A Photoshop Odyssey


A Photoshop Odyssey


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A Photoshop Odyssey

I brought some artifacts from the beginning of time because we're talking about photo shop one point zero and in the beginning of time I just have some artifacts the first original stone tools used in being into the time you can laugh at any time ok, that one didn't go over original magnifying glass ok, you're wondering what about the lens flare gave the lens flare ow ow the first hard edged mask and of course a feathered mass and you of course saw the original levels tool k e c I just don't have this it's ok but let's take a look so it's photoshopped one point oh and I just have to show you an early quicktime movie that I happen to have with me just sort of set this all off it's nineteen ninety I went on the today show and, um hi, I'm debra normal on the today show this is a quick early quicktime movie you can see it's a little bit below I'm I just like to introduce russell brown who invented photo shop well done, bro, that may well, dear, but that's really amazing ice I was one of th...

ose who helped create photo shop that's, right? I'm rick smolan ok that's, right? I'm rick smolan, not deborah normal I'm rick smolan and russell brown is amazing, yes, I am yes he is so that was an amazing point in time but today's show we've got photos up one point oh but let's move into the future because then came photoshopped two point oh and in this presentation I'm going to talk about some of my favorite features throughout history and of course photoshopped two point oh came out on color on the macintosh the photo shopped early photo shop slate computing was out then as you can see here we have impressive and they did have a what comma saurus some stylists they did have a stylist they used earlier you can laugh at that one just slightly get good there was a little laughter so the creatives air using photoshopped two point oh on the macintosh right but then we had to come out two point oh also introduced photo shop on the p c I just want to show you the comparison the pc users this is to on of course the sophisticated for the shop users on the macintosh oh I'm a pc user I'm offended ok so I think there's some of the early capabilities got my wonder bread here early days of photo shop so let's move this I'm going to take my time my costume off scuse me well on undress here so there's really gives we're moving out of the beginning of time and this is an amazing projector we've got the capabilities here but I also have um a backlit projection so let's switch this over to the backlit projection mode here and with the backlit aiken bring in acid tates and such things like this teo into this but the backlit lets you have this sort of nice backlit capability and he's egos just have little bunnies when you doing backflips presentations like this so let's get to starter we're moving from photo shop two point oh let's go toe photoshopped three point zero and in a photo shop three point zero we brought in some capabilities that were really quite amazing so here's this acid tate this is magic acid way just layers in photo shop three point oh you remember this remember how is he doing this? We didn't have three d oh wow three d were you impressed you wear you guys in present day I was impressed so now it's time for church up four point zero I said this to the side that's like this so let's bring in these let's bring in some dominoes these dominoes represent one of my favorite features in four point oh which was had to have been actions so here we're going to take one action put it here into our domino's like this just like that then for every action there's an opposite and equal reaction and so we condemn a magically convert one image in tow another image just like that booth those dominoes out of the way there we're ready for rain for photo shop what are we on? Push above five point zero ok ok let's move out to the side okay it's all about this bread so this bread represents the the screen ok so this is your screen and my french is mustard this is the text okay? So induced introducing text on the screen in this new version and so now let's go in let's take this and let's put the text the p s five right onto that like that and so we've introduced this the capability of adding text onto the screen and I want to show you so we had the text but it was really amazing then because we could of course way introduced everybody packs edible text in photo shop five animal wait for that but of course way had the ability to magically undo I like you I like you I can that I could hand out more prizes wait not only did we have edible tech text way way had multiple undue was introduced in version five point zero so edible tex multiple undue okay moving on moving on it's done for photo shop see a six and not see us in pushing from the first of six or something okay, this is all about blend modes check this out one of my favorite blood modes was liquefy right there ok set this down but this into positions so now through the miracle of science you're watching me very carefully I want you to see if I have four hands the theme the miracle of science leads go in and let's add color managed fruit here because introduced inversion six was color management so I've got the old name normal ray image here I'm going to place these color managed items into the blender yes you you've got it you got it blending options here we go listen for it what's he going to go to it's going to go to liquefy yes you remember you remember to use it today licked with five ok we must be on a photo shop seven way forty seven okay this one has to let some let's um let's bring in the brush let's bring in exact a blade they has my favorite feature in photo shop seven had to be uh well let's just let's just demonstrate it. Let me put my hand in here because I'm really going to go all the way with this one. Take the exacto blade. Come on, you can guess what my favorite feature is hot. Oh, way to russ way back to the screen uh, okay, okay he's got that thing, what is it, what is it that he lean brush they really brush yes, I'm slightly vulcan in the head cop didn't go ahead remember I have the power to give away more copies of the creative cloud okay, wait push up one point zero ok, one point zero one have c s one point zero we're moving into the future