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Nick Unsworth: Launch a Video Podcast 1

All right so before we get rolling can I get for the in studio audience? Can I just get a quick stand up and I need a mean high five to your neighborhood to your neighbor and I'll take one up front so it has been an awesome awesome days so far and I mean we've had just amazing speakers we've had everyone from no john we do do miss sharing how he is getting over you know, just a couple of hundred thousand bucks on a big deal on sue my colonial who we call the ambassador you know who is just crushing it and he's taken it to a whole new level. Greg hickman so it's wantto if you're if you're here right now in your live with us just congratulate congratulate you for you know, still being so focused on paying attention because the things that are shared here today literally can change your life completely and so what I would like to do is share a little bit about my background story a little bit about what you guys going to get out of here today but I'm going to make sure that after this ses...

sion you guys have exactly what you need to start a video podcast you're going toe the pros the cons whether you should go with audio whether you should go with video and you're going to know some of the things that I learned along the way you know what not to do it made a couple of really costing the stakes were also going to give you guys the playbook on how you can market that video podcast or even actually a regular audio podcast so that you can actually bring in clients and make money because what I love about podcasting is that it gives us the opportunity to do what we love it gives us the opportunity to take our passion and just speak it right into a microphone and love what we do for work, but the thing is that that becomes way more fun when you're earning a living, doing it when you're monetizing when you're building up your email list like greg was talking about, so I'm gonna walk through a strategy that will help you monetize really, really fast, which is cool, so the next I have on deck here is a little inspiration how I started my personal podcast, so there I was about less than a year ago, so this is back actually about exactly a year, you know, I think about it is it was in september, so we're going a little over a year when I actually met john for the first time in michael o'neill, I had a friend that reached out and said, oh my god, your life on fire and he's entrepreneur on fire and you guys have to meet you just have to meet she's like freaking out on the phone and I was just she was so excited that I how could I possibly not you know, take her up on that so I reached out john I started you know, texting connecting and he was about eleven o'clock at night was like, man, I really feel like I need to meet this guy, you know? And and so we end up catching like the last drink at like this restaurant and meet michael of any illness this very photo this pixelated mess of a photo is michael o'neill doing the blue steel face from zealander thie ambassador, you've got natalie cyst in suitcase entrepreneur john do miss myself and that's that's the literally the day and what I love is that that was the day that I was inspired to start a podcast and you know what this day is for many of you watching online for you guys here in this room is that today is the day that you get inspired to start a podcast and start living that life on fire and doing exactly what you love. And so from that day, what happened is I was sitting at the table and having a drink and I'm like I just about was what in like almost spit my beer out thinking about how much revenue is coming in for john and like and like you just podcast and that's it smells like so what exactly is a podcast? I asked that same question and I was that guy because I had never once consumed a podcast I had heard of them I've been doing online marketing I focus on facebook advertising and doing webinars but I've never actually even consumed on at that point my life and so that was the day I got the podcast app the first when I listen to is of course your show and mike show and I was like, this is just incredible I mean this is like this is it to me it opened up a lot of like doors that wow, like someone could truly do what they love for work and they could do it in the comfort of their own house this is an entire business model, so at that day my wheels started turning and so what I'm going to do throughout this presentation is I'm going to walk you guys through exactly what happened to me from the day that I was inspired and that is exactly what today is for you and I'm going to share with you how fast I grew and how I leveraged surrounding myself with the right people coming to events, investing myself learning you know, on a platform like this what I would do well to dive into the next step here but before I dio actually take a selfie I don't know if there's gonna mess everything up but I'm gonna unplug this for now and I want to show you guys how simple video is because all I'm going to do he's pulled out my handy phone here it's not the big humongous six but I'm going to do a little selfie I'm gonna get you guys involved all right? So it's a good selfie is going to go hey seem get married sitting spilled um all right so when you're doing a selfie video you want to make sure you get the right angle and it always makes you look about ten pounds less than you really are which is why I love the selfie so I'm going to self we do a little intro that I'm going to get you guys involved cycle yeah hey what's going on the guns with here I'm live at creative live and I'm doing a selfie to just say what's up say hello and introduce the audience you got away you've got to look like a lawsuit how good is this presentation? Yeah so good all right boom okay that's a video it was as easy as that that could be uploaded straight to instagram