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Skin Repair

Lesson 3 from: Photoshop Roundtrip in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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3. Skin Repair

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Lesson Info

Skin Repair

And now we're gonna talk a little bit more about skin repair because we and we can do a lot inside of light room with skin, especially with the advent of the the new texture slider. But sometimes we need to do a little bit more because we have a little bit more work to do. So, for instance, we're gonna work on her and inside of light room. I could take care of a lot of things, but she has quite a few little blemishes here that I want to get rid of, and I want to smoother skin a little bit more. Um, and so there's a lot of little flecks and things that I need to get rid of. So I'm gonna go to photo shop just because it's a little bit faster toe edit skin inside a photo shop. So especially if I'm doing, say, a senior portrait, and I've got a lot of blemishes to take care of, or a lot of skins moving to do, or especially if I've got, like, facial shine and things like that. Usually that's easier taking care of inside of Photoshopped, and so that's why I'm gonna go to photo shop. But this ...

is really important because notice that there's a lot of grain on this photograph. And that's because in the develop module I added grain because I like to add green and adding grain actually helps to mask some of those skin issues. And so if I go into the bottom here to the effects panel and you can see that I added grain kind of 33 so a minimal amount of grain, but with a pretty heavy roughness on it, and it creates this beautiful grain that kind of obscures details like blemishes and wrinkles and things like that. So I'm gonna turn it off, and you can see now that those blemishes air a little bit easier to see. So there's it on. It obscures the blemishes, and this is great for proofing. If you want to show people what their images will look like but not actually have to retouch him, turn on the grain, show them the images, and then before you go to photo shop, turn off the grain because if you go to photo shop and you start copying grain patterns, you'll have, like these weird doughnuts that show up inside of photo shop because it's gonna be copying circles of drain and placing them in place. It looks bad, so turn off any artificial grain. So once you have the artificial green turned off, then we can right click this file weaken, say, edit in photo shop and it's going to take us to photo shop and we're going to start editing.

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