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Crop & Straighten in Photoshop

Welcome tio basically photo stop restoration this is this is a super fun class because I think it kind of it touches all of us like we all have these old photos that we want to bring back and if you've never done this I encourage you know when when yours whether at home, whether you're here wherever go find an old photo of somebody in your family and go restore and bring it to him because there's really something about that moment because like my grandmother she doesn't understand or she didn't understand what all these digital things and to see some of these memories of a tauron photo or something like that I mean, that brings it brings people to tear so definitely give it a try I want oh, this is a different kind of a class because I've taught this class a number of times and I look at the feedback from it and I'd say like ninety seven percent of the feedback is wow, this is awesome, like it is really cool stuff there's three percent of the feedback that always comes back and says I ...

was looking for something more advanced ok, so I want to set your expectations now almora advanced means is it takes longer you're going to use the same exact tools that I use here, you're going to use all the same tools all all I can do because what would happen and somebody would somebody that I was looking for something more advanced and they put it, they put a photo up and say like some on how to do this and it was a photo that was just shredded to pieces and it was like, all right, I can do it and in this our class will do nothing but that photo and what I want to do in this hour class is show you guys a bunch of different things I won't fix all of the photo all the time because I'll try to move on to just different thing what I really want you to get out of this is different ways to attack a project is to kind of have those in the back of your head that it's not just the clones step towards not just the healing brush or the patch it'll but which one works and different ways to think about it because that's really what it's about all more advanced means is it's not going to take a thirty minutes? It might take it four hours. The other thing that I can tell you is if somebody hands you a photo of a person and their head is ripped off the photo and they say, can you please your store? This your first question is ok, great where's the other half of the photo, I'll have it all right, we'll see you at least have another picture of this person. No there's. Nothing you can do unless, like you, if you ever seen birdman, roy, who he can paint from scratch, unless you're that person who can paint from scratch. Maybe. But there's, just nothing you can do with the photo like that. So, again, that's again, that more advanced topic is people do they have things ripped off? There's heads ripped out. Whatever, there's. Nothing you can do about it. So sometimes sometimes knowing what to do is also knowing when not to try. All right, so let's, jump in and talk about I'm going to start. Really? The way this works is I kind of start simple, and then we build in complexity. So simple is take advantage of take advantage of some of the tools that we have. So when you're scanning your photos, here's an example, you know, we get all these old photos. We put him onto a scanner to scan. One of the time is get some tedious at times, eh? So if you put them onto a scanner and you kind of arrange it so you can get five or six or seven photos on their helps out, a lot of help to you, you, you you move the process along but what's really neat about it is if I open something like this up inside of photo shop if I go appear to the file menu go down to automate there is an option here called crop and straight and photos and watch what it does pretty cool huh? So it goes through and it separates out every photo and crops him and straighten him that's the original and then it just made separate documents of all these other ones now if I can tell you what I've learned from this okay learned from my mistakes and that is I want to close the other one's let's get back to the original if I could tell you what I've learned from this it would be it doesn't know what right side up is so put him onto the scanner right side up so that way you don't have to go through and rotate and boring and each each and every photo so I didn't do that. But as long as you leave about a quarter in space in there photos up will go through and it will be able to find all that for you keep them right side up keeping oriented the way you want and we'll make the process a lot easier but really great great little trick there that kind of hidden deep inside of one of the menu's while we were why we were on the cropping topic seems simple seems silly but I got to say it somebody gives you this photo and says can you please repair this photo um keep in mind what's important in the photo you can do a whole lot of work to get rid of this and this and this and all this stuff on here but what do they really care about in the photo unless it's unless it was this this car and they're like I forget the kids there were some stupid kids playing on the street don't care about you know chances are when the people that were doing this work for they care about the people in the photo that's what it's all about make your life easier and start out and crop in and take away all that other stuff and save yourself the work you know and in this case it really wasn't even that bad they were terrorism things that we fixed pretty easily but sometimes there's some significant damage on the outside of a photo that has no bearing on the photo itself we spend all this time fixing it to try to get the original image perfect but just remember they really care about the people I had somebody ask me some asked me this morning to get up and I'm gonna come dangerously close to the lava so anybody that's watching live you guys had already seen anybody's watching live knows I'm not allowed to step outside the carpet here, this is lava this is this is bad areas, so the carpet is a good area. I'm also not supposed to look at the gym, but I just feel like I have to look at the gym. Go stop it, please. You knew I was going to do this right? So somebody asked me this morning about a skit with would you ask me about the scanner? You're like? No, somebody asked me about a scare this morning and scale like I think it was the makeup person on dh she was saying, well, I don't have a scanner to scan in photos and so I was asking, what do you want to do? She's like, oh, you know, I think it is a picture of her grandmother or something like that and I said, well, your grandmother care if you had the photo on a table and you took your iphone and snapped a picture of it and then you know, maybe there's a terror across the photo and I showed you how to fix it and you gave her that photo that was not told where your grandmother care that it was an iphone shot and it might not be the best quality as a five hundred dollars flatbed scanner, but it's still really good quality she going and she's like now and so think about some of that stuff. You know how to get your photos in if you don't have the scanner. I've seen a lot of people, though. They'll put a photo up against the wall paper photo against the law, and they'll take their camera and just take a shot of it. You know, don't do it in a really glare e room, but you have some even light. Take a photo of something up against the wall or whatever, if you don't have a scanner to get it in. But if I keep going back to it, it's what's. The purpose of these people that we're doing this work core don't care. They just want that that memory back so important to remember.

Class Description

Restoring old photos of family and friends is some of the most powerful work that is done in Photoshop. In Photoshop Restoration Rescue, you’ll learn how to bring new life to heirloom images.

Matt Kloskowski will show you restoration examples that demonstrate how you can tackle some of your own projects. You’ll hear about the process Matt uses to transform old prints into digital files and how to bring back some of the life and luster that was lost over time.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


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