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Greg Hickman: Your Mobile Strategy 1

So our next, an entrepreneur was born with a mobile phone in his hands. He grew up wanting to be involved in mobile in every way, shape and form. And the first few steps that he took in the mobile world. We're working with cabela's and the new york jets, and he has a lot of experience in these big arenas, but he knew he wanted more. He knew he wanted more freedom. He knew he wanted more just life experience. So he started trying to figure out ways to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. And I met this gentleman about no both two years ago. Now, at a conference called blawg world in new media expo in las vegas is we were all gathered around a speaker's having a great time. And then this guy was just kind of standing. Maybe just two steps us out of this speaker circle, and I looked over. He looked like a cool guy, and I figured he was speaking to so I said, come on over here, let's, hang out and those have a blast and I got to know him. And he got to know me and the rest of the speakers. And...

ever since then he's been on an incredible journey, which has now landed him. With a great company called a mobile mixed and it's all about how to take mobile input into your business, tio to improve everything you have going on in your business, your life, your entrepreneurship journey, he works person with me and entrepreneur on fire with our live podcast webinars we do every single week. We've had incredible success with both text and voice messaging. Two people that have signed up for my webinars increase our overall webinar show operate by over twenty five percent. When people that sign up get the option. Teo actually give their mobile number which will give them a thirty minutes call prior with a voice mail for me and then fifteen years prior, a text with a little link on how to get there. Greg is the pro at this stuff. He's, the person that is all about converting from anywhere specifically your mobile phone. So without any further ado, I want to bring up mr greg hickman. Mr mobile mixed himself. Let's. Give him a round of applause, guys. Thank you. All right, guys. So how you all doing? You guys all full from lunch? All right so like john mentioned I'm going to be talking about mobile marketing and how that can help you as a podcaster better engage your audience all right? So we've already heard a few statistics as to how much people are actually consuming your content from a mobile phone or from a car not always in front of their computer so I'm going to dive into that so it's more of the marketing tactics that you guys could be using to connect with these with these people all right but here's the dilemma as a podcaster as a business owner as an entrepreneur you have really no choice how when, where and on what device your audience chooses to connect with you all right they choose the phone they choose carplay, they choose audio only they choose you know video there on their desktop or laptop there on three devices at once on their couch watching tv right? So they choose but you need to be there to give them the best experience that's what we're going to talk about today but a few kind of statistics to go over just so you understand the importance and the impact that this is really going to have on your podcast but also the business that is behind your podcast all right, so first smartphone ownership has increased from thirty five percent in two thousand eleven to nearly sixty percent in two thousand thirteen it's even higher now there are more mobile phones on the planet than there are people also little tidbit more mobile phones than toothbrushes on the planet I don't know that really has to say about hygiene in the world, but we clearly like our mobile devices people tend to use their mobile device and tablet at the same time and now the cost per mega mega bit of mobile data worldwide is becoming more and more affordable so when nick talks to a little bit later about video and you know how much data that actually is or you no longer episodes that are, you know, an hour long like still open our our the ability to distribute that content faster and faster is becoming easier and easier and cheaper and cheaper now when I ask you guys a few questions to see if you guys know history here a little bit I know some people in the audience really like history, but we need to talk about how important mobile really is, right? So how long do you guys think it took radio to get to fifty million users? Anybody? If anyone on internet wants to chime in here, let me know I would love to hear your just a guess anyone thirty years fifty thirty eight boom you were very close that's a close they've ever had anyone get to that television anyone fourteen internet for facebook three and a half the draw something app. Do you guys remember this app? Like, took over the world for a little bit before words with friends, I think. How long do you think it's likely? The fifty million users for draw something that that's aggressive, but fifty days, fifty days they had fifty million users using the draw. Something that and it's, mainly because these devices that we carry around with us all day are addicting, right? They can do everything and anything for us. We check our email. How many of you when you wake up in the morning? The first thing you do is grab your phone. Yeah, on internet, you'd all be raising hands, all right? And if you're not, you're a liar, but it goes beyond that. And you guys probably see it every single day and the way that you use your device to interact with businesses and brands around you. But I want to kind of paint the picture for you. Twenty five percent of ball internet searches are done on a mobile device. Thirty three percent of mobile searches have local intent. So for those of you that maybe have a podcast has local intent. We talked about triathlons