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Shape Tool TricksType and Shape Q&A

When you showed us the text and jumping into a new layer also open the options bar it looked like there was that the layer stack thing can you instead of jumping it to new layer can you select the layering I think you did it on your retouching tool he did with like the puppet warp in the um and the pins you changed how they fell uh let's see here so if I do this and let's see here did he I think it was that after I after I ended the shape you into shape so it's gonna type convert shape and then if I click on individual letters like this one then I can define what happens when two overlap which one is considered to be on top bye here putting this to the front bring into the back and so on but if I add something like a drop shadow it still applies to the entire layer and does it so it's not going to solve that for me but this is controlling how they're considered to be overlapping if I had each letter different color let's say uh or something like that if I was even able to do so then yo...

u'd be able to see some of that here we can also a line things so if I want to go over here and I would say I never moved this and I just put the letter g down below and then selected all of them I could say a line let's distribute the heights you know that kind of thing there's all sorts of things you khun dio you know, it's photoshopped some sandals. Yeah, yeah, um, so kind of going off of that? Are you able teo? I'm sure you can. Can you show me how you might can you just pull on one of those dots and actually changed? Sure, if you want to change the actual shape yeah, you want to do is instead of using the black arrow tool because that grabs the entire letter, grab the more hollow one and then if you click like away and back, you should be able to grab individual parts in pull on them. Uh, come on. The one thing I'm not good at is there's some sort of logic to how you switch between these two tools and I'm not good at whatever that logic is, but you should be able to come in here and work on individual parts, just like I could pull on this indu things. Um, pet shack and I'm used to thinking in the pen tool, so no, so there's something I have to do to un groupies these letters, which I'm not used to doing s o there is a method for doing so it involves thie little ah hello air tool and there's a way to get it so it's not grabbing all the letters at once if anybody happens to know what that is off hand because my brain is not able to think of what it is off hand because I'm used to it just being switching to that tool and that would be it please let us know and we'll share it with everybody. It is possible uh and you know you can easily change that stuff all right? Other questions? Absolutely. Thank you, ladies, I have a question from michelle in r v a who asked when you change would you then change custom shape color? Using a color adjustment layer is the question would I then change it using custom? Er no, I don't need to know if I want to change there's a phil setting up here and I could just sell it I want something else. If I am a mind that grayscale document again okay, if I click up here in the upper left there is a choice called phil and that's how it end up changing the color of this. Yes. And so if I just need to change the color there is a choice up there at the top if I needed to change the color of individual letters within this you have a couple options. One is he gave them on their own layer remember how we had new via cut could pop it on tone layer or I could create a new layer on top of this and put whatever colors I want in that would say whoa I want blue I can paint or I could do anything I want to put the stuff there and then there's a way to make this layer only show up where the stuff is underneath you can do that by going to the layer menu and there's a choice called create clipping mask so now in this layer I could keep switching between various colors like here lt is green and just continue painting over each letter I'm sure there's probably a more elegant way of doing it as well other than this but to be honest I don't work with type that often so thinking through it sometimes my brain goes to mohr cave man solutions well uh you know that kind of stuff but this is a layer on top of the text and then I made it so this layer only shows up where there's information on the layer below you do that by going to the layer menu and here it says released clipping mask because I already have it turned on but it would usually be called create clipping mask uh to do that that's also what you khun dio if you want to grab a photograph uh let's see I want to put this inside the text I'm just gonna take this and put it over in that other document and it's already clipped because the layer that was active had that feature already turned on, but I would usually just place it above the text and then go to the layer menu and say create clipping mask and it would do it for me so now I can have my photograph within the text. One thing I think is really interesting about doing that is that then if you click on the layer that contains the text and you start adding layer styles like a drop shadow and especially bevel in boss it combines those layers together mentally before it applies this style to it so it'll apply the style right on top of the photograph that's in there and so you can get more interesting effects. Those styles are actually applied to the text into me mentally I would think well, if the bevel in bosses on the tax and then the photo is up on top, the photo would obscure my view of it but when you clip them they're thought of his being the same thing like the same object almost so the two go together first, then the effect is applied and so you can get some rather interesting and results so the questions well actually a digger dead and davide come to the rescue, davide says click outside the path first to deactivate all the points than in drag over the points you wish to adjust and then he says behavior has changed in c c oh they did in c c c c the behavior so it's actually not you now it's it's c c they made another change with the with the pencil that I really didn't like that they didn't see a six and I just wasn't aware of this one and see see what that means is I haven't messed with the text like this said cc came out but so what he was saying wass and thank you who was up that davide and digger deb thank you is go to your directs election tool and adobe of course had to make a change that'll mess people up that have used photo shopped for like decades you know it's like come on um and then instead of clicking on the the thing you want to change, which is what? Well actually not worked well, now I can grab individual ones this is the way I was expecting it to work. But before when I clicked on the actual line, it's selected all the dots and I was like that's not how it's supposed to work, but now it seems to be working if it ever doesn't work, then click near the letter in drag a rectangle around the where the dot would be that's the tip that they gave and you'd be able tio added these individually and if it's a curve around the edge you can click and they'll be these little handle sticking out that you can also play with they create thie curvature between uh areas so yeah you could do that sorry didn't know exactly how but the derby messed with me with c c and I wasn't aware of that little change so now let's say I want to work with my text but I don't want to be limited to the features that can work on text or even the features that can work on shapes instead I want to use filters filters don't usually work on texture shapes so let's see what I can accomplish just to mess with yes okay um all right so I have this what I would like to do is be able to apply filters to it and so what I want to do is when I got two filters I want to convert this for smart filters that way it takes the original concepts of layer in retains everything that was there so that I'm going to be able to double click on that thumbnail for that layer go back and I can change the tax that could change the letters to whatever I want that kind of stuff but I can also go up here to the filter menu and I can uh distort it so let's take a look I'm going to come in here and see if I can find there's one I thought looked interesting called sprayed strokes see if you can notice it before me there it isthe sprayed strokes on and oh this one I might have to apply it and there's two different ways that I apply these so let me actually do a different method first I'll come back and be able to do sprayed strokes I need to incorporate white in order to get sprayed strokes to work correctly it looks like uh but things I might want to do is filter either blur or distort and I can come in here and do things like pinch my text if that's what I desire and it's able to do it because it doesn't think of his text it thinks of it as if it was made out of pixels and I can now do many of these filters I'd like any filter that can work on a layer that is surrounded by emptiness because that's what's surrounding this in the layer some filters rely on brightness changes within the layer you know detail within the layer to work, whereas other ones khun truly distort what you have and so you'll have to look at that but I am also going to come in here and try something like a maybe a radio or emotion blur a little too much but it's just a setting attached a layer so double click on the name of it within my layers panel and I just bring it down that might still be too much but what's really nice about this kind of effect is that I can still change the text where is usually I'd be completely committed to this text by the time I get into this and if I did a a layout for a client or something, I'll come back later and say what that's not the text we approved well, then all I need to do is come in here into my layers panel these filters are just accessories to that layer there just attached to it appears the smart object I'm gonna double click on the smart object that's going to show me the original contents I'll just grab my text tool that will click on it and change it to whatever I want. Maybe I need to scale that this little bit to keep it size I want I saving close this and I should update the other file and still have the effect applied if you need to use a filter though that cannot work on just stuff with emptiness surrounding it instead it's a filter that relies on detail showing up where it needs to be able to see differences and brightness and things thie only difference and what I would do is when I go into that smart object, aiken double click on it, even just add a layer inside of your smart object that contains white or any other color, so if I make a brand new layer and put it underneath, uh, I'll tell photoshopped to fill this layer with white and then I'll save and close this, and now it does have variation of brightness it's got both the science color and the white color within it, and so now filters that would usually, uh, required detail should be able to work so that I could get we've won this case really weird looking stuff, but uh, some of these go a graphic pen, my people to just distort the look of things I'm not saying that's the best filter I haven't planned out a filter to use here ahead of time, but we can have those kinds of things applied if it's a filter that you know you like just little element of the way it's working, you can always go in and double click on this little symbol on the right side to give it a blinding mode to apply with say, hey, what would it look like if that's a multiply mode, you know, then it adds an accent or some other mode, but what's interesting is that tax it's still something I could edit? Double click on the smart object you'll see it sitting in. There is its own layer going, change the text. So this opens up a whole new realm of effects you can have to text. That is still something you can edit. I'm not saying this particular effect is good. I'm saying that you should experiment with the filters that air there, come up with your own formulas for some good effects. Here, I'm making it up off the top of my head. I'm not, uh, doing anything that is, um, you know, necessarily an excellent and result. You get the idea.

