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Podcasting Gear Breakdown 1

So now we start getting into some needy, gritty equipment I want to keep it light and keep it fresh, but it is equipment so it's going to be a little tacky here when you sort of podcast so many people think, oh, my god it to be in a studio that has like microphones coming down and like glass in cases like this big tower coming out of my apartment and that's just no longer the case. We live in a completely new world and brand new environments, and the podcasting equipment is a simple as a computer as a microphone and as recording and editing software, if you have those three things, you have the ability to create, grow and monetize a podcast. I've used these three things to create a business that in two thousand fourteen is going to generate two point five million dollars in revenue and it's really that simple. So again, I want to just focus this entire chatroom having you today with his great acronym, which is kiss keep it super simple and that's the focus so with microphones were to g...

et really specific here. Now the low budget is the logic tech clear chat microphone this is twenty nine ninety nine it's right there on amazon if you want to go snag it this is the microphone that I recommended to every single one of my guests one week prior to our premiere on fire, my va sends them an email that says if you don't at least have this microphone here's the link by it you over to yourself as a successful aspiring entrepreneur you owe it to my audience fire nation to have this minimum audio quality it will take you from a two that's talking into your mac air into a ten I'm going on to attend into a seven which is a really legitimate podcast audio quality and that's where you want to be at a minimum because picture your podcast you are in the ear buds that people as they're running along the beach you're coming through their car speakers as they're driving to work that's the minimum medium budget which is actually my favorite microphone this's a microphone that kate uses for her podcast kate take it's a microphone that I give away three of every single podcast workshop that we run live every single week I'm giving three of these away every single week on our live workshops because it's my favorite microphone and I want people that air joining podcasters paradise to be starting off on the right foot and this is the twenty one hundred fifty dollars amazon prime two day shipping this will take you to an eight point five audio quality level and I'm telling you for where we're at right now that is all you needed right there this will if I was starting from scratch I would start with this microphone the high end izzy heil pr forty this is three hundred twenty seven dollars this is the cadillac of microphones for podcasters this is what I use and abuse since day one again if I was starting over day one I would be using the hr twenty one hundred until I really got to a point of legitimate monetization because this microphone will take you from an eight point five to a nine point eight so you're right they're yours is good as it gets but that little difference is only going to be noticed by people that are just like in a quiet studio with headphones on they're really just trying to find that difference so this is the high end though that's a cadillac so recording and editing software okay before we go we have a question there's a microphone right there I used I used the snowball I am my name's a spree high before I used the snowball andi I looked at the twenty one hundred a lot but I do on my podcast in person so I wanted for two did up to three people, right? So that's why I didn't go with the twenty one hundred what do you think of the snowball? I was listening the podcast I just uploaded and it uh I I wanted to be more perfect, right? You're on but maybe will be about the same especially military people what do you think? So if you're not happy with your snowball or with your yeti um I would actually get hdr twenty one hundreds and have people just like you are now and just speaking directly into it that would be my recommendation of multiple makes multiple mike's hr twenty one hundred would be perfect for you but I'll be straight up when I do webinars I have my blue yeti on the table because I'm moving around a lot you know I'm french I like to use my hands I don't want to knock into my mike I don't wantto so I do use a blue yeti for my webinars because I don't the audio quality on just a live webinars not nearly as important as it is on a podcast that people are listening to specifically when they want to where they want tio with their air buds in is different so eight yards one hundred's thank you great question sheriff from the chat room they say I'm new to podcasting in my budget is very small do you think it's ok to create a podcast series using recorded conference calls from a free conference calling service great question who have named you one of the name on that one actually has a user name just user well it's a very powerful question in the reality in this world is I've done all seven hundred plus of my interviews via skype skype is called voip vo pipe, which stands for a voice over internet protocol. All that really means is that the way they package up the audio signals to get sense is different is larger, so the audio quality for skype to skype or voip too voip is going to be incredibly high is going to be warm is going to sound like you're in the same room, the way that cell phones and land lines package up their actual audio frequencies and send them out in the packages is much smaller. And so that's, why you get that teeny voice that echo we voice that is going to be obvious that they're on a landline so may also that question is no, I do not think that that is an acceptable without a podcast in today's, day and age you asked me to two years ago, he said he could probably get away with it. But again, with people like alex bloomberg and just other people entering the industry that are bringing a sense of professionalism, you want to as well. So get on a skype conference call, get on a google hangout, get on! They go to webinar like that has the opportunity for you to use the right kind of microphones over void, which is really powerful. So for recording and editing software, this is the third of the final steps that you need. I recommend adobe audition this is the cadillac for recording and editing software by far this does cost twenty dollars per month in the adobe creative cloud s so it is an expense it's an expense I think is highly worth while I would spend two hundred dollars a month if that's what they charged I hope adobes not watching I know they're actually headquarters just a couple blocks away but adobe audition is the cadillac I couldn't create the kind of podcast that I do without it that being said there's a couple free