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Expanding a Canvas

Lesson 5 from: Photoshop Roundtrip in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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5. Expanding a Canvas

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Lesson Info

Expanding a Canvas

Now, let's talk about a really interesting issue that is best done in photo shop. Simply because Photoshopped has a capability that light room does not have. I wish like room had this capability. You can see that if I have. I like this photograph that I've taken. Um and I like the fact that I've got extra space up here, but the one that I want to use is this image here. I stood up a little bit more. I don't want to use this one. I want to use this one. And the problem is is that when I shot it, I was angled. So if I reset this crop, the horizon line is skewed. And if I try and crop it so that the horizon line. So if I If I angle it so that the horizon line is correct, then I lose the action. I can't get the, uh, the top of the tree. So I've got a straight horizon line, but I have no top of the tree. So then I have to. So it's like, Well, what do I choose Horizon line or the top of the tree? So I can't do this inside of light room, and so I'm a little disappointed by that, so I'm going ...

to edit it in photo shop. So I'm just gonna click command E. It's going to take me to photo shop and inside a photo shop. If I use the crop tool inside a photo shop, this is a fantastic tool. If I use it, and I I'm just gonna turn the crop until I have the correct horizon line and then I'm going to expand my craft back up the way I wanted it in the first place because I wanted it to be that high. I don't mind all of this stuff. I'm gonna expand this edge out to Let's just go right about there. I think that's the crop that I want. But I have all this blank space, and there's this really great tool inside of Photoshopped that says, content aware. If I click on that, it's going to fill in all of these areas. Once I say go. So I'm just gonna hit this check box up here of the very top in middle, and when I do that, it's cropping the image, and it fills in all of the edges with the sky and with the rocks and all that kind of stuff once it's cracked. So there we go. Done. So now I have the correct horizon line. And if you zoom in here, look at this. Did a great job with sky. It even did a good job with the rocks over here. A little extra foliage. So it did a fantastic job. And now I have the image that I always wanted, even though I was skewed, I don't know. Why was that skewed? But I waas and I've still got the top of the tree and I've got the clouds up here. If you ever see a little bit of like a line or it didn't do quite as good a job filling so like right here, it created a little softness than all I need to do is go into the stamp tool. I'm just going to use it as a normal stamp tool and at 100% and I'm just gonna grab something here and just kind of and then you're good. So you all you're doing is just fixing any kind of lines that are created. But it did a fantastic job and now I'm ready to go. So I'm gonna close this up by command. W It's sending it back to Photoshop, and now I have a really great version of this image. But remember, you got to do everything possible in light room first, then you round trip to Photoshop so that once you get back here, you don't have to do any additional editing to your file. And by the way, once you've done that, it's stacked on the original. So I want you to go in and click on this one of two button right here and close the stack. That way, you're only looking at that top file. If you do that, if you keep your stacks closed or before you ever export anything, you simply go up to your, um, library, actually, photo stacking, and then you just say collapse all stacks. When you do that, any stack that's in the grid that you're looking at will be collapsed. Then highlight everything and exported, and your client will only see the top image. So going to photo shop in order to expand your canvas a little bit is a really good idea.

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