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Dave Cross, Ben Willmore and Chris Orwig

Hello and welcome back to creative live folks we're here today with photo shop week two thousand fifteen now this is one of our very special events we love it we do it every year we already had one earlier in this week but welcome to photo shop this we have mr ben wilmore so you run by chris all right down on the end mr dave cross ok so you guys just want to let you know that the theme for today I've come up with this theme myself actually and today's theme is we did a stylistic earlier in the week where they had to copy the style of another photograph but today is the client just called and this is what they want all right so the guys in the back are going to put up this first image so we're going to take a look and this is our first inspiration and here's the client um yeah guys thiss this photograph with the flowers in it yeah I really don't like the colors in it so you have two minutes to change the colors pick ones that you think you're going to be good but make it awesome thanks ...

very much for doing that you have two minutes your two minutes starts now pick colors where's that make awesome forgone that is all right we're changing the colors were changing all the colors were changing some of the colors I know you get to choose then what are you doing I making the picture black and white u s o I see that you know ben's going into the old properties panel with the hughes saturation on looks like david's doing the same thing man maybe the two minutes is a lot a lot too much time I do see dave is using a smart object so non destructively he's working which is best practices for you is that correct always all right and chris are newbies so chris a newbie here it creative life he's got some he's got some all green he's got his you know you've got your filters going and oh, the color range I was really hoping that someone would go with color range that's always always a challenge all right so you have one minute one minute left guys one o days they've gotta put himself into the picture all right, dave hennen down you said make it awesome and that's awesome that is awesome and david doesn't just some nice nice colors there all right you guys have twenty six seconds left chris is making which you know because I'm gonna tell your neopolitan flower can going it's a good it's good I'm going tio they're okay but it was shining alright ben's looking good all right yeah ten nine eight seven six five four three two one pens down hands up please all right all right so we're going we're going to put these on and we'll take a look, but then I'd like to start with you on sort of talk through why you made the certain decisions and tell us what you used well, the client was not overly specific in their request. Therefore, I took some creative license, decided to reverse their color choices and add a little special flair to the prominent front much flower there be inspired by my neighborly photo shopper here I did said chain and is using human saturation adjustment layer and then a picture of myself in hard like mode a masked so it only appears partially within said flower, very good. Thank you, dave, we're going to talk us through what your decisions I noticed that there's a really my eyes drawn to a particular part of this photograph. Besides that, I figured since I'm knowing this client, as I do there will keep changing their minds or rather make any permit decision. I also used few saturation adjusting layers, but doing in such a way you don't have to make a mass because it's based on the color, but at least this gives me the opportunity that if they still continue to change their mind, I can keep tweaking the colors anyway they want, and then because I could, I put me in there too. Nicely done and it is as you can imagine took a long time to make an extraction of my photo oh yeah just dealing with all that hair challenge I managed to do it very good and chris I decided that I wanted to fire the clients so I went with a color palette that I hoped would you know, turn them off so much so never called so that was kind of my strategy very good and so I did you saturation lovett yes. All right, well, I think it's time to start our second challenge so we're going toa click through the next one yeah guys, I'm going to need you to come in on saturday for this one you see, I have this t shirt model and she's a soccer mom but she's just not hip enough for us, so if you open up the tattoos file on your desk top along with the picture of the model let's see if we can't put some tattoos on her toe hipster her up hope you guys enjoy this one. All right, files open. All right, you have two minutes and go. I'm curious to see who's going to get more tattoos onto their model because you know, people in seattle you can barely see their skin let alone all right so as expected, ben's got the puppet work there been no it's just plain old war playing a war okay dave's doing a little cropping down he went with the double kind added some just oh I like that little is that'll trying to get elected or cut up there for maybe maybe perhaps with semen get some tattoos on you don't worry all right dave's using displace I do not know what that is so I'm curious to see all right then you're going really traditional and I'm like ehren got better looking good looking good back to bridge and opening up his second tattoo for your out which one he wants all right I wonder in dave is going to be joining the model at some point in all right very nice then do you have a tattoo? Only one of an evil holding a walk um and its talents below said saying it says walk come on the wild side but I will not in agreement with my wife karen will not display said tattoo anymore publicly it has gotten us into too much trouble and therefore dave you're considering getting a taxi right? I do have a tactic you the ok tell me about that one it's uh especially my entry the can I have a bar code with acne and maple leaf on its when I'm going to canada's quicker scan your bar code on your arm and you're good to go all right oh I'm going to give you time sorry guys all right, you got one minute. All right, these air looking good ben really sure about that very much always that maybe that's the tattoo that karen has big shoutout tio to your wife karen she's working on our reference materials this week so you got thirty seconds and we're super excited cause a scene samples of those and they're just absolutely awesome. All right, you guys ready? Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five four three two one and done pens down, hands up arrive all right, so there's our reference image and chris let's let's start down on your end and we'll have the guys bring up yours and we'll take a look you could tell us talk us through what you were you were sort of for kind of a henna tattoo look, you guys have that one of you we're gonna break that they bring it up just now and then I also want to give a shout out to my friend and you know and he's taught me a lot about photo shop and then I also went for the background you know, I wanted environmental there so that's what I did really nice I liked ahead affect and I love just the whole image really nice sometimes t shirt you know, I do like that all right, dave let's see what you got talk us, talk us through ah you're well I was for the neck I went for the next two as well as an arm and I was trying to use the displacement map to try and follow the contours little bit which kind of worked somewhat but not as much as I had in my head I thought was gonna work much much better than it did so then I went with the well let's put one r t shirt just so she has another design think it'll masking their yeah just a little bit because the next one was a little bit too big so I just mastered in to try and think a little bit in there so very nice mr wilmore what you got well smart objects that have been warped and then I thought the you said tattoos you happen to have supplied a file that you didn't specify needed to be said tattoo in these days tattoos are much more advanced than these cheap a little basic one absolutely get march more photographic and so therefore I thought and look at that a people down the command key and even points right to it with the new smart guys look over here that's quite are smart guys knew and photoshopped no but the holding on the command keys so it tells you how far it is from the edges is new which rather annoys me because I hold the command key for many things and we don't need them but very nice. All right, well I think it's time to go into our next challenge all right? I just question someone win the challenge how does this work? You know it's all you know what everybody wins character devise a way we're all winners here you know? So you gonna open to files on this one? Okay. Um yeah hello, guys. Yeah, this next challenge I'm family photographer and as you can see by this picture of this kid he's not looking too good and in the other one we ve his sister's not looking too good so we're going to grab that head file and bring it into the other other one and see if we can do ahead swap in photo shop I know you guys are pros. You could you could handle this so yeah let's get started. You have two minutes and that's a go okay, so we're turning your head swath all right? So we looked like we're already dropping the images and on top of each other I'm liking what ben is doing here. So ben I can see when you're what you're doing here I think you may have been a little confused about what the client was asking about specific enough to think it was more billable hours if, uh he's more pacific but it's like chris is following the correct direction yes over here, tio okay, chris very, very good. Chris yeah, that I'm getting that that's that's pretty if that's very, very appropriate that's very appropriate and dave lookinto they've got his mass out as usual and he's been ailing is doing a little light erasing there. All right, you guys have thirty seconds, thirty seconds. It's amazing. Chris that's that's beautiful. And you actually improved the photograph from the way it looks and that I've actually surprised that. Oh, boy, here comes dave. All right, twenty two seconds, twenty two seconds. Time is tight. Oh, yeah, I see what you did there been assuming that there are k ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and hands up and down. Awesome. All right, so, ben yes? I think we'll start with you and have us talking. You might have been a little confused maybe about this that spot head head swell. Yeah, but I think the ones that you that you particularly chose weren't quite the ones that the client was thinking about whether klein it might have thought, but they didn't speak such I think they got all their oh, yeah, talk us through this one been well, first thing is auto aligned layers to make sure if there was any movement between the two shots in the background light somewhat semi a line that he used the layer mask to limit which heads showed up then I use liquefied and further enhance said heads and then is a finishing touch I thought the woman's shirt needed a little bit more possess so I added a little accent there very nice very nice okay well not quite with client was looking for but I think it's the six hundred percent client would like to hire me for additional time I would more than happy all right accommodate there all right all right thank you and dave how do you feel about this challenge I didn't like it at all oh my yeah all right I kept changing my mind I didn't use a good strategy is about halfway through I can deciding to try something different and then it just didn't work out so then I just put my head on the kid's shoulder right here is going for the your ear rather nice on the right proportions there are run spot on I think the way her head lines up perfectly is awesome as well see I think you've got this where has been was like you know not quite there so it was good good work chris what do you think about this joan certain yeah we'll see next to my canadian friend here I just thought I would bring him in some kind of picture online and I know you are but it didn't go anywhere and so my conclusion was that I got excited about you know possibly day was telling me right where a wig in his next session and if he does I think that'd be great very good very good all right uh time to go on to our next challenge now this one you're actually gonna have a little bit longer we're looking for you looking for something awesome so we're going to give you four minutes on this one that double the time s oh let me just get the client on the phone and see what he has to say yeah guys on this one turns out that russ and jen who's he has his arm around you know they got divorced and so jen's not in the picture anymore so yeah if you could just take her out and put arlene next to her that b grade yeah so if you go ahead do that I'm going to give you four minutes on the clock and that's a go all righty them four minutes all right yeah that you know the thing is they weren't very married for very long either so it's a little bit sad but you have four minutes so it's looking like dave's already made a quick selection was at the quick selection tool there are been using daytime thiss is the content uh were moved to will he's done so hee I suppose I could put it more brick or something because all right looks like he's got arlene's all's owed a product that really supposed to get out no jen okay you've got this okay it looks like okay okay all right we're also world we're all soft on this a little differently yeah so you guys you got about two and a half minutes left to happen yeah you got a ton of time yeah