in san francisco. Think about people that are now googling and going in itunes looking for something like that the odds of them finding on a mobile phone actually ever becoming higher because of the amount of intent that people have when they looked locally from a mobile device sixty five percent of all email is opened from a mobile phone I mean you guys use email in your marketing to promote your services for your products say hey here's the latest episode of the show this is what we're going to cover click here and check it out now more than ever that is happening on a mobile device twitter sixty percent of users access twitter through their mobile phone sixty eight percent of all clicked like buttons on facebook happened on mobile so if you're using facebook as an engagement channel to connect with your audience get ideas a lot of that's now happening from a mobile device seventy percent of mobile searches lead to action within one hour and these are actions that you really want them to take especially on the local level. So there's any businesses out there that have local intent brick and mortar establishments this is super imperative there looking to call you they're looking for your directions looking for your hours and a lot of these actions end up in purchases twenty nine percent of mobile local searches end up in a purchase in a physical store so very, very powerful eighty percent of mobile users use their device while watching tv we're all probably guilty of this and really I don't know if you guys heard this but earlier this year january in fact we reached a point where more people access the internet from a mobile device compared to any other personal computer or wireline device that exists I was supposed to happen the end of this year and we top two point early or late january where that actually happened so again a lot of our business is our podcast and people are going to our website connecting with us there on the internet but now most of this is actually happening from a smartphone and we've heard this already from john, but we're at a point now that sixty five percent of all podcasts are listened to on a smartphone so that's where your audience is whether they're like john talks about running or commuting or cooking you know you're in there earbuds wherever they are so I'm nasty guys a personal question is that okay? Some of you going to answer so how many guys said you already had a podcast? Yeah ok, so how big is your current audience? Who is willing to share doesn't matter because most grab the mike microbe er has an email list of over six hundred now it's going up fast since I fixed the form when you had say listeners are about like a little over three hundred per day, but that's over like thirty episodes now anyone else? Ah showman her, the author hang out, we have about two thousand people on our mailing list and we're averaging right now about fifty to one hundred listens today. Awesome! So we also heard earlier, you know, the likes of michael o'neill and johnny dumas who have, you know, almost a million downloads, john a million downloads a month almost right september now, no matter how big your audiences, I think this is one of most important thing to pay attention to if we're going to a point where most of them at least fifty percent of your audience is connecting with you on a mobile device, and you're not providing them a mobile experience, take that number and cut in half because you don't have an audience of six hundred people if half of them are getting to the point where they're consuming your content on a mobile device and you don't provide them a good experience, you're engaging with at least half of the size of your audience. Okay, so the things we're going to talk about today, I'm going to be really helpful to you so that you can kind of create the foundation to make sure that you give anyone that's connecting with you no matter what device they choose the best possible experience to learn the content that you're sharing to engage with you okay? So no matter how big so to that point then you have to understand that mobile does touch every single part of your audience is life your customers life? Okay, but the challenge is how do we become a part of their daily consumption? Right? Where do we start? John talked a lot about avatar. When I work with clients, we look at not only the avatar but their mobile behaviors depending on their age. Maybe they maybe they download aps maybe there are mobile gamer. Maybe they just use mobile for search. Maybe they received text message coupons. So you guys all have different avatars, right? So one exercise I would challenge you to go through as to really make sure that you understand your avatars. Mobile behaviors. Are they texters? Are they just looking up things locally? Are they gonna have a nap? What types of absolute do they have? What sort of mobile websites that they visit? You know, how did they kill time? What? Maybe mobile newsletters air newsletters today they subscribe to so there's kind of aa few things that we're going to talk about one is to know your customers every day digital habits which again, is going to be some of you engaging with them, talking with them all those questions of what are you struggling with? And they're going to find out those questions, you know? Well, how what's the best way to connect with me if you talk to a pat flynn and smart passive income, he'll tell you that eighty percent of his audience I think I believe those eighty have found out about in first through his podcast ok, so again, podcasting being a mobile primarily mobile means mobile delivery mechanism, a lot of people are probably hitting his web site from a mobile device, and second, we need to be there and then provide the best possible experience again now, so our goal for this session is really too give your new and existing audience the best experience, no matter how they're