um in the sexual I'm going to need my glasses take my glasses off I think about it think about it what was it that we brought in it wass lens blur lens blur you remember you could make you could make money with lenny's blur but also introduced wass and new capability ofthe police air coming police coming because you could not bring in printed images of money into photoshopped remember this remember this who brought in that dollar bill? You were trying to duplicate money but we wouldn't let you do it well they're introduced in cs one point zero was that feature okay moving on more at stake cs to get that noise what's that noise oh noise reduction was introduced cs to let's draw this interface and of course, if you move farther away from noise you can't see it as much for let's move away that's going to space no noise in space so with this advanced interface more noise, less noise or noise that's noise and then finally introduced in c s two point oh thirty two bit floating in space only a programmer can appreciate that ok, ok moving voters shots were in cia street got hurry cs three you gotta get going get dave on here. Okay? So that aside okay okay you guess you guess what I am I bringing in different layers of acid tate and I'm trying to align these ascertain dates together it looks like an auto it must be auto allying that was a tag on russia again that's not like debra normal okay, we also we had merging you could merge your images together once you align them so you had a theme emerging capabilities whoa, whoa well, you're good I'm going to get you had three d support introduced in cs three are you taking notes there? That's fantastic. Okay, I could draw this interface in here did we say dave cross is coming up next you can actually learn something. Okay. Let's three d objects could be moved inside of photoshopped cs three she I just hope my kids aren't watching ok, you could move this around oh, we've had a crash the whole system is crashed it's okay you can log weaken just rebooted three boot it. Okay okay, okay. Photo shop see it's for ok said this said ok this is a good one this is a good one let's bring this in guess what this is this a scale we push on the scale it reacts so this scale is responsive let's bring in another piece about state off this scale is aware of its surroundings it's a piece of ass street let's try this again let's try twenty pounds some this time ok, but is this scale content aware? Let's try my watch here take my watch it is content aware scale introduced in cs four point zero content aware scale introduced but is it truly content aware let's bring in another piece of acid tate can it really identify an image and give it its true character? Oh no didn't work so it's not truly content to where we're moving on moving on um we're going to see us five let's see if we can get c s I haven't see a six we have to do the two of them together since we're running out of time in and see us five and really liked this feature the ability to get my exacto blade out again and assassin tate because in c s five you could then cut something out different try using an exacto blade I'm going to make scars on this surface toe break this through truth can get it the kids going to break through time's running out again I'm really trying to hurry I'm trying to hurry but it's sticky here it lasts a little bit okay there okay, so content aware phil content aware phil was introduced in c s five you remember it? You remember it see a six c s six let's jump right in to see a six wait a minute wait a minute something's gone crazy it's sucking my entire presentation into project everything all my objects air flying inside there's an explosion that cloud is forming a cloud what could that lead us to ladies and gentlemen that's lately directly to where we are today with the adobe creative cloud whoa! So all of your tools in one location let's, finish this off. Um with great capability of intelligent upscale. So you had the you now have the ability to do an intelligent, upscale. Oh, incredible, incredible. None of those soft, not soft it's extremely sharp and out with the upscaling. Ok, ok. And in conclusion and include includes away no, no it's generator it's generator. We're gonna get barack obama to help us with generator one of my favorite features in photoshopped cs here in the cloud let's sum bring in this these tags. So I've got a series of tags and aiken tagged this with j peg or png and I can go in and apply the tags toe layers inside of photoshopped cc and then it will process thes layers and exported automatically out to a targeted folder great feature called generator and I'm actually sounding like I'm giving a demo now so let's get out of that let's uh let's do something crazy let's take those off because those aren't any fun let's bring in some different tags let's really? Move this up to another level let's bring in cowboy and make it fun beef it up and let's put it easy in and apply these to the surface and then we're going to use the new generator capabilities to adjust this so let's go ahead and apply that down there and this one over here and just finishing up there he's put that into position. Ok, perfect. Okay, now what what was that? Was that ok? So now let's bring in the generator and apply this let's bring in this generated by that there let's touch it and so it should automatically working do are upgrading okay, cool side that one to the side like you kate now we're getting it's it's just taking a close look at that. Yeah, okay. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys. So you've just seen history of photo shop and some of my favorites tips, intake and several tips and techniques my favorite features you can now have the entire dobie creative cloud available to you here comes the sales pitch all of your products floating around in space and time and in the cloud and all you have to do is. Simply gather them up and suck them down from the cloud into your computer.

Class Description

Join Russell Brown on a magical tour through the history of Adobe Photoshop. This crazy and wild historical review will cover many of Russell’s favorite features from every version of Adobe Photoshop since the beginning of time. Put on your seatbelt and get ready for a blast from the past in the comic review of all things Photoshop.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2