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Adobe® Photoshop® Elements: The Basics


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Using the Adobe® Photoshop® Elements Organizer

There is another component to photo shop elements as well and that is our photo shop elements at organizer and with that along with what you purchase when you get photo shop elements the editor portion of it you also get photo shop elements organizer to separate applications. But what the organizer does is this allows you to go in and organize everything on your computer through photo shop elements organizer and what this does is this gives you a whole list of items that you have on your computer and it shows may all of my files but what's nice with this is it's not just my images here this is all my media it's my logo's it's, my pdf ce that I have it's illustrations that have been done it's the pictures you know leinart illustrations whatever it may be all together in one specific place which is pretty great because this goes beyond just photoshopped editing image files here. But I also have all of my video files and this is all listen under my media. So this is quite robust if I want...

to go through and I want to be able to search my image, my images or my content or my logo's or my pdf ce or any other file here that's what elements organizer will do for me and I have several different modes here where my media mode is going to be virtually every file that we can possibly imagine so I can look at my images here I can also go in and I can look a pdf so as well, and I can double click on something and it's going to open up right from photoshopped elements organizer and I can actually see each and every file where it was created created so if I'm looking at something like this and I want to open up my flamingo file it open ended up in pt africans that's the format that it was in, and I can see this, and this allows me to visually search and organize in a much better weii what I like about this is that I can also go in here, and I can have all of my people together. So my brother and my sister in law, on her kids right there, I can also organize things as places where all of my images were taken and all these locations come together here were all taken at my house with all my cars as well as well as any events that have happened, and I don't have the sorted as events as well, but the organizer allows me to go in and organized all of my content on my hard drive without having to do any work whatsoever. So a couple of features that I have with my media here that's really quite nice I could go ahead and I consort the's from oldest or newest as well and I really don't have to really put anything into my organizer I everything that I have here is basically sitting right on my hard drive so I can go in and I can go and I can look at my specific folders here on my hard drive so any folder that I have specifically created on my hard drive here I can just go in and I can simply click on and it shows me all the files here I haven't done anything whatsoever this is just reading my hard drive very nicely so there it is I can look at all my images here and I can create a slide show immediately from all of my images I could just select my images and make a nice little slideshow from this right here just by clicking on the slide show and it makes a slide show right from there I can export this slide show to my local disc so I consented to somebody I can export it to facebook as well aiken simply save my slideshow as well really easy I can also go in and I can select an image and jump right into my photo shop elements editor or photo shop or whatever else that I want and edit this image right here another thing that I can do with this is I can also go in and they can rape my images with the number of stars. So if I go in and I choose my rating of my stars here, I could go in and I can select a particular image and I can go in and I can set ratings on this by right clicking on any one of my images here. So say I really like all these images if I right click or control click aiken set a rating of five stars so that I really like this and these are going to be five stars on all my images. So now if I want to search for anything that's five star rated, I can just do my ratings here and say, ok, show me anything it's up to five stars and will show me all of my favorite or highly rated images with this. Of course I can go through click on any one of my images here and share directly from here. I don't need to go into my editor to do that. I can take any one of these and go directly to and the external source right there get it printed as well and keeping in mind that I haven't done any of this there's been no special work that I had to do this is simply just reading all of the folders on my hard drive right there through all of my media it's quite awesome by going and I do all my people is well, I can see all that it's really quite fantastic I don't really need to go and add anything into this this is just a great way that I can see and organize all of my photos and all of my content all of my image is everything else there's just a whole bunch of awesome stuff that aiken d'oh here is a map that I had screened captured here I could go in and I can tag any image whatsoever with any key words so that it can search by key words I can sort by keywords if I click on this icon click on the little tag info and with this I can add key words here so I can add words I can take existing ones that are there any people I can create more people in tag any file with those people and the places and I click on that little plus if I'd like to add something so I've got nature color photography other I can click a plus I can do a new key word and I can say cars click on that and category here is going to be others click ok I click on that and I can go ahead and I can click cars and it'll show up all the ones that I have tagged with my car feature right there, so I can right click on this go ahead and I can add a caption to this so includes cars I can have a person, I can have a place, whatever it may be and then I can search for everything by key words I can go ahead and I can search for people by name when I put it in there, it'll show up all my images with those people from that name as well and it's great, I can add any custom tags that I want to you to my list I've got everything sorted right through there under my tags and info panel right there works out pretty good. So while this isn't the biggest feature and photo shop elements here, this is just a nice little feature. If you want to go ahead and use this when you open up photo shop elements to begin with, it will ask you if you want to go into organizer or if you want to go into photoshopped elements editor here, but I just want to show you that aspect of photo shop elements now a lot of people will use windows media organizer or else they'll use apple's photo or I photo to go ahead and sort through all their photos, which you certainly can this doesn't require any extra work because it automatically comes with photo shop elements and I didn't have to do anything to get everything to show up here. All I did was I opened photo shop elements and it simply read everything on my hard drive so that I can see everything that I have with all of my media, all sorted by all of my people, anything that was tagged with a place right there and, like we had said earlier, when we were dealing with photo shop elements, we also have a live, which allows you to do capture, create, see, inspire and learn as well. So that's just a really quick overview of the very basics of photo shop organizer. And then, of course, the main feature was photoshopped elements editor here. We can go in and very quickly and very easily work on your files. Do a guided tour. If you're not used to this, do a quick or if you are much better with this, you go through into an expert level you can print and save, and you can create all sorts of other media through here and then share all of your files right through there and that's basically a really quick overview off what photoshopped elements thirteen khun do for you.

Class Description

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements lets you easily edit photographs and add artistic touches to your images. Join Jason Hoppe for Adobe® Photoshop® Elements: The Basics, as he walks you through all of the handy features found in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 13. 

Jason will help you get the most out of the easy-to-use tools in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements so you can quickly fix problems. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Adjust color and sharpen images 
  • Use layers and make adjustments
  • Share your images on any social network
  • Use photos in books, cards, and scrapbooks pages 
  • Create a custom slide show
You’ll learn how to simplify your editing process and how the face and geo-tagging features can help you stay organized.
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is your lightweight alternative to working in Adobe® Photoshop® – learn how to get the most out of this powerful and practical tool. 

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Very good overview of the program (PSE13). I had trouble at the beginning trying to understand where you got your photos to edit. It would have been helpful if I had been shown at the beginning how to get photos from the organizer. Otherwise lots of good information....

Isabel Weinger Nielsen

Just what I needed to get started in Photoshop Elements! I had no previous knowledge and class explained it all.