Adobe® Photoshop® Elements: The Basics

Lesson 5/7 - Using the Expert Edit Mode in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements


Adobe® Photoshop® Elements: The Basics


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Using the Expert Edit Mode in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements

Now the expert mode is full on editing with absolutely all of the content and this is definitely going to be much more for the advanced person here we're going to show you some of the basics of what it is that we're going to need when we get into the expert level right here I'm going to start off with my image of the rock right here that we have adjusted before through the guided tour and we're going to run through this a little bit differently now you'll notice the interface changes slightly one we have a whole lot more tools going on here, but now all of my images are now listed as a tab at the very top of my screen so I can go through and aiken tab through these very quickly and see all of my open vials rather than clicking on my photo been right here and taking up real estate I can go through all of my open images I can also go through my window menu and I can also call up all of my open images down here at the bottom of my window man you remember this is the expert mode here you'r...

e going to get a lot more things going on with the image so this is going to be for the full on photo editor here we're going to go in and you're going to use a lot more of the tools basic stuff through here now that we have a lot of our editing tools we go under our window menu here we have our full on adjustments right here where we can go in and call a bowl of our adjustments layer effects, color swatches and a whole bunch of other stuff what I'd like to do is I'd like to go in and I would like to begin to start working with a little bit more color adjustment right here so of course we have our enhanced features right there but I can go and I can adjust my lighting here to do my shadows highlights brightness and contrast and levels I can also go through and do a whole lot more of adjusting colors human saturation remove replaced color everything else so gone is the little panel right here it's all under the enhance right here I would like to go in and I want tio get back all of my rock image here without affecting the sky so I have to go in and I have to put a selection around by basic image so I have different types of selection modes here I've got my lasso tool in my polygon lasso inmate magnetic lasso tool which allows me to manually go in here and put a selection around what it is that I want to select not the most intuitive tools to go ahead and use but the quick selection tools here the magic wand the quick selection tools are going to be the best for selecting major areas that have some good contrast between the image and the background. So with this I've got great contrast between what I want to select and the background here so tool like the quick selection tool is goingto work absolutely great I'm gonna just the size of my brush quickly go in and select everything that I want tio have inside my area for adjustment and zoom in and see that I've got everything selected here just like I wanted to be command plus is going to love me does have been and make sure I've got all those areas selected so that when I do any type of color adjustment it's going to include everything that I have zoom back out using command minus now that I have my selection active I can go onto the enhancement you and step up a little bit where I can go in and not just do shadows and highlights brightness and contrast I am going to do my shadows and highlights here it calls up its own little dialogue box here and I can go in and I can lighten the shadows to kind of recover the shadows there begin darken the highlights which is going to make it flatter and I can also contrast of the midtown's here to make it a bit lighter a little bit darker right there and that brings out a lot of the depth and tone that I didn't see before. Now, I'd like to go in and add some contrast to this so I can go under my lighting, enhance, adjust the lighting, I could go into my levels, and this allows me to go in and make my lights lighter inside my selection right there, make my dark starker and really bring out all of the tonal range inside here, using much more robust features on these air, definitely much more along the lines of photo shop if you've ever seen photoshopped, this is the expert, and this gets very heavily into photoshopped as well, so I can go through, and I can do a lot more of this. I can adjust the lighting, I can adjust the colors, I can remove colors, convert to black and white here do a whole bunch of stuff that I just don't normally do when I'm done with this election, of course, and going to de select that so that I have a much nicer image overall, along with these more robust tools, I get more features, so as I go through here, I've been able to go in and select do some just basic enhancement here, you can always use a lot of these auto features and see how that's going to work for you overall. But I'd also like to go in and do a few other things in here, and you can see that the tools we're going to be broken out. All of these tools in here are going to be our image editing tools, okay, our ability to go in and do some healing on the brush fix little spots right there. We have our clone stamp tool, which is an even greater way that we can go in and retouch certain portions of our image. We have our sponge tools so we can go in and dodge and burn certain areas, and then we also have our blur and sharpen. So are dodging burned tools here. If I have this really strong highlight, I can use my dodge and burn and sponge tools here. So if I used my burn tool, this is going to allow me to go in and darken or burn or expose more, and I can go in and I can choose my burn tool. I can choose my shadows made mid tones or my highlights. I would like to go in and I would like