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Retouching, Crop and Type in the Quick Edit Mode

And another one of the features here is going in and working on retouching an image and the retouching is going to come in from our little healing brush and our option we're going to have a spot healing brush and we're going to have the healing brushes well and I realize with this image I've got my before and I've got my after here I'm just going to set this for my after so we can take up the whole screen I realize in my image right here that this chain comes across this image and I really don't want this chain in the image and they also see there's like some bars in the background here but overall I'd like to go in and I'd like to really kind of spruce up my image a little bit and I'd like to set a couple things in here and kind of get this taken care of so I'm going to go into my lighting adjustments here and I'm going to go in and try auto levels to see if that kind of spruces it up a bit and try a couple different things kind of get rid of a little bit of shadows there and lighting...

that up a bit that's looking good going my highlights here so again good overall maybe I'll go in and do a little bit of exposure to kind of bump it up ok make that a little bit better as well now I'd like to get rid of this little chain here. I'd like to get wrote these lines in the background and that's, where by healing brush and my spot healing brush, you're going to come in. If I click on that tool, this will allow me to go in and use the spot healing brush or the healing brush. The spot healing brush is great for dust, scratches, lines, little bits and pieces of things and it's quite simple. I'm going to click on this ball healing brush. I'm going to choose the content aware because it's going to go win that's going tio pay attention to what I'm dragging over to fix and it's going to grab other content from the image and it's going to hell that in so I want to get rid of these little lines here, I'm going to zoom in using my command, plus take my hand tool to move it down and my spot healing brush. I want to adjust the size of my brush so that I can go ahead and I can have that on top of the area that I'd like to fix want to make it big enough, and I'm going to simply click and drag over those areas and it's going to heal those areas in beautifully so dust scratches, you know, little power lines in the video, cat hair, things like that I could just simply click over those areas and drag and that's going to take care of those areas and clean them up very nicely. Now the other brush, the healing brash here is a little bit different. The healing brush requires a little bit more input in here, so if I have this chain right here and I used my spot healing brush and I paint over the chain thinking it was going to get rid of it there, it kind of creates a weird ghosting effect right there because what I want to use as I want to use my healing brush right here and I actually want to get my brush size so that they can heal that area and increase the size of my brush, and what I'm going to do is I'm going to sample from another area over here and I hold down my option key so I can sample that area and with that sampled area, I'm then going to go in and you can see inside my cursor I'm now going to paint over that area to help blended in and I'm literally blending it in and now it's going to blend in or heal the area based on what I sampled a little bit more complex but it's going to go ahead and allow me to option click and sample the area and then I paint over the area that I'd like to heal and it automatically blends it in with a tonal range the color and the noise level in a little detail and blends it in and does a really nice job at working with that. So those air our basic retouched tools is going in with her healing brush on our spot healing brad as well so we can see the before and after very nicely when we have that and I've been able to go in and adjust it, get rid of those lines of the lower section, get rid of the chain here it's all by using just by basic healing brush now the crop tool is quite simple I can go in I can click on my crop tool and my after image right here allows me to go and I'll show just after so we can get this full screen and with my crop tool I can just simply click and drag over my image anywhere that I want to have I can pull the corners to crop this differently as well I can move my crop all around to position it differently on my image and they also have some crops suggestions here if I like to do that but it can also go in and I can set the aspect ratio right now it's a free form but aiken said it maybe three by five and so now when I go in and I go ahead and reducer enlarge this it's always going to be in that particular aspect ratio right there so whatever aspect ratio I keep and I can go ahead and swap the aspect ratio for the within the height that's going to work quite well for me if I want no restriction and I want to just be able to go in and crop the image however I'd like I could just go in with my crop I can pull the crop up or down I can crop that very nicely if I wantto crop in on a particular area just go get my crop once I've cropped by image area right here I'm going to zoom out a bit and I can see and they don't have the bottom of my crop right here because cropped it off I want to bring it in get my crop you'll see I have a little check box here I want to be able to say yes I want this to be crop this way or no I'm going to cancel this right here I'm going to say yes and I crossed my image and now I've crossed my image getting rid of all of the other the area around my image if I have to go through and I have to get my crop back here I'm going to have to go into my image mode right here and under my resize and this is a quick little trick right here if I go under the image and I go under resize aiken go under my canvas size here and I can actually make my canvas size bigger to reveal mohr of my image after I crop it that's a nice little tip or right there so now that I've cropped my image there it is and of course I can also undo that whenever I want to just by going under the undue crop feature if not I've gone through and if I save this file I basically chopped off all of the rest of the image around they're not bad if I want to go in I want to add some type to an image I can certainly do that he's going to grab a new photo here and the photo bin grab another image I control with some type on here is well by grabbing my type tool and all they do is simply click and I can control which direction I want the type to go what font I want the color that I want my type to be and I can bring up the entire color panel right here scroll through a whole bunch of colors here can pretty much find anything that's going to suited perfectly right there and then I can begin to type and select my type I can select the size of my type as well quick little shortcut for editing the type size shift command greater than shift command less then we'll go ahead and increase the size or decrease the size of your type. I can also go through and choose from entire list of fonts that I have here but a really nice feature that they have it's just put your cursor right here on your list when you have your type selected and use your up or you're down arrow on your keyboard to go through and allows you to scroll through and apply your types you select your type but your cursor here and highlight the name up arrow down arrow will allow you to go in and select what it is that you want, which is great when you're done you have to commit to this you can't do anything else. Everything else is going to be great out you're going to have to commit or cancel with this and once you do to move your type around, you're going to go in and select your move tool that allows you to select the color of your select your type and move it around wherever you'd like to have that to edit, grab your type tool, go back in and just click on your type I'd like to make this a little bit brighter yellow as I go through um, that looks good on click off it that's way too dark can't even see it right there. Click on the color. There we go, commit to that change like my move tool, so now I can move that around wherever I'd like to put that on my image, nice and easy to be able to go ahead and use. The last feature is the red eye removal tool. We don't see this very much anymore, but the red eye removal is literally for older style flashes that don't have the red eye removal it's, a very simple tool that if we were to go in and somebody did have red eye, which he doesn't. But the red eye tool is going to be something like this, where you simply click and you click on the person's eye and it just simply removes the red immediately simple again, it's. Not something that you see very often simply because the new flashes today take care of that. So that is the very basic run through off the quick editing right there.

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Adobe® Photoshop® Elements lets you easily edit photographs and add artistic touches to your images. Join Jason Hoppe for Adobe® Photoshop® Elements: The Basics, as he walks you through all of the handy features found in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 13. 

Jason will help you get the most out of the easy-to-use tools in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements so you can quickly fix problems. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Adjust color and sharpen images 
  • Use layers and make adjustments
  • Share your images on any social network
  • Use photos in books, cards, and scrapbooks pages 
  • Create a custom slide show
You’ll learn how to simplify your editing process and how the face and geo-tagging features can help you stay organized.
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is your lightweight alternative to working in Adobe® Photoshop® – learn how to get the most out of this powerful and practical tool. 

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Very good overview of the program (PSE13). I had trouble at the beginning trying to understand where you got your photos to edit. It would have been helpful if I had been shown at the beginning how to get photos from the organizer. Otherwise lots of good information....

Isabel Weinger Nielsen

Just what I needed to get started in Photoshop Elements! I had no previous knowledge and class explained it all.