choosing to connect with you, making sure that your website is mobile friendly at your home base that's where you're going to be making some sales from its we're going to be capturing those e mails all of that great stuff how you can quickly mobilize your existing content and how you can drive awareness and engagement of that content, distributed it through mobile is well and then really break through all of the clutter and create a better relationship with those customers and more personalized relationship I mean, the mobile device is a very personal device, a lot of asleep within three feet of our phone, possibly closer way probably most of us use it as a phone alarm you know in your morning do you guys wake up to your phone? Is that like your primary clock? We're all guilty of that everybody all across the world I don't care where you live but before we dive into like how to mobilize your website how to use the text message marketing all that stuff I want to share one simple tactic for anyone that's listening that is still kind of curious about are unsure of I don't know what to podcast about is there anyone that's not really sure as toe what they're going to be podcasting about maybe on the internet some people might be interested in podcasting but but maybe don't have the exact topic well first task are you a blogger or any of you guys also blogging simultaneously all right, so I want to introduce you guys to the audio blawg anyone has ever heard of an audio blogger subscribed audio blog's so if you're confused as to where to start on audio block is a great a great place especially if you've already been writing right if you're a writer, I know some of you already said you don't like to write that's why you started podcast but some of you have been writing and now you want to get into podcasting so essentially on audio bug is just you taking your blogged right then getting the microphone, we've heard all about great microphones sit there, record yourself reading near blawg maybe add a few tangents here and there. Then you submit that toe lipson, and that gets distributed to all of the channels that we've already talked about today, a very easy way to take existing content that you already have that's probably really, really valuable and just distributed to a new channel, a new audience and in a new format. Now I want to share a case study there's, a podcast called internet business master, is actually one of the first podcast on internet business. Jason jeremy run a great show, you'll see right here that kind of within their podcast feed they have on audio bog eight ways to get the most from conferences, so they have been blogging and podcasting primarily to start off as a podcast, and then they thought about why don't we start adding written content as well? So they're written content was completely separate, completely different than all of the stuff that they were somebody on their podcast, so a lot of people that got used to them and started listening to him primarily as a podcast didn't even know they had a block, then they started releasing audio blocks, okay, interjected and into the feed. May two thousand thirteen there's multiple case studies of examples of this from their podcast, but I'll share one they shared a post called or wrote a post called the first key to online business success the original editorial the written had twenty, seven hundred fifty five views anyone have any idea how how many unique downloads that same exact piece of content got when they just sent it to itunes? Anyone twenty eight thousand seven hundred twenty unique downloads the exact same content, just audio. Okay, so again, if you're super confused on where to start and like not knowing where to start, is what's slowing you down? Maybe it's not tech, maybe it's just the fact that you don't know what you're going to talk about, you have all this existing content, this could be a really great place to start and a good, you know, a good foundation it's gone so popular for internet business mastery if you look in itunes now, they actually have a whole separate podcast just called the audio blawg, so that the two podcast now they're taking up, you know, more real estate in that, you know, in that scheme, when you do a search for internet business or entrepreneurship, you see their audio blogged and you see their podcast, so just think about that really potential opportunity for you guys they got such amazing feedback from their listeners when they actually did this, they had people saying I didn't even realize you had a text blogged, I didn't know that that's what they call it, but text block content, they said, thank you for finally letting me consume all of the content in a way that I want. And lastly, what an awesome way to create more value keep it up now they're getting encouraged. This feedback was like, enormous so much that they created that separate that separate show. So again, it goes back to that point, you have no choice how, when, where and on what device your audience chooses to connect with you. So start exploring ways that you can repurpose content so some just key takeaways record yourself reading your existing block coast if you have them, publish it to your existing podcast feet if it starts to grow, maybe it warrants having a separate show and find ways to distribute your content to new audiences by repurposing it. Take britain audio, maybe take your audio podcast and maybe that's now transcribed, and it becomes a block coast and really it's just because some people prefer audio, right, some people don't like toe, right, some people don't like toe read, right, so definitely explore that. Now again we're you've seen that the statistics you've seen that a lot of people in all of the marketing channels and tactics that you're going to use twitter, facebook, youtube, email all that stuff people are now starting to consume and engage with you all of those