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Photoshop This! Introduction

This is Photoshop This, where the best of the best come in to Photoshop battle each other. We are going to be led by Mr. Jared Platt and he's gonna take us through this super fun event. There's gonna be surprises all along the way. You are in for a treat, so please help me welcome Jared Platt. (audience applauds) Before we get any further, I have to say one thing. In order to be up here behind this table you must be absolutely insane. (audience laughs) Like, I would never do this just so you know. I would fail miserably and so we've brought the best of the best here, we are going to introduce them but before we introduce them, I want to lay the ground rules of Photoshop This. So, Photoshop This is a crazy event where we come up with crazy things that I can't do and I want to see other people try to do them. And I want them to do them in an insane limited amount of time, so we give them only three to five minutes per challenge, we ask them to do crazy things with Photoshop, merging im...

ages, creating fire, explosions, et cetera, and you get to see that live. And as a bonus, we also award points for the best job. Today we're going to see all sorts of challenges. We'll have four specific challenges for our contestants. And the final is going to be a fairly interesting challenge because we actually have a model and photographer shooting simultaneously as our Photoshop contestants are photoshopping their images, so our final challenge will require some input from our Photoshop experts. So, what we've asked them to do is we've asked them to choose a particular background for that image. And they're gonna pull up that background now. So if you could pull up your background you've chosen for your image, and while we do that I just want to recall for everyone the last five years of Photoshop This. We have gone through a lot of different challenges and every single year we try and up the ante just a little bit, so this is our upping the ante. We have a live photographer with a live model next door and they're going to be accepting your input for the final photos that we will drop in of our model next door. So, here are our three, or this is our final challenge. And that final challenge is going to be using one of these images, so it looks like RC is using this creepy image of a chair. RC do you have any direction for the photographer next door that I can give him in helping to get you the right image for this shot? I would prefer someone to be sitting would be good-- Sitting in the chair? Sitting in the chair? Perhaps sitting in the chair would be a good idea. Very nice. Hopefully facing away from the chair. Away from the chair. Not straddling the chair. No straddling the chair. No on top of the chair-- Gotcha. Would you like water falling with a chain pulling the? That would work? (audience laughs) That's not a bad idea. Not a bad idea, alright. Okay, Lisa-- Yes, sir. It looks like you have chosen something from Havana it looks like. Havana indeed. You want to tell us a little bit about what you would like to do with that image? Any direction? I think I'd like someone walking. Walking? Walking. Okay, walking would be good. Running terrified could be good as well. Okay, we'll see if we can pull that off. Hair flowing if possible. Okay, you want lots of hair. If there's hair available and if there's no hair available I will make do, thank you. Can you put hair on someone? Quite possibly I could make some hair-- Then I should hang out with you more often. Yes. (audience laughs) I got your back. Got it. I got your back. Okay and then finally Jesus, you have a eerie foggy road. Do you have any input for the model as to what you would like to see on that road? I would like to see them walking on their hands. I'll see what I can do. (Jesus laughs) I'll see what I can do, I don't know how talented our model is but any other, any other input? Crab walk perhaps? Crab walk? Okay. Alright, so basically you're telling me that you don't care? I don't care. (laughs) Then I will let them know that they have a free for all for you. Perfect. Now what's going to happen is our photographer next door is going to shoot images in keeping with what they're asking for and then when it comes to our fourth challenge, he will be delivering them via Dropbox to our contestants. Now, before that happens, I have to go and instruct the model and the photographer as to what to do, so our lovely Kenna is going to come in and take over and you are going to introduce yourselves to the audience with Kenna's help. And I will be right back after consulting with our photographer, so you guys ready? Ready. Okay, it's gonna get crazy in here, I'll be back in just a couple minutes. (high fives) Alright, thank you Jared, alright, you guys ready? (audience cheers) Alright I love it, so we did a brief introduction, but not really so we're gonna go through and I want you to introduce yourselves but then also answer the question, because Photoshop This is all about fun, if you were on a desert island and you could only have one Photoshop tool, what would it be? In essence, what is your favorite tool and why? So, we'll start with you. Well first of all, I need no introduction. (audience laughs) Jesus Ramirez everyone. Jesus Ramirez, Photoshop painting channel. YouTube, subscribe, thank you. My favorite tool is the banana tool. Which, for those of you who have attended my class-- The banana tool everyone. Know what that is. The banana tool. And if you show it onscreen, you can see it right there, I guess they can't see it, but there it is. Not sure we'll see. Banana tool, everybody. There it is, banana tool. Banana tool down. Banana tool, tools bar, right there on the bottom. My favorite tool of all, right there. Tell us more, tell us more. That's just an Easter egg, I guess. A Photoshop Easter egg found in the banana tool. But to answer your question seriously, my favorite tool, I'm assuming we're talking about the tools bar, if I have to pick, is the move tool, I use the move tool all the time. (laughs) So it's the move tool. Awesome thank you, alright, happy to have you here. And Lisa Carney. Hola. So hi, I'm, yeah, hola, que tal, bien, bien, bien, gracias. So I'm an entertainment advertisement re-toucher. Primarily in print and educator as well, if anyone cares and I have no banana, I like mangoes, I don't know what to say about that. Favorite tool, I will say my favorite tool is actually a function, content aware. Content aware in 75 different ways. It's my favorite thing I use non-stop now. Love it, love it, love it. Fantastic, hopefully we'll be seeing the banana being used during the challenges. Hopefully not. (audience laughs) Content aware, I don't know, I don't know. Think G rated, G rated. We're super excited for the very first time this Photoshop week to have RC Concepcion. RC, introduce yourself. Hi, everybody. My name's RC, I am a author, trainer, educator, Photoshop guy and guess I've been doing this for about 20 years and I do training and things like that at First Shot School and if I had a tool that was probably the favorite, it would probably be the brush tool. You know, everything that you do, from re-touching to compositing to adjustments, all of that has to do with the tool. It's granularity is probably second to none. Awesome, well there you go, we've got it. We've got our contestants, our favorite tools. I see Jared is back in the the house and we're gonna switch it up and good luck y'all.

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Photoshop This puts Photoshop Week instructors head-to-head in a race against the clock. You’ll watch as expert instructors take their own unique approach to retouching the same image while the seconds tick away.