Class Description

Part of the Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle.

Explore the creative side of Adobe® Photoshop®. Take a walk down the filter menu and learn what's lurking in the not-so-obvious filters like Displacement Maps and Lighting Effects. See how the simple text and shape tools can be taken to the next level by incorporating layer styles, clipping masks and more.

  • Learn which filters have a special relationship with the Adobe® Photoshop® Blending Modes, which allows for unexpectedly creative results
  • See how puppet warping and layer masks will allow you to make a single layer look as if it's intertwined around another layer
  • Start to use Adobe® Photoshop® 3D features to add dimension to otherwise flat imagery
  • Create animated slide shows that better keep your viewer's attention
  • Add texture to your images to give them more personality
  • Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0



    This is the second class on PS filters that I've taken with Ben Willmore. He is handsdown a fabulous teacher and one I highly recommend. I purchased both classes and I feel that for the price, they are worth their weight in gold. I applied his PS filter techniques to some of my surface pattern designs that were created using my original artwork and I've received great comments. So I owe a great deal of gratitude to CL and to Ben Wilmore for giving me the opportunity to grow my PS knowledge and to apply it with confidence to my artwork. Thank you!

    a Creativelive Student

    well I would recommend it sort of. I think much of the chapters show you how to use things without giving good examples or reasons such as with the brushes part. The photo on the cover is never worked on or really any of the topics didn't talk about how to achieve that look. I did learn some things as I have a lot to learn. I have been using the textures with great success. He does a nice job of explaining...I just don;t think we saw enough start to finish work.

    a Creativelive Student

    Fantastic tutor and course content! Ben Willmore truly is a master of Photoshop and has the ability to teach all aspects of Photoshop in such and easy-to-understand manner. Thanks so much for making Photoshop so much more understandable. Highly recommended.