ways from a mobile device no matter what it is all of this traffic is coming and starting on a mobile device so whether it's people listen to our podcast then coming to website or vice versa which I want to talk about right now it kind of starts with the call to action right like if if you're listening to me for the first time and I'm saying they're saying hey you know, I hope you really enjoy this episode for all the stuff we talked about visit mobile mix dot com slash twenty two right like am I giving you a good enough reason to go from car player from running on the beach in san diego to come and go back and say, oh yeah, I forgot I need to go to movie makes dot com slash twenty two and get that stuff right so it really like the way that you engage with your audience you really need to be intentional with your call to action knowing that they're on a mobile device what things can you do to make it easier for them to engage so I want to pretend for a second that you know, john earlier talked about how he created weapon on fire and podcasters paradise and runs a webinar every single week, right? That's a key part of his business that it kind of sits on the back end of his podcast. You listen to any of his episodes he's constantly promoting the free workshops sign up for the free workshops on a free workshop that's a measure of I have this big audience listening. Can I get them into this workshop where they're going to be buying my products? So let's pretend I'm hosting a pretend webinar later today, all right? And you're listening to podcasts and I'm telling you about why you should attend this thing and at the end of say, ok, text the word gift. But I also do have to say what you'll learn is standard message and data rates they apply never listened to the radio, remember, listen to the radio and you've heard someone use a text call to action. They typically say that it is kind of a disclaimer you need to throw out there as you use text message marketing, so I just want to be clear that there are some disclaimers we'll talk a little bit about that today now. So that was a call to action right now as a podcaster you would have no matter how long your podcast is there's always start to finish right? Maybe it's five minutes you look at like, ask al teacher or ask pat you know those last anywhere from five to maybe ten minutes and you have a podcast like solar printer our which in or sixty minutes then you have something or even over sixty minutes doesn't matter when but on how long your show is but sometimes maybe you have a sponsor message maybe you don't sponsors maybe this is a call to action, right? So you have early call to action then you kind of do your thing or you think and you have maybe your interview right? If you have an interview flow like john or more conversational like michael it's boris just answering one particular question every single day like ask pat you do you do that and then at the end when you have the most engaged listener you know they listen to the whole episode you insert your call to action which could be something like we just did hey, join the webinar text give three, eight four seven zero etcetera so be intentional using a text call to action just like radio broadcasters is a way to drive leads an engagement from a listener no matter where they're at especially if they're out there they're obviously if they're on their mobile device but I want you to avoid very generic calls to action we would be really, really intentionally kind of alluded to this already, you know, like hey you on the email list be sure to sign up for the latest updates at you know slash subscribe you know I hear that a lot I would really focus on figure out what is the value that you can create and get them to go directly to that and you can even do something one second which is called a content upgrade which we talked about just a second another kind of generic one I hear a lot you know, you have like these interviews and people bring up products and other episodes and they say, oh yeah for all the things that we talked about in this in this show just visit you know, slash sixty five, right? I don't know about you but like that doesn't like get me from driving saying, oh my god, the first thing I'm gonna do when I get home is going to go two moments dot com slash sixty five to get all the stuff that they talked about, right? So be intentional you have a question question about engagement on itunes on youtube videos you're able to see engagement and see at what point it's it's doing really well but is there a way on itunes to figure out when you have the best engagement point? I haven't seen that stat in itunes as of yet, but it does show if if you use I use a tool called pod tracker on dh actually shows you some really good analytics on the amount of people that are listening from mobile and lips and also shows, you know, devices and things like that as well but not like I don't believe they showed timing sort of like have you seen wist eah, whiskey does that for a video so I haven't seen that does anyone else if anyone else knows of that is that exist? I want podcasters in room all right, so basically what you do is give a clear call tax in its mobile friendly, so I just mentioned this content upgrade, right? I'm going to be an example of a content upgrade here in a second from a good friend of ours tim page, who runs the conversion cast podcast for lead pages really great product, but basically you want to give them a reason to take action right of reason from when they're driving or when they're running say, oh yeah, this is something I'm not going to forget to do because it's it seems that important that I you know, I'm gonna get this value by taking this act and the other question you ask is can I do this can they do this from their phone so can they subscribe can they download can they buy your product so create some calls the action that create