options I do want to talk about audacity works for both pcs and macs it's completely free I know a lot of people use it and it's powerful and there's no reason not to at least start there there's great tutorials about this and podcasters paradise just like there is in the dhobi audition on bears also great tutorials you confined about audacity audition in the next one and not to mention I'm just going to youtube just searching for I mean there's free content out there you can really consume garage bands is the third recommendation and I do actually call it number three like I do like garageband I've used it as for mac only it comes preinstalled on max but this is only if you, for some reason, just don't like audacity, and you don't want to spend the money for audition. This would be by third recommendation, so if you can actually record interviews via skype and this is both audio and video, these are my recommendations you can call recorder will record your skype video or audio only calls if you're on a mac is twenty nine dollars, so one time purchase, so if you want to call, somebody haven't had that conversation had that conversation recorded, he can call headquarters a powerful tool for you. Pc is pamela, so that is, if you have a pc, you can use panelist is almost the exact same price, and that will be twenty nine dollars, and that will record again both your video or just an audio only call if you want it. I don't know anything when I started podcasting, which is recently a I'm very overwhelmed by editing software, and so I found sound studio I don't know if you've heard of it, but it was easier to me than all the rest great recommendation. I've actually never used sound studio. I know people within podcasters paradise, my community have used it and enjoy it. So another thing for you guys to check out sound studio s o great recommendation, so after everything guys, after I just showed you that you only need a computer, a microphone and this recording and editing software which all the tools you know learned those recording ending software's are out there at your disposal. Is tech still holding back? Are you still like there's? Still some things they're kind of holding me back right now because you still think that your student needs to look like this like this nineteen eighties retro radio studio and that's just not the case. This is two thousand fourteen guys, this is my studio in san diego, california. This is my desk with a mac with a microphone and is plugged into my computer. I have a mixer in the corner there which I never actually really even use. And so this is a studio in my living room right behind these my couch and my tv I mean, literally, this is my studio that produces a podcast that last month alone generated nine hundred and seventy three thousand unique listens has gone over ten million downloads to dates, you know, generates seven figures of income right from this desk right from the studio. So don't let tech be the reason you don't progress forward. I want to take you through right now the live training process the eight step process of how to record and edits a podcast howto add an intro and altro how to export that mp three how to tag that mp three correctly howto upload to a media host which we use lips in which is short for liberated syndication how to schedule that podcast release for when you want to go live how to publish it and then how to submit it to itunes and guys this for time purposes and just for breaking down barriers that you're still having about tech potentially I want to show you this in under three minutes so when I pressed the next button there's gonna be a video is going to start and I'm going to talk over the video I want to be walking through this process that actually takes two minutes and forty two seconds for me to do all of these things yes it's going to be fast yes it's going to be furious but I want you to know that all of these eight steps are just they're waiting for you and podcasters paradise if you decide to join the community they're out there other venues of you confine the search in the right areas that take you through this ace that process and slow detail so hold your questions till the end of this rapid fire two minutes and forty seconds I want to press you go I'm just gonna start talking and we'll see what happens okay so I'm going to click on multi track here in adobe audition and I want a title the session name podcast workshop could the ok button on hit this little red record but here in the middle and say prepare two ignites on its stop button right here that's gonna be my podcast episode for today I'm going to add the intro and altro, which I have previously saved to the actual episodes on a drag the podcast episode to the right and down so I can drag in the intro now when a drag up the actual podcast episode then dragged over the altro to a little tightening up a little editing and then it's ready to be exported. So when you say this now does his podcast workshopped and export this mp three and when I open up I d three editor which would allow me to tag this mp three they're saved on my desktop by adding the title the artist, the album enter a comments going click on the podcast tap to click enable podcast tag will call it awesome sauce and for lyrics would say little wooden roots. Then we click on pictures and this is going to be a fourteen hundred by fourteen hundred logo right there for intramural fire click the update button that's a tagged mp three now I load lips in and one slip since loaded I'm gonna goto contents click add new episode and then once I click add new episode, you're going to see a new page pop up which is going to have a button for ad media file uploaded from hard drive and that's the podcast workshop being loaded right now, you can see that file they just recorded and tag is being uploaded into my media host lips in on that, the title again own ad the description again, you want to make sure you clear the formats on this? Itunes gets a little funky when you don't clear formats this middle section right here you don't touch because this is general settings, so you only set this up one time when you initially set up your lips in account and then you don't actually touch it again. You can go down to the bottom of this, and this is where you actually do these schedule and release section, so I want to click on basic release expiration setting your release dates. My release date is going to be in july of two thousand nineteen, and just so that doesn't actually really publish I'll choose at two a m as the time that actually launched this, and then I'm going to go down to never expire. The media files are always available and publish what's that's published I can actually check that is scheduled for release in the correct way. So I see the listing of all the podcast I have scheduled they can go in and edit, get the links I need and do all