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Marketing with SMS/Text Message 1

So why text messaging and doesn't seem sexy or anything, right? How many of you subscribe to text messages from the business or brand anyone know nyhan's anyone online? I'd love to hear who you subscribe to if you received text coupons. If anything like that, we'll get back to that, but a lot of businesses are using text message market right now and there's a reason why? Because ninety percent of all text messages air open within three minutes. There is no other channel, mobile, er or other that is as immediate as that. All right, you could be having a one on one conversation. That's. Probably the next best thing. The first best thing you could get, but it's, even better than that is. Ninety eight percent of all text messages are opened. So think about your open your email open rates. You know, on average, some people say that ah, kind of industry across multiple industries, you see twenty percent as an average. As podcasters as personal brands. We typically see that number a little bi...

t higher. Thirty to forty percent. Um, but kind of across all industries email open rate, twenty percent sms open rate. Ninety eight percent, right, so super immediate, so you need to leverage that, obviously, in a way, that's not going to abuse the privilege of getting into your customers face or pocket, so to speak so much faster than email with great power comes great responsibility you did deliver a great content through this channel. Now a couple things you can do with text messaging is creating that engagement and the conversation of the conversion opportunities for your podcast. So you saw how tim incorporated the call to action it was podcast to get you to register for his webinar, but then you can also use text messaging as a way to deliver content value and dr action which everyone has texted in you will receive a few more messages from me via text on day could be via voice. I didn't choose to use voice this time, but as john mentioned, we are using voice messages which we can talk about here in a second. But a few things to clarify there might be questions on this is that sms is a permission base marking channel so something like, oh, I have all these phone numbers. Can I just start text message them? No, you will get in probably a lot of trouble and potentially sued, so you want to make sure that people opt into receiving text messages just like they can opt in to receive an email whether they opt in via text or opt in through a web form you have, they have those options and just to note the sms marketing and estimates industry as a whole is way more regulated than email, so definitely pay attention. It's, now part of the telephone consumer protection act in united states and monitored by two organizations, sita in the mobile market association. It's really not complicated, too, like, uh, sorry states it's much it's really easy to kind of do exactly what you want to do and accomplish the objective using text messaging without getting any sort of trouble it's sort of just like common sense, but there are some disclaimers and stuff which we can talk about if people have questions, but a lot of businesses are doing it. Starbucks, you know, huge brands, they're doing text surveys, so imagine you want to get feedback from your podcast listeners, and you're like, hey, I'm thinking about interviewing these three people text text in and in reply a, b or c two, let me know, and they can vote right? So start capturing data about your listeners so that starbucks macy's sends out a weekly mobile coupon with a link to ah, to a scandal coupon in store. So something's loyalty coupons, contests, reminders, right, so here's ah reminder that I sent out before one of my webinars is that hey it's greg it mobile mix the live webinar starting in fifteen minutes at the u r l so they can click that and go to my mobile responsive page and watch the webinar right there live any porterfield if you're familiar with amy she just launched her very large facebook profit lab program andi you opted in and she was giving away free videos of free video course eso she said hi it's amy the first facebook training video is live check it out here is the link so people have opted into receiving these text messages just like email you can segment so here's an example the retailer but anyone can do this creative form where they give you their mobile number opt in here's some disclaimer language but you know what do you want to hear more about podcast episodes behind the scenes whatever check this box and now you can start sending text messages to people based on their interests. So maybe people are on ly fans of really like the site they want cycling workouts for their triathlon you can have different options like what sort of workouts do you want? Like get get deals or videos on that and then you can distribute accordingly which should be very personalized, very targeted and obviously very immediate looking at those open rates so again, kind of like the example that I gave earlier when you text gift two, three, eight, four, seven zero you would have received a message from the head scrag your entered wait to confirm your spot in the workshop. Please reply with just your email address, so I blacked out my personal email address because that's, the one I used but that's where the email address was once you reply with the email address, thanks you're in. I just sent an important email with more details. I'd like to get to know you reply with your first name, I prefer to capture first name so I can use their first names in my e mails and then once they reply of their name boom and we saw that john did this, we talked about doing it and I had a really great increase in his show operates now that's just from people texting in, right? But say I was doing like a facebook ad promoting my webinar, right? So they click this link, they come to a landing page, so not only I'm not going to allow people to register for the weapon are, but I'm going to use these text message reminders to make sure I get them there. So here's the landing page once they register, see, I'm only asking for first name and email, but when they click register now, they got this this page, which is my thank you page and I kind of basically just explain here now before you go, I know we all get busy, so I wanted to send you to reminders to your phone prior to the weapon are starting, just click the button below and your mobile number, and you'll receive a voice and text message from me the day of the webinar I've had and seen across multiple clients that implanted us for any of all the registrants that kind of registered by email, forty five to fifty five percent of all registrants have actually asked for attacks that's giving me their mobile number right when they click here. Amy seen this john has seen seen these numbers, a handful of other people that run webinars have seen this sort of uptake on this secondary call to action. So if you're running webinars or you're thinking about this, you can kind of get a good idea of how many people are actually asking and wanting these text messages. I know a big concern for a lot of people is like, oh, I don't think my customers would want text messages. Well proof here they definitely want them because they know a webinar week out they're going to forget right? Maybe they didn't put on your calendar last