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Expert Panel Discussion 1

All right, well we got some questions here in the studio audience first guys go ahead and use the microphone quick question the nick um about the online summit and launching that before a podcast how do you build up the authority for some it's so here's the thing this is this is the beauty of the entire summit is that anyone that's getting started in their niche if you get clearing your purpose and all that good stuff in the three s in your story right the next challenge you have this crap no one knows me and I have no authority well, I mean I was a facebook market in two thousand ten had no authority nothing I was fifty grand in the hole dead broke and you know what I did I did a virtual summit I reached out I had good graphic design people thought like, you know, I don't know maybe had been around her and I looked credible and from the design and I reached out to brian moran mari smith, the industry leaders for facebook marketing and I basically shared with them the virtual summit th...

at I was going to do they were they looked at it and I was like I'm only asking for a thirty minute interview and I'm going to market this and we're going to cross promote and here's and here's what's in it for you I got the first yes from mike phoenix you get one influential person everyone else thinks it's cool, you know, and staying with this virtual summit I got one influential person and I leverage that person's name to get everyone else to jump onboard because people will say yes, I unseen if your design looks good and you've got a big name in your industry and here's what happens? Sean, you know, I know you have experience but let's just say if someone didn't have experience goes from no experience doing a summit instantly building a brand and I did that for me. I did six figures in ninety days from that entire promotion and I was all over the place people thought I was, you know, the guy for facebook marketing and that brand still exist me today because of that in this point I want to make too is because this creation but is that social credibility factor like you can't underestimate that if you could reach out to the one person in your industry, show them your vision, show them your dream and get that yes that's going to be that snowball effect that goes down so I mean seriously goto life on fire summit dot com just see how nick has put this together and that's your playbook it's just your playbook to model get one person to commit and then your lawn delicious goes down going john when you launch your podcast, I noticed you did a lot of things to get user engagement you're given fifty dollars away every week you're for five star reviews you would mention people do are there any other tactics aside from those that you would recommend that we would do when we launch? All right, so great questions, so it was really about getting that user interaction in the first couple weeks to really get that mo mentum going for your podcast and there's there's a lot of different ways you can go about it. And, you know, one thing that I've seen recently that I've really loved are the we've mentioned a few times is like the ask al toucher the ask pat the ask gary v show like anything if you can get any kind of audience interaction like they're going to love that you can give your audience a way to reach out to you and to ask you a question or to give a little sound clip about I'm part of fire nation and like you say, hey, this is going to be on an upcoming episode it's coming on an upcoming episode you have you have a listener for everyone those episodes he's telling their friends their family hey, listen, I'm going to be on one of these episodes, not sure when it's gonna happen let's do this, you know I started off to trying a bunch of different things I want to address that fifty dollars thing for a second because I was like, really focus into, like, how could I try different things to see what might work? I would stay away from doing things like cash and doing things, you know, along those lines because you're really looking to build a new audience of your listeners like I was just trying t c won't work. I was a newbie, I was ah, fresh entrepreneur trying a bunch of different things and that can potentially attract the wrong type of people that are just doing it for the wrong reasons. So really think about the integrity of your show your brands see what work for them, you know, maybe a twenty minute phone call with you like you want somebody that wants that twenty minute phone call with you to be listening that's a great incentive, so think about incentives that were like, maybe a free consultation or free, you know, where like, like audio artwork or, you know, a free like e book about, you know how to, you know, run and not hurt your knees like any of these things is going to really be targeted tio your industry and mitch is where the focus has today, I did a little bit, huh? I did so much work on social media strategies before I launched my podcast is that's what I was training on social media for a few years and I would meet these people they were real estate agents or personal trainers or whatever, and he said, yeah, I get, you know, like, I have two hundred friend request on facebook and I haven't responded to him like, really because they're your whole audience there exactly who you should be friending uh, like, well, I don't I don't find anybody, I don't know and I'm like, well, that's like going to a networking event in standing in the corner, I mean, what's the point of facebook if you don't say hello to these strange people and for, you know, for the ladies out there, people are innocent till proven creepy come on, you gotta really you gotta you gotta put it that way to be serious about it. I build my facebook group up to four thousand before I had launched this is my personal facebook page to four thousand before I launched my podcast. So if you don't think I could get thirty two, fifty people out of four thousand, I'd say look about to do this thing it's really important to be you see, I've been sharing this fun content for the last couple years it's really important to me if it's ok next thursday, I would love if you log in tow itunes and leave me a review and they were like you had no problems, so I was able to ramp up my ratings reviews really quickly, so don't be afraid to leverage, like beg, borrow or steal is what I call it. Just all your family, all your friends, please just click and one thing is used pretty link use that link that I talked about before. And if you go to seoul, our dot com slash itunes it takes you right to my itunes page. You have to tell them exactly how to click and subscribe. And if you have to make a little screen cast video like nick was just saying about, you know, using screen flow, literally turn it on and show people exactly how to leave a rating for your show. Can you do that? A phone? Can you record on a phone? Uh, wait a second. You probably could do the move right now. You're looking for a friend. You screen flow, so use reflector on your phone on under the computer, and then you screen flow to record it and show people on their telephone how to record our howto subscribe to your show and you will see subscribers go up on the comment about creepy until innocent improving, inessential, proven creepy. So I'm gonna ask what some people might be thinking and it's great that we have for very well established, successful gentleman on the panel and there's a shadow to any porterfield. But one thing about podcasting is that the listeners are predominantly men and the podcasters air, predominantly men. And so what I'm wondering is, I think we're missing a big part of the population in terms of bringing more women into the podcast community, both as listeners and podcasters. So one, what do you think is behind the fact that women aren't as engaged into what do you think we can do to help bring them in as a huge untapped market for podcasts? Greg? I mean, why don't you be that voice that's getting them out there, you know? I mean, you can, I'm working on it, your energy podcast, you know, I think it's like, I mean, I actually never really looked at it and observe that, but I mean, there's, plenty of women, I feel like I see, like, even a podcast movement, there are plenty of women that were talking to us that, you know, we're excited to start their podcast, I think it's more of just a matter of, um you know, knowing your avatar knowing who you want to speak to what's your what's your story what is one of the three s is but I do think it would probably be good if, like that's your mission if that's part of your story, then that should be something that you know, someone you whoever is out there trying to advocate for more women podcasters for santa podcasts paradise we have hundreds and hundreds of women who are all doing great things. They're forming communities within the podcast is paradise community so you know that's just a great place toe to really be in to see other females thriving. We'll get to one more here, rodney, you got a quick one pushes just basically this if you have a show that's not been really doing a lot energetically you want to get a reinvigorated you well past the eight week period do you recommend starting over again and taking advantage of that ate my course? Noah, look, if you can look back on and say I've done exactly what we talked about today like I follow these steps and I'm doing all the right things, you got two options. One is that you could reframe the energy level into it. We could take it to the next level from a professionalism standpoint or you could look at the original core idea of the show and say is there enough audience for this? Are there enough people asking for this in the marketplace or do we need to take what I've learned from this generation and put it into a fresh new version that that I can take all these tips and tricks and boost up? And I actually did that I had forty episodes and I was so inconsistent I didn't know any of the stuff that we were talking about and I candid and repackaged it had new artwork and then I set up launched with five episodes in and I had those forty episodes and I repurpose them I'd wanna go out a day every single day until I caught up to my I my new cadence which was at that point to two days a week so I mean you could do that as well you guys this is america you know we're all butter freestar fresh start you know that's what you know all over the globe as well and like like greg said how he repurpose stuff and he ended that as well that's that's really powerful just to take the country that you used put into your new show and the correct way if you if you felt like there's some shows that maybe just you know more than others and then just let people know no other show you can put episodes on that feed saying hey this is the direction I'm taking these, you know, you can say that in the intro and in the altro, and you can kind of win that show off as you build your other show up, but if you know that, listen, I've learned stuff over these last, you know, forty episodes, I'm going to come out with energy this time with viable going to do the launch plan as I should I mean, that's a great opportunity you're really subscribers and listeners, they're actually listening to your current podcast will follow you to your next one and those that don't they were listening anyways, great to this, someone ideas great actually done to tell us. So you know, if it's video that's cool, but if it's a tele summit, I mean you can. The audio standards can be different, but it's, like if you're going to repurpose it, too, the podcast you want to make sure that you do it through skype, keep it simple, build your list, build your audience, build your influence, and when you launch a podcaster all, we're gonna have people to market.

