Fixing Lighting & Removing Dust in Old Photos in Photoshop


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Fixing Lighting & Removing Dust in Old Photos in Photoshop

Some fading lighting issues are lightning issues, so here's a here's a just old faded photo one of things you can do is commander control j makes a copy of the layer in my basics class yesterday talked about some of the basic blend modes that we use multiply is probably one of the top ones it's always going to darken multiplies always going dark in screens always going to like it so if I go over here and I changed this to multiply before after all right, I can add a layer mask to it and I can paint away some I could just make it so that I'm just going to effect the people in the photo if you add a layer mask, I'd have a lot to paint away. All right? I gotta paint all this stuff away so if you do the opposite if you hold down your option all key and you click the layer mask icon remember it adds in hyde mode and so now I just paint the layer mascot with the opposite color it's blacks my paint on it with white and I'll even let me take my capacity the brush down here but I can start to p...

ain and if you start to get the edges you khun switch avoid to black he's a smaller brush, you'll have to get in there and get a little bit more detailed but that's a a quick easy way to go in there and add some darkening onto the photo here again you'd morning use a smaller brush and go around the edges making a little bit more clean but that's used the blend modes to darken and if the photos to dark used the opposite you screen to break in the photo and that is and I'll say commander control jay a screen even though it's not what we want to do there but that's the effect of it so that's adding a little contrast all right now we're starting to get into the good stuff so russ I think somebody on the last class had had asked about removing dust and spots and specs in the back of the phone you're different people had actually I think that so this is that za great question because it happens constantly but looking to see that can you guys see that you guys can see it you're in love this one right commander control j I always try to work on a duplicate layer so commander control jaded duplicate go to the filter menu go down here to noise which is the last place you think to find and there's something called dust and scratches leaving at one pixel leave threshold set to zero click ok before after pretty cool I mean can you imagine how tedious it would be to go in there and picked out every tiny little speck so is there can I just address and this is just me asking this but the question are there any cases where this khun remove things that are intended to be in there like polka dots stars anything kind of like that? Yeah you need to watch out for now so when I go back into the filter by doing one pixel that's how it would remove it stars maybe but I don't know too many old old photos where and stars and you know it's a fair point you did I mean today everybody's into star photography but back then there were too many photos of this caliber that would have stars in it too but yes there were it might remove stars but not polka dots, not textures or anything like that one of the things it's it's a good question to kind of show, though is one of the downsides there's a little bit of a blur because that's how it removes it right so that's the benefit of making the extra layer is I add the layer mask take my brush tool set my foreground color to black the lair mask is white and if it blurs the eyes or something I can go in here he was one hundred percent you know not that I really have to, but you could see it's that can bring that back and you won't notice what if you printed this you'll never see a couple of those little specks on their same thing going there and paint a little bit of the sharpness back in uh the other thing that I can tell you about about printing is remember remember your target audience for this it's probably not online right? You're probably going to do this to make a print to hand to somebody um so your target audience is print noise some spec something's in the background a lot of that stuff smoothed out when you print I think it's the paper settles a little bit so a lot of your noise a lot of that stuff will smooth out when you when you print so you might have to do a couple of a test prints don't don't do like a seventeen by twenty two test print do a five by seven test prints were not waste all of paper anchor or wherever you're printing from but you'd be amazed how much some people stress a lot about noise a lot of it'll will smooth out inside a print so not all those specs would've gone away but it would have been much less how did just printed it without even running the filter on it all right let's hear it we got another one just to show you just to show you it actually works gotta love how nobody smiled back then but just to show you that it actually works on other photos, commander control jay and this this one will serve is a good example because you'll see what it won't remove. Two we got a couple of scratches and things eso filter noise, dustin scratches, by the way, you want to tip? We talked about this yesterday. Nobody ever says no, right always wanted him. Um, if you if you you don't always have to go through the filter man, if you're doing things over and over again, if you hold if you do command f it re runs the same filter, but if you throw the all key in there, it opens up the dialogue box again. So command option f we'll just open up the last filter that you read that you used. If you just do command effort reruns last filter so we'll do one pixel click ok, so it saved us a lot of work. Still a couple, a couple of little things, little scratches and whatnot that we have to remove but still took us still took care of the bulk of the work here.

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Restoring old photos of family and friends is some of the most powerful work that is done in Photoshop. In Photoshop Restoration Rescue, you’ll learn how to bring new life to heirloom images.

Matt Kloskowski will show you restoration examples that demonstrate how you can tackle some of your own projects. You’ll hear about the process Matt uses to transform old prints into digital files and how to bring back some of the life and luster that was lost over time.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


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