that could also be part of a video podcast that could be an insurer that probably will be an internal use so doing video can be so simple just like that because at the end of the day I've used my iphone in my video podcast many, many times, you know, we talked about with audio yeah, you've gotta have sometimes you to do it right? You have to have a great reagan's up and all these things you do want to have good audio, but the end of the day, some of my best podcast episodes is where I do an intro with, like a selfie because I'm out doing something, you know? And that is part of what everyone's talking about with being entertaining and doing something fun and it's like, you know, I was talking about, you know, what we're doing with our virtual summit and it's, the benefit building a school in guatemala? Well, I have a video of the in guatemala like I'm not here to guatemala and there's kids running behind behind us and it's like, we're out here volunteering in building a school, check out this episode that's over the shoulder, be in guatemala and it's like, yeah, we'll check that out, you know, so you could make it entertaining to make it fun and simple, and you can do it on your iphone or any other phone for that matter. So eso did to dive into exactly on the opportunity for a video podcast, so the reason there's a lot of big opportunities right now is because this actually came from john about a year ago is he's like man you know, if you were to differentiate with the video you could stand out you know, there's you could be you know, a horse of a different was a coward of a different color a horse of a different color or yoon according to the unicorn so you can stand out with a video podcast and the thing is that um you know, john had a meeting in cupertino with some itunes execs and they said that a lot of the focus was going to be on video, you know, bringing in some talent, bringing some amazing shows comedy all these different things and I totally believe that to be true because there's been little things that have happened to us when we got started, so we rolled out the show and we became the number one entrepreneurial inspiration show in all of the business category or on itunes and I think part of this because we were different we're on video right now we're back on like what's hot and so I think that there's a little bit of love and a little bit of advantage he do have a video show which is really cool that I think they're trying to help move things along so video is it definitely big opportunity? And so I think that the other thing is that, um it's a way to build connection with your audience that's different. So if you think about it face to face right, you can talk with someone you can get to know them. You see their body language and there's report built that way. But when you're just audio it's amazing and there's a ton of reporters, you feel like you get to know them over time. And I'm sure you know if anyone's been podcasting for a year more to go to event and it's like man, I feel like I know my klein my colonial right on video I think it's that times too, because they see you and the thing that's really cool and I find it to be not only a benefit, but it's. Part of the big opportunity is that after is between day ninety and day one twenty between three and four months, I got three clients that purchased are high ticket coaching, so this is crazy. So I've been doing online marking for five years, I have never once had someone come to our website and just by something that was more than one thousand dollars without me having to sell it right. So all of a sudden, it's a monday, you know, I get on my regular call with my team member ryan he's like dude you're not going to believe this man he's like who's this you know this mark guy and I'm like what do you mean he's like yeah he applied to be a fire starter elite which is our thirty six thousand or you're coaching program and I'm like what I had how do how do you know like what happened like good work man he's like no, I don't know who he is and we come to figure it out it's because he saw my podcast and and it didn't take him that many episodes toe building where I built report just by teaching and he's like I want that guy in my corner and he applied himself online and paid now what would your life look like if someone just came to your web site? It was just like here's my credit card without you know when you're in bed you're sleeping you know and you get up and you're like wow there's this do customer that just paid and then did have then had one question to get on the phone and said how can I instead of making three thousand one payments how could I do it all in one blast and just give you thirty grand? I mean that that's crazy so if people that say there's no money and podcasting I just I will show will share that story to a blue in the face I mean it's incredible and I think that is because of the connection bill, because of face to face could have happened on audio totally possible. I mean, there's, no doubt audio, what I love is that it's a much bigger market, so I want to also like my job going get teo, I'm going to share the awesome things about video podcasting, but it's miles my job today right now to give you guys the full picture, but I don't want anyone leaving here saying I have to do video if audio's better for you, and so the downside on the video side is that the audience is way smaller, so I love that you're in a minute, you're going to see the fact that I rank, you know, number one in my categories and things like that great for my brand, but my download numbers are I don't even have to do the math on what fraction of johns are, you know what I mean? Or even michaels and it's? Because if video podcasting is like lake michigan, that's, the audience audio podcasting is like taking all of the water in the world, you know? I mean, it's just way bigger. And the other