Adobe Photoshop Philosophy 101


Adobe Photoshop Philosophy 101


Class Description

Some basic truths for getting the most out of Adobe® Photoshop® (and life).

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2


a Creativelive Student

I believe, that Khara Plicanic did a wonderful job creating a class that was not only filled with Photoshop tips and tricks but also lessons on embracing your mistakes and learning from them. Her upbeat and outgoing personality was refreshing and she truly connected with her audience. Khara brought her knowledge and tied it in with personal experiences along with quotes giving the tutorial an honest and real approach. We all make mistakes (even the pros) and know the overwhelming stresses of trying to overcome and learn from them. After watching this video from beginning to end, I'd like to thank Khara for making this class fun and informing.