so as I add all my images here, I can always open it up later if I click the order, go in and it will go in and spend some time processing the entire thing. So with that once I'm done and I've closed my book it all saved call it up at any time I can order, you can walk yourself through the entire ordering process. I won't do that at this point because it'll show you basic window, but it will walk you through how many you want? What size paper, what color paper, the quality that you want on it as well? And keep in mind that it's not just a photo book you can run through and create all these different prints right here photo prints, photo book greeting cards, photo calendars and this all comes up when you just choose to create button through this the key to this is what makes it a whole lot easier to use photo shop elements if you go in and you open all of your images first in your photo been and have them all in here first before you actually go in and creating of this because it will allow you to drop in drag very quickly from your photo been bar into your document so that will make it a whole lot better. You don't have to, it just makes it one step easier there if you open up a whole bunch of files first, so going to the create and you can have all of your items right there, and then we also have our share function, which allows us to take any one of our images here and be able to go in and share it to a private web album flicker twitter, smugmug, facebook whatever else that you want. If you want to share this on facebook, you just take your image you click on your facebook link it launches the web browser you log in tow facebook and you could go ahead and post facebook images directly from here and be able to share directly from your document right to hear it will walk you through the entire process as you go through, so keeping in mind that from most people who are going to begin using photo shop elements here if you know nothing about photo shop elements you can go through and take the guided tour where will go through and you click on each and every one of your items here so that you can follow the step by step process see what it does be able to go in and understand what each one will do for you and be able to click see the actual image move before and after follow all the directions right there so you can go in follow what it does do all your touch ups learn about photo effects, how they work and how to do them any type of camera effects that you like to apply and then just a whole bunch of photo fun as well and then of course from that you can also create all of your books and share all of your content as well. The quick edit mode is going to give you more control over your images you'll need to know a little bit more about the basic tools going in and selecting your areas so that you can affect just those areas whitening things putting some type in red eye being able to go in and work with your healing brush modes and cropping your image as well. Again we still have all of our create features whenever you use this you could go in and create anything that you want from that and share everything that doesn't change the expert mode gets into full on photo editing. If you do want to explore expert mode, this is going to be a whole, another class of nothing but expert mode. When you're dealing with photo shop elements. With that, you'll be able to go ahead and create multiple adjustments. Multiple effects will be able to deal with layers as well, so we can begin compositing images together. We can begin to adjust. We can also merge images together, blend things together as well, and how that all put together in a much more advanced mode. So what I wanted to show you is just a quick overview. Our photo shop elements, what it can do for the quick mode on the guided mode right through there, being able to create printed items from there, as well as slide shows, and then share your photos directly from here.

Class Description

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements lets you easily edit photographs and add artistic touches to your images. Join Jason Hoppe for Adobe® Photoshop® Elements: The Basics, as he walks you through all of the handy features found in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 13. 

Jason will help you get the most out of the easy-to-use tools in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements so you can quickly fix problems. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Adjust color and sharpen images 
  • Use layers and make adjustments
  • Share your images on any social network
  • Use photos in books, cards, and scrapbooks pages 
  • Create a custom slide show
You’ll learn how to simplify your editing process and how the face and geo-tagging features can help you stay organized.
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is your lightweight alternative to working in Adobe® Photoshop® – learn how to get the most out of this powerful and practical tool. 

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Very good overview of the program (PSE13). I had trouble at the beginning trying to understand where you got your photos to edit. It would have been helpful if I had been shown at the beginning how to get photos from the organizer. Otherwise lots of good information....

Isabel Weinger Nielsen

Just what I needed to get started in Photoshop Elements! I had no previous knowledge and class explained it all.