minute text reminder so any porterfield just did this on her launch as well and like I said, we're seeing thirty five to fifty five percent of registrants and sign up for the weapon are actually sign up for the texts and then we see a fifteen to twenty five percent in some cases higher with john increase in the amount of people that actually now show up to the event live so if you're selling off your weapon are like a lot of us actually do and you can imagine now having say you close twenty percent and now you add twenty five percent more people think about the impact that can have on your sales each and every webinar right here is the tool the tool I recommend is called call loop for those asking on internet you get a fourteen day free trial if you sign up call luke dot com slash greg it is an affiliate link we talked about affiliate marketing but you do get fourteen, fourteen days free and basically you'll pick that key word so I had gift I have a few others you can choose one it's appropriate to your brand or business on dh then you start inserting that call to action right into your podcast okay you can also connect call up a lot of email providers, so I actually use infusion softworks greatly with with infusion soft, but it connects tio male chin constant contact as well and a few others, so if you wanted to connect directly to email, it can be all that can be automated. Those e mails that you're receiving if you did text that was automated otherwise call it will capture all of the e mails for you, and you can export it as a c s v and then imported into your email software provider a tool like lead pages, which is what I was using the axe we capture that from that registration form on dh, then send reminders within one hour do not go over one hour again, with ninety percent being read within three minutes. You want to capitalize on the immediacy some of us are using? A voice message has a podcaster, so? So your audience is very familiar with your voice getting a voicemail thirty minutes before so your phone will ring not in this case, but your audiences would thirty minutes before and like, hey, this is greg webinars games start in thirty minutes can't wait to see you there visit mobile, mixed dot com for slash live, and we'll see you there. Right and that's just the phone rings and it goes to voicemail. It'll leave the automated recording and you just record that in advance fifteen minutes before you get a text message. Hey, guys were started, we're in the chat room, we're talking it up click this link and join us in the chat room. So a few things there on again actually said attach podcast file there you can actually link in your text message, too. Your podcast as well, whether it's on itunes or not, we have a couple of questions that came in here this one's from christina mcmillan, and she says, I have a comedy podcast I use blogger talk radio. Do you recommend using more than one internet podcasts? I have also looked into soundcloud any advice for using more than one of these services? S o from released what I've seen on anyone else can chime in, too, as well as people out of people use different aps writes, like john mentioned earlier, stitcher has ah large android community right? Because they don't have itunes, so I would kind of recommend being on the most popular, whether that's three or four and if maybe you have, like some sort of niche app that distributes that sort of content, I would recommend checking those out, but being across all of them it is very easy to execute with that are ss feed that you saw earlier from lips in copy and paste that submits a stitcher, soundcloud, itunes, whatever other directories that exist that you think your avatar might be in and you're really just giving yourself a chance to be in front of most people great question just a quick arm a nation tune in just hit sixty five million users and they're very mobile compliance so tune in and you can submit both your stream and your podcast there great to have one more here hi s so I don't have a blood of uh I don't have I'm not I'm not there yet, but I'm planning on actually doing video casting and then take stripping out the mp three does any of the equation change? My audiences are artists there, so they're a very visual audience so I want to include video in my content and does any of this change the equipment that equation no, you can actually in those text messages just like I included a link you could link say, hey, we have this new video I don't know if it's training or what not and that links right to youtube youtube is mobile optimized in some cases the phone will say, oh, if they have the app do shall we launched this in the app so you could definitely be delivering that video content using text message with a link, there is also something called m s, which is multimedia messaging where the video would actually be embedded in the text, however, is it does cost a little bit more money and there's not as many tools out there that cater to it. For small business owners, there's one is called trump eah t r u n p a dot com that is probably the most affordable that will allow you to incorporate multimedia within those text messages. So a lot of brands and retailers are doing this now, like fast food restaurants like they show images of like the burger coming off the grill and stuff like that, like thirty second video that's. Another thing I'll mention is when you do do the ns, you are limited to about thirty five seconds of content before the quality gets really degraded, which is why I like if you have a little bit longer of a video, maybe two minutes, you probably want to link to something like youtube or your own website that has the video embedded there, but none of that really change that would just say that if you do use a third party plug in to host the video, make sure that it it works well with your responsive theme, because sometimes you'll see the theme come down and the players, like still half off the screen, which, obviously isn't a good user experience. That's, like, slide the site over to get so, you know, certain control. So just just look at it on a mobile device, but really, none of that changes. All right, thank you. Good time to wrap it up, but is that people get in touch with you, right? Absolutely questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

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Learn how to produce and promote a professional-quality podcast. John Lee Dumas hosts the award-winning podcast EntrepreneurOnFire and is the founder of Podcasters’ Paradise, an online learning community for aspiring and professional podcasters.

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Producing a professional-quality podcast can be daunting with so many technical details to master. Get your complete guide to getting started in Podcasting 101, and then use the power of story to take your podcast to the next level with This American Life producer Alex Blumberg’s Power Your Podcast with Storytelling.


Samantha Porter

I think this is a great course for a beginner to start off strong. I really appreciated that there wasn't too much repetition, each presenter had his own perspective. I was disappointed with the lack of diversity in the presenters - all four teachers were white men. That said, they had magical information, great energy, and generosity for sharing tips! This course is worth watching and worth the investment.