the editing I might need to do and mohr under destinations. I'm actually grabbed the r s s feet here. This is the feed you're going to use me go into itunes under submit a podcast, it's going it's going to open up a page where the where you can, then enter your podcast. Feed you, earl, click that continue button and you have recorded edited out of the intro outro exported. The mp three tag gets uploaded to our media host lips in scheduled it out, published it and submitted to itunes in two minutes and forty two seconds. Now I know that was fast. I know there's a lot of face. Thank you. I'm sweating profusely. That was in under three minutes. S o I hope that broke down some barriers for both you and the audience and you at home as well, because podcasting does take some time to learn, but if you invest in yourself, you find the right tools. Guys, you, khun, have this down where you're on fire tail questions, background microphone, yeah, showing matter, her question is how compare contrast when you first started how long did it take you now? It's your amazing two and a half s so can you give us a little party say you're what right you're fired it's a great question so when I first started that process would probably take me between twenty to thirty minutes because that would be mirroring somebody else to tutorial or I would be, you know, just really going step by step through the process in a very slow and deliberate way to make sure I wasn't pressing the wrong button and like just sharing something with the world and it means so so twenty to thirty minutes and I started thie editing actual parts which you know, I just did a couple seconds podcast episode for the sample purposes but like a thirty minute podcast episode was sometimes take me forty five minutes to add it because I was so concerned about removing my arms and my odds and my little coughs and you know, my guess was just like well, that I was like, cut that little like hissing part out and I was just so like I thought everything had to be perfect and that's a great lesson glad you brought that up, sean, because now my my editing takes less than five minutes because I'm dropping flags as I'm as I'm editing to say ok, this section's good, this section is good I don't need to go back and edit and maybe if there's a swear word or that I never say about my guest drops us where where I make sure cut that part out and if there's just a major coughing fit or something, I will drop a flag there no to know to go directly there afterwards, but about five minutes is the averaging editing time now, so you just get better and there's a great quote that I'll come back to a couple times throughout this and that's if you want to be dio like I wanted to be a podcast, so I just I just had the podcast I just had to actually do the thing and that's really powerful because a lot of people start there like I just want to export and outsource everything and get a v eight have like I understand that, but I don't think you should be comfortable with that process until you yourself know the process like I now export a lot of my work with entrepreneur fire, but because I know how to do that work, it is so critical to be able to correctly explain to my v a is how to do it right and maintain the integrity of the entrepreneur firebrands, question and mike thank you john my name's romney washington or I questioned for you is do you do a like a show notes page on your block for each episode or do you directly because what I use now is this program this plug and called blueberry or something like that a blueberry and I published the I don't have that whole process but I publish it through my block which then speeds it out top tunes and stitcher which that in turn scream that block post is what takes me the longest amount of time to do but what I saw you do is you're going directly to itunes to submit the feed so what's your thoughts on the whole show notes page thing and that process maybe I could cut that out and just go right to write I was what do you think about also great question from rodney thank you for that and just kind of rehash what he said is you know what I basically dio has made basic question was with the show knows page and like how he actually just uses his rsst the you guys saw me grabbed from lips in that you are earl and he goes and he plugs into his blueberry account which then automatically syndicates everything out and we'll make a show knows page form and do all that that work I do take a different approach I use the r s s feed from lips and directly to submit it to itunes directly to submit it to stitch your radio directly to submit it to soundcloud. And then I personally create this shows page myself. It takes more time, it takes more effort. But I know that there's things throughout the actual interview that I say they're going to be on the show. No space that won't be there, and let's, actually go on, created myself so that's, just the process that I decided to create, which was using the r s s feed from lips in to submit drug the to the to the directories instead of using it to go through my word, press sidor. My fee, which is, I definitely understands, so you could you could go either way, there's. Nothing wrong with what you're doing, it's. Just because I want more overall control of my process, that I go about it in that way.

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Learn how to produce and promote a professional-quality podcast. John Lee Dumas hosts the award-winning podcast EntrepreneurOnFire and is the founder of Podcasters’ Paradise, an online learning community for aspiring and professional podcasters.

In Podcasting 101, John will walk you step-by-step through creating and distributing a dynamic, engaging, and high-quality podcast, whether you plan to share your creative expertise, interview the most fascinating people in your field, or just tell great stories to an audience that will truly appreciate them. You will learn how to:

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Includes special visits by the following guests who will share their expertise:

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Producing a professional-quality podcast can be daunting with so many technical details to master. Get your complete guide to getting started in Podcasting 101, and then use the power of story to take your podcast to the next level with This American Life producer Alex Blumberg’s Power Your Podcast with Storytelling.


Samantha Porter

I think this is a great course for a beginner to start off strong. I really appreciated that there wasn't too much repetition, each presenter had his own perspective. I was disappointed with the lack of diversity in the presenters - all four teachers were white men. That said, they had magical information, great energy, and generosity for sharing tips! This course is worth watching and worth the investment.