dave days really going for the finesse he's making this isn't making this look right all right look at that man you're pro somehow ben you know president on this one well I'm thinking that's pretty good no and what you got going there davis that those I regular ward isis with the music so I was like all right oh I see very nice I like that house russia's hand there is that is that that's looking pretty good all right so I would look at my time guys ok one minutes forty six seconds to perfect these images I think I'm all right chris is chris is looking good I'm just yeah ready one more time all right now you're taking it to another level I like that okay now it's looking like david really finessing those edges that's that's nice to see separate is floating and is still living as a little tricky right here oh poor arlene all right we're down a one minute guys your last minutes to your vinyls finessing into this okay nail this thing down kind of like just quit chris is looking good I think this is going in for the extra credit why wass but tonight just a very nice day all right forty two seconds come ben's doing his magic as usual I'm seeing masking over there I'm seeing actually masking all over the place it is kind of doing those last finesse is on that brick wall very good very nice you have seventeen seconds so I was going to go and find online and created life local and put it on the wall all right are you guys looking all right we got seven six five four three two one and done very nice all right ben I think we'll start with you again and I'm curious to see I mean I really to hear your thoughts on sure ana what you made the choice he did well first off I thought these guys working on these back photographs or are working so old school are they shooting film or something I don't know what their processes but I thought a little interactivity mike be more enjoyable and more interesting so therefore I took a few liberties will smile on rest of states there and then there's your little ghostly image yes there otherwise the process of moving arlene overtook about twelve seconds and therefore I had a little extra time on my hand. Very nice. Very nice. I see she has a little hair coming out of her. Her head that's just some things been alright day when you got well I also went the, uh wonderful content were moved to a which just cuts out so much sign compared to what we used to have to do and then try toe add a little bit of hopefully realism by moving russia's hands so it sort of looks like he's very awkwardly putting it on children this is they have a balanced panel weighs on then I'm still not completely happy with the brick wall is content we're move often does a good job but with a pattern like the brick wall I probably spend a little more time tryingto ok, make it look a little more even. Okay? Chris, how do you feel about this one? Yeah, you made decisions that really way. So it's pretty technical. I made a selection with the marquis tool and content where scale? That was it. Ok. All right, well, I love to see people embracing challenges on dh going in different directions that you would normally not think of. So great job. All right, guys, we're back down to two minutes for this final photoshopped this challenge so you open up that last challenge and you're gonna have two minutes I'm going to pop up our inspirational image here and our clients on the phone is just saying, hey, guys I saw a photograph by this guy ansel adams yeah and he's really awesome so if you could make this look like one of his shots and you know clean up that sky and those spots and be awesome so good luck you have two minutes all right let's start that rocket music way no presense anybody know precepts if I see fans advice see presets there's going to be there just qualified on presets got to do this the old school way all right I'm already seeing some really great cleanup work on the sky very very nice for the healing brush there've been uh the spot spot healing brush thank you it's like dave you're using the same patch tool all right just goes to show you as in photo shops you can do the same thing about one hundred different ways way alright chris looking good something are you guys believe it or not but you're down to halfway you have one minute left it's like did you join a little final adjustments in a cr what's that and ralph filter baby all right it's kind of handy happening it in the photo shop now these days is yeah I think it's one of the best features that could have come up with over the last five years all right old ben's very nice going put a little chris is that I see you there flynn that a little better all right thirty seconds according to stack thirty two seconds a very nice day who wouldn't be dave cross original without if grodd awkward ballet dancer running a cross is this armageddon there this's just I don't know what this is going all right guys you ten nine eight seven six five four three two one and pens down hands up let's see what you got so chris yeah we'll go first I'm going to start with you down there on a little curious because you know we did your segment on creativity right? And I don't know how many clients you got you got you've worked with over the years or you may not be familiar with that ansel adams ok there so I was thinking you know why not what this is called the trails want to embrace them you know and just contract sales and why not add some mohr of those hand and just see where that goes it's kind of a pop art statement about pollution ok, yes I like okay, mr cross tell me what you got well, I think I I decided that was back in my days we used to have hair and do ballet and so I include myself in that photo as I was using the patch tool I realized there was you could just see on the left hand side there's one patch that didn't quite match in so rather than trying distract you she's actually showing something in the sky right there. Yeah. Just draw your eyes to that wearing a problem. She just magically you seventy. And you see the valley dancer girl hopping along. Very nice, very nice aren't so smart objects. You can edit everything I did every day. Of course I wouldn't. I would expect nothing less from you. All right. And I very night. I actually followed instructions. This area really nice, hopefully looks good online because it doesn't. It should look better on, you know, you remind us of the green. What what does the landscape mean to you? It means purity and okay, oneness that and take us through this. How'd you? How'd you convert? Uh, look, I ended up doing a little a spot healing brush to fix the oh mess ups. I did a black on white adjustment layer with some tinting, and then I did some curbs to vignette, bottom edge and to enhance contrast in the central portion. Awesome, fantastic let's. Give a big round of applause.

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