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Learn how to produce and promote a professional-quality podcast. John Lee Dumas hosts the award-winning podcast EntrepreneurOnFire and is the founder of Podcasters’ Paradise, an online learning community for aspiring and professional podcasters.

In Podcasting 101, John will walk you step-by-step through creating and distributing a dynamic, engaging, and high-quality podcast, whether you plan to share your creative expertise, interview the most fascinating people in your field, or just tell great stories to an audience that will truly appreciate them. You will learn how to:

  • Select the right equipment for your needs and budget
  • Create a radio-quality recording
  • Quickly and efficiently edit your audio down to a polished final cut
  • Find and grow your listening audience
  • Market your creative product or services with your podcast

You’ll learn all about the syndication options that will get your podcast in the headphones of as many people as possible. You’ll also learn about creating great intros, outros, and transitions, and how to use post-production effects that will add a professional polish to your sound.

Includes special visits by the following guests who will share their expertise:

  • Michael O'Neal - The Solopreneur Hour
  • Nick Unsworth - Life On Fire
  • Greg Hickman - Mobile Mixed
Producing a professional-quality podcast can be daunting with so many technical details to master. Get your complete guide to getting started in Podcasting 101, and then use the power of story to take your podcast to the next level with This American Life producer Alex Blumberg’s Power Your Podcast with Storytelling.


Samantha Porter

I think this is a great course for a beginner to start off strong. I really appreciated that there wasn't too much repetition, each presenter had his own perspective. I was disappointed with the lack of diversity in the presenters - all four teachers were white men. That said, they had magical information, great energy, and generosity for sharing tips! This course is worth watching and worth the investment.