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Lesson 6 from: Photoshop Roundtrip in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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6. Liquify

Lesson Info


So now let's talk about the liquefy tool because the liquefied tool is very useful as well. Um, so I have an image here. I really like this image. It's kind of a dark, brooding image. I'm going to be in the develop module and I'm going to work on this image, so I just wanna I'm just going to do a little bit of work on this image. I'm not going to do too much work on it, But I love the way it looks like how her eyes air obscured in that on that shadow. So I'm loving the image. I just have to do a few little things to it before I send it to photo shop. So one of those things is going to be burn this right here, So we want to burn that down just a little bit. So I'm just gonna come in here, burn those down a bit like that. And then the other thing that I want to dio is I put a actually put a flash inside of this because it's just a old lamppost. So I put this flash inside of it, so they actually had light, but it it didn't light up the whole glass and needed frosted glass. So what I'm gon...

na do is I'm gonna go in tow one of my presets, and I'm just going to use the lights on and I'm just gonna do you see, it brings up the exposure on everything, and I'm just going to go in and paint a little bit more light inside of that. There we go. That's better. And now I just have to zoom into that and I need to fix it. So I'm just gonna erase. I'm gonna come down here in just a race, stuff around it like this. So I have to be pretty accurate right there. But then I can expand the size of the brush to get the rest of that spill on the edge there. Oops, So there. So now, Aiken, once I have that, let's just go back into the brush. So that pin wasn't showing up. And that's how I would edit that, cause it's a little too bright, but notice that this show pins is it never So we need to just hey auto so that when we float over, we can click on that pin and then I can adjust it by simply closing the entire effects panel and grabbing the amount and bringing it down. See that? So I can just be like, OK, that's about the right amount of light on that lamp. Maybe a little bit more. There we go. Okay. So now I like the way that looks, but I don't like the way her jacket is coming out like this, right? I want to push this whole thing back in, and I can't do that inside of light room, so I'm going to do it inside of photo shop. So I'm gonna hit Command E to go to photo shop. We're gonna take this image to photo shop, and I'm gonna show you liquefy and liquefy is a really powerful tool that can be used to completely change someone's body, shape their face shape. You can increase the size of their eyes. You can do a lot of things. Even if someone has a lazy eye, you can kind of increase the size of their, uh, I as well. Um, so it's a fantastic tool, and I think we can't go to photo shop because I am looking at a smart preview of this image. So that's an interesting thing. Um, I'm gonna teach you a quick other lesson really quickly. If I right, click this and say, Where is that file? So I'm gonna go to So this is if you if you lose a file and you can't find that file, I'm just click on the image and say, Go to the folder in the library and it will show you where it's supposed to be right here and then if I want to find it, All I have to do is right. Click this folder that it's in and say, Find the missing folder. Then I can just go to my entire, uh, computer and simply type in the name of the folder. And this is why it's handy to have dates as part of your name. So I can just say that and it helps me find that folder specifically. So I've got the same folder and hit choose, and now it found the folder. And so now you can see that instead of just the smart preview, I now have the original. So it's really easy to find as long as you haven't deleted the folder as long as you haven't, you know, lost the disk. It's really easy to find it, as long as you just goto where you think it's supposed to be and reattach it. Okay, so we're gonna go back into photo shop with this, so I'm clicking Command E, and now it's actually gonna open up that file. And when we're in side of light air of Photoshopped, we're going to go up to the filter tool, and we're going to go to liquefy. Once you're in liquefy, you're going to have several options. But the most important is this option up here, which is the warp tool. So the ones that I use the most of the warp tool and then you'll notice that I use these freeze masks and I use the face to all quite a bit those air those air. Most important, But there are other things like you can swirl things and you can pucker things and you can expand things, so bloat things up. But we're going to just use the push tool, basically. So I come down here and I'm gonna expand the size, so I don't want to change this dress right here. So I have to go into the freeze tool, click on freeze and just paint in red everything that needs to be frozen so I cannot allow this stuff to change, all right? And I'm gonna expand that size that brush and just make sure that nothing here is going to change. In fact, I don't even want this to change right here. So I am. I am requiring that all of that stuff stay the same, and we don't want this to change here, although I don't think I'm gonna hit it. So just mask anything in red that you don't want to change, Then come up to your, uh, your warp tool, and I'm just gonna expand it. And I'm gonna move that in and just clicking and pushing, clicking and pushing, clicking and pushing. And it's just folding this jacket in so the size of your brush determines how much you're pushing in. So you see, I'm trying to get it go straight down. So now I expand the brush so that I can pull the whole thing in, but it's kind of it pushes mostly in the center. And so once you get to the end you're gonna have to push that bottom in a little bit so that the change the size of the brush and now I'm allowed. It's just pushed this in a little bit so that it comes in there. That's much better than it just sticking way out there. Okay, So once I'm done with that, I can gum in here and erase all of this red marking. That way, I could work on something else if I had something else to work on. So let's say that we wanted to just take this part of the dress in a little bit just to thinner up just a tad, um, so I could take the whole thing now and just go like this. And I'm not trying to change your body type at all. I'm just kind of changing her posture just a little bit, so she's a little bit more straight. Um, I have a big problem with changing body type, so I'm not going to change a body type of just giving people a little bit of help. Um, so then facial tool. This identified her face. So if you're in a position and again, I don't want to change the way her face looks. But if I'm shooting from below and her chins a little bit bigger because I'm shooting from this angle or if I'm shooting too high so her four heads a little bit too big, then that's an issue that I've created with my camera. So this is a really easy way to go through and just slim up a chin that you've created a bigger chin because you were shooting in a lower position. So it identifies the face, and you can just simply just change the face a little bit. So you just bring it in so that there's the jaw lines not quite so big. You can actually take the jawline up a little bit. You can bring the jaw line in a little bit like there's a lot that you can do, and it intelligently is figuring the fate that face out you can even go in and increase. This isn't seeing her eyes very well while it issing arise. That's impressive. Um, and you can if an eye is a little bit closed, you can open it up a little bit. Usually I like to actually close the other lot I, but that's a really fantastic tool, and I'm gonna hit. Okay, that's it. So this is before and this is after before after, So it's just a subtle change, but I like it better. So now I'm gonna hit command W and save. And so now I'm back inside of light room and I have a PSD. And here's the original Raw. Here's the PSD. Okay, so that is using liquefy inside a photo shop. And again, we're always round tripping these things. So we go from light room to photo shop than back to light room, and then light room is where we share things from and where we organize our files.

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