to burn my highlights a bit. I can control the size of my brush, of how much is going to be included in the burning of this and also how much I want to burn based on my exposure again, a lot more features get added as we get into the expert mode so I can go in here and with my brush selected, I can go in and I can kind of burn some of those areas and it's doing it overall in the size of my brush. If I want to affect less of the area, I'm going to reduce the size of my brush, control how much exposure control the size of my brush and work on this and a much more defined area. I can also go through and I can dodge certain areas so that I lightened the exposure and that's going to be my dodge and I can then go in and dodge my shadows, mid tones or highlights, and I could go in and paint certain areas to bring those out and see if I do it quite a lot it's really going to underexposed or bring out much lighter if I go too far, thank goodness for the undo button can always do that, but those are some of the basic editing tools as well. Next to that is going tio, we're going to get our blur tool and with our blur tool, we also have our sharpen tool and are smudge tool I so I can go in and I can set the size of my brush. So they can blur certain areas if I want to have certain areas blurred out I can also go in and I can sharpen certain things if I want details sharpened I can choose sharpen and I could go ahead and increase the size of my brush and they can go in and I can paint over several times which will allow me to go in and will love me to really sharpen certain aspects of my image and you can see it gets really sharp all by just going in and using those particular tools so these are all of my advanced our expert editing tools here that allow me to do dodging, burn and sharpen and the basic healing where I can go in and use my spot healing brush from a healing brush say I want to go in and I would like to remove the crack in the rock right here that's where my spot healing brush would come in or if I've got little things that I don't like I don't like certain patches here like those in the white patches I can take my spot healing brush make it the size of that I want and kind of paint over those areas and it removes those little anomalies very quickly and kind of blends everything in so works out pretty cool I may not want those highlights go on with my spot healing brush, fix those and edit those right out because we're an expert mode, we also have a lot of other items here that allow us to do painting and erasing of items as well, so I can go in with my paintbrush and I can paint any color into something that I want. I can also erase portions of my image to I can create grady ints, and this all requires a lot more knowledge beyond just the basic editing of photo shop elements. This gets a lot more into the heavy duty portions of photo editing here, so I'm just going to kind of show you some of the basic stuff that it can dio we can't get into all of that here based on what we're going to go ahead and limit this, too, because we just want to show you the basic items how we can go in and do some basic editing, but if you do want to jump into your paintbrush tool here and you're a racer tool, this is where we can go in and you can choose a color to paint with because once you click on your paintbrush here, you can set your color by clicking on the little color picker down here. You can choose anything about color here, you can set your brush and you can paint on your image and color if you want to for any particular reason and undo that as well. We have all different brush modes all different sizes as well and all different styles of brushes so you could get very interesting effects through here again I'm just simply showing you what the expert level is going to get you can also use the eraser tool and the eraser tool allows you to go in and I could go in and I can erase certain portions here is well like of course control the size of my brush and I can go in on a race and when I race it's going to erase to my background color may not be what you want but here's your really cool eraser tool feature I'd like to go in and I would like to get rid of the entire sky right here and so I can use my background eraser and this is awesome this will allow me to take out my entire portion of my image literally get rid of it so I end up with an image that's totally transparent where he take out the background so if I use the background eraser here and I click I can go in and I can erase the background every place but I touch leaving a completely transparent background in here that I can then if I import this image into other settings or other applications this will actually provide me with a transparent background with a sky missing completely I also have the cool magic eraser which allows me to simply click on those portions and away everything goes, and now, if I bring this into other applications, I will actually have a completely transparent background here, and I won't have any of that sky in there at all, so it ends up being a total mountain with just the sky, so I can do that with my eraser tools as well. So these are definitely more advanced features with this, and we also condell with layers, layer effects, adding graphics and mohr. But being an expert guide here, we could spend two days alone on just doing all the expert features, so I don't want tio go too far into the expert because this is just a very brief overview of what photo elements is. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go back to my file right here, so I'm going to back to this, and I'm going to open up a new file liken grab another file here, and I'm going to show you what you khun dio with your actual images in the basic modes here. So I just want to give you a little tour of what the expert is, but I'm going to go back to my quick vote here for a few more items that may be quite useful for the beginning user of photo shop elements what I've got here is a basic image and yes, I can go through do all of my adjustments here make everything look really cool. Interesting. However, I want tio at this, but once I'm done with my editing, what else can I dio well down here at the bottom, I've got all these cool effects that I can apply to an image. Now this is something very common that people would love to do so you can click on your images here and you can go through and you can apply a really cool tent. And every time you choose a new effect here, this gives you all the different features that you can apply to that particular effect. I'm gonna undo these as we go through, we could do seasons pencil sketch, toy camera, black and white without a lithograph right here color process, split town, vintage all this and each and every one of these elements is going to give you attitude off adjustments. This was a really cool cemetery in new orleans that we were just at and I thought this would be a perfect image to go through and apply some of these really cool effects to this hundreds of effects that we have here, and you could just go in. Choose whatever you want with any of these. This is a really awesome one with a lithograph imply that really cool look or feel to it quite stunning and interesting with that goes through and applies the entire process for you so that you don't have to walk through this step by step and whatever it is that you want, and go ahead and choose and remember, you can actually go in, and you can apply multiples, multiple effects to your image as well, okay, and if you want to undo them, you can always undo that effect and just go in apply a simple effect to it, along with the entire affects panel on the side here is, well, we also have textures, so while we can go in and color, adjust our image and go ahead and apply some cool effects, weaken then at any sort of texture that we would like to our image overall as well, to provide yet another added kind of cool quality to this image as we go. So we have a whole list of textures that we can use and apply to our image in many different ways, and we can also choose the frame feature that allows us to click on the frames, and we can add frames to any one of our images, and it automatically puts a frame there. Now what I love about this is that we have this whole set of frames right here that we can use and we can also create ad war frames there and I can then drag my image around inside my frame so that I can scale it and I can fit it to my frame right here and this allows me to transfer, transform, scale or skewer rotate my image inside my document and I can also scale this and move it around based on what anchor points if I scale this I can go in and they can scale this from the middle by selecting the middle point this allows me to go in and reduce it overall moving around inside my frame if I want to rotate that I can click on the rotate however over the outside they could go back to my scale steal this as well and that changed my angle of rotate right there when I'm done I need to make sure I accept or commit the changes right there swap out any frame that I want to just by clicking on the specific frame and it just puts the image right in there really quite simple right there if you don't like any of those frames, there are ways that you go ahead and add and then go through the help menu and find out how you can do that or click on the little question mark there because you can create your own frames to use in here as well. So those are just some of the basic fundamental features that you can add so we have all of our adjustments all of our cool effects that we can apply to any of our images, apply textures on top of that as well and then go ahead and apply your frames from that point. Now once you go in and you knew your basic photo editing here we can go ahead and we can save the file and we can share the file and we can share in many different ways and we can go ahead and we can create actual printed items. So if I want to go in and I want to save this file here I can go on to the file menu and I can choose save and it allows me to save it in many different file formats here I can save it as a native photoshopped file which allows me to fully edit this in photo shop or photoshopped elements here I can also save it out for a j peg if I'd like to go ahead and send it to somebody an email or I'd like to go ahead use it for any web based item right there I can choose my j peg I could go ahead and say it is a png or give file depending on what I want you can just go in and save that. And I've got that saved. However I'd like.

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Adobe® Photoshop® Elements lets you easily edit photographs and add artistic touches to your images. Join Jason Hoppe for Adobe® Photoshop® Elements: The Basics, as he walks you through all of the handy features found in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 13. 

Jason will help you get the most out of the easy-to-use tools in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements so you can quickly fix problems. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Adjust color and sharpen images 
  • Use layers and make adjustments
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  • Create a custom slide show
You’ll learn how to simplify your editing process and how the face and geo-tagging features can help you stay organized.
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is your lightweight alternative to working in Adobe® Photoshop® – learn how to get the most out of this powerful and practical tool. 

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Very good overview of the program (PSE13). I had trouble at the beginning trying to understand where you got your photos to edit. It would have been helpful if I had been shown at the beginning how to get photos from the organizer. Otherwise lots of good information....

Isabel Weinger Nielsen

Just what I needed to get started in Photoshop Elements! I had no previous knowledge and class explained it all.