urgency hosting this live free workshop on how to get started with podcasting sort of like john does to register visit this domain slash you know the live or I put together step by step checklist you can download it here in a little templates here for you I'm hosting a google hangout to answer all of your questions on mobile marketing to register texas joining two one two three four five that is just an example if you text join you want to do for five nothing will happen or I'm giving away a free ticket to my conference a lot of people now that are podcasters air now creating conferences based off of their podcast michael hyatt is a really good example of that and you can have people enter to win tickets so create that that excitement around people listening and getting the text in your building your email list all that so here's really the formula I went and kind of listen to a lot of the top podcasts more specifically in entrepreneurship and business and the call to action's are very consistent if you look at it so the formula goes like this a reason to take action plus the ease of action plus the reason to act now is going to equal to hire conversion for you now these of action really means the ability to take action anywhere, any time on any device so I guess set a good example of this is our friend tim page I'm having a little audio here for you tim hence conversion cast is like the man when it comes to conversion like he all he cares about is now all he cares about his main objective of his podcast sorry tim is getting you to subscribe right to getting you to go to their their webinars so they can show you all the benefits of their product lead pages right so let's listen to the intro of his podcast there's no audio ok so there's no audio I'm gonna that's the formula in case you missed it this is andrew you daryn commerce fuel this is as a fisherman from with steel it's david sightly garland creator off the rise the top and create awesome online courses and you are listening to my man tim on a conversion cast welcome to conversion cast learn these broadcast it gets to the heart of the metrics now here's another data driven case study what is a fellow marketer? Thanks for joining me for this new episode of conversion cast we're about to discuss an incredibly simple evergreen launch funnel that was responsible for generating over two hundred and eleven a thousand dollars in revenue in just twenty weeks but first I want to invite you to join me for this thursday's free live webinar called the three most important pages in your business and how to tweak them to quadruple your email list in the next six months if you've ever wanted the opportunity to ask me your most burning questions about how to get better results from your website now is your chance I answered questions live throughout the entire training as well as during the q and a I do at the end and I would love to see a ton of conversion cast listeners there to join us just grab your phone I'll wait wait okay and text lead pages that's all one word l a d p gs two three eight four seven zero one more time to join me on this free live webinar this thursday at three p m eastern time text the word lead pages two three eight four seven zero and your spot will be reserved just a quick note though goto webinar on ly allows a thousand people too that's right? But he continues obviously so I mean the first few not even minutes of his podcast he's already hitting with his first call to action on but he was very deliberate about I'll wait a minute take out your phone because maybe they're not in the car maybe not driving running and he says it says it twice super slow lead pages one a word you know he really is focused on converting that person in that moment okay so again just re be really, really intentional about your call to action and aware that they could be listening from their phone he could have just said text lee pages of three or four seven zero and moved right on right take out your phone kind of ad is on style wait a minute, wait a minute and then he did it again all right, so then again, because tim really really wants to convert you you guys can choose to do this to insert you know two three call to action is probably wouldn't go much more than that then you have another one if you want to learn how to quickly build your list by only focusing on three pages in your business, you can join me on a free live webinar this thursday at three p m eastern time to reserve your spot all you need to do is text lead pages two three eight four seven zero again just text lead pages that's all one word l e a p eight gs all one word two three eight four seven zero and you'll be ready to go I'll see you thursday and we'll see it next week on conversion cast so again he had to hit to call to action if you don't have sponsorship and you're not doing that sponsorship message early on. Definitely opportunity for you to focus on the main goal of your show. Is it to get them toe two? Subscribe for an email list to learn, you know, triathlon tips, or, you know, is cooking recipes things like that. Whatever your main focus is, make sure that you're very intentional about that that call to action. Now, again, that call tax. In some cases, if it's not texting, might might be saying, you know, visit podcasters paradise dot com to register for the next event. So that means if they're the sand from their phone, they're going to be coming to a mobile website, right?

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I think this is a great course for a beginner to start off strong. I really appreciated that there wasn't too much repetition, each presenter had his own perspective. I was disappointed with the lack of diversity in the presenters - all four teachers were white men. That said, they had magical information, great energy, and generosity for sharing tips! This course is worth watching and worth the investment.