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Colorizing Black & White Photos in Photoshop

Colorizing black and white. All right, so I'm going to show you this one. We go back to the black and white photo um you want to hear? I'll show another a little tip let's close that one if you ever want to see just one layer if you hold down the option or key and you click the eyeball, it hides all the other layers and if you option, click it again brings him back. Okay, so there's are black and white photo the way that this works is and this is just time it's just spending some time on it, but the way that it works is you create a layer and then grab your brush tools so let's say as an example let's say we want to work on the grass, okay, I grab my brush tool, I choose my foreground color swatch picker over here and I'd find a color for the grass and then over here and start painting on the grass and it doesn't even have to be perfect cause you'll see why in a second I'll start painted on the grass all filled out all in not going to do the whole thing just do this part and change you...

r blend mode again anybody that was in my photoshopped beginner's class, I'm now making a liar out of myself once again I said there were only four blend motivated to worry about then I had a difference today there's also another one that could be useful just color all the way down at the bottom and so what it does is it retains the color of what you paint that on that later but the texture of what's below or luminosity which does not color there we go right now nobody's got grass that color so we can reduce the opacity quite a bit but you'll see doesn't even you know it doesn't even affect what's around it too much? Uh let's see here so that's so that's my grass layer at a new layer maybe we'll work on the bricks and I'll go with a reddish type of a color again, I won't do the whole house because we'll be here all day well, it is painted on part again, change it to the color blend mode and then reduce the capacity that might even be if you look at it to me that's a little bit to read so I might even try darker also little tip is changed it to color first that where you can see how it's working when you're painting so you get the idea I won't treas let's see the trees that's a good dark green color again I'll change it to color first and then just paint and you like maybe go to another image, get the color from that from going modern and then paint on to get more accurate perfect great but yet go to another image used the eyedropper tool to set the letter I sample the sky simple brick simple whatever and then come over to this image and then painted in then when you're doing trees and things again reduced the opacity but then what I would do is switch up, switch up the colors you know brighter darker switch up the colors so that it's well that's too much but going to which of the colors so just to show you as I I'll just kind of turn on layers so we got our photo lay at the bottom I painted a blue painted a little blue for the sky um windows a little bit of a gray beige color for the sidewalks there is a tree there's a lot of trees have no idea what that is there's the shed back there yes see there's a different color tree there's the house that's the clouds a little bit of an off white color the house I think just different colors yeah savings that but if you look at every layer color color see they're all just changed the color blind so again, this is one of those things that takes a little bit of time to build each one up

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Restoring old photos of family and friends is some of the most powerful work that is done in Photoshop. In Photoshop Restoration Rescue, you’ll learn how to bring new life to heirloom images.

Matt Kloskowski will show you restoration examples that demonstrate how you can tackle some of your own projects. You’ll hear about the process Matt uses to transform old prints into digital files and how to bring back some of the life and luster that was lost over time.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


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