thing is that when you're consuming something, think of how you consume something right yourself, I mean, it's like if it's a video, you kind of have to sit down and, you know, really get in front of it and you got to kind of pay attention to it fully and on the audio side you could be jogging. You know, we're ran the golden gate bridge yesterday, but I could not have done that with the wind blowing that crazy and been watching my video show, it just would not have working to float out of my hand, you know, so it's like video, you it's different, you have to be paying attention to keep me driving, watching a video show and so what's interesting is we take the same video file and we just strip out the audio, and now we have both video and an audio show, so that to me is a really unique opportunity, but it's important to know that that's how people consume the audio, you know, pool of people on itunes is way huger, and if I could do the whole thing over again on itunes, I would put my focus on the audio version of my show, and I would still do the video, but I would put my focus on youtube on the video side, and I'm going to get into all kinds of cool marketing techniques, but so that's part of the opportunity and just part of just the the bare bones facts about how it works so so in actual video podcast this is just to demonstrate this is I just pulled up itunes on my desktop and I went to the business category and then this is on video and so you've got just like audio podcasts you've got all the different podcasts and what's hot and boom videos so just like that there's audio no different video it's just a different medium where you're seeing that the visual representation of the images so benefits we kind of crank through a lot of those but I want you to really think about you know what it is that you do and how you want to build connection you know, if you're if you have a higher ticket offer or you know, maybe if you're in a in a particular niche where you know you're not gonna have if you're narrowed down in your audience and with whatever it is that your passion is you don't have to have millions of people downloading your show and if you know that the reality is in your niche, you're never going to really have a monster audience. Well, then you know, a video show could create the you know, the report that could really add a lot of that if you if you're you know, if you just like being a being on camera or you like sharing how to that isn't it very smart thing to do one thing I've found is that when you have a video show you take that one file and it goes to itunes that's one piece there's your podcast that exact same video file I take and I dump it right to youtube, you know now and without trying without doing any like formal u two marketing until recently it's like we have over two thousand subscribers that we haven't even don any marketing, no email even talked about it nothing just organically and so it's cool is that if you consider how you personally use youtube and it's just like google, youtube is the second biggest search engine, so people go on youtube and the like hello, my podcast, you know, like how the way set up the gear how do I do this? How do I do that? So if you're going to do video, you should probably in it and you're doing anything how to base you put that right on youtube because that's how they're searching and the beauty of youtube is that I mean, what if they're on youtube and you're getting natural organic traffic just popping up to the tune where I've done this with a training on facebook advertising and I've gotten over fifteen thousand views without paying for it just because I wrote, you know how to use the new facebook timeline and people are going like facebook timeline just came out like how they use this thing right and then I popped up and I'm getting all this free traffic so the way I look at it is in my head and where I'm moving and all these things I've learned about video podcasting is my how to content that is going to definitely be on youtube that same video file beyond our life and fire tv on on itunes but the thing that's interesting is that where you know I do a lot of interviews and I'm going to share about part of what makes me unique is I do like behind the scenes like all have like a like literally go in someone's house and show how they live and things like that and that makes me different but at the end of the day I mean how much time and how difficult is that to do so just to make everything simple it's like you know I could just do me on camera doing how to in the audio I could just do skype interviews like these guys shared you know so you've got to think about you know what would really work for your business and how do you want to live? And I've had people say things like you know I really want to do the video podcast and I want to have the both the video and the audio things like that but I hate being on camera and it's, like, well, don't know, push a rock up a hill and don't like force it. You want to do what feels right for you. And, you know, I stood not like being on camera, and then I had felt a couple speaking situations. And then now I find that I don't. I like it. I have fun, you know, I don't worry about the camera, and I can goof off and just be me and, you know, it's resonating with my audience. But if you have some kind of crazy phobia, then screw it. Just do you know to go. How do you do, it's, easy for you.

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Samantha Porter

I think this is a great course for a beginner to start off strong. I really appreciated that there wasn't too much repetition, each presenter had his own perspective. I was disappointed with the lack of diversity in the presenters - all four teachers were white men. That said, they had magical information, great energy, and generosity for sharing tips! This course is worth watching and worth the investment.